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Hello everyone, my name is Sacred Outcast. I've been writing for a while, but this is the first time I've ever gotten the courage to publish my stuff for others to read. My name is not important, but you can call me Nicole, or Sacred Outcast if you prefer.

Q&A (Still Taking Questions In Inbox)

Favorite Colors?: black, blue, purple, and red.

Favorite Tv Shows?: I honestly don't watch a lot of television.

Favorite Anime?: I'd have to say Clannad.

Least Favorite Anime?: Bleach, or Naruto.

Favorite Youtber(s) if any?: My favorite is Cryaotic, but I also enjoy others like MazziMazz, CapnDesDes, and AhoyNateo. They are pretty funny.

Least Favorite Youtuber(s) if any?: I don't have a least favorite. I respect them all for doing what they do.

Games or Tv?: Games. Books are pretty great too.

Eye color?: actually, there isn't really a specific color for my eyes. They are a pale blue, so pale they are almost white. I look like I'm blind.

Hair Color?: Dark brown, almost black.

Height?: Five foot. #teamshortie.

Weight?: 135-140.

Inside or Outside?: Inside definitely. I'm albino, and hate tanning. Two hours in the autumn sun and I'm sunburned.

tattoos/piercings?: I have one tattoo, it's Shadow The Hedgehog's emblem.

Cat or Dog?: Cat. Definitely.

Fandoms?: Varies really. I really enjoy the Pewdipie, Cry, Ken, and that whole side of youtube, but I also really enjoy Clannad, and Sonic The Hedgehog, sometimes Kingdom Hearts. But I can get into any fandom if someone tells me about it. I'll write for any fandom, (I take requests by the way. No restrictions)

Skills/Talents?: honestly, I'm known for painting a picture with my hands and words. So I'd say writing, and drawing. I want to try digital art, but there is just no way. I play games, but I wouldn't go as far as say that it's a skill or a talent.

Things That You Would Like To See On Here?: I have no idea what you mean by that, but I'll take a shot out of the dark for you. I want to see people enjoy the stuff I put on here, because that's basically where all my motivation comes from. As long as people like what I do on here and ask for more, then I will stay writing. Also, I'd like to see my stories come to life in pictures and videos. But I cant draw anime or cartoon-ish stuff so I guess that's just a dead end on my part. Thanks for that question though, made me think. I like that. Heartsign, buddy.

Posting every day is hard in my living conditions, so I ask you to bare with me until I can get a faster computer or laptop, please :) I write for just about anything, so grab you a chair and let's have a good time.

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