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I really like to read and write, fanfictions mostly. I love Harry Potter fanfics, but in all fairness I've never really read many other kinds, will get to it.

Yeah anyway... I fricking love Harry Potter and The Hunger Games

My fav HP things:

Character/s- Draco and Luna

Professor- Snape

Spell- Crucio (I like to say it.)

House- Slytherin

Pairing- Changes A lot- From Draco/Harry... Draco/Ginny... Draco/Hermione. But they all involve Draco.

Gryffindor- Dean Thomas

Slytherin- Draco Malfoy

Hufflepuff- I don't like them

Ravenclaw- Luna Lovegood

Book- Goblet Of Fire

Movie- Half blood Prince

My fav HG things:

Character/s- Peeta, I guess Katniss aswell, and Finnick

District- 1 or 12

Team- Peeta all the way

Book- Possibly Catching Fire, or Hunger Games

Movie- The Hunger Games

My Least fav person:

Prim!! ( I just don't like her at all)

Other things I like:

New Girl, Two Broke Girls, Big Bang Theory ,Family Guy, American Dad and Russel Howard!!!!