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first of all, it doesn't matter that claire's daddy is nathan fucking petrelli. you see, to me, it doesn't matter what the creators say. i'm sick, though, of people writing badfics about my favourite things in the entire world, those being the following in order;

dir en grey
america's next top model
kingdom hearts
fall out boy
the black parade
final fantasy x-2
death note.

badfics are awful. if you agree, link me in your profile (or something).

and i have to add; what the fuck at your weird pairings that you're defending to the death? axel x everybody?...hum, i wonder if you've been hanging out with my axel a little too long. anyway, axel x naminé = very no. as does this whole mohinder x sylar crap, and kimahri/auron/tidus/wakka/PAINE WTF/yuna x rikku and your stupid gippal x baralai. and pretty much every weird pairing within a game that didn't and wouldn't happen.


secondly. even though i say that kingdom hearts is one of my favourite things in the entire world (which it is, honestly -- i love it so hardcore it hurts), if you ever talk to me, i will probably express my dislike/disgust towards the fandom. why? because of the badfic and all the bullshit that comes with the fandom. i'm not going to argue with you over akuroku or anything else of the like, because it's pointless, and most of you are thick-skulled when it comes to that. i hate to say it, but, fantards? it never happened. end, finito. you can flame me all you like over it; i don't really care because that's what you believe and not what i believe. that being said, i love the pairing just because of the sheer whatthefuckery that might come along with it (depending on who the author may be).

third? crack pairings are amazing. you think i'm lying? try yagami raito x rikku on for size, see if you don't think i'm completely insane.

fourth, i'm gay, and i write stories about mostly gays. (wow, surprising, ain't it.) please. i dare you. try and flame me. really, i'd love to see what your half-developed, right-wing christian mind can come up with in regards to this.

fifth! fall out boy is amazing. so is dir en grey. end.

i wish i had more to say.

all-over disclaimer; i don't own anything i post in this account. you all think you're cute, bitching about how you don't? yeah, okay. archy the cockroach has it right -- can't own what isn't there. end. this disclaimer applies to everything; that way i don't have to waste my time posting one in every story i write.

firebreathing; completely nonsensical whatthefuckery, courtesy of me listening to nobody puts baby in the corner by (who else?) fall out boy, alongside crucify my love by x-japan. axelroxas, angst, roxas' pov. it's over!
the queen and i; some more whatthefuckery. (you may start to see a pattern in the near future.) inspired by gym class heroes' song by the same name. marluxialarxene, wtf. writing now.

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