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Author has written 15 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto, Ranma, Inuyasha, Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, Familiar of Zero, Love Hina, Dragon Ball GT, and Rosario + Vampire.

I'm a guy, black African. That's all you need to know.

I like monkeys, I think they're cool. One day, I want to see a film where the monkeys rise up and take over the world. Mwhahahahahahhahahaha.

I'm playing... but I would like to see a monkey film. - My Google page. If you wish to see this handsome black face of mine, then click away. Lol. I'm just kidding.

Favourite Anime Series

For anyone that's interested I have a PS4, and my PSN's Reissy008




1st - Getbackers

2nd - Yu Yu Hakusho

3rd - Darker Than Black

4th - Mob Psychic 100

5th - Shaman King

6th - Afro Samurai

7th - S-Cry-Ed

8th -Level E

9th - HunterxHunter

10th - One Punch Man

11th - Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z were both fantastic. GT don't exist to me. That was an abomination.


Favourite Cartoons


The Boondocks

The Simpsons


Ed, Edd, n' Eddy

Dexter's Laboratory

Codename Kids Next Door

Looney Tunes

Tom and Jerry


The Weekenders

All Grown Up

The Ren and Stimpy show

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Xiaolin Showdown


Favourite Sitcom

Everybody Hates Chris

My Name is Earl (The latter seasons wasn't up to par with the early two, but despite the decline in quality, My Name is Earl will always be one of my favourite sitcom series)

Two and a Half Men (The old series, before Charlie Sheen got fired. He was the show, in my humble opinion, seeing as the show was based on his life. No disrespect to Ashton Kitcher, as I enjoyed his role in Dude, Where my Car? but to me, he just hasn't got that same sarcasm and witticism that made Charlie so great. His sort of comedy stems from him making an ass out of himself, which was great for Dude, Where my Car?, but in Two and a Half Men it doesn't work)

My Wife and Kids

Fresh Prince of Bel Air


Honourable Mentions of Anime


Kaze no Stigma

Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren't they?

Black Cat

One Piece

Part one Naruto

The Gokusen

Flint the Time Detective


Favourite Anime Characters

Dragon Ball Z


Son Goku

Son Gohan






Kid Buu


(Shaman King)


Yoh Asakura

Anna Asakura


Ryu (Not fucking Ryo, goddamned 4kids)


Tao Ren

Tao Jun

Lee Pyron

Hao Asakura




Gon Freecs



Yu Yu Hakusho


Yusuke Urameshi

Kazuma Kuwabara


Shuichi Minamino, aka Yoko Kurama





Shinobu Sensui





Black Cat


Train Heartnet


Sven Vollfied

Saya Minatsuki

Rinslet Walker


The Gokusen


Kimiko Yamaguchi





1st - Jin Kayla - I don't care if this guy's filler, he's fucking epic. As far as I'm concerned Kubo was working directly alongside the anime-boys in the making of the Bounts saga, because there's just NO WAY they alone could make such an outstanding villain without Kubo's touch.

2nd - Kenny

3rd - Gramps, aka old man Yamamoto

4th - Kisuke

5th - Askin

6th - Yoruichi

7th - Grimmjow

8th - Sung-fang

9th - Mask De Masculine







Kaze no Stigma


Kazuma Yagami - This guy is by FAR my most beloved anime/manga main protagonist. Not only is he highly intelligent and perceptive, which immediately sets him MILES apart from other idiot heroes who just impulsively charge into any situation and deal with them in a straight-forward manner, he's also one of the few main protagonists who doesn't take SHIT from his main love interest (or in some cases, the main female), even when he arguably deserves it. He can BLATANTLY spank Ayano's sexy ass, then straight-up negate her righteous feminine fury BS. If that isn't the definitive sign of an absolute badass in your eyes then you're either lying to yourself or you like that crappy "comedic" nonsense, but I digress.

He actually has a reason to undertake a job. Money, which I find positively realistic. None of that idealistic nonsense where the heroes'll take up a task just out of the goodness of his heart or in some cases, DECLINE the offered fee because it's "the right thing to do." NA! Kazuma's motto is essentially, "You want a job accomplished? Then fork up the cash." In a fictional world dominated by such cheesy idealistic trash, we need a realistic character whose own affairs come first and won't sacrifice his dignity to be the Butt-monkey of some shitty troupe that needs to seriously die out. Kazuma's the man. He is easily my favourite anime/manga character. Easily.




Kazuma Torisuna

Ryuho Ryu

Straight Cougar




Ginji Amano

Ban Mido

Haruki Emishi

Shido Fuyuki

Kazuki Fuuchouin

Natsumi Mizuki

Paul Wan



Ranma 1/2


Ryoga Hibiki

Ukyo Kuonji


One Piece


Monkey D. Luffy

Roronoa Zoro









Madara Uchiha

Soft Spot Characters

Yuzu Kurosaki

She is easily one of the most beautiful characters Kubo's ever drawn since the time skip IMO. Admittedly her role in the story is minimal at best given that she doesn't have any Shingami or Quincy powers that are dominant or hell, even any unique powers at all. She's gone from an adorably cute girl, pre time skip, to a blossoming young lady post time-skip, and I love that about her. Yuzu-baby's beauty, sweet personality and changes throughout the story earns her a solid spot in my heart.

Favourite Cartoon Characters

The Boondocks

Huey Freeman

Jazmine Dubois

Robert Freeman - aka Granddad (One funny-ass old man)





Philip J. Fry (Love this dude. I can relate to his laziness and stupidity, since I'm not the smartest individual in the world by a long shot)




Looney Tunes


Bugs Bunny (Obviously, lol.)

Road Runner

Wild Coyote

Duffy Duck

Tweety Bird

Sylvester the Cat

Elmer Fudd


Hated Anime

Ranma 1/2 - This series has THE most unlikeable cast of characters I have ever come across in all my time anime surfing. You would think for such an acclaimed series, the characters would be really lovable but they wasn't. They were seriously obnoxious, not to mention one-dimensional. Instead of even trying to have a thread of a plot, it substitutes that for idiotic filler episodes focusing extensively on romantic obsession and overplayed run-on gags that leave you rolling your eyes so hard they'll fall out of your skull the time you finish watching it. And if you're everything like me - someone who DESPISES female-on-male abuse "comicality" - then this series will drive your sanity up the wall. Half the time I was shouting at my laptop pointlessly trying to command Ranma, "Dude! Grow some fucking balls and put the bitches in their places already!"

Seriously. This anime just LOVES to abuse its main character, verbally and physically. By the half-way point I was left with the impression that Rumiko Takahashi had a fetish for whipped men because the amount of Ranma-bashing she put into her series is astonishing and really becomes tedious over time.

Now, I could've been willing to overlook Ranma 1/2's lack of plot if the characters were more fun and detracted me from that, but they really wasn't. A vast majority of them left me wanting to kill myself, they were THAT bad, especially Ranma and Akane. Their forced, overbearing relationship was what truly killed the series for me personally. It was abusive in every sense of the word, from verbal to emotional, and even physical, but only Akane was ever allowed to deal out physical punishment to Ranma. She was a delicate little "princess" who couldn't be touched. Ugh.

I'm not too sure what exactly was going through Takahashi's mind when she chose those two pushy dumbasses to be the main couple of her series. Completely retarded. There's NOTHING fun in watching two domineering characters forced to interact with each other, because of the majority of their interactions will be spent trying to consistently overpower the other, petulantly bickering back-and-forth like big babies. It also doesn't help that Ranma's and Akane's contrived relationship is massively cliched, just a boy does everything while the girl stays at home and cooks kind of scenario. *Groans in disgust.* Akane even went through bridal training so she could essentially rewrite her personality to be Ranma's housewife. How appalling.

I could go on with my hatred of Ranma 1/2 forever, but I think I've made my point clear enough by now. I'm not a fan of nonsensical misunderstandings that could be resolved with a little bit of patience on the characters' parts. It serves no good other than making the characters look like massive retards, and stupidity isn't funny, at all. Parody isn't about taking a particular troupe and blowing it up to absurd portions. It's about clever poking fun at it through the usage of fun jokes.

This... This show's just plain retarded.


Rosario - plus - Vampire - I absolutely hate this series. What the hell was Akihisa Ikeda thinking when he chose such an extremely ordinary archetype with zero distinguishing traits for his main character? Such bland characters aren't interesting unless they are in a normal, slice-of-life setting exempting super powers, and even then they should have a spine. No one wants to see a main character who just acquiesces to everyone.

The rest of the cast was just as bland and uninteresting as Tsukune, particularly the females and the generic one-shot bully in episode one, the former because they had no real reason to fall for Tsukune and the latter just because he was a stereotypical bully we've seen in hundred of films. The comedy is beyond annoying, with poorly timed jokes and mindless fourth-wall breaking, the drama is so overly dramatic to the point it borders in the deep ends of sappy, cheesy melodrama, the fan-service is overplayed and often detracts from the serious moments, and the usage of plot-convenience is off-the-fucking charts.

I've never seen such a poorly written script so convenient in my life. Like in the introductory episode of the loli-bitch Yukari. These three guys had her cornered and were about to eat her, but outer Moka, being the unlikeable bleeding heart she is, was conveniently able to locate them before they could harm her. The bullies coincidentally gained the proper courtesy to just let them have their overly dramatic moment. When they had enough they lunged forward, but Yukari miraculously gains enough super speed to bite one's leg, getting knocked off afterward. He goes to attack her, but Tsukune conveniently materializes in front of her to take the blow for her, shortly afterwards getting saved by Kurumu.

Finally, Tsukune "accidentally" takes off Moka's rosary, unleashing inner Moka who teaches the forcibly inept douchebags their places with the obnoxious Bat appearing afterward to tell us how long the fight lasted, as if we really cared. See how much convenience that one passage contained? That is the after effect of poor writing. And it's not just that episode either. There's a whole host of moments which utilizes plot-convenience.

RosarioVampire is definitely one of the worst anime series I've ever seen next to Ranma one half and Akihisa Ikeda is going on my Shit List of Crappy Mangaka.


Familiar of Zero

Fairy Tail

Love Hina


Naruto Shippuden - A very pretentious series. Even before the Cycle-of-Hatred gibberish came up I still thought this was a very pretentious and frankly, poorly written series. My adulation for the first part one of the series makes me DESPISE the second half all the more since it takes all the potential it built up in part one and squandered it. That's what Shittuden should be call, Naruto: Squandered Potential. All the rookies get shafted, morphing into the humans and Piccolo from DBZ, 'cept more annoying.

Naruto's character full on gets altered to the Sasuke-loving fanboy he was for the reminder of the series in order to delude the fan base that things are deep when they're really not in reality. No way will I ever accept those two whiny little emos, Sasuke and Naruto, as friends. No way. Whether any Naruto-fan likes it or not friendship is a two-way street. It isn't about one guy consistently ripping on another one through their time together in the same squad, then running off to some creepy guy 'cuz he can't stand the fact that his teammate has vastly improved.

There's a reason why Sasuke's an unbelievably hated character even among the Naruto-fans after all.

Fans like to try and defend the easily discernible nonexistent bond of Sasuke and Naruto by saying it was founded by Sasuke's mock sacrifice for Naruto in the Haku's duel, but here's the thing, they regressed right back to the way they were before the whole Wave arc-ordeal even started, making the experience entirely pointless. Had they actually hung out after the Wave saga then maybe a fan might have a point, but nope! Right after they returned to the Leaf Village from the Land of Waves they went right back to squabbling like children.

This forced bond the dumbo, Kishimoto, shoved down our throats plagued the series to the very end, making Naruto Shittuden immensely difficult to read. Any and all signs of affection came one way, that being Sakura and Naruto, to the other, being Sasuke and never in reverse. The pretty boy Uchiha of "ultra cool" (And I say that with all the sarcasm I can muster) always remained in his stoic demeanour and never showed any hints of breaking it unless it was to melodramatically vent his anguish in regards to Kishimoto's idealization, his brother, Itachi.

Sasuke wasn't the other one who carried annoying amounts of angst around with him. Sakura and Naruto are also guilty of this too, making them relatives by way of emo, but I digress from the lame joke segment. How Sakura and Naruto showed their suffering in regards to their missing boyfriend was horrendously melodramatic and felt both very awkward and annoying. Every time the word "Sasuke" was even uttered they would drop to their knees, curl up into balls of pain, and depressingly moan, "Sasuke..." Highly disturbing.

Despite Naruto's myriad of characters not even one of them was even adequately developed. Instead, Kishmoto just threw most of his characters into storage only to take them out and treat them like useless fodders/cheerleaders. Like Sakura-baby was looking good at the start of Shippuden but after the first arc she regressed back to her former cheerleader-mode which was business as usual anyway. Ones that do undergo some fucked-up version of development are the conveniently "sympathetic" villains and even then they don't develop, but instead undergo an alteration by Naruto's speeches, which just ruins them for me.

Each arc after the next just continued to deteriorate the quality, right up to the War saga, which is one of the WORST arcs I have ever seen written in a shonen manga that it deserves a segment of its own for just how bad it is. I heard people say the Pain Arc is the best arc in all of Shittuden but that is just as inadequately written as the rest. Seriously. Typical stoic villain with a dramatic past like every FUCKING villain had in this GODDAMNED series and convenient downplay of Konoha (the likes of Yamato and Team Gai coincidentally wasn't in the vicinity when Pain attacked) just to make Pain's assault look that much more deadly, and in return Naruto look that much more godly when he defeats him.

A lot of themes that were built up have been completely shitted on. Like Kishimoto decided to take the rules established in part one and rip them to shreds.

Hardwork - Every since Naruto was revealed to be God's Golden Bitch this theme was incinerated. What was the whole point of emphasizing the purpose of one crafting his/her own destiny in part one if Naruto was just going to be revealed as a Messiah? It ruined his character, because to many, OtakuAssemble among them, Naruto was the icon for the everyday man. Having been originally depicted as a nigh talentless kid thriving for glory, Naruto became beloved by many individuals who could relate to him and it was for that reason alone was why he became an anime/manga favourite character among many, including myself. I'm sorry, but when you, Kishimoto, originally illustrate a character as your typical average Joe with only huge chakra reserves he can't even control properly, (so it balances out), only to throw that Chosen One of Prophecy shit in our faces you take away an aspect many loved in regards to that character, and in doing so, turn people off him.

Teamwork - Another aspect that was yet kicked to the curb by Kishimoto's shoddy writing. I remember back in the old days where fights weren't necessarily decided by who was bigger and tougher, but by actual, evident skill and strategy, which was why Shikamaru was once my favourite character, partly 'cause the way he outwitted his opponents were always awesomely done. His sarcastic remarks didn't hurt either. But because he wasn't an Uchiha with all evolving eyes, a villain, a Senju or a character who had Senju DNA in him or a fucking Jinchuuriki he became useless. *Sigh.* When Kishimoto tried to go back to teamwork in the horrendous Kaguya-segment it came off as cheesy and painted Kaguya in a really incompetent light.

Point made. Kishimoto-bitch is one of the WORST mangaka I have ever come across next to Hiro-bitch


Ultimate Muscle


Least Liked Anime

InuYasha - It kind of pains me to put this one on here because at first, I actually enjoyed InuYasha quite a bit... up to season 3 and onwards, when I realized nothing would change. It would follow the same boring formula of chase Naraku, gather a jewel shard, have useless filler episode to take up space, have Sesshomaru, (who's extremely overrated by the way), batter Inuyasha around, then rinse-and-repeat. It got boring. Not to mention the characters were completely stagnant, especially Inuyasha and Kagome, mainly because of the irritating run-on gag of SIT-BOY recurring every episode, each one more infuriating than the last.

The characters don't even train to obtain new abilities and skills to add to their extremely lacking repertoire of skills, making the battles highly predictable. Regarding the battles in InuYasha, because the characters lack versatility, I dread to see them fight. I groaned a lot of times too when I saw the Villain of the Episode transform into a giant because it paved the way for horrible action sequences lacking in anything even remotely resembling "skill" or "strategy". Inuyasha just anticlimactically finishes off the Big Bad of the Day with the motherfucking Wind Scar or the Backlash Wave, making me wonder why he didn't just do that in the first place instead of unnecessarily dragging out the tedious battle.

While I certainly don't despise InuYasha as much as I do Ranma 1/2, Takahashi's InuYasha still failed to keep my interest.


Bleach - Another heartache for me personally, but I can't allow nostalgia to blind me from its noticeable faults. This series is mediocre, even more so than Dragon Ball Z. Kubo tries to give off the delusion there's a semblance of deepness by having his characters, mainly Ichigo, mope consistently like whiny little bitches, but here's the thing, repetition isn't deep, but shallow. Putting Ichigo through a cycle of overwhelming confidence to crippling self-doubt doesn't add "depth" to his already extremely bland and blase character, it just makes him one-dimensionally static. Regarding Ichigo's "character," barring Natsu-bitch of Fairy Fail, he is the PRIME example of style over substance, where things like actual characterization doesn't matter because things look "cool." Kubo'll give him a cool face and put him in a cool pose, but it falls flat when one realizes he has no distinguishable characteristics making him his own character.

If anything, he's just Tomoya from Clannad; nothing but a bland, undistinguished tsunade who has no motivation that doesn't involve the already tired arbitrary shonen theme of friendship.

Onto the fights - thanks to Kubo's terrible decision to centre Bleach around the tedious power level aspect of Dragon ball Z, moulding that aspect into My Reiatsu is bigger and stronger than yours, so you cannot beat me. I win. The fights feel extremely monotonous. In fact, Bleach's "fights" (and I say that with all the sarcasm I can muster) are WORST than DBZ's because unlike DBZ's, most of Bleach's "fights" feel like one-sided slug-fests rather than genuine contests. If that's not the case then it's often a back-and-forth see-saw exchange where the characters in question will launch a never before attack at their adversary, then proceed to "arrogantly" (stupidly) lay out a blueprint of said attack before standing in standby mode for their opposition to return the gesture in kind.

The Ichimonji/Bach fight comes to mind since it's the recent offender of Kubo's shitty fight formula. I swear, it was like reading a poorly structured RPG duel. The fight was GARBAGE. Not to mention Ichimonji's powers just gave Kubo the convenient excuse to spew ink all over the page like a damned octopus like he always does, *snorts* Great art my ass. Oh, and Bach's (BRUCE) Almighty power is one of the cheapest powers I've ever seen in shonen history.

Every "emotional" scene that has occurred after the Soul Society Saga has been TRASH because we've been given NO actual reason to care about Kubo's shallow characters. Ulquiorra's lame ass death comes to mind. After Ichigo miraculously and inexplicably reverts back to normality from his deus-ex-machina ass-pull power-up, Kubo tried to shove this sappy emotional nonsense about Ulquiorra discovering the "human's heart" down our throats in a sad, failed attempt to bestow the extremely one-dimensional Ulquiorra with a sense of complexity, but it fell flat because Kubo was too LAZY to even give Ulquiorra a back-story explaining in detail why this bland, robotic character embarked on his pointless internal expedition of a Human's Heart and how he obtained his spontaneous Second-Release. What made him so special? HUH?


Never explained.

Instead, Kubo just forced sympathy for an overpowered antagonist with no emotion.

His villains are also TERRIBLE.


Gun X Sword - While the main protagonist and antagonist were fairly interesting and enjoyable to watch they couldn't make up for the rest of the flaws in the series that ultimately made it a sour ride for me. Okay, I should probably start off talking about what Gun X Sword is since it's not very popular or well known like the other series I've spoke about. It's set in the old west era and is about a man searching for the murderer who killed his wife just after they got married. Right off the bat our anti-hero has a goal that pushes him throughout his journey. It isn't the most unique or well throughout of ambitions, but hey, it's a goal which acts as a benchmark for his characterization. Every character should have that and he did, nothing to complain about there. On the first episode he was joined by a petite girl whose brother was enlisted by the very man who butchered our anti hero's, Van, wife. She made numerous attempts to close the gap between them and actually look like she succeeded in her endeavour. That was one of the better aspects about Gun X Sword I felt was done well. The development between Van and Wendy was often subtle and not in our faces. Even when poor Wendy was stuck pulling Van around because he collapsed from exhaustion or being too distance from his source of power he rarely showed any appreciation.

I liked that because it showed consistency in his character.

Along their journey they encountered some more secondary protagonists and they were satisfactory. They weren't mind-blowing fantastic or ungodly annoying, they were just average. Barely memorable at most. It's when the secondary antagonists of the main bad guy's organization came into the picture is when the quality just started dropping. As I've hoped I've implied, the series from the get-go wasn't anything spectacular with its lacklustre action sequences and okay premise so any decline in this satisfactory quality was going to be bad. The secondary antagonists ruined the average quality the series had going for it. They were horrible. I feel the writers were trying to paint them and the main bad guy in a million shades of grey since they were out to "save the world" in their own twisted way, but man, they had such convoluted motivations for joining up with him. We'll take the second member of the Claw's unmemorable group of fodders as an example. Not only was he so melodramatic to the point you wanted to punch your TV out just to shut him up he had such a convoluted backstory I was left like *wtf?* From what I gathered from that brief scene of his past was that he had a Mommy-complex. He loved his mother so much that he couldn't bear to see another man touch her. In case his "Father". He rushed forward to kill his father to get him away from his mother, but she took the blow and died.

Like, what?

Then he theorized that she wanted him to learn to love his father by the end of the short flashbacks to his past. *I smh.* I didn't get it myself. It was just so out-there. I have no idea what could have triggered it too. Before that he was surveying Van from the ultimatum he handed him: "Leave the town in three days or I'll come back and finish you" having defeated him once. He seemed pretty stoic and cryptic but in this short story arc he became outright hysterical and melodramatic. Thankfully, Van returned from his "life-lesson" as all protagonists have when they lose heavily and wins in an anticlimactic manner. Gah. Annoying villain so forgettable I cab't even remember his name.

The action sequences didn't help to paint any of these characters in recognition either. They're based solely around giant transformer-like robots so I guess I was asking a lot hoping any of them would be impactful. Gah, I utterly hate giant suits of armour or giant transformations in anime. It just paves the way for slow, and tedious action sequences. InuYasha was guilty of using titanic villains and the fighting often suffered as a result. Action sequences are at their best when they're fast, fluent and impactful. That's why hand to hand combat sequences are regarded as the best. Although titanic action sequences can be just as good as long as the collision between the two gigantic combatants are impactful.

Gun X Sword's action sequences didn't have any of that. It was mostly two robots just grappling each other like Sumo Wrestling and it was an utter bore to watch. The fights often ending on really lacklustre notes, especially Van's. Despite how powerful they said his armour was, he was often on the receiving end of a beating in a lot of his latter fights before something would happen - like he found the Claw, the man who murdered his wife - to make him get his second wind and he would win anticlimactically. The fights were just so poorly done there's not one I can recall, even the finale fight between Van and the Claw.

That dropped Gun X Sword from a okay series, to not one I would be in a hurry to rewatch but not one I really despise0 either. The only reason I even gave it a chance is because I heard Van was like Kazuma Yagami in his general disregard for others, and while Van was definitely an enjoyable character he alone wasn't enough to carry the series, especially when he had so much working against him.


Anime I'm Currently Watching

Blade of the Immortal

Cowboy Bebop

Bamboo Blade

Shit List of Crappy Characters.

Ranma Saotome - Ranma 1/2 - One of the worst protagonists I've personally come across. If he wasn't being a cocky, sexist prick then he was being a masochist. He was such an annoying try-hard that I dreaded to see him interact with others as a male. The only times I ever liked Ranma were the scenes involving the she-boy doing stuff in curse form. Yeah. Either Ranma-chan sexually screwing with Ryoga or Ranma-chan using her womanly charms to score free treats off of lovestruck saps were both FAR more preferable than watching male-Ranma being a grump because fuck lighting up as a male. You're not "macho" if you're not an arrogant grump. Even his one good point is distorted by bullshit - his sense of integrity.

Puppet-masters, namely Nabiki, often used his integrity against him to manipulate him, and the thing that really bothered me in regards to Ranma's manipulation by others was that he was just so passive about it all. Not once did he ever seek vengeance or even compensation for being stringed along to do others' bidding. He was like, "Yeah, even know you just declared yourself my fiancee, Nabiki, I'm gonna protect ya and take all the lumps from my vindictive suitors lookin' to skin ya alive for putting yourself in the race for my hand... just because I don't want ya to get hurt." Yawn. I just find that willingness to help out the very self-centred pricks who had been plaguing his life up to their selfish requests for assistance absolutely unbelievable and unfunny. In doing so, he essentially gave 'em the "okay" to walk all over him.

I think I made my point.

Ranma Saotome is bar none my most hated main character of all time and Takahashi seriously needs to get her SHIT together, because watching a guy be content to be the whipping boy to every girl he interacts with is NOT fucking funny. It's obnoxious and frustrating.

Akane Tendo - Ranma 1/2 - One of the worst female characters I've ever seen written in a shounen manga. Terrible. She makes Sakura Haruno look amazing in comparison. And that's a hard thing to do right there. She was amazingly hypocritical and wishy-washy like no man's business. If anything, I thoroughly believe she would make for a perfect match for Sasuke Uchiha, another wishy-washy character.

Obito Bitch Uchiha - Naruto - corny as hell

Soun Whines a lot Tendo - Ranma 1/2 - Biggest wimp I've ever seen in fiction. The guy will cower away from every opportunity to show his stuff. Not only that he's a selfish little bitch too, having the sheer audacity to be content with his eldest daughter having no life of her own other than to be his personal house servant 'till they're both old and grey. It was irksome that Rumiko never brought up this issue in her manga.

Natsu-bitch - Fairy Tail - A sad, carbon-copy excuse of a very likable character in Monkey D. Luffy. This pink-haired motherfucker can go jump off of a cliff for all I care

Tsukune - RosarioVampire - A cowardly scumbag

Both Mokas - RosarioVampire - Just for the fact they want to give a dork like Tsukune the time of day earns them my contempt

Kaguya - Naruto - A pathetic excuse for a villain

Yasutora Sado, aka 'Chad' (fucks knows how he ended up with a white-boy-alias) - Bleach - Useless

Orihime Inoue - Bleach - A plot device

Sosuke Aizen - Bleach - Same as Orihime

Naruto Uzumaki - 'Naruto' - This one's a personal heartbreak for me. It's for the simple fact this cheesy, corny folk-hero used to be my favourite character, not one of them, but my all-time favourite character. And now... he's just trash. This pacifist-route he has taken after the Pein arc is really what has destroyed his character. The kid bowed down to the Raikage - A - for Sasuke (I used to like Sasuke but till, that's too much). Now I don't care if he's dumb, but what did irk me immensely was the fact he was buddy-buddy with Obito after all he had done, killing his parents and Neji just to name a few... it's too far fetched... Screw Naruto!

Sasuke Uchiha - Naruto - A whiny little bitch who wouldn't shut up about Itachi. This guy deserves all the hate he gets, though I'll admit he was somewhat decent before he - quote-on-quote - 'killed' Itachi. Ever since then he descended down a slippery slope. It's felt like Kishimoto-bitch didn't know what to do with his character, so he rehashed the reasoning behind the Uchiha Massacre to keep him on his Quest for vengeance, forgetting without the proper justification he was just going to come off as a one-dimensional, irrational, punk-ass villain, a complete negative contrast to the three-dimensional anti-villain he could have been. Before Itachi's redemption, Sasuke's justification for revenge was cool. He wanted to kill the man who not only butchered his entire clan but forced him to watch the horrific scene in an illusion jutsu in Sasuke's very mind, traumatizing him. What Itachi did to him was messed up, admittedly, but that gave him the correct initiative to go out and take Itachi's head, painting him in more of a three-dimensional light even if his personality was as flat as fucking cardboard.

The problem came when Kishimoto-bitch decided to redeem yet another fucking character, his goddamned specialty. At the expense of justifying Itachi's genocide of his clan, he completely invalidated Sasuke's butchery of Itachi. Now, to be fair, Sasuke's character could've been salvaged from the incineration of his justification of killing Itachi if he had been an independent outlaw, wanting to live by his own rules and no one else's. That would've been the epitome of badass, but no, he didn't do that. Instead, he joined up with the Akatsuki, willingly allowing Tobi to manipulate him so he could wipe Konoha off of the map, irrationally desiring to kill thousands that didn't have FUCK-ALL to do with the manipulation of Itachi. Badass? *Snorts.* More like the epitome of idiocy.

Not to mention he stole the limelight so much it prompted many to sarcastically wonder, Gee. Why doesn't Kishimoto just rename this series Sasuke or Uchiha? Orochimaru, Deidara, and Danzo ending up caring about Sasuke way more than they ever did about Naruto, positively or negatively. Focusing a huge chunk of the series on Sasuke was an horrendous move on Kishimoto-bitch's part. It was made even worse by Sasuke's static personality. He still remained the same unfunny, unfriendly, uncivil, arrogant cunt he started off as, making the interactions with him and his team Taka extremely stale and annoying.

In the shitty war arc Sasuke went through three unjust alterations, one stemmed by Hashirama's speech, the other an irrational desire to exterminate the Bijuus and kill Naruto to shroud himself in darkness or whatever, and the last one by Naruto's speech to change him for good so he could illogically marry Sakura, get a kid, and then ignore her for practically her entire existence up to the point Kishimoto-bitch is at now.

...Wow, what an amazingly atrocious character.

Emergy Maxfell - S-Cry-Ed - I have no conceivable idea how the writers accomplished such a negative endeavour, but they did, crafting a character who was both very pretentious and incredibly whiny. If he wasn't spouting annoying flowery speeches, then he was whining like a big baby for his alter to save his pathetic ass, painting him as a whiny little bitch. The only saving grace was that he was only there for one episode. Thank the lord, because I would've ended up buying a gun and shooting my laptop just to shut his ass up.

To be continued

Shit List of Crappy Mangaka

Masashi Kishimoto - A pretentious, bisexual individual. The amount of NaruSasu content and tree-hugging, sappy methods as the answer to these "philosophical" questions he brought up just solidified my view of him. Stringing the NaruSaku (and any pairing-fans really) along when he KNEW he couldn't write romance takes additional points away from him. His pretentious fanbase who believe anime/manga series need to be philosophical" and rich with "complexity" to stand up on its own does not stop me from disliking his series. The Naruto-fans have become so pretentious they make me hate the series even more than I already do, condescendingly assuming other series are meant for "kids" just because they don't utilize "sob stories" to make you feel sorry for the cheesy villain... as if "tragic" stories and characters make for "mature" series. Fools.

Rumiko Takahashi - Forever and always. I find this woman disturbingly overrated. None of her series are even decent and she consistently hurts 'em with her frequent male-bashing. Her artwork style is bland and clearly repetitive (e.g Ranma and Inuyasha looking exactly like each other). On that point she just shamelessly rehashes her characters, toning down their infuriating traits, most notably Inuyasha being a less submissive Ranma. The scarce development in any of her series makes me believe she doesn't even know what the word means. Seriously, she introduces characters, shows off their traits, and that's it. That's who they'll be for the rest of her series, and it's not interesting. The characters don't even develop their abilities, hence all but stopping any sense of evolution from happening.

Bad author

Akihisa Ikeda

Hiro Mashima - He puts way too much emphasis on friendship, like way too much. Even if the general theme of shounen is friendship that's still no reason to shove it down the reader's throats. The camaraderie aspect of your story can till be there without it coming off as cheesy.

Shit List of Crappy Pairings

NaruSaku - Naruto- Tho I'll admit I hold this one with an extreme prejudice, mainly because I despised Naruto's fanboy attitude around Sakura at the start of the series. If there's one dynamic I absolutely can't tolerate in a pairing, it's generic anime humour. You know, the one where the guy's a million miles ahead of his significant other, but till allows her to whale on him anyway? That kind... Tho, depending on how it's presented, I can stomach it (mainly because I like Sakura's appealing design). I only start to get really irritated with the abusive, "humorous" dynamic when the guy's flying through the sky like a rocket. That's annoying.

RanmaxAkane - Ranma 1/2 - Easily one of the most annoying, poorly written pairings I've ever had the displeasure of seeing. They didn't develop throughout the series of Ranma one half, and only proceeded in bringing out the worse in each other. Heck, Akane had always saw the bad traits in Ranma, but the good traits in Ryoga. She even had the audacity to take Ryoga's side more often than not when Ranma and Ryoga got into an argument. Akane was just an annoying bitch all round.

RyogaxAkari - Ranma 1/2 - This one's a no-brainer. They had an awful dynamic and the pairing in of itself was very rushed and ferfetched. Akari was only brought up as a half-assed way to get Ryoga from pining for the girl who he could really have a nice relationship with, Akane. So she's a plot device and nothing else. Terrible writing.

InuyashaxKagome - Inuyasha - Just like RanmaxAkane this one's built upon childish bickering. Are you sensing a theme with Takahashi and all her halfassed 'main' pairings. They're all built upon childish bickering, and no, none of them argue like an 'old married couple,' fuck no. They quarrel like Bart and Lisa, a pair of annoying siblings.

SangoxMiroku - InuYasha - A very shitty pairing from start to finish. Takahashi seriously needs to get her shit together, because this is seriously pathetic writing, shamelessly appeasing the fan base. Neither of them ever established an emotional connection before it was revealed they were romantically interested in each other. Miroku hitting on everything with a vagina and a pair of tits and evoking anger from Sango does not show the two understanding each other emotionally. It just shows Sango's infuriated with Miroku flirting with other girls. Not to mention their slap/grope routine was massively worn out and became very annoying overtime. An horrendously written pairing all in all, and I won't tolerate it in a fic.

UlquiHime - Bleach - Just... why? This ship is so nonsensical it's untrue. What is wrong with people? People, just because two characters get minimum interaction in a shounen action series doesn't mean they're meant for each other. I can't fathom how this pairing accumulated such a fanbase. It weirds me out. Truly.

YusukexKeiko - Yu Yu Hakusho - I used to like this one, but then I smelled the proverbial coffee. Keiko's generic as all hell. Just like Mary Jane of Spider man the movie she's just there to be Yusuke's arm candy, simply being his bird. She didn't have a personality outside of being Yusuke's girlfriend. Not to mention their interactions left me less then satisfied. Most of the time they would have annoying heated arguments or worry about each other in annoyingly melodramatic ways and had moments that were meant to be romantic but instead just came off as cheesy. An amazing main character like Yusuke doesn't deserve such an uninteresting love interest who's simply an extension of his own badass character. He deserves someone who at least has her own personality and story of her own.

SasuxSaku - Naruto - Yeaaaah. It's been killed. It was incinerated in the fiery ashes of hell after being sentenced there by Kishimoto's shoddy writing, but I digress. Back in the day, it was more of a guilty pleasure. Even though Sasuke's archetype has been disgustingly conveyed throughout the duration of the Naruto-series, it still granted Sasuke the kind of assertive attitude one needed to put Sakura in her place. That's the only reason I liked it. Domination. Pure, straight forward male-domination. Nothing like them understanding each other emotionally or having touching moments together, because let's be real here, there was none. It was as one-sided as the NaruSaku pairing. Only this time instead of a schoolboy crush it was a schoolgirl crush on Sakura's part. Terrible writing.

NaruHina - Naruto - What emotional connection did these two ever establish? Hinata trailing Naruto from a distance because she's too timid to approach and initiate actual conversation with him does not show the two understanding each other emotionally. It just showed Hinata was infatuated with Naruto because he had the cojones she didn't to keep going despite basically being left to fend for himself. Additionally, her paper-thin personality was solely defined for her romantic feelings for Naruto. Even her motivation for doing anything revolved around Naruto. Such one-sided admiration does not make for an interesting couple. What little interactions they shared was also completely boring. Most of the time it was just Hinata blushing like an exaggerated schoolgirl, and fainting nonsensically when Naruto touched her, with the retard being stupidly ignorant to the reason for such obvious reactions from the overly shy girl.

Yaoi. Nothing against gays, I think they are nice people, but I don't want to read about two sweaty dudes doing it.

Unrealistic Harem. There isn't a man in this world that can have fifteen women that are willing to share him. Keep it to a realistic extent peeps. Four or five girls is a fine number. Besides, it's easier to manage.

Favorite pairings


YuYu Hakusho pairings


BotanxYusuke - Man, I wish there was more of this one. A relationship between these playful individuals could be so fun and precious, not annoyingly obnoxious like YusukexKeiko. God, why do so many romantic pairings have to be about bickering? KataraxAang - RanmaxAkane - InuyashaxKagome - SaitoxLouise etc. Can't a relationship between two characters be more fun? Yeesh.


YuYu Hakusho/InuYasha crossover pairings


YusukexSango - I love Sango. She reminds me of Ukyo who I thought was one of the few GOOD characters in the endless sea of shit that was Ranma 1/2's cast. So sweet yet fierce at the same time. Though despite InuYasha being significantly better than Ranma One Half, it still suffers from the majority of problems plaguing most shonen and still has the exact same number of characters I liked in Ranma One Half, just two, Sango being one of them. Sango's one girl I wouldn't simply place in an harem of Yusuke's. She can have him to herself. She deserves a strong, powerful mazoku-male such as Yusuke anyway.


YuYu Hakusho/Ranma 1/2 crossover pairings


Ranma-chanxYusuke (Gotta admit girl-Ranma's beautiful) I can't believe there isn't more of this pairing. Take out some of Ranma's spineless tendencies, develop him to the point he wants to be she, then she's actually a good match for my man Yusuke.




YuYu Hakusho/Naruto crossover pairing


YusukexSakura - Sakura's so cute in her shy, kitty cat personality. Who better to keep her in that persona than my man Yusuke Urameshi?



Naruto/Dragon Ball Z crossover pairings











Bleach pairings






Naruto/Bleach crossover pairings


YuzuxNarutoxKarin - Just think of the hilarity. Naruto to Ichigo, "I'm gonna marry your sisters, bro! Isn't that great!?" Ichigo, "No, you're not! You little bastard!"

IchigoxSakura - They're both so hard-headed and brash I can't help but root for them to be together. Come shippuden Sakura develops a pair of smoking hot legs, so she's only a little shorter than Ichigo now.

IchigoxKushina - Kushina's hot... nuff said. Minato... sorry buddy.


Ranma pairings

RanmaxUkyo - I feel this is one of the best pairings that never got justice in the series. They're far more compatible than RanmaxAkane that's for sure. Ukyo also has the drive to excel Ranma forward, the passion he clearly lacks, shown by his lackadaisical efforts to cure himself of his cure, something he says he wants on a daily basis, but only waits for an opportunity to drop into his lap to take him to Jusenkyo.

RyogaxAkane - Same as above. They're compatible. Ryoga wouldn't mind being Akane's whipping boy so long as he can have his precious Akane. Sure Ryoga undermines Akane in the martial arts, like Ranma, but he at the very least wouldn't feel the need to rub the obvious fact that he's better than her in every way in her face repeatedly like Ranma does on a frequent basis. He also wouldn't make a stupid remark just to upset Akane and get punished by her either :/

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Coasting Through Life reviews
Left without a purpose since his removal from Spirit World ranks, the human world's strongest warrior wanders, searching every nook and cranny of the lands that could give him that sense of meaning once again. Fortunately, a little neighbourhood block in his hometown of Tokyo has no shortage of things to do. Yusukexfem!Ranma
Crossover - Ranma & Yu Yu Hakusho - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 40,640 - Reviews: 38 - Favs: 94 - Follows: 108 - Updated: 5/4 - Published: 4/14 - [Yusuke U., Ranma]
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Bummed to be left alone the ancestral son of the most powerful demon to ever grace the worlds sets off on a new journey, allowing his senses to lead him to quite possibly the looniest city ever. Now he has to whip out the imaginary belt to show these nut-cases just what a real man is before he loses his goddamned marbles. YusukexHarem.
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A Godsend reviews
Pulled from his own world, eh? Eh, now that he was essentially a demi-god that didn't nearly seem as threatening as it should. Besides, this world he was in was interesting, and need of stabilization of its own. And hey, there's a kid who kinda resembles Sakura. And wow, does she expect him to bow down to her? Hell no. Naruto Uzumaki DOES NOT bow down. To anyone. Thug!Naruto
Crossover - Naruto & Familiar of Zero - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 14,818 - Reviews: 80 - Favs: 413 - Follows: 576 - Updated: 4/7 - Published: 3/22 - [Naruto U., Henrietta]
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Yusuke Urameshi was the epitome of an independent cloud, moving from place to place on his own accord even as decades, generations, and centuries passed him by, doing what he wants, when he wants, whenever he wants. Even the two authorities of the afterlife have no control over him. He's just too free
Crossover - Yu Yu Hakusho & Bleach - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Supernatural - Chapters: 9 - Words: 88,235 - Reviews: 96 - Favs: 174 - Follows: 196 - Updated: 3/3 - Published: 12/13/2013 - Yusuke U.
The Era of the Shinigami redux reviews
Ichigo Kurosaki really was something special, already possessing A-class Spirit Energy reserves despite being a total noob. It was just a shame he was part of a race who weren't partial to outsiders, or it would be if it wasn't for Spirit World. It was about time Koenma found himself a suitable replacement to fill the void left by Yusuke's departure.
Crossover - Yu Yu Hakusho & Bleach - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,187 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 47 - Follows: 75 - Published: 3/3 - Yusuke U., Ichigo K.
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His story was over, he had saved the shinobi world at the cost of his own life. But a good messiah never dies. He just sleeps before reawakening in a new world to either terroize or bless it. Ladies and Gentlemen: This is the second coming of NaruJesus.
Crossover - Naruto & Bleach - Rated: M - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 16,489 - Reviews: 48 - Favs: 170 - Follows: 230 - Updated: 2/15 - Published: 12/11/2016 - [Naruto U., Karin K., Yuzu K.]
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Hey, ever think to yourself, 'Man. I can't think of an idea for a story, but I want to write one so badly' Then come on in to the Thugs Bunny store. He has a myriad of your anime needs from Naruto, to Bleach, to Ranma, to Ryoga, to fem Naruto and even the occasional Naruto/Bleach crossover, but of course I have them otherwise this wouldn't be in this section. Grab yourself a fic!
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To think he wanted to be an upstanding shinigami and scout out a city not named Karakura for once. Gah. He set foot in quite possibly the City for Escapees from the asylum and now he has a redhead girl on his ass hounding him to teach her his abilities. Fuck his life. IchigoXfem!Ranma
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They say absolute power can corrupt even the most kind-hearted individual, let alone a demon prodigy essentially just one step away from crossing the line of villainy. Now, housing power only the GODS can comprehend he aims to usurp as many dimensions as he can. Insanity was such a beautiful thing. Godlike Yusuke
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Sometimes a decisively dominant man usurping an apartment complex from a little old lady could be passed off as a good deed, but only when one takes into consideration the wild tigers that lied and waited in the dormitory that the owner had originally planned on passing off on a timid mouse. Oh! Then it became the good deed of the century! YusukexHarem
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