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Updated 10/13/2004

Please see the note on the bottom of chapter 13 of Shannon's Outrage to see where the hell I've been.


Updated 2/26/04

My computer is back up and running for the time being! Kudos to my little brother the brat! He's a whiz with these new fangled things. And here's hoping he becomes a Grand Theft Auto champion! (He gave up a lot of practice time to get me back online.)

Wow! I'm so glad that so many of you are letting me know where you think the plot should go with Shannon's Outrage! I am humbly grateful for all of your reviews and assistance. I have also posted the piece on another site for added exposure and in case it gets flamed for any reason. Please visit it, and all of my stories on in the athletes/WWE section.

Apparently I have a popular name. It took me a devil of a time to register with AIM, as my screen name and several variations were already in use. And I thought I was an original. Anyway, please feel free to say "Hi" if you see me logged on to AIM. This is also an open invitation to my fanfic friends and frequent reviewers, to whom I am ever so much grateful as I LOVE reviews, to sign up and add me to your lists. HD, I've added you! I also have an ID for Yahoo IM: razzle_girl_2000

The OMEGA boys are still my all-time my favorites, followed closely by those Canadian hotties.

My favorite authors, ironically enough, are also my favorite reviewers:

Hearts Desire
Cat Lea Takersdarkone
Jeff's favorite skittle

I like slash pairings a lot, too. (In fact, that's practically all I read, though I make a few exceptions.) I'll read just about any pairings, but my favorites will always be:

Shannon / Jeff (they connect on so many levels)
Matt / Shane (they seem to "fit" so well)
Edge / Christian (like chocolate and peanut butter)
Shannon / Shane (classic!)
Shannon / Edge (as you can see)
Shannon / Christian (*squeal*)
Shannon / Matt (even liked this before Mattitude)
Shannon / Rey (I think this would work so well)
Jeff / Shawn Michaels (too yummy)
Jeff / Y2J (a potent combination)
Jeff / Matt (of course!)
Jeff / Christian (they're just naturally good together)
Jeff / Edge (done, I know, but so cute)
Matt / Christian (I just LOVE this one)
Matt / Edge (shout out to WWE Archangel for this great one she's doing now!)

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