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Disclaimer: I have strong opinions which may rub you the wrong way. If so, I don't give a toss. These are my views and I stand by them.

Favourite Anime Series

I'm back on Playstation as AceBandit79. I'm still on PC but I don't use discord so if I delete ya on discord it's purely because I've given up on it, so yeah.




1st - Getbackers

2nd - Yu Yu Hakusho

3rd - Darker Than Black

4th - Dr Stone

5th - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Wow. What a series. I'm shocked it even took me this long to get into it. From the very first episode, I was hooked, even on the anime studio's 2003 original interpretation of Hiromu Arakawa's masterpiece. I could probably attribute my ignorance of FMA's badassery to its lack of presence over here in Birmingham, England, where I live. If it was ever shipped out to England, I wouldn't know. I never found it on my Toonami, FOX/Jetix or cartoon network throughout my childhood and I was the kind of boy who consumed anything, animation-wise. From Pokemon and its ripoff Digimon, to Beyblade and it's ripoff B-daman, to Yu-Gi-Oh and its ripoff Duel masters, to Sailor moon, to Rave Master, to Flint the Time Detective, to 4Kids's horrible adaptations of Shaman King and One Piece, to Gundam, to Sonic X, to Tenchi, etc, anything you can think of I've likely watched, so it leads me to believe FMA - in spite of how popular it was - never came over to England, which is a real shame.

It's such a quality series, perfectly exploring philosophy and the human psyche without ever feeling out of its depths, unlike Naruto (which just gets pretentious). You can tell Hiromu has a distinct knowledge of how humans operate. There was barely any character that I didn't like, which is a feat in of itself. Even the bastards of the series are designed to be hated and they do get what's coming to them. The premise is gripping and beautifully tragic and relatable. Right off the bat you can understand the pain our heroes, the Elric brothers, felt losing their mother. Even if you don't agree with their actions of trying to forcefully resurrect their mother, you understand them. They were only small children when she died so they were naturally lost without her. As kids, they weren't ready to leave the safety of their mother's nest but life is cruel like this, and FMA's captured life's cruelty perfectly to create an emotional, heart-clutching narrative that never felt like it was flirting with melodrama.

The show expertly balances humour with its darker tone, maintaining its unique quirky flair and foreboding air. Pretty much every character has their own little whimsiness about them that most lighthearted scenes with them interacting had me cracking up. Comedy which makes you laugh, impactful emotional scenes which makes you feel and dark storytelling which keeps you at the edge of your seat: FMAB masterfully weaved all this in without ruining any scene.

6th - Mob Psychic 100

7th - JoJo's Bizarre Adventures: Battle Tendency

8th - Shaman King

9th - Afro Samurai

10th - S-Cry-Ed

11th -Level E

12th - HunterxHunter

13th - One Punch Man

14th - Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z were both fantastic. GT don't exist to me. That was an abomination.


Favourite Cartoons


The Boondocks

The Simpsons


Ed, Edd, n' Eddy

Dexter's Laboratory

Codename Kids Next Door

Looney Tunes

Tom and Jerry


The Weekenders

All Grown Up

The Ren and Stimpy show

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Xiaolin Showdown


Favourite Sitcom

Everybody Hates Chris

My Name is Earl (The latter seasons wasn't up to par with the early two, but despite the decline in quality, My Name is Earl will always be one of my favourite sitcom series)

Two and a Half Men (The old series, before Charlie Sheen got fired. He was the show, in my humble opinion, seeing as the show was based on his life. No disrespect to Ashton Kitcher, as I enjoyed his role in Dude, Where my Car? but to me, he just hasn't got that same sarcasm and witticism that made Charlie so great. His sort of comedy stems from him making an ass out of himself, which was great for Dude, Where my Car?, but in Two and a Half Men it doesn't work)

My Wife and Kids

Fresh Prince of Bel Air


Honourable Mentions of Anime


Kaze no Stigma

JoJo's Bizarre Adventures: Phantom Blood

Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren't they?

Black Cat

One Piece

Baki The Grappler

Seven Deadly Sins

Part one Naruto - I have a small fondness for part one Naruto even though it, too, suffers from the same clichés which plagues Shounen Jump, in my honest opinion. An old friend of mine got me into the series back when I was 13 and still in secondary school. The main characters were bland as cardboard but the world building was admittedly fantastic. I can’t praise Kishimoto enough for filling the world with all the little details he did and making it feel alive. It’s no wonder Naruto’s the most popular series on fanfiction. The series is such a hugbox of creativity and that’s all down to him

I also quite enjoyed just how grounded the power scaling was, which explains why people think Naruto’s the weakest in the beginning of his series in comparison to his fellow Big Three rivals Ichigo and Luffy (He isn’t) Yes, while they’re superhuman, it was only mild. A good hit or stab could potentially prove fatal if they didn’t dodge it, which set it apart from its rivals. Fights involved the use of strategy and tactics, which kept them interesting. The side characters were colourful on the surface and in abundance. No matter who you were, you were assured to find one character you could relate to, and in truth, they were far more interesting than the main cast (save for the infinitely cool Kakashi)

That’s where the positives end. The premise is ridiculous and wholly unbelievable; so ingrained in the clichés of Shounen Jump. Naruto’s unreasonably hated by the majority of Konoha’s populace just so he can get a sappy, sob story so the audience can pity him. It’s unrealistic. The opinions of Naruto should’ve been much more divided between those who rate him as the hero Minato wanted, those who are indifferent to him and those who hate him, because no two people are the same. They can be similar, but never flat out identical. Seriously, the unanimous hatred of Naruto by the civilian populace left them feeling flat and lifeless as the background characters they were and I get that’s the point, it shouldn’t be so obvious, in my opinion. It just gave the world of Naruto a hollow feeling, and pulled me out of immersion. I'm suddenly forced to remember I was just watching a shallow cartoon instead of an engaging series.

Naruto’s backstory was also never fully fleshed out. We were never told how the heck he got by being hated by all. It’s theorised the third Hokage looked after him somewhat until putting him in his own apartment at a certain age, or he was in an orphanage until getting kicked out at a certain age by the fandom in their own fanfic stories, but none of those have ever once shown to be the case in the series. As far as we know, Naruto could’ve been raised by a gosh darn monkey. Ugh.

This brings up another point. How on earth could no one look after Naruto? His loneliness really feels contrived for the sake of a cheap sob story, and it’s maddening. He shouldn’t be alone by all rights. He has a family and ties to people like Kakashi through his father. Either him or Jiraiya should’ve taken up responsibility of looking after him. The fact that they didn’t and yet had ties to him through Minato paints them as selfish jerks.

He’s their weapon, but yet, they left him to be terminally lonely for no good conceivable reason. If there was one, it was never explained. You think Hiruzen would at least pay a subordinate of his to care for Naruto so the village’s weapon has someone in his life to teach him the basics of living and so he doesn’t grow up feeling unwanted. It’s a wonder why Naruto didn’t run away, or at least try to.

The infamously dubbed “Talk no Jutsu” is another thing I disliked about the series. Naruto would bleed his heart out in an emotional speech and everyone would be swayed by them. It’s so unrealistic. I can’t stress this enough. People. Don’t. Just. Change. Kishimoto. They don’t. Sad truth. You can spill your guts out on why it’s so wrong and petty to troll, but the guy trolling isn’t going to be moved. He’s going to be amused and mock you further. I think the analogy works here. Just because he rants all emotionally at Zabuza or especially Pain, doesn’t mean they’ll be moved, especially when you take into consideration how long they’ve lived with their ideals. Some kid in an orange jumpsuit shouldn’t sway them so easily. As hard as it is to hear, people can be prideful, stubborn creatures and in disregarding this trait Kishimoto made his characters feel less like people and more like stereotypes Naruto has to defeat and Naruto himself, a Gary-stu whose ideals cannot be challenged and are always right.

Anyway, enough ranting about that. I still like the first part of Naruto despite my gripes, but yeah, it’s plagued by its own problems.

The Gokusen

Flint the Time Detective


Favourite Anime Characters

Dragon Ball Z


Son Goku

Son Gohan

Son Goten


Kid Trunks





Kid Buu


(Shaman King)


Yoh Asakura

Anna Asakura


Ryu (Not fucking Ryo, goddamned 4kids)


Tao Ren

Tao Jun

Lee Pyron

Hao Asakura







Ging Freecs

Gon Freecs




Yu Yu Hakusho


Yusuke Urameshi

Kazuma Kuwabara


Shuichi Minamino, aka Yoko Kurama





Shinobu Sensui





Black Cat


Train Heartnet


Sven Vollfied

Saya Minatsuki

Rinslet Walker


The Gokusen


Kimiko Yamaguchi





1st - Jin Kayla - I don't care if this guy's filler, he's fucking epic. As far as I'm concerned Kubo was working directly alongside the anime-boys in the making of the Bounts saga, because there's just NO WAY they alone could make such an outstanding villain without Kubo's touch.

2nd - Kenny

3rd - Gramps, aka old man Yamamoto

4th - Kisuke

5th - Askin

6th - Yoruichi

7th - Grimmjow

8th - Sung-fang

9th - Mask De Masculine







Kaze no Stigma


Kazuma Yagami - This guy is by FAR my most beloved anime/manga main protagonist. Not only is he highly intelligent and perceptive, which immediately sets him MILES apart from other idiot heroes who just impulsively charge into any situation and deal with them in a straight-forward manner, he's also one of the few main protagonists who doesn't take SHIT from his main love interest (or in some cases, the main female), even when he arguably deserves it. He can BLATANTLY spank Ayano's sexy ass, then straight-up negate her righteous feminine fury BS. If that isn't the definitive sign of an absolute badass in your eyes then you're either lying to yourself or you like that crappy "comedic" nonsense, but I digress.

He actually has a reason to undertake a job. Money, which I find positively realistic. None of that idealistic nonsense where the heroes'll take up a task just out of the goodness of his heart or in some cases, DECLINE the offered fee because it's "the right thing to do." NA! Kazuma's motto is essentially, "You want a job accomplished? Then fork up the cash." In a fictional world dominated by such cheesy idealistic trash, we need a realistic character whose own affairs come first and won't sacrifice his dignity to be the Butt-monkey of some shitty troupe that needs to seriously die out. Kazuma's the man. He is easily my favourite anime/manga character. Easily.




Kazuma Torisuna

Ryuho Ryu

Straight Cougar




Ginji Amano

Ban Mido

Haruki Emishi

Shido Fuyuki

Kazuki Fuuchouin

Natsumi Mizuki

Paul Wan



Ranma 1/2


Ryoga Hibiki

Ukyo Kuonji


One Piece


Monkey D. Luffy

Roronoa Zoro









Madara Uchiha


Favourite Cartoon Characters

The Boondocks

Huey Freeman

Jazmine Dubois

Robert Freeman - aka Granddad (One funny-ass old man)





Philip J. Fry (Love this dude. I can relate to his laziness and stupidity, since I'm not the smartest individual in the world by a long shot)




Looney Tunes


Bugs Bunny (Obviously, lol.)

Road Runner

Wild Coyote

Duffy Duck

Tweety Bird

Sylvester the Cat

Elmer Fudd


My Hall of Shame

(Anime series)

Ranma 1/2 - My opinions of the series have slightly warmed (very slightly, mind you) since I last wrote about the series a couple of years ago, mainly for one reason; my new profile picture – Girl Ranma. I thought she was one of the few shining lights in the darkened abyss of nonsense Takahashi unleashed, but sadly, just like Van in GunxSword and unlike Kazama in Kaze no Stigma, she alone couldn’t carry the series, especially when she had so much on her back.

The other characters, especially male Ranma and Akane, are very unlikable and flat out hateable. I’m aware of the difference between canon and fanon. Ranma isn’t that honourable, Akane doesn’t carry a mallet or whatever, Nabiki doesn’t pay the bills with the money she haggles, Shampoo’s tribe are not man-hating jerks, etc, but they’re still not likeable.

I can’t enjoy the comedy when I just can’t get invested in the characters. Even when they received their “just desserts” the ones dishing it out are arguably worse since they often escape punishment. I just can’t feel good about the obnoxiously ignorant Kuno getting smacked by Akane when she’s desperately needs a beating to put her in her place herself.

As I’ve mentioned before, there is no plot despite the unintentional misdirection of Ranma being forced to marry Akane in the first episode. It substitutes Ranma’s efforts of trying to cure his curse for nonsensical filler episodes focusing extensively on romantic obsession and it’s unbearable. We know the characters don’t care one way or the other. All the “pairings” are one-sided so we they have to painfully sit through them either being up the other’s ass or lusting after them from afar while the other remains ignorant of their crush on them.

Ultimately, Ranma and Akane themselves are what truly turned me off the series. They’re one of the most unbearably forced couples I’ve had to sit through. If it wasn’t for girl Ranma, (who I ADORE) I wouldn’t enjoy watching the series.

Rosario - plus - Vampire - I absolutely hate this series. What the hell was Akihisa Ikeda thinking when he chose such an extremely ordinary archetype with zero distinguishing traits for his main character? Such bland characters aren't interesting unless they are in a normal, slice-of-life setting exempting superpowers, and even then they should have a spine. No one wants to see a main character who just acquiesces to everyone.

The rest of the cast was just as bland and uninteresting as Tsukune, particularly the females and the generic one-shot bully in episode one, the former because they had no real reason to fall for Tsukune and the latter just because he was a stereotypical bully we've seen in hundred of films. The comedy is beyond annoying, with poorly timed jokes and mindless fourth-wall breaking, the drama is so overly dramatic to the point it borders in the deep ends of sappy, cheesy melodrama, the fan-service is overplayed and often detracts from the serious moments, and the usage of plot-convenience is off-the-fucking charts.

I've never seen such a poorly written script so convenient in my life. Like in the introductory episode of the loli-bitch Yukari. These three guys had her cornered and were about to eat her, but outer Moka, being the unlikable bleeding heart she is, was conveniently able to locate them before they could harm her. The bullies coincidentally gained the proper courtesy to just let them have their overly dramatic moment. When they had enough they lunged forward, but Yukari miraculously gains enough super speed to bite one's leg, getting knocked off afterward. He goes to attack her, but Tsukune conveniently materializes in front of her to take the blow for her, shortly afterwards getting saved by Kurumu.

Finally, Tsukune "accidentally" takes off Moka's rosary, unleashing inner Moka who teaches the forcibly inept douchebags their places with the obnoxious Bat appearing afterward to tell us how long the fight lasted, as if we really cared. See how much convenience that one passage contained? That is the after effect of poor writing. And it's not just that episode either. There's a whole host of moments which utilizes plot-convenience.

Rosario-Plus-Vampire is definitely one of the worst anime series I've ever seen next to Ranma one half and Akihisa Ikeda is going on my Shit List of Crappy Mangaka.


Familiar of Zero

Fairy Tail

Love Hina


Naruto Shippuden - This is where the series utterly jumped the shark with a nosedive, ruining themes and characters on its downward slope into hypocrisy. On the first episode alone, I knew I was going to hate the series, because that's when I truly started to dislike Naruto as a character. When I can't like the main character, I find it very difficult to like a series, and Naruto became very hateable when he returned to Konoha obsessed with Sasuke. Seeing him instantly huddling into a ball of pain the second Kakashi even mentioned "Sasuke" was creepy. Yeah, I get that they were teammates and all, but having Naruto anguish Sasuke's absence went well beyond the bounds of any normal friendship.

On that note, I never bought this strong sense of "brotherhood" Kishimoto tried to sell between the boys. Even in part one, they spent the majority of their time together bickering like children out of dislike. That does NOT convey a heavy sense of bromance. It just depicts them not having any tolerance for each other. Some fans will say their "friendship" blossomed with Sasuke's pseudo-sacrifice in the wave arc, but here's the thing, they reverted back to their old ways, invalidating the experience. Now, if Naruto and Sasuke had actually hung out or even just trained together outside of Team sparring sessions after the Wave arc, then that would've been development. It's missing nuances like them just chilling together in their spare time in part one which utterly ruin the sense of close friendship Kishimoto attempted to convey in part two. It's more like a delusion than anything remotely tangible.

One of Naruto's strongest points was its vast variety of characters in part one. Fast forward to part two and most of them are shafted for new, uninteresting characters like Sai and Yamato.

The story becomes very repetitive, dissolving into beating an Akatsuki member and chasing Sasuke; rinse and repeat until we reach the incredibly drawn-out War Arc - one of the worst arcs in shounen history. It even starts being something Kishimoto clearly has no clue about; philosophy and the chain of hate that bleeds war among mankind and all that pretentious drivel. It all just boiled down to World Peace - a childish pipe dream. It's made worse when Naruto, our previous underdog, was retconned into some Jesus wonder boy meant to bring world peace. Ugh, one of the most cliche troupes Kishimoto could've used and he did, intentionally, throwing away his chance of painting his series in the million shades of grey that he tried, and failed to, mind you.

You can't establish that no one - not even the villains - are born evil yet have the main character as the Chosen One of Prophecy. The two concepts can't mix because most fights between the main protagonist and antagonist of the arc will just boil down to Good vs Evil. Take the Pain arc for example. Kishimoto could've spent an extra ten years on it prettying up Pain's "crusade of justice" motivate, but it still wouldn't have made his actions any less evil than they were. When you have a villain kill innocent characters indiscriminately like Pain, you're gonna establish him as evil regardless of his intentions, especially when you have the main character make a cliche late heroic entrance. Pain's laughably forced redemption doesn't make him any less shallow than he was already. In fact: I'd argue it made him worse due to how cheesy it felt.

Here is a guy who has lived with his ideals for years, yet a kid in an orange jumpsuit comes in, repeats the same crap their old sensei once spilled and he's instantly changed? Bullshit. Just bullshit. I've already rambled enough about how much I hate Naruto's bullshit power to change people's beliefs with corny speeches in my segment of part one Naruto, so I won't do any longer.

Hardwork - Every since Naruto was revealed to be God's Golden Boy this theme was incinerated. What was the whole point of emphasizing the purpose of one crafting his/her own destiny in part one if Naruto was just going to be revealed as a Messiah? It ruined his character, because to many, OtakuAssemble among them, Naruto was the icon for the everyday man. Having been originally depicted as a nigh talentless kid thriving for glory, Naruto became beloved by many individuals who could relate to him and it was for that reason alone was why he became an anime/manga favourite character among many, including myself. I'm sorry, but when you, Kishimoto, originally illustrate a character as your typical average Joe with only huge chakra reserves he can't even control properly, (so it balances out), only to throw that Chosen One of Prophecy shit in our faces you take away an aspect many loved in regards to that character, and in doing so, turn people off him.

Teamwork - Another aspect that was yet kicked to the curb by Kishimoto's shoddy writing. I remember back in the old days where fights weren't necessarily decided by who was bigger and tougher, but by actual, evident skill and strategy, which was why Shikamaru was once my favourite character, partly 'cause the way he outwitted his opponents were always awesomely done. His sarcastic remarks didn't hurt either. But because he wasn't an Uchiha with all evolving eyes, a villain, a Senju or a character who had Senju DNA in him or a fucking Jinchuuriki he became useless. *Sigh.* When Kishimoto tried to go back to teamwork in the horrendous Kaguya-segment it came off as cheesy and painted Kaguya in a really incompetent light.

Point made. For one reason or another, Naruto completely worsened as time went on. Naruto could've been good, but in part two it quickly dissolved into a hypocritical and pretentious mess filled with uninteresting characters who either wouldn't get a clue, never developed or were too easily changed by Naruto's speeches.

SwordGai - Wow. This series is amazingly bad. In the first episode alone I knew I wasn't going to like it, but for the sake of fairness, I gave it five episodes to gauge it's potential improvement. It didn't improve whatsoever. The plot was disjointed, the characters were bland and unrecognizeable, the actions sequences were lacklusture and the villain was cliche as heck. Since SwordGai isn't well known like the other mediocre series I've bitched about so far on here, I'll start off with what it is. It's an Netflix Original about demons trapped into katanas that seemingly possess whichever normal human within range that the plot chooses. The story begins 16 years from the main point with these two guys going to collect one of these demon swords. They do. After taking the cursed sword back to their lair (a corporate building) one of them goes completely nuts due to exposure to the thing (and it also helped that the other wasn't human). He comes back to where they placed the sword, takes it out, loses his mind, and kills a bunch of faceless fodder just doing their job before disappearing into the night.

Then we cut over to another cursed sword. This one I actually managed to remember the name of, it's called Shiryu. It was in a temple being exorcised by these faceless monks, but of course the sword somehow manages to possess one nameless guy and he randomly strolls up to it, cuts himself, pours blood all over the sword before using it to cut down the faceless monks. Then he goes off a killing spree, saying and I quote "Blood. I need more blood." He kills the partner of a pregnant lady, but not the pregnant lady herself. "Her" powers of plot-armour were too strong to die just then. After the obsessed nobody kills another nobody, he miraculously regains consciousness with no explanation. He drops the sword and begins anguishing about what he's done before being killed by the pregnant lady and that's when the plot takes a turn for the absurd. Why would a demon sword even want to possess a pregnant lady for? They tried to explain it as the sword being drawn to those who feel a strong sense of vengeance and a desire to kill, but that doesn't explain how the first two guys we see possessed were influenced so easily or why the shiryu randomly released the second guy just to possess an unfit woman carrying a child.

It's completely nonsensical. That's saying nothing of the blatant plot armour the lady had to survive being killed outright herself. The possessed guys kill indiscriminately from what we see but because she was carrying the main character, she had to live. Ugh, shoddy writing. What's worse, she gives birth to him in a forest after she was partially released by the sword. Yep, just when you think the story couldn't get anymore worse, it out does itself. Worse still, the baby's found by an old guy (Cliche much?) who sees him clutching onto the sword for dear life and decides it must be his "guardian sword" despite it being clearly evil and takes it back with them. Ugh.

Fast-forward 16 years later and we find the little abandoned one's future girlfriend. We know this because they couldn't have made it any less obvious. Her friends were bugging her to make a move on the football (soccer if you're American) captain but she declines while thinking of him. (rolls eyes) I don't get what she sees in him either, beside the plot demanding that she falls for him. That guy's a complete emo douchebag. He has no recognizable traits or interesting quirks. He was probably inspired by Sasuke and you should know how I feel about that prick.

Anyway, he loses his arm in a ritual gone wrong. The blatantly evil sword possesses a faceless chick and she almost kills this dude jealous of the main douchebag, but he gets in the way and has his arm cut off. Then the faceless chick regains consciousness just because. Despite the fact that his arm's only severed, they don't reattach it. Nope. Instead, the old man who adopted him somehow converts the sword into an arm and infuses it with the main douche's stump while he's asleep and with no explanation! Ugh.

I'm done. SwordGai is one of the worst anime I've ever watched. The plot's a mess of convenience, the characters are bland and the action is garbage.

Ultimate Muscle


Least Liked Anime

InuYasha - It kind of pains me to put this one on here because at first, I actually enjoyed InuYasha quite a bit... up to season 3 and onwards, when I realized nothing would change. It would follow the same boring formula of chase Naraku, gather a jewel shard, have useless filler episode to take up space, have Sesshomaru, (who's extremely overrated by the way), batter Inuyasha around, then rinse-and-repeat. It got boring. Not to mention the characters were completely stagnant, especially Inuyasha and Kagome, mainly because of the irritating run-on gag of SIT-BOY recurring every episode, each one more infuriating than the last.

The characters don't even train to obtain new abilities and skills to add to their extremely lacking repertoire of skills, making the battles highly predictable. Regarding the battles in InuYasha, because the characters lack versatility, I dread to see them fight. I groaned a lot of times too when I saw the Villain of the Episode transform into a giant because it paved the way for horrible action sequences lacking in anything even remotely resembling "skill" or "strategy". Inuyasha just anticlimactically finishes off the Big Bad of the Day with the motherfucking Wind Scar or the Backlash Wave, making me wonder why he didn't just do that in the first place instead of unnecessarily dragging out the tedious battle.

While I certainly don't despise InuYasha as much as I do Ranma 1/2, Takahashi's InuYasha still failed to keep my interest.


Bleach - I still hold a soft spot for this series, but years of unintentional mishandling of the series has soured my love for it. Weekly Shounen Jump really took it's toil on Kubo, as it does for most mangaka barring the freakishly talented. They seriously need to quit treating their employees like slaves. The human body can only work so much before collapsing from exhaustion. People. Need. Rest. Mangaka are no different. If Kubo had been given adequate breaks to recharge his creative juices, I really believe Bleach wouldn't have lost its lustre. I believe that with all my heart. Some authors have the ability or patience to wing their series without having a plan in mind, but not Kubo. After finishing the Soul Society saga, he should've been rewarded a deserved 3-month holiday so he can do other things like reading and watching other series and interacting with people to gain inspiration for his next saga and set of characters. If he had that, Bleach could've been something special; the potential was there.

I still love reading the early chapters of Bleach. The artstyle was immense and Ichigo was a Yusuke Urameshi-style badass of kickassery, but he still had enough about him so that he could stand on his own as his own character. Reading Ichigo's and Rukia's interactions always felt charming. I didn't even mind Rukia making Ichigo the butt-monkey of her slapstick humour since it was done so tastefully. Ichigo never cringed in fear like Ranma and Naruto whenever Akane and Sakura are mad at them and Rukia never erupted in flames like the aforementioned did time and again. Nor did Rukia ever send Ichigo flying like a rocket like Akane and Sakura do to Ranma and Naruto respectively. It was depicted as harmlessly as a joking slap on the arm with both of them looking rather reserved about the fact. I liked that. The typical female-on-male abuse but done right.

Chad was awesome, being relatively superhuman even before he awakened his powers. My favourite scene of his will always be of him ripping out a telephone pole and smashing the jerk hollow with it. It was absolutely badass.

Orihime was fun too. Despite being the typical "shy girl who has a crush on the main character" she still managed to be her own character. She was quirky, having a wild imagination which she uses to whip up unique dishes for herself which honestly just made her endearing as hell. Also, unlike other shy girls who have a crush on our main hero, she could actually talk to Ichigo and hold a conversation with him, unlike Hinata (whose fainting act around Naruto grew extremely tiresome). I really wish they had gotten together much sooner than they did. Part of why I like pairings is because I like to see the couple actually be a couple and develop throughout the series. Not just get slapped together at the end after a time-skip. That's incredibly boring. I get that Bleach is an action series so romance was never going to be the focus, but it's shounen. Teens watched/read it and teenagers do hook up. Being an action series is no reason to restrict character relationships. Doing so makes the characters feel less human. In particular, Ichigo's excessive ignorance to Orihime's obvious feelings toward him was distancing, I felt. It just made him feel like another "Goku-clone" despite being seemingly inspired by Yusuke Urameshi when he unnaturally missed every signal girls like Orihime and Nelliel threw at him, but I digress.

Uryu was cool, instantly setting himself apart from other generic rival characters when he acknowledged and even used Ichigo's power in an hilarious attempt to force back a Menos he unintentionally lured out to best out Ichigo in a contest of hollow slaying. He didn't mean to necessarily endanger the lives of thousands, he was just a prideful young man who understandably hated Shinigami and wanted to show one up to prove the Quincy superiority. He even showed remorse after the fact. He even tearfully laments not being able to save his grandfather while saving Ichigo from his overexertion of reiatsu. Uryu was a sweetheart.

That leads us to the Soul Society saga and wow, what a fantastic saga it was. I awed. It drew me in and made me a fan of Bleach. The setup was great, the story was suspenseful, the twists were pulled off without ever feeling like asspulls and the ending was neatly wrapped up with a red bow with the looming threat of the main bad guy revealed. It was a masterclass, full of memorable moments like Aizen's reveal from best boy to douche of the century, his casual decimation of Ichigo and the fact that he literally stopped his number one theme with a finger! It was so badass.

Bleach had everything and the world at its finger tips. Endearing characters, touching backstories (or the main cast), witty, charming and tasteful humour, awesome fights, a good plot which knew where it was going and didn't take itself too seriously and tension which kept you at the edge of your seat... then the Soul Society saga ended and the incredibly drawn Aizen saga began. So long was it that the fandom divided it into parts beginning with the Arrancar arc, the Hueco Mundo arc, the Fake Karakura Town arc, finally the Dangei arc but it's all one saga. It was an utter bore.

This is why I wished Kubo had been given a break. The Soul Society saga was long, exciting and full of creative moments. It's only natural he'd been suffering from writer's block after such an arc. If he had been given a break he could've watched/read other series and interacted with people like I said, which would've provided him with inspired fresh ideas for characters and the story, but no, Jump forces Kubo to overwork and release chapters at a snail's pace because he - understandably - didn't have a direction for the story. Not to mention the characters became incredibly bland. I hated the Vizards and Espada so much, particularly because so much time was spent hyping them up as these ease enigmatic badasses and dangerous badasses respectively, but the Vizards don't amount to squat and most of the Espada die in horrible ways. On that note, as a result of Kubo's fatigue and worsening health, the fights took a major hit in quality. Most of them devolved into beam spam or back-and-forth see-saw exchanges of haxx where the combatants would explain their powers to their enemies.


Gun X Sword - While the main protagonist and antagonist were fairly interesting and enjoyable to watch they couldn't make up for the rest of the flaws in the series that ultimately made it a sour ride for me. Okay, I should probably start off talking about what Gun X Sword is since it's not very popular or well known like the other series I've spoke about. It's set in the old west era and is about a man searching for the murderer who killed his wife just after they got married. Right off the bat our anti-hero has a goal that pushes him throughout his journey. It isn't the most unique or well throughout of ambitions, but hey, it's a goal which acts as a benchmark for his characterization. Every character should have that and he did, nothing to complain about there. On the first episode he was joined by a petite girl whose brother was enlisted by the very man who butchered our anti hero's, Van, wife. She made numerous attempts to close the gap between them and actually look like she succeeded in her endeavour. That was one of the better aspects about Gun X Sword I felt was done well. The development between Van and Wendy was often subtle and not in our faces. Even when poor Wendy was stuck pulling Van around because he collapsed from exhaustion or being too distance from his source of power he rarely showed any appreciation.

I liked that because it showed consistency in his character.

Along their journey they encountered some more secondary protagonists and they were satisfactory. They weren't mind-blowing fantastic or ungodly annoying, they were just average. Barely memorable at most. It's when the secondary antagonists of the main bad guy's organization came into the picture is when the quality just started dropping. As I've hoped I've implied, the series from the get-go wasn't anything spectacular with its lacklustre action sequences and okay premise so any decline in this satisfactory quality was going to be bad. The secondary antagonists ruined the average quality the series had going for it. They were horrible. I feel the writers were trying to paint them and the main bad guy in a million shades of grey since they were out to "save the world" in their own twisted way, but man, they had such convoluted motivations for joining up with him. We'll take the second member of the Claw's unmemorable group of fodders as an example. Not only was he so melodramatic to the point you wanted to punch your TV out just to shut him up he had such a convoluted backstory I was left like *wtf?* From what I gathered from that brief scene of his past was that he had a Mommy-complex. He loved his mother so much that he couldn't bear to see another man touch her. In this case his "Father". He rushed forward to kill his father to get him away from his mother, but she took the blow and died.

Like, what?

Then he theorized that she wanted him to learn to love his father by the end of the short flashbacks to his past. *I smh.* I didn't get it myself. It was just so out-there. I have no idea what could have triggered it too. Before that he was surveying Van from the ultimatum he handed him: "Leave town in three days or I'll come back and finish you" having defeated him once. He seemed pretty stoic and cryptic but in this short story arc he became outright hysterical and melodramatic. Thankfully, Van returned from his "life-lesson" as all protagonists have when they lose heavily and wins in an anticlimactic manner. Gah. An annoying villain so forgettable I can't even remember his name.

The action sequences didn't help to paint any of these characters in recognition either. They're based solely around giant transformer-like robots so I guess I was asking a lot hoping any of them would be impactful. Gah, I utterly hate giant suits of armour or giant transformations in anime. It just paves the way for slow, and tedious action sequences. InuYasha was guilty of using titanic villains and the fighting often suffered as a result. Action sequences are at their best when they're fast, fluent and impactful. That's why hand to hand combat sequences are regarded as the best. Although titanic action sequences can be just as good as long as the collision between the two gigantic combatants are impactful.

Gun X Sword's action sequences didn't have any of that. It was mostly two robots just grappling each other like Sumo Wrestlers and it was an utter bore to watch. The fights often ending on really lacklustre notes, especially Van's. Despite how powerful they said his armour was, he was often on the receiving end of a beating in a lot of his latter fights before something would happen - like he found the Claw, the man who murdered his wife - to make him get his second wind and he would win anticlimactically. The fights were just so poorly done there's not one I can recall, even the finale fight between Van and the Claw.

That dropped Gun X Sword from A okay series, to not one I would be in a hurry to rewatch but not one I really despise either. The only reason I even gave it a chance is because I heard Van was like Kazuma Yagami in his general disregard for others, and while Van was definitely an enjoyable character he alone wasn't enough to carry the series, especially when he had so much working against him.


Boku no Hero Academia - Just a mediocre series. It looked like it might do something interesting at first but as it went on it became apparent neither Horikoshi nor the shounen jump editorial staff had any intention of branching out and being it's own thing. Shame the staff forced Horikoshi to give Midoriya such a boring, lameass Quirk because him being the batman of the series would've been far more interesting than him sacrificing his body all the time. Because Horikoshi was forced into giving him such an OP power for this series (the ability to decimate buildings with punches puts him far above everyone else in terms of sheer destructive power) he had to come up with an even dumber drawback to balance it. And because Midoriya breaking his limbs to activate his absurdly powerful ability is stupid and would've resulted in messy timeskips, he had to think up an equally stupid plot device in Recovery girl to facilitate it.

It's just bad writing either way you look at it. The characters are some of the most cringey and bland characters I've ever seen in anime. Bakugou is just trash and comes off as an author's pet and Todoroki was just Zuko 2.0 and became far less interesting when he lost his edge after season 2. And those 3, (Midoriya, Bakugou and Todoroki) are the main focus of Class A. Don't even get me started on the rest of them. Mina, used as a plot device to facilitate Kirishima's character and backstory and has no character of her own outside of being cute and bubbly. Yaoyorozu's been completely overshadowed by Todoroki despite being a recommended student. Uraraka, Midoriya's main love interest, just sits on the sidelines either worrying or fawning over Midoriya. Mineta is just there for cheap prevented humour that isn't even funny. Jiro is just there. Invisible girl is just there. Koda is just there and everyone else outside of the main trio is just there.

Boku no Hero Academia really suffers from many too characters syndrome. It has too many characters the author isn't capable of managing. The Joint Training arc in season 5 is one of the most boring arcs I've ever seen in shounen history. It attempts to (re)introduce a whole heap side characters from Class B, the other hero class, in the most mundane way possible. They were sorta there in the background in the Sports Festival and Training camp arcs, but 99% of them weren't characterized. Because the audience has no real reason to care about them, it just made their encounters against Class A a complete snore-fest. Not to mention it was a low stake arc. At worse, they'd walk away with a bruised ego.

Shigaraki is a boring man child. All for One is a bland comic-styled villain who does nothing to challenge the norm.

Stain is the series' only decent villain and he got arrested early on.

The series just has nothing going for it other than a bit of hype. The protagonists and side characters are uninteresting and boring, the antagonists and sub villains are boring and the story isn't very interesting either. It's just a mediocre series at best. The only reason why I put it in this category and not the Hall of Shame too is because at one stage I was hooked into the hype values so kudos for that I guess.

Least Liked Characters

Sakura Haruno. Surprisingly, I don't necessarily hate her like I do Sasuke and Naruto, I just don't like her nearly enough to put her as one of my favourites. She's bland as cardboard, feeling like every other tsundere female character ever. Kishimoto admitted he didn't know how to write females and it shows as most of his female characters feel like recycles of other stereotypical females in other anime. Sakura reminds me too much of Akane and you should already know how I feel about her, (see her segment below) especially with her cliched role of "Main Female Character A hits and bosses Main Male Character B." Yes, I understand it's supposed to be considered gag-humour, but here's the thing, even gag humour can have a negative or positive effect on the personalities of the characters depending on how they act.

For example, when Riza Hawkeye shot at her dog in FMA to teach him not to pee indoors in a comical fashion, that was positive and gave her character a quirky flair that made her endearing. When Sakura just hits Naruto with exaggerated anger for slightly annoying her it's not endearing, it's annoying and paints Sakura as a bossy bitch and Naruto as a pushover, needlessly contradicting his strong-willed mentality for the sake of cheap humour. Beside from making the protagonist an unlikeable doormat with her role of cheap humour, she didn't have any relevance to the plot. As much as I dislike Naruto and Sasuke, they're both firmly connected to the plot. Naruto's a Jinchuuriki for the most powerful Bijuu the main bad guys want and Sasuke's a member of the most important clan in the series. Even Kakashi has relevance to the story through Obito. Sakura has none of that. She's literally just there for the sake of being there for shoddy romance which isn't even well done.

Every chance to make Sakura her own unique character is clumsy stripped away by Kishimoto. At the beginning of the series, she was hailed for her precise Chakra control and proficiency in Genjutsu, but after the time skip that Sakura dies and is replaced by a clone of Tsunade that just looks like Sakura. Seriously, Sakura gets no unique techniques of her own while Naruto, Sasuke and even Kakashi to an extent get truck loads. All she can do is smash the ground like "Rrrr! I'mma She-Hulk." Now, in a series like DBZ where powers are simplistic, that could've sufficed, but definitely not Naruto where there's a diverse variety of unique techniques. That was never going to cut it.

She rarely gets any fights or epic moments of badassery. The only fights she got were against Ino and Sasori and the latter was with Chiyo, to which most commonly agreed did all the work. That leaves the former as her only true 1v1 fight and it was an utterly unmemorable catfight. Not to mention Sakura literally bulshitted her way to a stalemale when Ino had her beat through friendship power. Ino mind trapped her and was just about to make her surrender until Naruto's shout kicked Sakura's ridiculous alter-ego, which the fandom dubbed Inner Sakura, into gear and it booted Ino out of her head. Ugh, bullshit deus-ex-machina for no reason. Up to that point, the whole Inner Sakura shtick had only been used to showcase Sakura's hypocrisy in a "quirky fashion." She'll say one thing like "Oh, Lord Hokage's so powerful," then immediately think "Yeah right. That old man. What a joke" yet it's suddenly used as a second spirit so she can tie with Ino! This is made painfully clear when no one acknowledges it after Ino's comment of "How can you have two spirits inside you?"

Such a missed opportunity for character development. Losing would've provided the perfect moment for the audience to sympathize with Sakura and encouraged her to train and find her own way without relying on someone else's character, but nope! Let's just randomly make Inner Sakura a thing just this one time so one of the main characters doesn't lose, shall we? Shocking end to the fight and a major detriment to Sakura's character.

She becomes the medic in part two, further stereotyping her character and ends up coming off as more of a supporting character than a main one. When she finally gets a proactive role like 200 chapters later, Kishimoto made her look utterly incompetent. She lied to Naruto's face by being in love with him, ventured off on her own to kill Sasuke and knocked out her teammates because she wanted to do so on her own, and even after all that she still ended up being saved twice, first by Kakashi and then by Naruto; the second time coming hot on her fail to stab Sasuke when she choked because of the ONE TIME he was nice to her. One would wonder why she's even using a kunai when she has super strength, which would've been far more effective. Kishimoto just doomed her to fail.

The next time she did anything of note was in the War arc when she got shoehorned into the fight with a deus-ex-machina/recton power-up. Apparently, she was restoring chakra in her fat forehead even though it was never alluded to in any meaningful way and she can "unleash her full power." Rolls-eyes. She just ended up hitting harder.

I've argued my point enough. Sakura is irrelevant, bland, two-faced, incompetent, incapable of getting a clue, bossy, and a carbon-copy of the much cooler Tsunade.

The only reason I don't hate her is because I dig her design and love pairing her with Goku or his boys.

Hall of Shame

(Anime characters)

Male-Ranma - Ranma 1/2 - One of the most irritating characters I've ever come across. Sadly, like a lot of main characters, he suffered from the curse of being the butt-monkey of the annoying female-on-male troupe which has plagued anime/manga for far too long now. It gave him this distinct feel of acquiescence. Everytime a female - usually Akane - would assert her anger on him, he would always cow down. Hell, it's not even just the females he bows down too for the sake of the cliched humour. I've seen episodes/chapters where he's rolled over for the guys too. Even Soun - probably the biggest coward in the series - has pushed his weight around over Ranma. Ugh. It just feel very counterintuitive with the character we were supposedly given.

Ranma's seemingly designed to be a Jerk-with-a-heart-of-gold, but with the way he frequently allowed everyone to walk all over him he came off as more as a wimp-with-a-soft-heart. He reminds me a lot of Keitaro Urashima, though at least Keitaro was designed to be a loser wimp from the get-go, whereas with Ranma we're introduced to a cocky, smart-alecky prideful tough-guy who at first glance you'd think wouldn't take shit from anyone, because his pride wouldn't allow it, but that's not the way it turned out, at all. He always ended up folded in to almost everyone's assertion, even going as far as to take the blame for things that weren't his fault.

Let's take episode 87 Ranma, You Are Such a Jerk for example where Akane was trying to cook up one of her nasty dishes for Ranma. Ranma and Happosai - the worst character in the series - were fighting over pickles. This fight leads them to the kitchen where, lo and behold, Akane just happens to take out the pie she was baking. Happosai shoves Ranma face first into the pie, hence ruins it; cue misunderstanding. Happens a lot in Ranma 1/2 and it's unbearable. Anyway, Ranma showed clear remorse for indirectly ruining Akane's hardwork and still took his lumps from the bitch when it wasn't even his fault. In the scene after, he's shown feeling guilty just because Akane screamed all emotionally at him after he only bantered her (for hitting him unjustly, remind you) like the self-centred brat that she is and it wasn't even his fault. There's more examples of Ranma taking everyone's crap lying down.

Take episode 110, titled Nabiki, Ranma's New Fiancée. Akane was primarily mad at Nabiki for stealing most of her clothes, yet directs her ire at Ranma because he used a towel to clean the bathroom, which he APOLOGIZED for, thank you very much, so of course Ranma takes his lumps from her despite not being at fault and again when he - in my opinion - justifiably makes fun of her with bruises on his face at the dinner table in the next scene. Of course everyone gangs up on Ranma and he relents despite not really being at fault. Nabiki was the one who initiated Akane's temper and Ranma was the punching bag for her to blow off steam. Ugh. That whole episode/chapters were extremely frustrating and painted Ranma and Akane in terrible lights. Don't worry, I'll be getting to Akane next.

Akane Tendo - Ranma 1/2 - Ugh, like Naru Narusegawa of Love Hina (why she was named after her last name I'll never know) she's one of the worst females ever conceived in anime. Big statement, I know, but I fully stand by it. Why is it that authors seem to think the audience enjoy seeing bitchy, self-entitled brats who have way too much sway over the main character? It's just not fun seeing them act all high and mighty. Akane just felt like an author's pet. Nothing was ever really her fault even when it definitely was.

Take the Nabiki, Ranma's New Fiancée episode I mentioned in my rant segment of male-Ranma as an example. She destroyed her balcony in a fit of blind rage just because she couldn't accept Ranma's and Nabiki's gestures of truce. Okay, I'll admit they weren't the most sensitive - in fact, they were quite insensitive to be fair - but I'd also argue Akane overacted as usual. There shouldn't have been any need for some big heartfelt apology from anyone if they were mature, but Akane - or anyone in the series for that matter - isn't mature. In her self-centred mind, they were the bad guys and they were further annoying her, so she destroys her balcony in a fit of blind rage, sending them all plummeting from a height no ordinary human would've survived, which is what her sister is. She initially showed great concern at first at the peril she accidentally put her sister in, but that concern quickly turned to petty, childish jealousy when she found that Ranma had saved Nabiki, carrying her bridal style. She gets all melodramatic and slaps him. Ugh.

There was just no reason for that at all and just painted Akane as a petty asshole. You'd think she would be grateful Ranma saved her sister from a fall that would've likely been the death of her, thus sparing her brushes, to put it lightly, but no, she was jealous because Ranma - the guy she argues with routinely - prioritized saving her helpless sister over her. The sad part is, had Ranma rescued her and heartlessly left Nabiki to fall to her death, Akane still would've been mad at him for treating her as a damsel, thus undermining her skill. Ugh, you can't win with this hypocritical bitch. She was either vexed at Ranma for saving her or vexed at him for not. Which brings me to another point.

At the very beginning of the series, Akane was portrayed as this Big Action Girl who doesn't need any man to take care of her. Heck, we see her disposing of a bunch of a wannabe fighters in jock gear, but overtime she becomes more dependant on Ranma. It really made her a boring character. What was even the point of making her a martial artist to begin with? She ultimately goes nowhere with it. She's never shown training to master her own unique techniques, never gets her own rivals that don't have anything to do with Ranma, and never gets her own fights. She quickly dissolves into a typical cheerleader and damsel-in-distress to give Ranma an incentive to go after the main Bad Guy of the Day. I find it saddening how much her potential was completely squandered. From a potentially interesting Action Girl to a Faux Action Girl, damsel-in-distress, and a tsundere who can only hit Ranma for every little occurrence, even for things that are not his fault.

Akane's disgustingly unreasonable, always trigger-happy to use Ranma as a doormat even when he apologizes or offers explanations for his seemingly questionable actions. Take the Ultimate Teacher saga in which Ranma has to essentially fondle Hinako's breasts to disable her power. Now I understand how that looks on paper, but given Ranma's reasons it's understandable. There were methods to his seeming madness. He even explained these methods to Akane, but Akane, being the close-minded asshole that she is, only hears "Big breasts, big breasts," and punts him away. Ugh. Moreover, what gives her the right to decide she should be the one to "punish Ranma" for (seemingly) being perverted in her biased view? For heaven's sakes, you'd think she was his Mom with that self-entitlement.

She's incredibly blind and ignorant. It was unbearable how many hints she got in regard to Ryoga's crush on her and him being her pet pig P-chan. I absolutely cringe when she interacts with Ryoga as either himself or P-chan because to us, the watchers/readers, it's painfully obvious Ryoga's crushing on her and is P-chan. Hell, in the Martial Arts Handwriting episode, Ryoga was dirty so Akane poured cold water over him, but looks away before he could transform, so when she looked back she just ignorantly beamed, "Oh, It's P-chan!" without ever trying to put two and two together. Ugh.

I think I've made my point clear. Akane is obnoxious, ignorant, immature, self-righteous, self-entitled, bossy, domineering and hypocritical. She says she doesn't want to be a wallflower, but she still pines to be one. She even goes through bridal training so she can learn to be the perfect little stereotypical wife to Ranma.

Soun Tendo - Ranma 1/2 - This character's dirt; even worse than that I'd argue. Unbelievably self-centred like the majority of the cast, whiny, annoyingly melodramatic, inconsiderate and an all-round coward. To start with, he seriously expected one of his daughters to marry Ranma, who, keep in mind, at the beginning of the series was a complete stranger to them, for his own selfish desires. Even when it's clear his youngest daughter's quite clearly uncomfortable with having Ranma forced on her by her two eldest sisters, he deluded himself into thinking they were only arguing like an old marry couple when they just met! I get that the series was designed to be a nonsensical gag-story, but seeing such self-centred delusions was not funny, it was annoying. Just exacerbating every character's negative traits and calling it "humour" is incredibly lazy. Not to mention the extreme exaggeration of everyone's worst traits for the sake of shoddy "humour" just makes for an obnoxious cast. Soun's one of the worst.

We don't even learn why Soun desperately wants to unite his school with his buddy in douchebaggery, which just makes him that much more obnoxious. He desperately tried to shove Akane down Ranma's throat for reasons that were never explained. I really have no idea what kind of twisted, disturbing humour Takahashi's into to find humour in crafting asshole fathers forcing their kids to wed for reasons I'm sure they don't even know themselves. You just can't empathize with Soun. His schtick of bawling melodramatically wore off fast and became annoying. He doesn't even have any crowning moments of awesomeness to say "well, at least he's cool in fights." Nope, you don't even get that with Soun. He's a coward, hiding behind Ranma but quick to step over him because Ranma's a passive doormat. He cows down to his master, the supreme king of douchebags, Happosai, he's annoyingly overly emotional, he never takes responsibility for anything, he doesn't lift a finger around his house and worst of all, he even doesn't attempt to encourage his eldest daughter to get out and socialize more or just to get a life of her own in general.

It was absolutely disgusting the way he treated Kasumi, like she was the household's own personal unpaid servant. He even enabled others to treat her like that. There was a scene in episode 64 titled Ranma Goes Back to Jusenkyo at last where Genma almost rudely orders Kasumi to, and I quote, "Get me a drink, Kasumi." That line epitomized everyone's treatment of her. In their eyes, Kasumi was essentially an unpaid servant who'll tend to their every whim at the press of a button. As her father, I just found it appalling that Soun allowed his daughter to be treated like that just because it meant he wouldn't have to lift a finger doing anything, chore-wise.

Revolting character.

Natsu - Fairy Tail - A sad, carbon-copy excuse of a very likeable character in Monkey D. Luffy. This pink-haired motherfucker can go jump off of a cliff for all I care

Tsukune - RosarioVampire - A cowardly scumbag

Both Mokas - RosarioVampire - Just for the fact they want to give a dork like Tsukune the time of day earns them my contempt

Kaguya - Naruto - A pathetic excuse for a villain

Yasutora Sado, aka 'Chad' - He could've been really cool. I think that's why I hold such distaste for his character because I see him as ruined potential. During his introduction in the light-hearted Villain-of-the-Week formula Bleach followed in the early Substitute Shinigami arc, he was depicted as an absolute badass. He was inhumanly strong which paved the way for a host of comedic scenes involving his strength; my personal favourite being when he explained getting run over by a motorcycle with the driver coming off much worse than him! So he carried him to a hospital. xD. He wasn't a douchebag for the sake of it and had an appealing backstory that perfectly explained the pacifist he became without dragging on for episodes/chapters. So how'd such a promising character end up as wasted potential? Kubo kept pooping on his character. Every time he came up against a major opponent, he got his butt handed to him. Even when we think he's finally levelled up to be of use he gets smacks around by the first significant villain in sight. Ugh, it's so lame. He really suffered from being shafted for side-characters the audience didn't need attention on. He was just so darned useless and it's a real shame too considering what a kickass character he was in the earlier stages of Bleach.

Orihime Inoue - Bleach - A plot device

Sosuke Aizen - Bleach - Same as Orihime

Naruto Uzumaki - 'Naruto' - This one's a personal heartbreak for me. It's for the simple fact this cheesy, corny folk-hero used to be my favourite character, not one of them, but my all-time favourite character. And now... he's just trash. This pacifist-route he has taken after the Pein arc is really what has destroyed his character. The kid bowed down to the Raikage - A - for Sasuke (I used to like Sasuke but till, that's too much). Now I don't care if he's dumb, but what did irk me immensely was the fact he was buddy-buddy with Obito after all he had done, killing his parents and Neji just to name a few... it's too far fetched... Screw Naruto!

Sasuke Uchiha - Been meaning to rewrite my rant of this character for sometime but I suffer from the crucial disease known as laziness. Yes, very tragic. All jokes aside, I fully admit I went completely overboard last time I vented about the Uchiha all those years ago. I was young, immature, close-minded and intolerant to other people's opinions. I'm a bit older now and I'd like to think I've grown up a little. Just a little anyway. I still don't like Sasuke and I still hold a bias against him, but I'm open to other people's enjoyment of his character. To be fair, he has his positives. He has his own character. Contrary to popular belief, he isn't this "Vegeta-Clone" which a lot of haters on here seem to think he is. He doesn't spill overused fanfic lines like "I'm an Uchiha" "That power should be mine" etc. He's proud of his clan but he doesn't take it to those levels. He's anti-social, likes to keep to himself, has an inferiority complex, is intelligent and quite prideful. These are all good traits to have and to be fair, I didn't have much of a problem with Sasuke in part 1. He actually started off pretty well, especially when he put the ignorant Sakura badmouthing Naruto for not having any parents in her place. We, as the audience, got to see a positive side of him when he defended Naruto, and in that moment we got a bit of insight into his life. He wasn't just some stuck-up kid with a bunch of fangirls he never wanted. He was an emotionally scarred orphan we were able to sympathize with in part 1.

That was pretty cool. I did like his chemistry with Naruto too. I still don't think they interacted nearly enough to be considered the best of friends, but I quite enjoyed them bantering each other every step of the way in part 1. It's part 2 which soured all the positive feelings I had built up for Sasuke in the original Naruto. I thought he dissolved into a right jerk. He didn't have any interesting quirks other than snubbing everyone off to distract us from his douchebaggery. He didn't either in part 1, but the difference was, he had Naruto to play off. That's where I think he was at his best, bantering and fighting alongside Naruto. He didn't have that in part 2. He didn't nearly have that same magical chemistry with his new companions Karin, Jugo and Sugetsu that he had with Naruto, in my opinion. Without Naruto to play off, I felt he was exposed for just how truly monotonous he actually was. It didn't help matters much that he was all always in the limelight. Hell, at one point during the manga's duration fans were sarcastically vouching for the series to be renamed Sasuke because of how much of the spotlight he was stealing. Sasuke and his family became the centerpiece of part 2 which I thought was wrong. Yes, he was the secondary main character, but he still wasn't the main character. No other character should ever be more important than the main character himself, in my opinion.

Emergy Maxfell - S-Cry-Ed - I have no conceivable idea how the writers accomplished such a negative endeavour, but they did, crafting a character who was both very pretentious and incredibly whiny. If he wasn't spouting annoying flowery speeches, then he was whining like a big baby for his alter to save his pathetic ass, painting him as a whiny little bitch. The only saving grace was that he was only there for one episode. Thank the lord, because I would've ended up buying a gun and shooting my laptop just to shut his ass up.

To be continued

Disliked Mangaka

Masashi Kishimoto - Okay, I was majorly harsh and immature in my last rant of Kishimoto so I'll start over. To be fair, he had wonderful ideas pertaining to the world and the abilities of his characters. I did appreciate his use of tactics and strategy for the majority of his combat scenes until his exhaustion caught up on him and made him rely on "hax" jutsu.

In all fairness, most of my grievances toward him should be aimed at Weekly Shounen Jump. I'm sure he had a lot more original ideas he wanted to use for his series, but the editorial staff forced him to reuse the same stuff we got before because all they care about is making money. If you've been watching Shounen Jump series enough, I'm sure you know which cliches I'm talking about. The Goku-clones, the idiot heroes and the female-on-male abuse troupe. Yeah, that sorta stuff, but it must be said I didn't like the direction he took Naruto in. I felt disconnected from Naruto the character when he had him so obsessed with Sasuke. It makes me think he doesn't understand humans in spite of his - in my opinion - pretentious attempts of painting his series in shades of grey. There's very few characters I actually like in Naruto now, and that's all down to his poor character-writing. I also wasn't fond of the increasing escalation of the story's power level. I thought Naruto was at its best when the characters were powerful but not too powerful like they were in part one. Don't get me wrong, Naruto was still immensely strong back in part 1, but I think what grounds the first half of the series is that attacks and weapons were still fairly lethal to them in spite of their versatile abilities.

To be fair, Kishimoto isn't that bad of a writer. Heck no. He was just overworked by the horrible editorial staff.

Rumiko Takahashi - Forever and always. I find this woman disturbingly overrated. None of her series are even decent and she consistently hurts 'em with her frequent male-bashing. Her artwork style is bland and clearly repetitive (e.g Ranma and Inuyasha looking exactly like each other). On that point she just shamelessly rehashes her characters, toning down their infuriating traits, most notably Inuyasha being a less submissive Ranma. The scarce development in any of her series makes me believe she doesn't even know what the word means. Seriously, she introduces characters, shows off their traits, and that's it. That's who they'll be for the rest of her series, and it's not interesting. The characters don't even develop their abilities, hence all but stopping any sense of evolution from happening.

Bad author

Akihisa Ikeda

Hiro Mashima - He puts way too much emphasis on friendship, like way too much. Even if the general theme of shounen is friendship that's still no reason to shove it down the reader's throats. The camaraderie aspect of your story can till be there without it coming off as cheesy.

Hall of Shame

(Anime/fandom pairings)

NaruSaku - Naruto- Tho I'll admit I hold this one with an extreme prejudice, mainly because I despised Naruto's fanboy attitude around Sakura at the start of the series. If there's one dynamic I absolutely can't tolerate in a pairing, it's generic anime humour. You know, the one where the guy's a million miles ahead of his significant other, but till allows her to whale on him anyway? That kind... Tho, depending on how it's presented, I can stomach it (mainly because I like Sakura's appealing design). I only start to get really irritated with the abusive, "humorous" dynamic when the guy's flying through the sky like a rocket. That's annoying.

RanmaxAkane - Ranma 1/2 - Easily one of the most annoying, poorly written pairings I've ever had the displeasure of seeing. They didn't develop throughout the series of Ranma one half, and only proceeded in bringing out the worse in each other. Heck, Akane had always saw the bad traits in Ranma, but the good traits in Ryoga. She even had the audacity to take Ryoga's side more often than not when Ranma and Ryoga got into an argument. Akane was just an annoying bitch all round.

RyogaxAkari - Ranma 1/2 - This one's a no-brainer. They had an awful dynamic and the pairing in of itself was very rushed and ferfetched. Akari was only brought up as a half-assed way to get Ryoga from pining for the girl who he could really have a nice relationship with, Akane. So she's a plot device and nothing else. Terrible writing.

InuyashaxKagome - Inuyasha - Just like RanmaxAkane this one's built upon childish bickering. Are you sensing a theme with Takahashi and all her halfassed 'main' pairings. They're all built upon childish bickering, and no, none of them argue like an 'old married couple,' fuck no. They quarrel like Bart and Lisa, a pair of annoying siblings.

SangoxMiroku - InuYasha - A very shitty pairing from start to finish. Takahashi seriously needs to get her shit together, because this is seriously pathetic writing, shamelessly appeasing the fan base. Neither of them ever established an emotional connection before it was revealed they were romantically interested in each other. Miroku hitting on everything with a vagina and a pair of tits and evoking anger from Sango does not show the two understanding each other emotionally. It just shows Sango's infuriated with Miroku flirting with other girls. Not to mention their slap/grope routine was massively worn out and became very annoying overtime. An horrendously written pairing all in all, and I won't tolerate it in a fic.

UlquiHime - Bleach - Just... why? This ship is so nonsensical it's untrue. What is wrong with people? People, just because two characters get minimum interaction in a shounen action series doesn't mean they're meant for each other. I can't fathom how this pairing accumulated such a fanbase. It weirds me out. Truly.

YusukexKeiko - Yu Yu Hakusho - I used to like this one, but then I smelled the proverbial coffee. Keiko's generic as all hell. Just like Mary Jane of Spider man the movie she's just there to be Yusuke's arm candy, simply being his bird. She didn't have a personality outside of being Yusuke's girlfriend. Not to mention their interactions left me less then satisfied. Most of the time they would have annoying heated arguments or worry about each other in annoyingly melodramatic ways and had moments that were meant to be romantic but instead just came off as cheesy. An amazing main character like Yusuke doesn't deserve such an uninteresting love interest who's simply an extension of his own badass character. He deserves someone who at least has her own personality and story of her own.

SasuxSaku - Naruto - Yeaaaah. It's been killed. It was incinerated in the fiery ashes of hell after being sentenced there by Kishimoto's shoddy writing, but I digress. Back in the day, it was more of a guilty pleasure. Even though Sasuke's archetype has been disgustingly conveyed throughout the duration of the Naruto-series, it still granted Sasuke the kind of assertive attitude one needed to put Sakura in her place. That's the only reason I liked it. Domination. Pure, straight forward male-domination. Nothing like them understanding each other emotionally or having touching moments together, because let's be real here, there was none. It was as one-sided as the NaruSaku pairing. Only this time instead of a schoolboy crush it was a schoolgirl crush on Sakura's part. Terrible writing.

NaruHina - Naruto - What emotional connection did these two ever establish? Hinata trailing Naruto from a distance because she's too timid to approach and initiate actual conversation with him does not show the two understanding each other emotionally. It just showed Hinata was infatuated with Naruto because he had the cojones she didn't to keep going despite basically being left to fend for himself. Additionally, her paper-thin personality was solely defined by her romantic feelings for Naruto. Even her motivation for doing anything revolved around Naruto. Such one-sided admiration does not make for an interesting couple. What little interactions they shared was also completely boring. Most of the time it was just Hinata blushing like an exaggerated schoolgirl, and fainting nonsensically when Naruto touched her, with the retard being stupidly ignorant to the reason for such obvious reactions from the overly shy girl.

Yaoi. Nothing against gays, I think they are nice people, but I don't want to read about two sweaty dudes doing it.

Unrealistic Harem. There isn't a man in this world that can have fifteen women that are willing to share him. Keep it to a realistic extent peeps. Four or five girls is a fine number. Besides, it's easier to manage.

Favorite pairings


YuYu Hakusho pairings


BotanxYusuke - Man, I wish there was more of this one. A relationship between these playful individuals could be so fun and precious, not annoyingly obnoxious like YusukexKeiko. God, why do so many romantic pairings have to be about bickering? KataraxAang - RanmaxAkane - InuyashaxKagome - SaitoxLouise etc. Can't a relationship between two characters be more fun? Yeesh.


YuYu Hakusho/InuYasha crossover pairings


YusukexSango - I love Sango. She reminds me of Ukyo who I thought was one of the few GOOD characters in the endless sea of shit that was Ranma 1/2's cast. So sweet yet fierce at the same time. Though despite InuYasha being significantly better than Ranma One Half, it still suffers from the majority of problems plaguing most shonen and still has the exact same number of characters I liked in Ranma One Half, just two, Sango being one of them. Sango's one girl I wouldn't simply place in an harem of Yusuke's. She can have him to herself. She deserves a strong, powerful mazoku-male such as Yusuke anyway.


YuYu Hakusho/Ranma 1/2 crossover pairings


Ranma-chanxYusuke (Gotta admit girl-Ranma's beautiful) I can't believe there isn't more of this pairing. Take out some of Ranma's spineless tendencies, develop him to the point he wants to be she, then she's actually a good match for my man Yusuke.




YuYu Hakusho/Naruto crossover pairing


YusukexSakura - Sakura's so cute in her shy, kitty cat personality. Who better to keep her in that persona than my man Yusuke Urameshi?



Naruto/Dragon Ball Z crossover pairings











Bleach pairings






Naruto/Bleach crossover pairings


YuzuxNarutoxKarin - Just think of the hilarity. Naruto to Ichigo, "I'm gonna marry your sisters, bro! Isn't that great!?" Ichigo, "No, you're not! You little bastard!"

IchigoxSakura - They're both so hard-headed and brash I can't help but root for them to be together. Come shippuden Sakura develops a pair of smoking hot legs, so she's only a little shorter than Ichigo now.

IchigoxKushina - Kushina's hot... nuff said. Minato... sorry buddy.


Ranma pairings

RanmaxUkyo - I feel this is one of the best pairings that never got justice in the series. They're far more compatible than RanmaxAkane that's for sure. Ukyo also has the drive to excel Ranma forward, the passion he clearly lacks, shown by his lackadaisical efforts to cure himself of his cure, something he says he wants on a daily basis, but only waits for an opportunity to drop into his lap to take him to Jusenkyo.

RyogaxAkane - Same as above. They're compatible. Ryoga wouldn't mind being Akane's whipping boy so long as he can have his precious Akane. Sure Ryoga undermines Akane in the martial arts, like Ranma, but he at the very least wouldn't feel the need to rub the obvious fact that he's better than her in every way in her face repeatedly like Ranma does on a frequent basis. He also wouldn't make a stupid remark just to upset Akane and get punished by her either :/

Fanfiction Rants in General

1. Guests - These types of people are some of the biggest cowards to lurk on Fanfiction. They abuse the safety of anonymity to troll, talking some of the most ridiculous shit you'd hear in the regard to the story they're trolling. I saw this one kid in the review section of a story about Sakura, audaciously accusing the author of making her a mary-sue while clinging to the corner of his hug box that his laughably blatant trolls are "constructive criticism" when people called him out. See what I mean? It's that kind of persistent bravado they feel with staying anonymous. They can act as obnoxiously as they want because they're "no one," so there's zero reason for them to worry ever becoming infamous with their behaviour. I have to wonder, why is reviewing as a guest even a feature? It's not like making an account costs money. It's free and most of all, easy to make. I can only hope the admins restrict this feature one day because too many little fucks are abusing it just to troll without consequence.

2. Gratuitous Japanese - Why? I have to ask; why the fuck do some authors seem to have it in their heads that the more random Japanese phrases they shoehorn into their story, the better off it'll be? Like their use makes their stories feel that more much "authentic"? People, you don't need to translate every single phrase under the sun. There's a reason why subbed anime and manga sites translate "thank you" or other such phrases in our native tongue, because the ENGLISH watchers/readers wouldn't be able to understand it otherwise. Jesus! It's gotten to the point where if I see an unnecessary word translated to Japanese I just drop the story entirely. This has gotten so bad idiots are using Japanese words they don't even know the meaning of. Case in point; the recurrence of the word "sochi" and the cliche of Kushina referring Naruto as it. I have no idea where this term originated from, but seriously, it needs to stop. It doesn't mean son. The best definition I could find for it was "you" and even that I'm not sure about.

3. Overboard nerfing - For the sake of fairness, I'll admit nerfing on its own isn't necessarily a bad thing since writing a story with the main character just curbstomping whatever's in his path is pretty tough to write, but its the lengths they take the depowering of the far superior franchise to which rubs me the wrong way. I'll always say, there's a very fine line between an overpowered character, a balanced character and an underpowered character, and the latter will always rub people the wrong way. People don't want to see their favourite characters getting their butts kicked by characters they should be curbstomping by all rights. It's exacerbated when the weaker-scaled characters beating on our beloved heroes are grunts in their own lore! I've seen Rosario-plus-Vampire/Naruto crossover stories of Naruto at his peak most powerful having a hard time against Saizou - the jerk punk-bully inner-Moka owned easily at the start of the series. It's disgusting. What's even the point of taking Naruto at his strongest if you're going to nerf him into oblivion? For the sake of the story? If the main character's just going to be a tag-along without influencing the story with his presence, there's no point of him being there.

Most Hated/Overrated Footballers

1. - Paulinho: This guy is absolutely garbage. How he's tricked people into believing he's a good player is baffling and only goes to show they don't understand the game. He rightfully flopped in the English Premier League with Spurs, got dumped in China, an extremely low-quality league, and somehow got brought back to Europe by Barcalona; one of the biggest teams in world football. It made no sense. Everything surrounding Paulinho's transfer to Barcalona was entirely nonsensical and just showed that even people running a club can be ignorant to the game. He brings nothing other than a few runs into the box to the team. He hasn't got an eye for a pass, he isn't a great tackler, he can't dribble and he isn't even an sufficient interceptor. But oh, because he can run into the box to pounce on the great service Messi provides to score easily-impressed idiots think he's decent. Brainless. He was a passenger and Barcalona rightfully got rid of him after just one season at the club. If you think this guy's good, then you and I can't be friends.

2. - Raheem Sterling: Awful player. I'll never understand what Rafa Benitez of all managers saw in him to bring him over from Queen Park Rangers' youth academy and into Liverpool's. He's just pacey and I'll always say pace without ability is useless because the pacey player won't be able to use their speed effectively. This is Sterling, squandering his pace with his inability to naturally skip past good defenders when they challenge him. He lacks a natural 1st touch, something footballers are born with, which hurts his ball control, especially when dribbling, or attempting to in his case. Most of the time the ball will get away from him. He can't cross either and for a winger, that's disgraceful. Even worse, he can't even strike a ball with his laces, and he's a professional footballer! If it wasn't for his speed, there's no way he would be a top flight player let alone playing for the current Champions of England, Manchester City (a team on the rise) Fans only think he's good because he's in a good team and they overlook that ordinary or mediocre players like Sterling can look good in an effective team. It's the players surrounding Sterling that make him look better than what he really is. They release him with intelligent through balls he chases with his pace so he has the simple job of either tapping the ball in or rolling it across the face of goal for his teammates to get a tap-in. He's just an awful player all-round.

3. - Mesut Ozil: I could not make a list of overrated players and not mention Ozil. What was Wenger doing giving him a fat new contract worth almost £400k a week? The guy's a complete liability, especially when his team's on the backfoot. I can see why Real Madrid got rid of him. His ball retention under pressure is laughably poor, his dribbling is low (he might be able to get past or away from one mediocre defender at most but anymore than that and he succumbs), and his shooting is appalling. The only thing he's even remotely good at is delivering the final pass. That's it. I'll give him credit for providing the final ball once in position but don't for a second think he dictates games by starting or slowing down plays to fit Arsenal's current situation (e.g leading or trailing) because I can assure you, that's not Ozil. In fact, he always goes missing against the big sides like Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, etc. He only looks good against the smaller sides when Arsenal are on top. Screw this mercenary. Xabi Alonso and Santi Cazorla made Ozil look so much better than what he really is.

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