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//sobs i love him so much but as like a child like what i mean i would totes bang marry him (hA READ ONE PIECE LATELY SORRY TOO LATE //sobs) but then i'm like "yo please leave my child alone" when something bad happens to him even though i love it at the same time i'm seeking a counselor please hAHA)

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Allori: Long Live the King

Thank the lord I'm done with this. It was originally only supposed to last five chapters, like One Piece was only to last five years. But also like One Piece, it got more fandom than I was expecting, so I had to dedicate more time to it than I would have liked.

Is this how Oda is gonna feel when he's done with One Piece? Who can say. Hopefully he'll feel more accomplishment than I do. XD

To Kill A Witch

A remake of an old fic with several changes, such as Asura is now the main focus and my OC is kind of evil and a bit unlikable. But that's how villains should be, right? I might change the name back to what it originally was.

A day at the Amusement Park!

A poor attempt at a fluff/romance/one shot thing. I'm pretty sure it got more appreciation than it deserved.

Hasky Becomes President

I know I promised a couple of people another chapter, but I really have no idea what I really wanna do with this hunk of... Whatever it is. I don't even remember if Hasky was in Dragonball Z, even though she is apart of the franchise and was probably in some filler, but I really can't remember. Anyway, I don't plan to add another chapter merely because I don't have inspiration or ideas.


I wanted to write something depressing and this is what I managed to do. Not exactly good, but not bad either.


Again, depressing stuff. I'm pretty proud of this though, espcially since it was rushed yet turned out amazingly good. I'd be honored if you checked it. (*Marks 'shameless self-advertising' off my to-do list*)

Raditz's Loss and Reunion

I seriously have no idea what was going on through my head while making this. It was supposed to be about Raditz having a crappy bittersweet reunion with a quickly thrown together OC, sort of going with the old "nothing can overcome love" saying, which was exactly what I got surprisingly. The writing wasn't all that good, but I was a beginner so it doesn't really matter to me.

When God Got Bored

Just a fic showing my distaste for HRE. He never sent letters and never really protected Feliciano like Ludwig does. And bringing up the fact that they were only children, it would make sense if they met later in life and Feliciano still had the hots for Ludwig despite his longer friendship with HRE. Overall I just don't really like the lack of communication between the two, so I made a fic to pair with that dislike. (I don't hate HRE though, he's still a semi-bae)

Davy Back

Uuuuugh, this was just an excuse to torture blondie. And to make a horror crack fic. But mostly just to torture my favourite character because that's how I roll baby. *winkles*

Might not be so bad

My first attempt at any kind of kinky stuff but ended up being just a bunch of fluff because sexy stuff just doesn't compare to pURE FLUFFY GOODNESS

At Least You're Here

A true work of art, and the first time I wrote Usopp as a main character.

hi i'm roronoa zoro the kawaiiest desu neko on the planet

i was a mistake

Caught in the Middle

I did this as a request, I'm just the writer.


honestly this is my best work

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hi i'm roronoa zoro the kawaiiest desu neko on the planet reviews
hi i'm roronoa zoro, i like raw sushi but only after it's been cooked and i'm super gay
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Trunks is kidnapped by some not-so-nice aliens from our favorite Sayain Princes past. They're power levels are off the charts and as it seems not even Goku could beat them! What's even worse is that Vegeta is deathly ill and no one knows whether he'll wake up or not. With circumstances like these, you might want some help, and Tarble knows the perfect person to go to.
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