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I have thought about joining this community for quite some time but when a story in my head demanded to be written the choice was taken out of my hands and a keyboard was forced into them. I work at a Supermarket part-time and I am also a part-time student so you will have to forgive my rather unpredictable schedule. I will try to keep accurate updates on my stories posted on this page as I think the writing status being posted at the beginning and end of chapters is a silly way to do things. Don’t expect every chapter to have equal length. I will try to type at a consistent pace but for organizational reasons some shorter chapters
might be released faster while other longer chapters might take a bit longer, it just helps the story to flow. I have a few stories in my head that want to be written but I won't be dividing up my efforts into several stories at once (too confusing). Ultimately these stories are as much for my pleasure as they are for yours so trust me when I say I will get them out as I can. If you're looking for one-shots I suggest you move on as I don't really read anything with less than 10,000 words.

On another note: If I make an occasional bad joke or comment in poor taste I would ask that you don't get too upset about this, as I have had such things drilled into me by my friends in the military and my time spent with the marching band in high school (both groups WILL corrupt your mind). If this kind of behavior slips into my stories (outside of author's notes) I would ask that I be digitally slapped back to my senses as so many people do for me in real life.

Official Dislikes:

Easily most annoying: Giving Hermione the nickname "Herms/Herm"... No. Just no. Anyone in an environment with a large number of teenagers would KILL someone for being called that. The ONLY exclusion to this rule is when a bully/ idiot in the story gets decked after using it.

Repetitive plots- There are a million ways to make a story unique don't copy someone else's idea and slap your name on it with a different title.

Continued (once per chapter) use of rarely used labels from canon (i.e. "little furry problem" and "brightest witch of her age")- there are alternatives, USE THEM!

Poorly done character bashing- I have loved many stories that include character bashing, but DON'T OVERDO IT! If you really hate a character (Ron Weasley is an easy target), and you want to run them over with a steamroller in three different chapters then make sure to label your story under humor. Character bashing can be fun but pushing it to the point of satire should be reserved for the Parody/Humor genres.

Silly word replacement errors and misspelled words from native English speakers (you guys that aren't native English speakers that write in English, you guys are amazing, I don't blame you for any mistakes that spellchecks miss. Our language is REALLY messed up in a lot of ways, if you want me to check over some of your writings just let me know)

Canon words that people forget and don't look up (i.e. "floe" v. s. floo)

People who refuse to abbreviate- children use words like don't, can't, and won't. Get over it and write children's dialogue like a child would talk.

People who feel the need to use vocabulary that isn't seen outside of a college level spelling bee- this is especially true for writers who use this vocabulary in teenager's conversations. Even those teens who are labeled as "gifted" or "advanced" don't speak that way. I know, I was one of them.

Stupid messages/reviews- don't post a flaming review as anonymous, grow a pair.

Idiotic Accusations- DON'T ACCUSE SOMEONE OF STEALING SOMEONE ELSE'S IDEA WITHOUT SEEING WHERE THEY ARE GOING WITH IT! (the exception to this is informing someone that you think you have seen a similar story PREFERABLY with the name of the story and author)


Beyond Familiar:

I have officially had a guest review make me feel like an idiot, not that I'm complaining. That's what I get for posting the second chapter at 2 a.m. (my time) after a ten-hour shift at work. I asked to be told if I make a grammatical idiot of myself and I was obliged. I just wish they had left a name so I could also privately credit them and thank them for pointing out the errors that I made in a sleep deprived state. I will revise the second chapter and fix the poor organization of dialogue when I post the third chapter.

After receiving a PM about me stealing a story idea I went on an embarrassingly long hunt to find this story I supposedly ripped off. I discovered something interesting in the story I suppose the individual was referencing. Hermione Granger and the Prince of Serpents (by CreatorZorah) is an interesting story to be sure and the beginnings have similarities to a degree (I didn't go NEARLY as dark with my scenes). However, after going through my notes and comparing everything extensively I feel I can say that there are very few similarities in our stories beyond the first few chapters. Character personalities and histories are... let's just say VERY different. Harry will be the focus of my story and he will be visible much earlier than third year. I wont go into how VERY different our stories are in some ways (insert shudder). To provide a visual to best describe the difference, I would say we both started relatively close to the equator but are heading to opposite poles.

Now that I have confirmed that I am not copying anyone (next time I'd appreciate a name), I will be continuing with Beyond Familiar in the next week or sooner. I lost my flow while chasing down that story and looking over a lot of my notes to avoid copying someone else's work. While I was waiting to recapture my muse I did manage to add quite a bit to the compilation of notes that I had sitting around for every chapter except for chapter three. Chapter three... Well, chapter three just hates me. I couldn't get the necessary conversation to flow without making Hermione seem like she suddenly lost 40 I.Q. points. After a self induced minor concussion I came to the conclusion that I was being an idiot... I found where I started being stupid in chapter three and backed up to start again. I might make a few tweaks to chapters one and two but they won't be huge changes, other than that keep on the lookout for chapter three.

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