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Age:15 almost 16


Hobbys: writing, reading, hanging out with friends and being a teenager

favorite tv shows: pretty little liars, the lying game, 90210, teen mom, and lots of others

favorite movies: The vow, Remember me, Ted, Beastly, The Avengers, and Iron man

favorite books: the book thief, The house of night series, and many others

A little about me: Im a fifteen year old have an amazing boyfriend i love writing and reading there both a passion and the story im writing now is about my boyfriend and how we met and how he changed my life. i know im only 15 but i feel like im mature and have my head on my shoulders. i do online schooling so i have quite a bit of free time on my hands. thats a little about me :) oh and a hint i love feed back on my writing!!! even if its harsh!!!! ;P hope you like my story!