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Hi :) You can call me Snowy. I'm a teenager with a passion for fangirling and fanfiction accounts for more than half of that. I mostly write for the Hunger Games these days, but I also love Rick Riordan books and a bunch of TV shows like How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Castle, Elementary, etc. I'm also a huge fan of bands like Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Muse, My Chemical Romance, among others. PM me if you wanna talk :D

I've also started an SYOT. Prologue is up, and the tribute list is also there! Here is the form to submit a tribute:


Name: (Be original, but no ridiculous names)




Personality: (I'd prefer a bit more detail this one :P)

Appearance: (Same as above!)



Friends (if any):





Opinion towards Capitol, Games, etc.:

Reaped or Volunteered?:

Reaped Reaction/Reason for Volunteer:

Reaping Outfit:

Interview Outfit:

Interview Personality:

Chariot Outfit:

Chariot Angle:

Anything Else about their time in the Capitol?:

District Token:

Training Strategy:

Performance for Gamemakers:

Training Score: (Not too unbelievable!)


Die in the Bloodbath?:

Strategy for Cornucopia:

Strategy for Arena:



Open for Romance?

Preferred Death: (Not guaranteed, but I need an idea)

Preferred Weapon:

Strengths (3):

Weaknesses (3):


Relationship with District Partner:

Mentor: (At least add in their name, age, personality and the year they won)

Stylist: (Same with above, but not the last one)

Anything Else?:

Yeah.. that's a long form. You don't have to be EXTREMELY detailed, but at least give me more than a few words and yes's or no's. That'll be all folks, and have a good day! (Or night, whatever time it is.)

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Through the frigid air, their souls are blown together, as 24 hearts thrum to one beat. Yet as the white snow turns red, they fall, fall away. Until every last one of them fades gently into the darkness. The 64th Hunger Games.
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