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Name: jinju

Ethnicity: korean, and proud of it!

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~~~January 1st~~~

I just wanted you all to know that i have posted a one shot on here "Trustworthy Deceit", and would like to know what you guys think about that one, if you like fluff and steamy scenes i'm sure it'll tickle your fancy a bit. I did it to make up for the lack of updates on "The Gladiator", sorry about that guys!

Also, I'm getting married! this friday to be exact, on the 6th, how exciting, so forgive me for late updates, everything will be jumbled for a while since me and my husband-to-be will be relocating due to military reasons. AND, i wanted to say Happy New Years to all my readers out there! Love you guys, thank you for your wonderful reviews! I read every one, and they make me smile! I would write you guys responses, but you know how it is, i will get penalized for it nowadays. ~sigh~

hi everyone!

i hope that you all are enjoying my current story, "The Gladiator", i really don't know what posessed me to write it, but, well, going with the flow i suppose. :

Now, im going to be realistic about this, i apologize for any future inconveniences with my updates. I will truthfully try to update as fast as i can, but please, be considerate, as i do have a life of my own. College life in the medical field isn't as flexible as high school...no sir...

So, sometimes after coming home from dissecting humans and animals, i would like to take a shower and go to sleep rather than write about inuyasha, hahaha. Get my drift?

I love Inuyasha, i actually disliked it the first time i watched it, but i must say it really has grown on me, as i am still folloing up on the manga series, since the anime series has come to an end. Did any of you know that kikyo has finally died? A happy death no less? Yup, no dragging inuyasha to hell with her, just a nice goodbye kiss and off she floated. Oh, and rin died, but then she- oh now im being a big spoiler. If you want to know read for yourself, lol.

Ok, also, i am not a review hog, but i would really appreciate reviews since they do tell me what the readers think of my writing. Constructive criticism is always welcome, thats what helps improvements, right? So, anyways, please read and review, and tell me your thoughts on the matter.

Until next time everyone--


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