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Author has written 11 stories for Ninja Turtles, Psych, Transformers/Beast Wars, and CSI: New York.

You must have come to this page to figure out what kind of insane chick puts out the fics I do.

I am 22 years old, and getting older... but definitely a kid at heart. I get on what I call "nostalgia kicks" where I go back to all the shows I loved as a little girl, as evidenced by some of my fics.

I was born and raised in California and now that I am sufficiently diversified and educated, I'll probably never live there again. The cost of living is ridiculous, and I require snow.

Which leads me to this: my favorite thing in the world to do is snowboard. I'm quite sure I spent more time on the mountain than I ever did in class.

I have finally graduated college with a BS in Athletic Training. It's pretty much amazing, and I love it. Even seeing injuries every day doesn't make me an expert in the medical field, so if I screw something up, please tell me. I want to get better. I'm limited in the types I see, so once I go beyond a sprain, strain, wound or concussion, I only have a vague idea what I'm talking about and there's only so much research can tell me.

On to what I come here for-

As far as books go:

I do love Harry Potter. I grew up with it. I read the first book in the third grade and for the majority of the books, was the same age as Harry or very close to it when they came out. So I matured with it, grew with it and will always love them. I've read Lord of the Rings and I love the movies. I have also read the Bourne series. It's a beast to get through, but I love the action and complexity. LoTR is about as fantasy as I get. I mostly look for action/adventure type stuff. Vince Flynn for the win.


I watch a very few shows religiously: Psych, CSI:NY... and that's about it. I loved 24 when it was on (the early seasons at least, I only watched the last ones out of loyalty). May Chuck rest in peace and NBC rot in the caverns of someplace very hot. I am catching up on House thanks to some lovely DVDs I got for Christmas. I loved Lie to Me before it got cancelled... Burn Notice has fizzled and died and yet somehow has no chance of being cancelled. Thanks a lot, Lack of Character Development.

Psych is definitely my favorite show of all time. I do love pineapple, however I still believe that it has no place on a pizza.

I have a new show to write about! I used to watch CSI in high school. At the time, forensic science seemed like a career path I was interested in. PSH! Yeah right. So after I missed a season, and came back to a new cast and a plot I couldn't follow, I stopped watching. Then CSI: Miami came out. Now, they were cops, and could actually carry guns. That was interesting for a few episodes, but yes, I am one of those people who can't watch Horatio Caine without relentless mocking. I don't nit-pick a lot unless I know what I'm talking about, and I'm fairly educated on guns. The way he holds his makes me cry. Also, I find his voice creepy- and also his hair.

BUT CSI:NY. Now there's a show I gladly sunk my teeth into. First off, I love Gary Sinise. Great actor, great guy. Secondly, I love all the characters, which is rare for me. The banter, the relationships and plot arcs- they just make me happy. This next part is strictly because it seems to be some ongoing war in the CSI:NY fandom: Since I started watching last season, I wasn't attached to Stella when she left. I have nothing against her and I loved her and Mac's chemistry as friends and colleagues. However, I REALLY like Jo. She fits in perfectly and just adds something great to the show. I like them equally well. They are different in what they bring. I also equally dislike pairing either of them with Mac in fics simply because I'm just not big into the romance thing and it never comes off as natural. Nothing against people who do of course. I've seen it done very well, but not all that often. For the record, I think Mac and Peyton were adorable together. At least they paired Mac with someone.

End of ramble.


In general, I love beating the guys up. It's the wounded hero thing. Can't get enough of it- actually I can. I like to make it semi-reasonable. I also really like character studies and delving into back stories. However angsty some fics may get, I do love humor. I'm an incredibly laid back person with a deceivingly dry sense of humor. I'm trying to get more of that into my fics to lighten it up a bit.

I do not like writing romance period, but if it's established in cannon, then I'm perfectly fine fitting it in. "Heart worth the breaking" was written when I was apparently very emotional or nostalgic. It's not bad though. It was fun.

I had two other fics, JAG and 24 which have been moved to the folder of shame on my lap top to be looked at and remembered as a learning experience and a warning to never ever venture to the land of Mary Sue again. If for some odd reason you would like to read them, PM me.

I have about 5 different stories for CSI:NY already written. I've posted three. I have a one-shot featuring Don and Mac, a story about Adam which features the whole team, and one in progress about Mac and a serial killer which features a lot of Flack as well. If you can't tell, I really like Mac and Don's friendship. They're by far my favorite characters.

I also have another fic I'm writing about Mac and Horatio which I'm hesitant to post. It's about Mac as a rookie in the NYPD meeting Horatio and a case that affected both of them which comes up in the present time. I really want to post it. If you want to read what I have, shoot me a PM. I could use some feedback to let me know if I should put it out there.

For all the Prime people!!! I will finish Bent, I promise! I got very sidetracked, and I apologize. It will get done. I haven't forgotten it.

I have a Psych fic and it has been a blast to write. There's a sequel in the works for that one, but it may be a long time coming.

I'm working on a sequel for my tmnt fic and it should be updated regularly pretty soon.

So there you have it. Please drop a review if you happen to read something of mine! I gauge how I'm doing on those reviews, and they help me out more than you know. Plus, I have a taste for free-loaders. Jack Bauer and I go out to hunt them every so often when he's not busy wearing ridiculous Harry Potter glasses and pretending to be German.

MEDIA: I got bored and make a trailer for my fic "Don't Wake Me When It's Over." I took some liberties with the clips of course, but you get the gist of it.

Here is the picture I used to make the cover for Insomnia. I drew it myself in PSE with my tablet, so I do own that picture. No copyright except for mine. So no, you can't use it.

As a side note, I'm really excited about this cover thing, and I love making them. Want help with yours? I'm all for it.

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