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A few facts about me:

I can't reveal my name... Sorry!! ; But you can call me Hazel!! :3

MY age... Well, I'm old enough to be on ff!! :)

I'm born on December 5th (Yes, I'm a Sagittarius, moshi-moshi!!)

I'm in high school :3

I love to read!! It's my top hobby!! My favorite genres are romance, horror, paranormal, humor and spiritual!!

I love to write!! I'm not that good at it though _ My grammar skills aren't that impressive...

I love love love anime!! . Music comes after anime : My favorite artists are Red, Marina and the Diamonds, Ellie Goulding, Flyleaf, Bowling for Soup, Enriquee Iglesias, All Time Low, SafetySuit and so on... (I'd love to name all the artists I like, but I'm afraid it will take too much space)

I play the guitar, but I only reached the second grade... v.v The only song I know is 'Swan Lake'.

I love Otome games!! *O* Especially Alistair, Cinders, Heileen Series and CTHSC!!

I'm a crazy cat lady!! XD I have two cats, Tasha and Bella... But I hate dogs!! :/ I love the colors red, orange, yellow and gold!!

I love Genderbend, but not Yaio/Yuri... I don't mind Yaoi that much now...

I love fancy line breaks like the one below this sentence!! :}

Current Obsession : Percy Jackson. I'm so in love with PJO right now except Jason x Piper. Don't ask me why, I just do T.T

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Pairings I love :

ø Gruvia (Fairy Tail) : This one's my OTP right now along with NaLu

ø NaLu (Fairy Tail) : Hehe, can't help it, NaLu was my first love after all

ø Gerza (Fairy Tail) : My STP xDD

ø Haru x Shizuku (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun) : Most adorable pairing in the whole series, nuff said ;)

ø Soulfulheartshipping (Pokemon Special) : This pairing lacks fandom, but if you look closely, it does have tons of potential..

ø Annie x Eren (SnK) : Lol, many people consider this as a crack pairing, (I guess it is) but I love 'em anyway!!

ø NaruSaku (Naruto) : They belong together. Nothing else said.,

ø MisakaxTouma (A certain Magical Index) : Gawd, they're so cute together!! ///

ø RinShiemi (Ao no Exorcist) : I knew from the start when they first met that they belong together!!

ø Judal x Kougyoku (Magi) : OMG, these two, they're just too kawaii!! 3

ø Aomine x Momoi (KnB) : They're so cute! But they don't have much fandom; :

ºøºø,øººøººø,øººøººø, øººøººø,øººøººø,

As for pairings I'm not fond of, I don't have many; I believe all pairings, even crack are special in their own way :)

Well, anyways, that's it, guys!! I'll start publishing some stories soon, so please do drop a review incase you stop by!!

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