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Author has written 4 stories for Harry Potter.

Name: Emilie Brier (5 other middle names, and I'm being completely serious - damn gypsies!) - last name omitted
Favorite Fandoms: Harry Potter (HP/DM and SB/RL), Labyrinth (J/S), Pirates of the Caribbean (J/E) Other stuff: I don't know, read my myspace, it should have lots about me if you'd really like to know!

I am a Harry Potter Fanatic and a friend of mine just introduced me to FanFic. I also am a dabbler in Labyrinth FanFic since that's just about the greatest movie ever (tied in first place with The Princess Bride).

Usually a beta-er and writer of original fiction, I have actually begun to write a sequel to Petunia Potter's Time Changes Everything (Story ID 3159146). I have absolutely no idea what prompted me to write FanFic (since I really only like reading it) much less a sequel to someone else’s story, but something about TCE stuck me and so now I am writing. Somewhere In The Middle will be finished as of September 26th, 2007.

I am currently working on another novel length fic called It's All About Choice. I will try to update it every week, however, I have a full time career, full time school, and full time puppy, so we'll see.

Warning for all those who are not familiar with my work, I am a Slytherin which means I am evil. Maybe not the big, dark, loomy, take-over-the-world evil, but evil nonetheless. My novel length fics will have lots of plot twists and cliffhangers to tease you, so don't be surprised if I leave you hanging and get a chuckle out of the torture it may cause. Mwaha.

Let's do I write? I like conflict. Most of my stories involve Harry and Draco NOT liking each other, and coming to a very slow and progressive passion. I don't write stories where there is an instant attraction, and that seven years of badness is able to be forgiven in a chapter, and that they jump into bed right away. In other words, I don't write fluff. My stories are often very long, very involved, and I draw it out to a point where readers want to scream at both to just kiss each other already. There is often a lot of tention in my stories. I usually base Draco off my own personality; I often use Ron as my comic relief; I usually use Hermione as my know-it-all; Pansy and Draco are usually friends in some way. I don't make everyone gay just because Harry and Draco are...god I can't think of what other "predictable" parts of my stories there are. You'll just have to make the rest of the connections!

I also do not respond to reviews in the story. Labyrinth Left Door voice "It's in the rools". And I think it disrupts from the story. I to try and thank my reviewers through the message system we have here; it's pretty neat. If you don't have your email address current, or don't have an email address, thank you in advance cheeky grin Thank you in advance for everyone who reviews anonymously - so sad I can't respond to you and thank you!

If reviews were cookies, I would demand more.

I've been asked where I get my inspiration for Draco. It's quite simple. He's me! I've taken bits and pieces of my own personality and molded them into Draco. I also put a bit of myself in Pansy as well (and their relationship is the relationship I have with my gay husband - not really married, people say we should be, but come on... he's gay!!)

You can damn me to hell about writing about a male/male relationship all you want, I don't mind. We have better cookies in hell. waves a cookie temptingly

You can also find my blog at: the-asylum dot org

Currently in the Library:
Somewhere In The Middle: Complete, 88,000+ words
How To Liven A Dinner Party: One-shot, complete
First Year Aurors: One-shot, complete
It's All About Choice: WIP, started September 23rd, 2007

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It's All About Choice reviews
After a fateful end to Voldemort, Harry is about to give up hope in the last battle, having lost all he cared for. So why is it that Draco Malfoy saved his life from Lestrange in the end? He may never know…
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Somewhere In the Middle reviews
When everyone gets back to the present time, what happens? What is it that makes their futures turn out the way they did? Views change, friendships gained and lost, and everyone gets a little bit older. SEQUEL to Time Changes Everything, by Petunia Potter
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