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Author has written 8 stories for Lord of the Rings, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Hunger Games, and Harry Potter.

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Notes About My Stories:

  • How To Survive in Middle Earth When You're a Teenaged Girl: My attempt to write a more realistic look at the "Modern day girl falls into Middle Earth" trope that's currently filling up the fandom. It's approaching it's one-year birthday, and it's a good look at how one's writing can evolve over the course of a year. GIANT HUGE THANKS to anyone reading it, we've just hit 300 reviews as of today (March 26th, 2014), and we're rapidly approaching 50,000 pageviews! Thanks for being with me on this crazy roller-coaster of a journey! Incomplete.
  • Shadow of the Steward: The continuation of my one-shot, Bury Them With Honor. There were multiple requests for it to be continued, so I complied, and it's turning out much better than I originally thought. This is me trying to deal with proper structure, pace, and character development--it's a lot harder than it looks. It's a mystery dealing with Faramir and a strangely gifted little girl, exploring Faramir's relationship with his father and people in general. Incomplete.
  • Two Broken Halves: Not ashamed to say this is my "decompress" story, where I just let loose, stylistically, and write straight-up romance. It takes a strange kind of gal to relax while writing dramatic romance stories concerning Willy Wonka, but I guess it works. Also an exploration of the different adaptations of Willy Wonka over the years, and how to combine them into something a little darker and grittier. (Kind of a Christopher Nolan experiment, I guess.) Incomplete.
  • Sing Me A Song, Ada: A drabble-ish type one-shot where I do a little digging around in Thranduil's mind, trying to show him in a more positive, but still in-character, light. Too many Abusive!Thranduil stories on this site for my liking, to be perfectly honest. He had his good points too...somewhere. Besides just being a racist, I guess. Essentially Thranduil dealing with the birth of his son and the death of his wife. Complete!
  • Blood In The Snow: Basically me writing high on the magnificence that was Catching Fire. Haymitch remains one of my favorite characters from pop fiction, and getting the opportunity to rattle his brain, even only for a one-shot, was great. This remains my favorite one-shot to date, I just love how it flows and how clearly his voice sounds in my head. Complete!
  • Bury Them With Honor: Originally started as a nonsense drabble, musing about Faramir's character, and there were many requests to continue it. The follow up is Shadow of the Steward, and it follows Firiel and Faramir while they deal with the destruction of the village and why it was done. This isn't my favorite one shot, but it remains my most popular--I personally think it's a little sloppy in spots and a little blunt, but it serves its purpose. Complete!
  • Doodles in the Margins: Utter. Fluff. And. Nonsense. You could call this the table-scraps from How To Survive In Middle Earth, its just me filling my fluff-quota and writing shameless romance. A girl needs that every now and then. Neither complete nor incomplete--this is the cutting room floor, basically. If I had no shame, the whole story would look like this.
  • Unacceptably Average: A funny exploration of Hermione Granger getting an "Average" on her latest essay. Exaggerated humor and completely blown out of proportion, but boy did I have fun writing this!Behind Blood in the Snow, this is my favorite one-shot; again, I feel Hermione's voice very clearly in this, and that's always a good thing in a one-shot. Complete!

  • Notes About Myself:

  • I love cliches. I know that seems odd, but I love the old, stale ideas and then twisting it to give it a fresh perspective or something original. There's a weird pleasure I take in refreshing bland ideas, like Harry Potter Twin or Girl Falls Into Middle Earth. Usually, I'll try to show the downfalls of the trope and portray it in a more realistic light, but sometimes I'm just having fun.
  • I can write romance if I set my mind on it, but I'll admit it's not my strong suit. Usually it turns out really schmultzy and sappy, and to combat this I sometimes add a little too much angst. Plus, for me, romance is all about the buildup and the slow burn, not the "Ohemgeeursooohawtletsmakeout!" thing.
  • Angst, on the other hand, is something I'm very good at writing. I have a terribly depressing viewpoint on life and I seem to excel in expressing that; even my more lighthearted stories end up slowly turning for the darker end of things. I love my characters dearly, but putting them thought trials and difficulties is so much fun, I can't even express it properly.
  • I'm easily inspired, and perhaps a bit too ambitious. I tend to publish stories directly after writing them, realize I can't juggle that many open stories, and take it down; usually I'm just chasing plot bunnies in this dusty brain of mine. If there's an audience for it I can't remove it--that's how Two Broken Halves stayed up, since surprisingly the fandom was still active and people became interested.
  • Having someone seriously read my writing is still new to me, and I tend to freak out over feedback. If I feel something is sub-par, I'll usually say so, and apologize for it. I know my own writing well enough to see when I'm forcing myself to update, instead of just naturally letting ideas come to mind. However, if I didn't motivate myself every now and again, all my stories would probably be updated twice a year or less.

  • "Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private.
    And wash your hands afterwards."

    Robert A. Heinlein

    "No tears from the writer, no tears from the reader.
    No surprise from the writer, no surprise from the reader."

    Robert Frost

    "It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problem just with potatoes."

    Douglas Adams

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    When you get dumped into Middle Earth, you start missing things. Little things. You know, like toilets. And hairbrushes. And tampons. And people who speak English. You know what else? Canon is super-easy to mess up. Now the whole world may end and it's all because of me.
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