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Author has written 5 stories for Fate/stay night, Fairy Tail, RWBY, Yu-Gi-Oh, and My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア.

Hello All!

I'm a crazy person who wrote a bunch fics in middle school that he looks back on with embarrassment, but never lost a love of the art. Now I'm in college, and in this complex new era of my life where my entire future could rest on any choice I make, I decided that what I really needed to do was get back into writing made up stories about other made-up stories!

Am I brilliant or what?

In all seriousness, I write stories that I would like to read and I hope they bring joy to all you who read them.

I get a lot of ideas popping around in my head, and I can write them all immediately, so I figured why not put them here for people to see and maybe tell me their thoughts on.

Fic Ideas

1) Slayer Huntsmen (RWBY x Fairy Tail Crossover) - When Ruby falls into the caverns below Mountain Glenn, she happens upon a strange chamber that's door disappears when she touches it. Inside, she finds eight strange orbs that she takes back with her. Giving them to her friends as gifts, imagine her surprise when each of starts seeing apparitions of crazy people claiming to be wizards. And when those people's personalities and powers start bleeding through.

Concept- Yang, Weiss, Blake, Team JNPR, and Sun each start seeing one of the dragon slayers (and Gray) and gaining their powers and some aspects of their personalities. Some get along, like Yang and Natsu, and Jaune and Wendy. Others have disagreements, like Weiss and Gray, and Pyrrha and Gajeel. Things differ from canon slightly due to the slayers' effects and others are discovered to have found the chamber before Ruby, and she herself may have been affected more than she thinks.

2) Beacon Pirates (RWBY x One Piece Crossover) - When Raven makes an unexpected appearance right as Cinder is about to kill Pyrrha, the resulting portal overload scatters Teams RWBY and JNPR across the Grand Line. Now trapped in an insane world, the young huntsmen will have to rely on their wits and their new allies to survive, and discover what connection Team STRQ has with the quest for One Piece.

Concept- Everyone is scattered in odd pairs like Ruby and a severely wounded (but alive!) Pyrrha in Alabasta, while Jaune and Weiss are dropped onto Chopper on Drum Island right before the Straw Hats arrive. My personal favorite is Raven dumping the now one-armed Yang onto her old friend Shanks and then taking off to complete her mission for coming to the Grand Line in the first place. Eventually, the teams will have to choose to side with the Government, or their new friends.

3) Roar of the Dragon Huntsmen (RWBY x Fairy Tail Crossover) - An accident with the Eclipse Gate leads to Dragon Slayers getting scattered across Remnant. Now, three of them join Beacon Academy for their own various reasons. What has become of Natsu, Gajeel, and Wendy, since they arrived in this new world as children? And how will they, and their new friends, change the world in turn?

Concept- This one has been done a lot, and I have to admit it is heavily inspired by Dragon Hunters by IceWarrior13 and Misplaced by Maximillian Havisham (both are great stories that I completely recommend). Nevertheless, I wish to put my own spin on the idea, especially the new allegiances that have arisen based on who the Dragon Slayers ended up with and how they will affect the regular narrative (different teams and the like).

Also, keep in mind I didn't say it was just the child Dragon Slayers who were pulled through.

4) STRQ: The Fifth Holy Grail War (RWBY x Fate Crossover) - Renown all over Remnant as some of the greatest huntsmen to ever live, Team STRQ seemed unstoppable. Summer Rose and Qrow Branwen just celebrated the marriage of their teammates: Raven Branwen and Taiyang Xiao-Long. But when strange red markings appear on the hands of three of the members, the coolest team to ever graduate Beacon is unprepared for a war that will shake their very beings to the core and set the stage for their total collapse.

Concept- A RWBY/Zero prequel focusing on the often mentioned Fifth Holy Grail War that Team STRQ participated in. Some the events of this will be shown through flashbacks in the main story, but I do have enough that I could build a complete prequel.

5)Edward Elric, Shinigami (Fullmetal Alchemist; Brotherhood x Bleach) - You save the world, get the girl, make a family, live a long happy life, and then you die. That was supposed to be it and Ed was fine with that. What he WASN'T fine with was Truth appearing on his deathbed and sending to some Soul Society! Seriously, he was DEAD! Shouldn't this be someone else's job?

Concept- Edward Elric passes from old age, and Truth sends him to Soul Society. As you can guess, Ed is not happy to be thrown into a militaristic dictatorship, but being a former State Alchemist, it isn't something he's unused to. And when he applies the principles of alchemy to spiritual energy, he finds himself shooting up through the ranks and making a dangerous enemy of his captain Mayuri. All while Aizen watches the unusually short arrival with great interest.

6) Wendy Marvell, Knight of the Clover Kingdom (Fairy Tail x Black Clover) - Wendy did everything she could. She surpassed her limits, ascended to Dragonforce, and defeated the demon Ezel. But she wasn't fast enough, forcing her to activate FACE's self destruct sequence to save all Fiore. What she hadn't expected was that the mysterious weapon sent the ethernano it consumed, and now her and her partner, someplace else entirely.

Lost in a world without Fairy Tail and far less advanced then they're used to, Wendy and Carla find their way to the land's Magic Knights. Desiring to help people, and needing to gain access to the kingdom's classified magical research, the pair set out to find their way home, or if not, make their new home a better place.

Concept- Wendy and Carla get plopped in the world of Black Clover. Simple enough idea, the two series have many similarities. Wendy is no stranger to having her life turned upside down on a dime, she lost Grandeeney, she lost Cait Shelter, etc, and though she will struggle with the loss of Fairy Tail, she and Carla will work their butts off leading to some awesome moments of knocking down cocky nobles looking down on a commoner girl who won't even draw her grimoire... and some funny moments of tearfully confessing to her new Captain that her grimoire is actually just a recipe book Carla got for her when the entrance guard for the Magic Knight Exam said she needed one.

7) Remnants Far, Far Away (RWBY x Star Wars: The Old Republic) - The Emperor of the Sith had seen many things in his visions. A Jedi Knight who would destroy him. An Imperial Agent that would chip away at his influence. A Trooper that would galvanize a floundering Republic Military. These figures and more he could not allow. Now if only he hadn't used that ancient ritual he hadn't fully understood to kill them... and unwittingly summon replacements.

A few months ago, Teams RWBY and JNPR thought one planet was all they'd have to protect. Now, they're scattered across a galaxy preparing for war... and not all of them are on the same side.

Concept- The RWBY gang get dropped into the Star Wars galaxy with each one ending up taking the role of a possible player character in the Old Republic MMO. The moral conundrums creating by them getting thrust into unfamiliar roles, sometimes in opposition to each other, will stretch each of the young huntsmen to their limits, as Weiss will get down and dirty with the galaxy's scum and villains as a Smuggler, Yang must conquer her rage as a Jedi Knight, Pyrrha must learn to assert herself as a Sith Warrior lest she be swallowed by Sith Society, and Ruby will have to delve deeper into the Dark Side than she ever dreamed if she is to change the Empire from the inside as a Sith Inquisitor.

8) Redemption From Sin (RWBY x Seven Deadly Sins) - A blond girl filled with wrath for the monsters that took her mother. A silver-haired boy, envious of the piece of his soul stolen by his father. A green-haired girl who lusts for someone who cares about her. A bandit whose sloth and cowardice doomed her best friend and kept her from her family.

Before each of them, a cloaked figure appears and offers them power they could never have imagined, if only they accept an animal tattoo and the sin that comes with it.

For years, they lay dormant, until Yang and Mercury clash at the Vytal Festival and the entire world beholds the power of the newest incarnation of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Concept- On the ill-fated trip to the abandoned cabin, a cloaked figure appears before Yang offers her the power to protect her little sister from the approaching Grimm. She agrees and gains a dragon tattoo on her arm, though Qrow shows up before she can learn what it does.

Flashforward to her battle with Mercury, he sees the tattoo and becomes absolutely furious, revealing one of his own in the image of a serpent. With both fighters losing control and unleashing powers neither had ever seen before, only a Perfect Cube keeps the entire arena from being annihilated.

The main idea of "Seven Deadly Sins" as a series is atoning for your sins and your mistakes. Here, we'd take a look at that idea being applied to RWBY, with Yang forming the cornerstone of a team that would, for the most part, be filled with morally gray and sometimes outright villainous characters, essentially bribed and blackmailed by the cloaked figure into joining the new band.

But who is this cloaked figure? And what threat could be great enough to convince them to revive the ancient band of knights?

9) The Great Holy War (RWBY x Seven Deadly Sins) - They needed someone who could defeat Salem. They found him. Now, he makes to conquer them all. Humanity's only hope of freedom lies in the past with those destined to wake him.

Ruby, Yang, Jaune, and Pyrrha were expecting to wake up to another day of classes, not get whisked away to some apocalyptic future. Who the heck is this Zeldris guy conquering Remnant anyway? And why does everyone keep shooting Ruby dirty looks?

Concept- The Holy War of Seven Deadly Sins ended in the creation of the Two Brothers and the non-human races going to live on their own worlds. Save for Zeldris, who having lost Gelda AGAIN, this time for good, along with his entire race, stopped caring about the world, even if his father's death made him the new demon king and bearer of all Ten Commandants. He eventually ventures into a horde of Apathy Grimm who dull him to the outside world. At least, until he was found by a girl in a red hood who went into the sewers looking for a lamp. After some convincing, he helps them defeat Salem. Unfortunately, he also comes to view humanity as a failed race, making war on itself even when they had a common enemy. They need a guide, someone to keep them from killing themselves.

A king. Thus, he sets out to conquer humanity for its own good.

Humanity is pushed the brink, three-quarters of Remnant falling under demon rule, with only scant ancient relics and treasures giving humanity half chance. But with several key fighters out of commission, the allied forces do the unthinkable and bring forward their past versions, getting a few hitchhikers along for the ride.

Now, Ruby, Jaune, Yang, and Pyrrha must adjust to the new world of the future and takes up greater roles then they could have ever imagined to stop a threat they may have unleashed.

10) The Heavenly Knight of Alvarez (Fairy Tail) - Erza thought her time at the Tower of Heaven would never end. When Jellal saved her from the torture chamber that cost her an eye, she'd thought they were both doomed. What she didn't expect was a dragon coming down and whisking them both away to a far off kingdom. Now, trapped in the capital of a mighty empire, Erza must deal with magic lessons from the kindly August, and a terrifying woman who looks just like her.

Concept- On a whim, Irene decides to visit Rosemary Village and finds it razed. Furious, she tracks down the cultists to the Tower of Heaven and wrecks the place to get back Erza, with Jellal hitching a ride. With no actual plan beyond that, she returns to Alvarez and dumps them with on the other Spriggan, with August as the primary caregiver. The beginning of the story would cover Jerza growing up in the capital and slowly building relationships with the Spriggan (Jellal forming a father-son bond with August, Irene slowly defrosting to Erza) before going into a second part where the two would be sent uncover to Ishgar to weaken Fiore for invasion (Jellal gaining his seat on the Magic Council to work towards disabling the Etherion and FACE, Erza hunting down dark guilds so they cannot be pressed into service when the time comes). They'd also run into their old friends from the Tower in Part Two, who would have ended up joining Fairy Tail and being absorbed into those dynamics.

And also...

RWBY/Zero Reading Watching Challenge

The Nasuverse and the RWBYverse, Earth and Remnant, Mana and Aura, Masters, Servants and Hunters. Both are separate worlds yet they are interconnected by the realm of infinity that is called the Kaleidoscope. Wandering around said Kaleidoscope, a bored Zelretch stumbles across a timeline where two universes intersect. He watches the events with eagerness when an idea comes to his mind. What if he created a dimensional pocket where the (main) characters of the original universes watch the events of this altered timeline? Satisfied with his plan, he creates the pocket and goes about 'kidnapping' characters from the F/SN (including Mordred) and RWBY universes. After the 'kidnappings', Zelretch tells them to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. How will this turn of events affect the (main) cast of each universe? Morals will be shaken, Bonds will be forged and lost, Beliefs will be crushed and everything will change. But one thing is certain. No one will be the same ever again.


OPTIONAL: Kiritsugu and Iri can be included as well.

I don't have much info on Mordred's personality except for Fate Apocrypha.

You can include any minor heroes and (major) villains of your choice.

OPTIONAL: Servants and Masters from Fate/Zero can be included as well.

Nerf585 gave me the idea for this and kindly typed up this challenge. He has posted it as an official challenge in the RWBY x Fate Stay/Night Crossover section. If you feel like taking it up, please just PM me or him and let us know. I would love to read it and would gladly do what I can to help.

That about wraps it up. Have a lovely day!

Go forth and conquer!

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