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FAKE NAME: The_Sixth_Shinobi

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Fave. Anime: yu yu hakusho, ping pong club, angel sanctuary, descendants of darkness, night walker, samurai x, magic knights of rayearth, earthian, love hina.

Why I like them: all the anime that i've listed, except yu yu hakusho, are anime that are kind of weird and that no one really has heard of or seen. i LOVE anime that is different and that hasn't been on cartoon network.

Fave. Manga: ok here's the deal, i only just started reading manga a few months ago so i really don't have much of a base. i do however enjoy FAKE (ryo and dee just have the perfect relationship), gravitation (bad luck is the best!), pet shop of horrors (for the entire 1st volume i thought Count D was a woman), yami no matsuei (all i can say is THE DEVIL IS IN THE CORNIA- those who read it will know what i mean), les bijoux (how the heck do u pronounce that? does anyone here speak french?) and angel sanctuary (it took long enough for it to come out!). for anyone who might be looking to start these mangas please be warned that FAKE, gravitation, petshop of horrors, and yami no matsuei are all shounen ai and angel sanctuary is just...WEIRD!

Other info: I might as well just come out and say it...I LOVE YAOI! i think it's fun to write and fun to read, but only if there is a story that goes with it. i don't really care for those PWP ones.

Off topic stuff: The weather has been pretty crazy lately.

Should fans e-mail me?: Well of course they should! i know that a lot of people don't like to e-mail their favorite authors b/c they think the authors don't want to hear from them and that reviews are enough. WELL THEY'RE NOT! i LOVE hearing from people, whether it's to chat about the ending of one of my stories, or to simply say hi. getting to know the people who read my work is quite possibly the best part of writing. :)

What about instant messaging?: I've left my aol screen name on here for a reason (chipmunk1709) and that is of course to have people IM me if they happen to catch me on - line. i would be happy to chat with each and every one of you:)

Important news: Yes! Yes! i'm back everyone, so please stop holding your breath! there ya go. now, i'm sorry i haven't posted in a while (a looooonnnnnnggggg while) but these things take time. I've decided to keep going with my Jin and Touya series titled "Tales from the sixth shinobi". I just love the pairing and people seem to think I do a fairly good. I hope you will all review at that I regain the following I once had. Thank you all!

Credit: i'd like to give special thanks to all my fans in this section. though i cannot write all of them down here, i would like to say thank you to foxgurl - chan, Erailea Evenstar, yuyuhakushoismylife, MKS, silvery kitsune, happy - happy - chan, and karou. you all have been with me since the begining and i owe everything to you.:)

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