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Hey My old user was RedPhoenix10123780

now I'm Winter-Snow-Wolf !! Don't know how long it'll stay though ;

but you can just call me snow or wolf or maybe even winter sound good :)

I'm a Lover for Wolves and wild Animals I also love drawing, reading and mythical creatures like the Phoenix I'm a lover for anime like naruto and beyblade I love writing stories but I've only written one so far im not sure about the other two but other than that I love wolves that pure white and unique like the story hidden wolves that I'm writing slowly other than that I'd love to improve my spelling and grammar so sorry if I did bad grammar in hidden wolves and I'll surely make more story's once I finish this one.

I also have an account on deviantART if you want to have a look it here:


Oc form for Reunion



Day of Birth:

Location of Birth:

Partner(Tala is taken):


Physical Appearance:


Casual clothes:

Formal clothes:




Beyblade name (I dont need the look):

(Kids - only fill this out if you have kids, if you have more then one fill it out multiple times, till its done for each - kids won't have beys yet)



Day of Birth:

Place of Birth:


Physical Appearance:


Casual clothes:

Formal Clothes:




(only if they have been given a blade)

Bey name:

Bey type:

Bey appearance:

(Others - Pets - can have up to two)





Description of pet:

Personality of Pet:

(Others - personal)

Character Bio:

Other information:

Name: Blaze Markaru


apperance: she has glowing ruby redeye with red hair that only go's up to her neck she sometimes puts it in a small ponytail or pigtail, she has tan skin she's skinny around four or five scars on her wrist that you cant see from a bandage. She is left handed.

From: Africa

likes:apples and beyblade

Dislikes: cheaters and liers

Occupation: Blader and bey mechanic

Clothes: a black tank top with a red unbuttoned shirt over the top with black jeans and grey boots that go up to her knees red and black half finger glove (only on her left) with bandages that go up her left wrist and a sliver bracelet on her right and a necklace with yin on it.

Personality: she's a stubborn and strong willed blader, she is loyal to those she trusts the must, she is very truth person she doesn't like to lie no matter the position she is in, she has a short temper and it breaks at the smallest of things, she doesn't have a lot of confidence in a stadium with so many eyes watching her every move.she can be friendly at times around friends that are close to her but it's rare to see her cry for her normal face would be a emotionless face; Blaze is a very intelligent girl and hates being pushed around by those who are older then her (birthdays in September). She has a bad habit of not eating anything for several day and it the same with sleeping. Blaze never speaks out of place. She is mostly quiet and proffers to stay away from loud mouths. Blaze is ver patient with people, she isn't one to make smart remarks, and gets treated like an outcast because she's left handed. She isn't one to attack first and when battling well always go for the centre of the stadium and stick to defence until she finds an opening in the opponents attacks or defence.

Hobbies: she does training in fighting not just beyblade training she loves to read and listen to music but more then anything to battle people who can put up a fight in a beybattle.

Past: she was born in Africa but her parents slit up when she was two she lived with her mother in till she was five after her mother pasted away from a car accident she spend a extra year in africa with her grandmother but then went to live with her father when she was six her father lived in Egypt and she lived with him in till she was eleven and there was a plane accident and he pasted away she then went to live with her father's mother who lived in Japan she lived with her in till she was fourteen that's when she went back to Africa after her father's mother died from an illness that she couldn't fight anymore.(before she moved back to Africa she meet Ginga and the others she got to fight Ginga and everyone else she lost twice once after Ginga lost to her and once to ryuga)

weakness:she's afraid of crowds and battling in stadiums.

Bey Name:Armour Phoenix

Bey type: balance and defence

bey-beast: Phoenix

special moves:

fire tornado:a tornado appears created by fire making the heat painful for opponents and giving sleep out.

immortal flame:A bright light shots up to the sky disappears and explodes giving a stadium out.

has a red fusion wheel with sharp metal curves on the side of it; it has a small performance tip that is black with great balance for a balance type; it has a clear red energy ring; red spin track with a smooth sides; Blaze has also learned how to make her Bey spin left and right but right is not as good as the left the bey was made to spin left.

bwc team: wild fang

if you want a visual look here:


also it's when she has long hair

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