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Author has written 12 stories for Torchwood, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, and Doctor Who.

I haven't updated my stories in a while, but i'm still an active reviewer, and looking forward to anyone who will take up a cross-over challenge.

I also give thanks to all of my story visitors from various countries. If you feel uncomfortable leaving reviews for Mature-rated stories, please feel free to send me a private note. I'm not currently writing more adult stories, but you never know.

And yes, feedback on Teen-rated stories will beget more Teen-rated stories. Thanks for all of your encouragement, dear readers!

I like a lot of different genres and styles. If you like how I review, though, it doesn't necessarily mean you will like the fics that I've posted. I've shared some darker "what ifs;" some so dark that I couldn't even get my friends to copyedit for me. Perhaps in thanks for my reviews and comments you will consider one of the following crossover story challenges which could be rated Teen?


Criminal Minds (TV Series) and Highlander (TV Series) - Reid as a new immortal

Reid's migrane headaches are from being near immortals. He did die canonically in "Revelations" in Season 2; but that might not have counted as a violent death (so you can decide something later on).

He doesn't see a doctor about the migrane headaches until season 6 episode "Corazon," so you can make up another time that he might have died. However in this episode he indicates that he may have had them for months or years and just can't manage them anymore.

Reid needs a teacher and happens to enjoy learning, even though learning physical things take him longer that learning mental disciplines. Would it be immortal Matthew who was an FBI agent in an episode of highlander (played by Eric McCormick later well known on Will and Grace) or Methos who could be a student on a campus in the DC area and use the cover of a study group with Reid? It would make sense if it were an older immortal or two in the DC area that keeps touching on Reid's quickening and causing the headaches.


What if in 1999 at the age of 17 Spencer Reid (from "Criminals Minds") was involved in a "Seven Days" Back-step adventure and/or while working on his Mathematics Phd or other advanced coursework in Engineering or Mathematics was an intern/technician on the high classified project that allows Frank Parker, the world's only successful Chrononaut the ability to back-step in time up to seven days?

FYI - in case you were wondering - Seven Days secret desert HQ is near Las Vegas. Reid is from Las Vegas and that's where his mother lives. Another way of looking at this story from the Criminal Minds POV is what if there's a reason that they never talk about Reid's Mathematics and Chemistry PHds other than to say he has one?

Qualifier on this challenge -

Episode references - in season 2 it was established that Spencer Reid couldn't commit his mother until he was 18 so he may have been working on master's level coursework and early drafts of Phd dissertations at State University of Nevada.

An episode in season 4 qualified that his Phd from Cal-Tech was the Engineering/Physics one, but we don't know if he took his mother with him to live off campus in California during the school year or what before he was 18.

In two separate episodes Reid made an aside about an aunt and an uncle, but we don't know if these are real people or actual aunt and uncle who could possibly have watched out for Diana when Reid went to college.

It seems more plausible at times that his first PHd was a Nevada while he was under 18 but that could have been his Mathematics one or his Chemistry one.

Episode references to the third one being at MIT which could have been when he was 20 or early 21, followed by his FBI academy training courses when a class opened up for that.

Reid turned 24 in October of 2005, and thus had been in the BAU or at least assigned to Gideon for between 1 to 2 years in the beginning of the first season.

CROSSOVER STORY CHALLENGE: Hermione Granger's parents aren't actually dentists, they are the 11th Doctor and River Song.

CROSSOVER STORY CHALLENGE: House and Torchwood where Doctor House is either Owen's or Ianto's biological father. Please drop me a line if you take up this challenge and post it.

CROSSOVER STORY CHALLENGE: Torchwood and The Sentinel

Naomi Sandberg never told Blair who is father was because she really didn't know due to an incident with aliens and retcon.

Captain Jack Harkness is Blair's biological father (based on the series Blair was born in 1969 which leaves a lot of room for long-haired (or wigged) Jack on undercover assignments).

If you're not that familiar with TS, let's just say Blair has a lot of Harkness' charm when it comes to approaching women, but Blair tried to tone it down after Jim and his fellow detectives started teasing Blair about "table legs." So perhaps there was some equal opportunity flirting that we didn't see in episodes.

- Bonus if you keep The Sentinel characters at their right ages... the show started in 1996 (pilot shot in 1995). This means interpreting what happened after the end of the series, or picking a favorite from another fan fic.

- Bonus if Blair interacting with Jack leads to AU-ey goodness in season 2 and 3 of Torchwood (i.e. Blair's brilliant mind and ability to look at problems along cultural lines plus years of detective work with Jim keeps more characters from TW alive with alternate/additional problem solving/action or allows Blair to figure out how to outsmart a paradox).

Send me a note if you post something!

I've got two versions of a story where the Master from Doctor Who inserts himself into Ianto Jones from Torchwood's life and makes things in Ianto's background very AU.

I try to keep the first two seasons of TW the same, just with some more missing scenes and different motivations behind certain things.

The one that is a crossover with the Buffy-verse ("Mastering Humanity") is more revised and re-written, and has a few more hopeful scenes. It also develops The Master's plot and plotting a little more.

I ask readers to remember that the Master almost always had a hint of glee when he directly killed a human, even when he was using that tissue shrinking ray in his earliest appearances.

I'm certainly not always feeling that dark, and am not sure when I will return to this continuity. Check the series notes in the headers and summaries. Many of the stories are finished and can stand alone.

If there were a way to filter out all "Twilight" stories from crossovers searches, I would. I am also *not* a fan of infantilizing characters from favorite shows.

I also sort of have my hurt/comfort limits -- while some hurt and comfort is cathartic I do get annoyed a stories that use it repeatedly. So I might skip your "whump" stories unless I see the qualifier of "mild" or "slight" in front of it.

Most of the stories that I have posted are for mature readers.

However, I started a Teen Level series of stories in the same universe as "Mastering Humanity" that will have sanitized recaps and memories.

If you read the teen level stories and are a grown up you can try the rated M ones.

If you are a completist and look at upload dates of stories, I still recommend that you "skip" the earlier Seductions of Ianto Jones for the revised and expanded crossover Mastering Humanity. If you still want to read all secret-origin Ianto in college with a DW crossover (the original verion) be aware that I'm not re-editing the small errors typographical errors in some of those chapters any further.

Feel free to go "la la la" in your head for anything that you might find disturbing.

If you're reading for character and plot it's in there, but there's a lot of stuff related to the birds, bees and other assorted insects as an integral part of the rated M stories.

Scroll down and see if it is your cup of tea.

More about me:

I registered to be able to participate in on-line reviewing. I do have some pro-fiction on the internet that is free to read - one is in an online magazine and one is on my website. Send me a private message if you would like a link. I'm obsessive when I'm engaged in creative activities, which is why I do more reviewing than writing. I'm better at multitasking as an editor than as a writer in real-life.

I haven't been consistent in marking my favorite stories or authors, because I do a lot of reading on other sites, and can sometimes go months before returning here.

However, I will generally "favorite" an author if I like at least three stories they have posted. Doesn't mean I love everything they have ever or will write.

I rarely read non-crossovers on shows that are still on the air, and actually rarely read any fan fic for shows that are still on the air.

Favorite crossover and single show fan fics are for Criminal Minds, SG1, Highlander, Torchwood, The Sentinel, Buffy, and a nod to Doctor Who and Harry Potter.

In 2011 and 2012 year I got to watch most of the NCIS episodes, but am picky in reading fan fics about it.

In a category that doesn't have to be a crossover for me to enjoy is Criminal Minds because I have no illusions that I will ever be in a position to write for that show. There are too many episodic television writers who have been following closely from the beginning, and they have a lot of staff writers. I occasionally sampled episodes over the years, but it first came on when I wasn't watching a lot of television.

In the past six months or so of 2015 I caught up on reruns of the first 8 seasons in syndication and began watching the season 10 episodes VOD but out of order. I started watching more as I got into the BAU characters more, and skipped over to A03 because they have more stories that aren't posted here at ff dot net.

I realize this sounds a little too vague - I've written a lot of scripts but only a few television episode scripts - mostly on speculation and as pilot for animation projects that I co-created. While I do see myself one day being a story editor or staff writer on a television series - not CM. So I'm just enjoying the show and the fics. (Most of my script writing has been for movies or comic books, anyway; although I'm not making a living at it as this time.)

Another show I really liked was Nash Bridges, but there isn't much fan fic out there for that show.

Least favorite crossovers are anything that combined a computer game or role playing game with one of my favorite shows.

I have enjoyed Torchwood AU, missing scene and crossover stories concentrating on Jack and Ianto romance combined with adventure/action/sf plots.

Previously I enjoyed a lot of Highlander-SG1 crossovers (and still do if there are good ones that are new), and Buffy-universe- Harry Potter Universe crossovers (and like Willow/Snape and Buffy/Jack O'Neill relationship stories).

Enjoy Methos-centric Highlander the best, but like the other characters.

I enjoy the SG1 clone-Jack stories a lot.

Prefer plausible relationships based on the shows.

Will occasionally read non-established relationship stories if the plots and writing are very good and it features one of my favorite shows/characters.

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