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I write shitty fanfiction.

Read it if you like.

Eliminator stop spamming me.

I'm sorry, I have neglected to properly introduce myself. The first thing you should know about me is I am obsessed with Eridan Ampora. The second is, I really like danisnotonfire. And then I had an epiphany...Yeah. Anyways, I AM a girl. Don't let my username fool you. I am a girl and proud. My hair is blonde with a purple streak on my "emo" bangs. (yes, be reminded of DIE EMO SCUM because there are so many connections between me and dan it's just-ugh.) I have green eyes and freckles, and Terezi described my face as yeah. I have a boring face. I wish I had glasses (which of course, would be black and hipster style.) My OTP is EriSol, and I literally CANNOT (find myself physically incapable of) writing a fanfic that does not in some way feature, focus, or hint at Eridan and Sollux being madly in love.

You should also know that I have WAY too many inside jokes, none of which, if mentioned, will be explained AT ALL. That's how horrible I am. A few of them are things like "oh, I see" "quiet smirk" and...what was that other one? Ok. Point is, there's a LOT. And I won't explain them here either. Most of them are only mentioned in my ToD Fanfic (which you should check out, by the way) but, knowing myself, I'm sure they'll pop up somewhere else. Also, when making side comments, or Authors Notes, I usually type them in bold

-like this-


((like this)) so, yeah. That's how you'll know.

I am totally most definitely in all ways a hard core pegasister. I also am completely lame in the way that my fandoms are extremely limited, mostly because i'm too lazy to watch stuff. But I still want to get into Hetalia and Doctor Who. Unfortunately, for now, it's MLP, Homestuck, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games. And Sol Eater...I mean Soul Eater. I love to read, write,draw, sing, and act. My patron troll is Karkat, and my True Patron is Feferi, which is kind of fitting even though I don't like Feferi that much.

I'm trying to learn how to play guitar, I make witty Youtube comments, and my tumblr is "theprinceofhopeless". Basically i'm just a silly, ridiculous person who loves to break peoples feels in many different ways. (

I also really like to work with other people in terms of writing, so if anyone ever wants to do a collab, PLEASE do not be shy! (thats stupid coming from me though, since i'm a kind of shy person)

I also want to make it clear to anyone from Eliminator that I DON'T CARE. Stop being cyber bullies and actually have fun and write fanfiction. You know, since this is a fanfiction website? How is breaking a rule affecting you directly, especially since you specifically SEEK OUT rulebreakers? It's annoying to other people and you need to stop.

I like grape flavored gum.

But seriously guys, I'm like Huss Junior. That's how horrible I am. Don't mess with me or I will get in your fandom SPECIFICALLY to mess with your feels. My life motto is, "ALL THE FEELS MUST BURN."

:D teehee.

Okay, let's get one thing straight. I ship lots of stuff. There are many reasons for all my ships, and some of them interfere with each other. I'm writing this mainly because of some things that people write in their reviews to Homestuck: Truth or Dare. I wanted to clear up my feelings on certain shipping, and also reasons why it may have been included or excluded.

Since the ToD is a story that contains all the main characters of Homestuck (the main trolls and the main humans, that is to say, first introduced) it is VERY hard for me to make decisions on where I want to take it in terms of shipping. Right now though, I want to talk mainly about three pairs of ships in my story that resulted in lots of questions, and lots of disappointed people.

I'm going to start out with the first ship I downright established that people questioned. Namely, Karezi. Now, first off, I'd like to say that I DO ship Nepkat. I think Nepkat is adorable. In the event that someone wanted to roleplay such a ship, I would TOTALLY agree. The way I view shipping is different from some other people. Some seem to think that it is only possible to ship a character with ONE OTHER CHARACTER. I don't agree at all. Even in real life, we could pair ourselves with ANYONE. The question is, are we compatible, and does it make sense for us to be with that person?

I believe I have mentioned that when I first got into Homestuck, for WHATEVER reason, I shipped VrisKat. I don't know guys, don't ask. I bring this up because it is a perfect example of my point. I put Vriska and Karkat in a pairing. It WAS physically possible. To me, it may have been cute. But it didn't make SENSE. NepKat is a very similar ship to me. Not the same, because NepKat makes way WAY more sense, but similar. We have known from the start that Nepeta ships herself with Karkat, she has a MASSIVE crush on him that isn't really explained. Perhaps it is because of the word "cat" in his name, perhaps she simply finds him attractive. We'll probably never know. I tried to make it clear in my fanfic that Karkat DOESN'T hate Nepeta. This is something that is perfectly canon. You can tell, because when Eridan insults Nepeta, Karkat defends her without hesitation. He cares about her feelings, he's just not interested in her. Yes, it would be really adorable if they got together. But I must ask myself, (and i'm sure Hussie did too) WHAT do these two have in common and WHY would they end up together? When I think about it, I realize that Karkat and Nepeta are not at all similar in personality. WHY would Karkat end up liking her? WHAT would bring those two together except Nepeta's crush and if Karkat was feeling weird one day? If everyone was brought back to life and Hussie decided to pair Nepeta and Karkat (have them be in a relationship) I would totally be okay with it. But I'd probably also be really confused. What happened to Karezi?

Ultimately, I think Karkat and Terezi are more compatible as Matesprits. Terezi is sarcastic and tough, and is cheeky enough to insult Karkat right back, but also bring out the kindness in him. Not only is it an adorable pairing (because to a certain extent Terezi ALSO annoys Karkat) but it also makes sense, and was kind of fun to bring together because this story takes place after Terezi and karkat broke up, and I just freaking brought them back together with a few tears and a cave that wasn't really a cave. I am proud of myself. NepKat is just a pairing that creeps me out a bit, since Karkat would have to DRASTICALLY change his personality for Nepeta to be ok in a relationship with him. Imagine being a girl who barely ever swore, who was cute and perky and kind of absorbed in kindness, and who also loved to roleplay and ship. You have this massive crush on a guy who's name you admire and think is cute, but he's a guy who yells a lot and swears a lot and basically all you have in common is that he appreciates quadrants. That's it. He is your friend and he is nice to you, but he doesn't share your feeling.

Think about it. Karkat would have to completely change who he was to not upset or insult Nepeta, like, all the time.

So when people ask me about shipping, I usually use this logic. I have ships that overlap, but one of them is FAVORED. Broadway Karkat mentioned JadexKarkat. This is another ship that I think is cute, but I am scared to write a fanfic about it since Karkat would be so out of character. It's too weird. Thus, KarkatxTerezi is my FAVORED Karkat pairing. I like the other ones. I'd roleplay the other ones, but Karezi has a special place in my heart. This is why I chose Karezi as a main ship in the story.

Now, at this point, you may be wondering how I can say all this about characters not making sense or not being compatible, yet I ship Sollux and Eridan. Yet EriSol is my OTP. Well, compatibility is all a matter of opinion, but in my opinion, Eridan and Sollux are PERFECTLY compatible. Yes, to make this work it involves a lot of headcanons and ideas that some anti-EriSol may not understand. Maybe the same goes for NepKat, but I honestly think, in that case, one is too sweet and one is too salty. Meaning Karkat is too angsty and Nepeta's just a sweet little furry.

Basically, In my head, Eridan and Sollux ARE compatible as matesprits. AND it makes sense. Eridan and Sollux both are a little depressed, a little angsty, and maybe this is why they get in fights so often. Maybe they are too ALIKE. But has it ever struck you that Sollux just doesn't know how to express his emotions? People always say that when a boy teases you and makes fun of you, he really just likes you. Maybe it's the same thing with EriSol, except more violent since they're trolls. I expressed a bit of my opinion in "Happy Endings" when Rose says that Eridan and Sollux are PERFECT for each other, because they are very similar. At this point in the story, Sollux has used sarcasm, something Eridan had been doing earlier. But this also is secretly saying things about their personality, way of speaking, EVERYTHING. I didn't go deep into why Sollux decided he liked Eridan in the ToD, but one of the factors was that Eridan needed love, and Sollux realized he felt regret for things he'd done too. To me, Eridan always seemed like someone who, (after killing his matesprit) would be self-hating and full of regret. He'd blame himself for everything. This is ALWAYS how I portray Eridan, and I think I was inspired by his saying in a conversation with Feferi, "You're right, i'm not better than anybody. I'm worse than anybody. EVERYBODY. ALL THE BODIES!!!"

But enough about EriSol.

Lets move onto DavexJade, and DavexJohn.

First of all, it was my plan from the beginning to pair Dave and John. Not only do I ship it, think it's cute, think it makes sense, and think it's funny, DavexJohn is just really popular, and I thought that people would really go crazy. That's usually the reason for including this ship. I personally like both of the ships equally, but DavexJohn won the battle because of its popularity.

Now, There was a hint at DavexJade. This was mainly for my own personal enjoyment, but also because the dare was to "Kiss the Girl" after talking to my friend about it, she told me that it would have been so much funnier if Dave had kissed John in that scene (suggesting that John was a girl) but unfortunately, I'm not clever enough for that. So I simply used chaotic quick humor in that scene, having Dave ask "what girl?" and the Author (me) say, "I DON'T KNOW JUST KISS HER!!!" I thought maybe the DavexJade would add conflict because Jade later stated that Dave was the hottest in the room, but I think now that Jade will be totally ok with his decision. (after all, it's not like he can CHANGE his sexuality.) So yeah. I'm not going ANYWHERE with DavexJade. Calm down.

Now for the last ship conflict.

Tavska and Gamtav.

cries into hands*

I myself am honestly so confused with the direction I'm taking this. Should I please the viewers? Should I follow my heart?

Let me just say that I don't really ship GamTav as matesprits. Originally, I just planned to ignore this and move on, gradually making red GamTav one of the main pairings, and so, a comment Tavros made may have been misleading. When asked how he felt about Gamzee, he gave a nervous reply, that sounded more like he was suggesting red feelings. Gamzee seemed to feel this way. He even said Tavros was the most attractive in the room. However, I decided to screw everything up by having Tavros say Vriska was the most attractive, and now you're all on my case about it. I got like, two dares that said Tavros had to kiss Gamzee or vice versa. I obviously wasn't clear about where I was taking the shipping. But I can't forget my feelings, and the feelings I gave Tavros. He JUST wants to be moirails at this point in the story, and that's what I always THOUGHT I'd do. GamTav is just one of the ones that seems awkward as a red pairing, simply because I always thought they'd be better moirails. And since Karkat kind of left Gamzee...

So yeah, I hope that clears up the shipping. Also, Rosemary is ON. That is DEFINITELY a main pairing here, I just suck at writing it. I guess I just think their love is more subtle.

Someone give me Rosemary tips... :'( Please?

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Just a thing I found on TailsDoll13's profile, and I thought it was awesomely sarcastic. I followed basically what she did and put all the ones that apply to me in bold. Hmm...very interesting to see what others put in bold.

What speaks to me the most: ...I have no idea

My zodiac symbol: Cancer...YEAH BE SURPRISED

Zodiac symbol most like me: In -oh god my finger slipped and spelled out gay- *ahem* In Homestuck terms, probably Picses or Cancer, and actually, those two are actually who i'm SUPPOSED to be. So it makes sense.

Secret desire: to realize when I accidentally talk in a rude tone when I am just frustrated or trying to be serious.

Patience: Pretty good, though I get frustrated when I explain something and the person didn't get A THING.

Pets: I am lucky enough to have A SHIBA INU, which I actually got before joining tumblr, so it's funny how everyone's like "AGH SO CUTE" and I'm all like, *smug*

Religion: I don't technically have any religion. My parents raised me believing that I could choose for myself what I wanted to believe in, but I just don't see much importance in taking advice from a book and worrying about a place/person you have no proof exists. Though certain religions have good ideas, they also cause a lot of predjudice and arguments. But the rest of my family is Catholic, so I celebrate Christmas, Easter, etc, and I would say I do believe in heaven.

Dream: To become a bestselling Author.

Nightmare: my friends will hate me.

Moon or sun: I believe I am like the sun, because I am optimistic, bright, and cheerful, but I love the moons' color and night is a more interesting time of day to me.

Fears:LARGE spaces, ventriloquist dummies, my friends forgetting me.

If you asked me about my life: I would tell you my life is the internet.

If you asked if I believe in Santa: I would tell you that I stopped believing when he stopped writing back to my letters.

If you said "I'm brave because I have no fears.": I would say that your a wimp, because being brave is having fears but doing it anyway because you need to.

If you told me that I'm weird: I would say, "I am not weird, I am different, and since you are different from me, doesn't that mean you're weird too?"

If you asked me what I think about Gay/Lesbian people: I would say "What's to think?" because they aren't any different.

If you said "Why would you do that?!": I would say, "because I can" *z formation snap*

If you asked me what my favorite Homestuck characters are: I would say, "seriously? Are you KIDDING ME? You can't TELL?!"

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