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To anybody whose actually reading this introductory rant about me: Welcome!

I write what I want to write and what I like to read. I admit that I'm not the most up-to-the-moment and up-to-date person in the world and you'll find that I write about movies, games and books long after they have come in to being. What I write about is what I enjoy writing about, and frankly it won't appeal to everybody because I write with a slant towards as much realism as possible no matter the category or genre. The good guys are good but not ethical purists. The bad guys are bad and evil and cruel and sadistic psychos. There is truth in the adage that "if you try to please everybody, then you end up pleasing nobody." So I DO NOT do Polliana, I DO NOT do Super Powered Super Heroes - Unless that's a requirement of the genre. Characters will die. Expect the nitty gritty detail. Expect buckets of blood and violence and even sex if its realistic for there to be blood, violence, sex, drugs in the context. If YOU cannot handle such realism. Do NOT read my fanfiction.

Having read that, you probably think I am an arrogant, self righteous, egotistical prick. Heh... you're probably right. I don't deny that I am what I am. But let's be fair about this: You are here, (I hope) to read my fanfiction, not judge me as a person. So I'll get back to the topic at hand:

By all means, criticize, so long as your criticism can be backed up or justified. Feel free to suggest possible improvements. I review and comment too, and I try to justify myself wherever I can because i hate three word reviews that state, "This is shit" or "this is crap." You don't help me, and you don't help anyone else. That, I consider a flame. And I. WILL. REPORT. YOU. Don't get me wrong. Good reviews, positive comments and remarks I do like - face it folks, who does not like to have their ego stroked once in a while? but if you're going to comment, be constructive about it too! If there is something you don't like, don't just say so. tell me why. you have an opinion, you can justify it, that is not a flame. Let me be clear: I do not accept anonymous reviews. Flamers, WILL BE REPORTED.

If you want to read one of my works then I ask that as a reader you also read whatever "author's notes" and the story summaries as well before you start reading. Things in the realm of fan fiction will rarely follow the canon plot and storylines, matching all the data and data subsets and facts that exist in a given setting with 100 percent accuracy. I try to but that does not always work. I get creative, its fan fiction. Get used to it. It is a a thing that has come to my attention in recent days when looking through certain stories and some of the reviews that I have received is that people are nitpicking over minor details that do not fit with the canon, or are a little "too creative" and "too impossible to happen." My guess is that they do not read the summaries at the outset of the story that may include a warning or skip the chapter titled "authors notes" or that whole section where things are explained by the author for doing what they have done. For god's sake people, you want to read it, then read everything, especially if you're going to rip it apart in a review. If you are anally retentive to minor details in the canon then you might not want to read my work. If you read my work, its my opinion and intepretation of facts and events with as much realism as possible (see paragraph 1). If you don't have a justifable or defendable opinion or don't like my work for whatever personal reason you may have. I have a request of you: Save EVERYONE aggravation, DO NOT READ further. DO NOT REVIEW. Go read someone else’s work. I'm sorry to have wasted your time. I'm sorry you didn't like. But in the end, I can't say that I'm responsible for the choices you make.

While on the topic of reviews, flames and all the rest, I have a simple enough request: Civility and Politeness. If you cannot even be moderately polite, cannot frame a simple "Hello!" at the beginning of a message, and if you leave vaguely worded threats, make note that I will summarily report. That said, I can appreciate that for some people, English can be a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and in one case 6th(!) language, but even if your first language is Gringotts Goblin, you should know how they would address a message to a stranger ("Greetings Mr. Eristarisis, May your gold forever multiply and your enemies suffer horribly before their death" for those of you who are wondering). So be civil, be polite. and we can discuss (even argue) over facts, opinions etc... otherwise... (evil grin) I know a few Goblin headhunters...

If our discussions via private message cannot end in satisfactory agreement or an agreement to disagree and you flame, I report you.

Now, very recently (about the 17/01/2011): I uploaded a new fanfiction in the Harry Potter Genre entitled "Triwizard Warfare." The response was unfortunately very negative for a number of reasons. I'm not naming names. I can't be bothered. but here's what went down:

1. Accusations of plagarism
2. Inability to read Author's Notes and properly read summaries
3. Threats of violence and physical assault and insults in SIGNED reviewed.
4. Threats of violence and physical assault and insults in PRIVATE MESSAGES.
5. I'm getting points 2,3,4 from people who have NOT written a SINGLE Fanfiction.

Points 1 and 2, I will address together: Yes. It is based on Robst's "Can't have it both ways." Yes. I have his permission to use the general idea and a number of specific scenes. The Author's Note in Chapter 1 stated this. The story summary stated it, the final author's note stated the same thing again. Some people cannot read. The amount of negative junk I had to deal with... let's just say I turned off email alerts because certain PEOPLE CANNOT READ author notes and story summaries, but can still read the text of a fanfiction. Interesting tunnel vision that...

Points 3 and 4: Yeah. all of you people have been reported to administration. The language used in these reviews and messages. Just. wow... I actually copied a number of them because it was an education in how to use the word "FU$K" as a noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb and punctuation mark. Not bad for 150 words...

Point 5: You want to leave a review. Great.
You want to leave a suggestion, point out a mistake, a recommendation: Awesome.
You read, you didn't like it and you say so, politely. Ouch. That hurt. but you were polite, you're not me. No problem.
You've read half a million fanfictions, have thousands of favorites but have not WRITTEN a single fluff/filler fic in ANY of the Categories available on and YOU want to Flame? You want to tell me how to be a better writer? Go. Away. You, who has not written any fanfiction have no business trying to be a critical. You don't understand what's involved. You don't know what its like, beating your head against a wall to write, edit, rewrite, edit AGAIN, get a beta, work with one, re-edit and redraft and rewrite AGAIN. You do not know how much TIME and EFFORT goes in to writing a respectable fanfiction of ANY length. Fanfiction writers have to work with a set of basic facts that we cannot alter too much otherwise we wander from fanfiction to original fiction violating copyright. If you are one of these hypocrites: DO NOT REVIEW my fanfction. In fact: DO NOT READ IT.

I counted over a dozen reviews commenting and point out "technical" defects, commenting on why this or that doesn't work. why my characters are OOC, why so and so is a Mary Sue. Ahhhh... I counted nine seperate reviewers behind this little wall of flames. These nine have NOT written ONE FANFICTION between them. I appreciate readers who take the time to review, but if you think you can write better than I can: then here's a simple challenge: DO IT. WRITE SOMETHING GOOD. And I'll be nice about it to: It doesn't have to be in a genre I write or have been a beta reader in. But go ahead. Write. I CHALLENGE YOU.

09/02/2011: Not to name names or anything like that but I just want to address, generally the topic of human sheep and pack mentality and the phenomenon known as "group think." Let me set the record straight: Think what you want. Have your own opinion. Have your own ideas. I don't try to get people to agree with me. I can't be bothered. Agree with me, disagree with me, I don't mind. But when Person B agrees wholeheartly with what Person X says without even bothering to give something, anything a try for themselves. I see a victim of group think. I see someone who can't think for themselves. Admitedly, I am prejudging someone I do not know. But that's how it looks to me. That's how I call it. A Spade is a Spade, not a "broad bladed earth relocation instrument powered by manual labor." So I call a human sheep a human sheep. Grow up, grow a pair. try it. Whatever it may be. If you don't like it, you don't but at least you're informed and not an ignorant mindless sheep!

I see this everywhere in real life: Groups of life ignorant teenagers. At my office. In government bureaucracy. Amongst university professors with MBAs, PhDs. Sheep. Mindless, useless sheep, lining up to have their wolly coats shorn, and then off to the slaughter. I look around me, and I see a lot of conformist sheep. Online, real world, offline, in game, on discussion boards, in forums. in chat. Conformist sheep. It sadens me. The internet used to be the last bastion of free thought, expression and speech. It is no longer. Oh what a world we live in...

10/02/2011: I'm done. I'm fed up. I'm sick. I'm tired. I'm beyond indifferent. I'm somewhere around completely pissed off. There were signs telling me to stop and turn back, to reconsider... but you know what, I've gone so far past beyond the point of no return, I've actually seriously forgotten where it was or what it looked like. I took ALL of my work of this site. Because I was starting to get serial flames on my other fics because some people did not like Triwizard Warfare. It's unbelievable to think that this used to be a nice place! Some of you didn't like ONE piece, so you go and trash and flame EVERY OTHER (21 other) fanfictions that I have written?

01/03/2011: Yeah. I'm back. did some editing, did some rewriting and I'm reposting my older work. Triwizard warfare stays offline for the moment - I've got a couple of issues with it I want to address. I'm also toying with the idea for a Killing Floor fanfiction... yeah I know... I'm running the risk of putting too many irons in the fire and snuffting the fire...

28/03/2011: Its the end of the month and for the past ten days, I have been trying to repost triwizard warfare, but I get the same damn error message every time. I have also reported it three times. Nothing has been done. So I'm getting a little irriated... going back to my February experiences this year... I'm getting that kind of irritated again. What does it take to POST a fanfiction on this site? Can someone, a programmer, a hacker, and admin, a mod something tell me what this load of jargon means?
2011-03-28 02:21:05.

I've been waiting two weeks for this to get sorted. Come on already! I sent it three times to and I got nothing back - even an automated response email would have been... nice!

31/03/2011: Well, I will say this. The problem is solved, I can upload again. So I will say a big heartfelt thank you to the admins and mods who fixed the problem - whatever the heck it was. The first 15 chapters of Triwizard warfare are back up. So I apologize for the flood of notifications that have flooded (I hope) a lot of inboxes!

09/04/2011: I've had a lot of reviews on the reupped triwizard warfare. Thank you for all of them, even if you disagreed or didn't like it. Thus far all have kept a civil tongue and politness, which I can appreciate. In case I did not reply to your review, my apologies and my thanks again for reviewing. I'd like to address one small point: Yes. There is a Sequel. Yes it is a work in Progress. Thank you but I already have an excellent beta reader, and I don't think I need another one. No, I will not share the draft. The sequel will be uploaded at the end of April, early May 2011. No just the first couple of chapters. Yes it is a slow work in progress. I blame real life.

19/06/2011: Well the good news is that Triwizard warfare is up in full! The better news is that the first few chapters of the sequel have been up for a little over a week now. I hope those of you that enjoyed the first will follow up with the sequel. That Killing Floor thing is on the back burner for the moment, and is going to stay there for the foreseeable future!

09/08/2011: Well... the flamers are back, and this time they are targeting the sequal to Triwizard warfare. I guess I missed a few the first time I culled their population. Not a problem. I just reported one flamer a few minutes ago, and I'll be more than happy to do the same to any other flamer or any other ignorant bigot who crosses my path in a review, or a private message.

13/11/2011: First fo all, to my legion of fans, followers and reviewers (I know, I know inflated opinion of self worth with ego too large to fit through an open door). My beta reader has a life of her own, exams, projects and so forth so she's been tied up in real world knots for the month of October. My wife has been chewing on my leg about not having uploaded anything in weeks... Not blaming anyone for anything. but I'm hoping that the last ten or so chapters of Years at War, Part 2, will be uploaded by the end of November. No. I will not tell you who my beta reader is. Leave her alone. She'll get back to it when she can. So apologies for the delay but you can expect a truckload of chapters (hopefully soon).

07/02/2012: Heh... I never should have said the sequel will be up in February. Now I've gotten over a dozen message asking for it. For all of you, my apologies but my boss has me run ragged at the moment and I don't have the time to write. But I can promise you that you'll get the first chapter at the end of this month and hopefully a chapter every two weeks or so from that point on. I'm gonna have to start harassing my beta again... she's not going to be happy...

19/04/2012: Yeah I know... I've been gone forever. It's been a rough two months, and my Beta is currently MIA. Frankly, I'm a touch worried about her. And yeah I've been working the past month and a half without a day off... yes I have been working Saturdays and Sundays too... so I'm afraid this is going no where at the moment. Soon as my beta gets back to me, I'll start uploading.

03/04/2015:Yeah... I am back from the dead - at least in Fanfiction terms. Part three of my Harry Potter fanfiction,"Years at War" has just gone live and the first ten chapters are UP! I know its been a few years, but the short version of a very long story is this: The project was a collaboration of sorts between my EX-WIFE and myself. So its been ridiculously hard to come back to this and do anything with it. But I finally got it done. A great deal of thanks to XxHecatexX who provided a lot of support - emotionally and editorially - to get this done. Anyways: Read, enjoy and review!

Regards to all you writers, readers and reviewers.


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