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Okay, so, this is my profile for this website. I've been a fan of this site for a few years and I finally decided to write something here. All I am saying is that I'm male and I live in America.

I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Inheritance Cycle, Star Wars, and others.


Favorite books:

1.Harry Potter (Naturally, like a big chunk of the human population)

2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians (much better than Heroes of Olympus to be honest. Try Magnus Chase though, that's good)

3. Lord of the Rings (only read the first two books and half of the third but come on, I already know what happens thanks to the movies and Youtube. Read the Hobbit before it became a movie though)

4. Inheritance Cycle (What? It's like a medieval version of the original Star Wars trilogy)

Favorite Video games:

I used to be only a Nintendo guy as I only had those systems but I just got a used Playstation 2 so I'm trying out a few Playstation games. Haven't played a lot of those but I have to admit, very nice.

1. Paper Mario 2, the Thousand Year Door (I LOVE THAT GAME! It has everything great about the first game and intensified even farther, not to mention all of the great characters, lines and scenes. Goombella is cool and everyone loves Vivian)

2. Kingdom Hearts (Like Roxas more than Sora but they're both cool, not to mention Riku, and I've played most of the games out so far. Haven't played Chain of Memories or Birth by Sleep but I've played the others. Kingdom Hearts 2 was awesome!)

3. Pokemon (Like this wasn't going to be on here, pfft. I completely ignored Gen 5 since I don't like Unnova, Team Plasma, N, or even the starters or legendaries but other than that, Pokemon is cool. I will always love Sinnoh as it had the best of everything. The best legendaries, the best champion, the best evil team and more.)

4. Don't have a lot of experience here but I played Final Fantasy X and, other than a few (many) issues with a few characters, it was cool, I guess. Auron was awesome and Lulu was cool, but I could do without Tidus' narrations or his (shudders) laugh scene with Yuna. At least the romance between them was nice but I will never be a fan of Blitzball as it makes even less sense than Quidditch. Semore was evil though and I liked him.

5. Don't judge me but I've played a good portion of the Lego games. Lego Harry Potter was good and before voice acting in those games, Lego Batman 2 was awesome and Lego Marvel Superheroes will always be a classic.

Favorite movies:

1. Star Wars (Only the original trilogy and number seven were any good in my own opinion. Jar Jar was enough for me to hate episodes one through three)

2. Marvel Cinematic Universe (Doesn't matter which one, I love them all! Sure, I like some more than others but they all weave the stories together so well into the Avengers that it's impossible to not like it. Loki is awesome, Tony is hilarious, Thor is cool and Steve Rogers IS NOT GAY! DANG IT FANGIRLS! I even like the idea of Romanov with Banner, but I don't think that's going to happen. Too bad they had to throw in the Civil War arc already but it was a classic comic series so I can give them a pass)

3. Deadpool (Not from Marvel Studios but it might as well have been with all of the fourth wall breaking humor in there. Seriously, the final battle against Francis had him fight Deadpool on top of a downed S.H.I.EL.D. hellicarrier from Marvel. Not to mention all the references to Green Lantern and the movie was perfect)

4. Frozen (My sister, Silver, hates that Disney is trying to shove that movie down all of our throats but the movie itself was great. I at least can get over that. It just has great characters and lines that I can't help but love. Like Elsa telling her sister that she can't love Hans in the span of a few hours. And this is a Disney Movie! Not to mention that the curse was broken with sisterly love instead of romantic love like a good chunk of Disney movies made it even better. I love Elsa and want to see more of her, but did any of you hear that there are demands for her to fall for a princess? Not a prince, a princess! Hah! Like to see if Disney does that or not!) Honestly, just let it go!

5. Mel Brooks films in general. Young Frankenstein, Silent Movie, History of the World Part 1, Space Balls, Blazing Saddles, etc.


7. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny on the same screen. Enough said)

Favorite shows:

1. Simpsons (old favorite and by that, I mean the older seasons)

2. South Park (I'm a young adult male. How could I not love that show at least slightly)

3. Teen Titans (only the older 2003 version. Who could like the more recent Teen Titans Go show? That remake is an embarrassment to all things DC comics)

4. Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (what can I say, I loved that show. It was dark and creepy without being scary in a strange combination of spooky and funny.)

5. My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic (Okay, I just want to say I am NOT a brony. The show could be canceled tomorrow and while I would be disappointed, I wouldn't cry about it. It's just that I grew up on cartoons from the 90's and early 2000's and the animation style for MLP is similar enough that I don't want to vomit, unlike some shows like Adventure Time or Regular Show. The ponies are actually interesting and the character development is readily apparent, them not making the same mistakes twice. They are very engaging characters and some are just hilarious like Maude Pie, Ditzy/Derpy/Muffin, Rarity sometimes, Discord and others. It's nice to just sit back and watch a show where beating up the bad guys isn't the only way to defeat them sometimes.)

6. Most stuff from the golden age of Cartoon Network: Kids Next Door, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Camp Lazlo, Pokemon, Johnny Bravo, Total Drama, and others. Why can't we have shows like that anymore?

7. Phineas and Ferb: One of the only good decent things Disney has done in the last decade to be honest. I love Perry.

8. Avatar the Last Airbender (can't find anything wrong with it. Didn't really like Korra that much but the original was perfect)

Least Favorite shows:

1. Adventure Time

2. Regular Show

3. We Bear Bears

4. Uncle Grandpa

5. Recent Family Guy episodes

6. Hannah Montana

7. Everything Disney except for Phineas and Ferb

8. Sam and Cat and most things Nickeldeon now.

Why is everything such garbage now! I know my childhood wasn't this good if kids today only watch the trash we call cartoons nowadays. The Looney Toons are the epitome of all things good but cartoons today…sigh, where have we gone wrong if Steven Universe is considered a good cartoon?

Okay, the fandom I mostly read is Harry Potter. Because of so many stories I've read, I have broken down Dumbledore's character into five different classes that writers like to put him in. This is a very general look and there is some overlap but I think it works if I want to categorize Dumbledore in a particular story.

Class one- A Dumbledore that is pure good. Has nothing but good intentions, allows Harry to leave the Dursleys as soon as possible with Sirius or anyone else really, supports Harry in everything he does, and even tells him the prophecy early with the promise of training. Sadly there are very few of these stories as most like him being an old chess master.

Class two- J.K.'s Dumbledore. While still good, he does make mistakes and does have ulterior motives for doing the things he does. He does not mess with Harry's life but does guide him to his destiny in his own way, despite over or underestimating Harry and the 'golden trio.' Does try, but that does not excuse him from screwing something up in the process.

Class three- A Dumbledore that is 100% positive that the prophecy is true and only his way is the way to victory for all involved. This is a Dumbledore that lives by the expression: 'the needs of the many, outway the needs of the few.' He cannot see the forest for the trees and only sees chess pieces that can be sacrificed for his 'greater good.'

Class four- I see quite a few of these, actually. This Dumbledore is usually either pure evil and wants to take over the magical world himself, or is so set in his ways that he is willing to kill and lie to Harry multiple times to get what he wants. This Dumbledore's 'greater good' is more powerful than Grindelwald's and truly wants to become known as the most powerful wizard in the history of the world. he mostly plans on using Harry as a puppet that he has set up to die by Voldemort so he can personally defeat him himself.

Class five- Here's one I want to see more of, actually. Totally senile Dumbledore that doesn't know where he is half the time! This Dumbledore clearly needs to retire and is only around for the sake of being headmaster. Usually his wisdom and advice isn't needed or someone else gets the role of wise mentor like Sirius or the like. This is the Dumbledore from one of the best fan fictions ever, also known as HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMPION'S CHAMPION! and he is hilarious in his total senility.

For class one and two Dumbledores I see Richard Harris. For class three and four, I see Micheal Gambon. Just saying.

Agree, don't, I don't care. That is just how I see Harry Potter stories now. It's all about the class of Dumbledore and what the final pairing is going to be that influences the entire thing.

Favorite pairings:

Harry/Hermione- what can I say, it makes sense. I don't care what J.K. Rowling says, they have more in common than any other two characters out there. They are both from the Muggle world, Hermione has always been close and has never betrayed Harry, EVER! One of the most annoying things was when he said she was his 'sister' in Deathly Hallows. How would he know! He's never had a sister!

Harry/Daphne Greengrass- Not exactly sure why but the idea of the 'Gryffindor Golden Boy' and the 'Slytherin Ice Queen' sounds like a good paring. Even better considering that J.K. paired Draco up with Daphne's sister Astoria. Good for those that want Harry to branch out from Gryffindor and actually try dating someone he's 'not supposed to.'

Harry/Luna- While she is a bit strange, Luna is more eccentric than anything else. Besides, what better person for Harry after the war than someone who truly understands what it feels to lose someone? Luna is awesome!

Harry/Fleur- I have no idea why but it just sounds like a good pairing. As a quarter Veela, Fleur probably knows what is like for people either falling over themselves to be with her or hating her for possibly stealing their boyfriends. They both have some sort of love/hate relationship with the public. Besides, Harry seems immune to her Veela powers and he did save her sister from the lake.

Neville/Luna- I have nothing against Hannah Abbot, but I figured that Neville would wind up with someone we actually knew well. Hannah just strikes me as too naive for her own good (she believed that Harry opened the Chamber of Secrets, enough said).

Remus/Nymphadora- Hah! Tonks can't curse me if I just write her name here...can she? Anyway, while this couple has the biggest age gap in the series, (He's fourteen years older, Tonks was a seventh year in Harry's first) Remus needs someone to keep him grounded. When he was at school, it was his friends. After Sirius died, he needs someone and if Tonks can do it, I'll be the first to wish them good luck. Just wish they both lived through the final battle (sniff, poor Teddy).

Percy/Annabeth- Rick Riordan has done so much to bring these two together that I can't hate them. I just hope that Poseidon and Athena finally work out their differences because of these two.

Percy/Zoe- I know, totally unrealistic. He's male, she's a Hunter, she would totally kill him the first chance she gets. Not to mention Artemis. But I find Zoe a really sympathetic character after Heracles and she deserves to be happy. I know she's happy in the Hunt but if there is any guy for her, it would be Percy.

Eragon/Arya- WHY? WHY COULDN'T THEY BE TOGETHER? That is a main problem I had with the last book. They obviously like each other and the possibility they could wind up together was there in the first book. I get that Eragon had an evil king to defeat and he didn't want to get distracted but there was nothing to stop them later! The last bit of the fourth book had Arya all, 'alright Eragon, now that the evil king is defeated, we can see if this works out.' 'Sorry Arya, I would love for us to be together but instead I'm going away forever.' 'NOOOOOO!'

Han Solo/Leia- What? It's not like Luke can get her now, she's his sister! Too bad the main character didn't get the girl but he got someone eventually if you read the books, Mara Jade rocks. Back to Han and Leia, he's got the bad boy attitude down perfectly as a smuggler and she needs to loosen up after all of her work against the empire. But by far the most romantic scene in the history of books, movies or fiction in general is: "I love you!" "I know." Sure he's dipped in carbonite right after but that would make a glacier melt! By the way, does anyone wonder why there are so few female characters in Star Wars? Weird.

Naruto/Hinata- Oh Kami, can these two be anymore perfect for each other? I don't think so! She's adorable and huggable and just all around likable. She's pretty much the only Hyuga that doesn't have a large stick up their backside and likes Naruto enough to stalk him. Usually I'm against things like that but with our blond's backstory, he needs it. Naruto himself needs to get over his 'Sakura-chan' and get with someone who won't abuse him every ten seconds while shouting about her 'Sasuke-kun!' Barf.

Sora/Kairi- Ooh, everyone's favorite Keyblade wielder and a famous Princess of Heart. By the time I'm writing this, I finally got around to playing the first game. What? I just got a used Playstation 2? Anyway, it's so freaking obvious that these two like each other and they're even more adorable in Kingdom Hearts 2. I really hope we see more of these two in Kingdom Hearts 3 but come on, when is that game ever going to come out?

Roxas/Namine- As cute as Sora and Kairi is, it's Roxas that I truly love when it comes to Kingdom Hearts. Roxas has more of a personality and more angst than Sora that makes him more interesting to me personally. Plus he's the only natural dual-wieder in the game! Who doesn't want to use both Oathkeeper and Oblivion in battle at the same time? Namine herself is incredibly adorable and I just want to hug her until she passes out from lack of oxygen. She's truly the most innocent and sweetest girl in the series, only working for the Organization because she couldn't do anything about it. I love this pairing and desperately want to see more screen time with them.

Least favorite parings:

Harry/Ginny- Did Ginny really lose her fangirlness? Has she really given up on the dream of being Miss boy-who-lived? I find Ginny's character a bit strange. She seemed to get no professional help after her first year other than some hot chocolate and some bed rest and Harry just suddenly gets attracted to her in his sixth year? Love potions are mentioned in the books so often and I wouldn't be surprised to find that Ginny has some serious problems; especially since her mother was laughing about a love potion early in the third book, maybe giving her the idea. I think that Molly got Arthur with a love potion but the theory says that he liked her anyway and the potion only gave him the courage to ask her out in the first place. That might have romanticized the idea of a love potion, despite the fact that it's basically rape.

Ron/Hermione- How is it that these two became friends again? Oh, that's right, it was Harry bringing them together in the first place. I find Ron loud, annoying, lazy, and all around unappealing. Hermione is always focused on her schoolwork, determined to learn as much as possible to protect her friends, and is fiercely loyal to Harry. All and all, these two are complete opposites and I feel that one would rip the other's throat out at some point, and I doubt that it would be Hermione who failed.

Hermione/Draco- How many times can I say no? Let me count the ways. The fact that he's an arrogant racist idiot that is an insult to all things Slytherin and even the Malfoy family, let alone the fact that he constantly attacks Hermione for being a Muggle-born, makes him the worst possible person for our favorite main female character. I don't care how many times people say that if a boy picks on a girl, it means he likes her. Wishing for her death is not the same as pulling on her pigtails in a kindergarden playground!

Hermione/Lucius- Okay, how does anyone think that this is a good idea? I've seen this way too often and I won't even dignify this pairing by clicking on a story with this. For how bad Draco is, Lucius is ten times worse, AND A DEATH EATER! Hermione is the very thing that Lucius hates more than anything else, a smart 'Mudblood' that does well despite her heritage. I don't care if Lucius has a small change of heart after the war, the whole pureblood supremacy thing is too ingrained into his head to change that. Hermione herself would never be caught dead with Lucius Malfoy of all people, making this even worse. Oh and let's not forget that Hermione fights for house elf rights when THE ONE WHO TORTURED DOBBY IS LUCIUS MALFOY!

Harry/Draco- HOW DOES THIS EVEN WORK! They've been enemies for years, arch rivals that could compete with the famous James and Snape hatred, how does that lead to them even remotely liking each other? J.K. pointed out that neither one of them is gay, after them marrying Ginny and Astoria, and I would bet that Lucius would kill Draco for it. All and all, this is just a stupid pairing that fangirls want to obsess over even though it makes no sense whatsoever.

Snape/Anyone- Severus Snape is an extremely complicated character but I really can't see him with anyone. He called Lily a 'Mudblood' in his fifth year when they had been friends for years and that really says something about his loyalty. He did try to apologize for it but it was too little, too late for that. And Snape whines like a little brat for the rest of his life because of it. He had a crush on Lily, yes, but it wasn't strong enough to make him change to be a better person, instead, he tried to bring Lily down with him and turn her to the dark arts. At least James did change from his arrogant bullying attitude to become someone that Lily could love while Snape didn't.

Bella/Edward- I already said I hate Twilight and I bet I would get a lot of hate mail from fangirls but after reading the books (Yes, I am a guy and I have read all the books (shivers)) I find Edward bossy and opinionated. Bella has almost no personality other than doing what Edward tells her to do, she never takes the initiative to do anything herself without being prompted, and I find it annoying that she would survive all these things that would kill a normal human. Jacob actually does grow along with the story so I have less of a problem with him but he's not even a werewolf, he's a wolf shape shifter (Meyer said so, read Breaking Dawn!)

Roxas/Axel- Do I really have to do this one? Really? Dang, fine. While I love Axel/Lea as a character (who doesn't?) The very thought of him being with Roxas in an actual romantic sense makes me want to projectile vomit. Okay, first, when they start in the Organization, they have no hearts, meaning they have no emotion. While it is explained that they later got their own hearts, it still doesn't explain why fangirls are obsessed with this. Axel is awesome and Roxas is cool but that doesn't mean that their friendship should be exploited into something more. THEY. ARE. FRIENDS! Just friends. Deal with it.

So-so pairings.

I don't really care one way or the other about these pairings. It could work, it might not, whatever.

Harry/Bellatrix- What were people thinking here? Oh, right, if done right it could take away Voldemort's top Death Eater away from him, provided that she's not crazy or anything. I've seen a few that were actually pretty good. If done right this is actually a good pairing. One story had Harry and Bellatrix meet when she was still sixteen and he managed to annul her marriage contract and married her himself. Another had a ritual done that saved Harry's life and Bellatrix's sanity at the same time and they fell for each other. So this pairing could work if done right.

Harry/Cho- This relationship was doomed to end the moment it started. If Cho wanted to be a real girlfriend to Harry, she wouldn't have used Harry as a replacement for Cedric. Granted, Harry ruined the date as much as Cho but at least he has never had real dating experience so he's forgiven somewhat. If they both got their act together, it might work, but Cho needs to grow up and Harry needs to learn that it is now what you say, but how you say it.

Hermione/Bellatrix- You would be surprised about how many of these there are. I was surprised too. I guess if these two were put together in a room and didn't try to kill each other they might have some interesting conversations but I don't know about a lasting relationship. One is crazy, the other is firmly on the side of the light, but I suppose if one was disenchanted with their side and came to the other they might find some sort of friendship.

Hermione/Fleur- Wow, I have no idea if this paring would work or not. Fleur is a beautiful quarter Veela and Hermione is a bushy haired bookworm so appearance wise, they are nowhere near each other. The only thing I can say about this is one is about fire and passion while the other favors books and studying. They should be polar opposites but if they could find some common ground and Hermione pulls herself away from books and start living life a little, then it might work.

Ron/Lavender- Ooh, is Won-Won a clever name for Ron or what? Lavender (or is it Lav-Lav?) has always struck me as the kind of ditsy girl that has more fashion sense then common sense. I suppose it could work out if Lavender actually pulled her lips away from Ron's long enough for them to talk a bit but mostly this is just a good pairing for those that don't want to see Hermione with Ron, which I do support.

Jason/Piper- I don't know about you but I never really thought that Jason had a strong personality in 'The Lost Hero.' When Percy lost his memories, he was still joking about the 'feast of tuna' (Feast of Fortuna) and about making a suit of armor made of Crispy Cheese 'n Weeners. When Jason lost his memories, he seemed more determined to get them back then actually helping with the quest to save Hera/Juno. In 'Mark of Athena' Piper seemed to have done him some good and he got some sort of personality but he is still nowhere as cool as Percy Jackson.

Leo/Reyna- Rick Riordan seems determined to keep Leo from finding anyone, which is getting annoying as he seems to fall for some new girl every book. First Leo fell for Kihone (goddess of snow and ice), then he fell for Thalia (Hunter of Artemis, enough said) and now there seems to be some sort of strange love triangle with him, Hazel and Frank. Personally, I think that he and Hazel wouldn't work since Hazel had a crush on Leo's great-grandfather the first time she was alive, to have that crush move onto Leo is just plain weird. As for Reyna, I like her. She had a small crush on Jason and then on Percy and I just want to see her with someone who would treat the hard working daughter of Bellona right. Since Riordan seems determined to keep these two from falling for anyone, why not with each other?

Frank/Hazel- To be honest, I can't really form an opinion on these two. They like each other. The love triangle between these two and Leo is stupid. Just let them be together and move on.

Murtagh/Nasuada- Did I spell those names right? Oh well, Eragon's half brother with the leader of the Varden anyway. He is the tough guy with the tragic past that everyone loves and she is the leader of the resistance against Galbatorix. Read 'Inheritance,' it actually does show that she does get a crush on him when she was captured and forced to spend time with him. Instead, he goes off on an adventure of self discovery after the king dies and probably leaves forever. Too bad, it could have worked between them.

Bruce Banner/Natasha Romanov Was this in the comics? I don't think so but, oh well, I kind of like the pairing. Marvel seems to think that these two would make a good pairing and I have to admit, someone needs to be around to calm Bruce down before he go all hulking green monster on innocent civilians. He can turn into a rage monster, she had been trained to be an assassin since she was young, I don't really see why these two can't work. Just be sure to handcuff Banner to a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier so he can't run off again 'because he's a monster.' Honestly Banner, get over it.

Really weird pairings.

What the heck were people thinking when they made these?

Harry/Tom Riddle (Voldemort)-Okay, have people fallen off the crazy wagon or something? We're talking about Harry Potter, you know, the guy who's all angsty because an evil maniac killed his parents, his sort of friend Cedric, his godfather, his owl, and almost everyone he's ever cared about. Yeah, Voldemort is the evil maniac who had them killed even if he didn't do it himself. You know what I think when I just saw my godfather die or I see a creepy guy use my blood to bring back my arch enemy in a graveyard? I think I want to kill the evil murderer before he can take any more of my friends and family, not BE WITH HIM LIKE THAT! Besides, isn't Tom/Voldemort allergic to love or something? Shouldn't this pairing actually kill Tommy boy instead of creating a happily ever after? Not to mention he's like sixty years older than Harry and probably got rid of his manly parts for more power or something.

Harry/Dumbledore-Does anything about that make sense at all? Okay, I get that J.K. admitted that Dumbledore is gay (which makes me want to break out my lawyers but I digress), but HARRY ISN'T! Harry liked Cho. Harry married Ginny. Harry had three kids with Ginny. What makes people think that he would want to be with an old man! Even if Harry inexplicably travels back in time or something back to the twenties or whenever, Dumbledore was having a love affair with Grindlewald or something. Personally, I think that Grindlewald should have had a crush on Arianna or something and that inspired the duel between him, Albus and Albaforth that got Arianna killed but that's just me. And what was with Percival and Kendra Dumbledore for giving their kids names starting with A?

Harry/Ron- You know, what I love more than anything else is being with the best friend that ditched me twice when things got rough. Ron has a major inferiority complex and liked Lavender Brown. Ron also married Hermione (Cough! Hack! Barf!) and they had two kids (Rose is fine but Hugo? Really? J.K. couldn't do any better?). Even if Harry is for some reason gay, which is stupid in the extreme but let's say so for the sake of argument, he couldn't do any better than Ron? Well, I just created some nightmares for bed tonight.

Hermione/Scabior- Who's Scabior again? Oh, right, that snatcher that fans love for some weird reason in the seventh and eighth movies that replaced Greyback. The guy's a snatcher that wants nothing more than to grab Hermione and Muggleborns in general and give them to Umbridge who will get dementors to suck out their souls in Azkaban. Yeah, great guy. But hey, guy's got to make a living somehow, right? Even if he's condemning the magical world to Pureblood rule and Voldemort if the likes of Hermione Granger get's her soul sucked out by floating demons.

Things I've always wondered about.

1. If Harry was a horcrux, then why didn't Voldemort sense it when he possessed Harry back in OOTP. It just seems that he would notice something like that since it is a piece of his soul. Of course, Harry's love for Sirius and his friends pushed him out but Voldemort had already taken over for a while before that happened.

2. If Harry's scar contains a bit of Voldemort's soul, and the protective enchantments prevent Voldemort or anyone else wanting to cause Harry pain or injury, then why did it allow Harry to enter Private Drive? Surely a piece of Voldemort himself would get fried or something by a powerful enchantment that's powered by his mother's love?

3. Why does Dumbledore or any teacher not seem to care about Harry's emotional well being? Every time the school turns on Harry, which is a lot, no one ever does anything about it. When he lost all those points in the first book, the heir of Slytherin thing, his name coming out of the goblet of fire (Draco's badges), Umbridge, and every other time, Dumbledore just allows Harry to suffer. Shouldn't there be some sort of punishment for all the Slytherins tormenting Harry?

4. Brother wands. How many dragons, unicorns, and phoenixes are in the world? What are the odds that this is a rare occurrence in the magical world? Phoenixes are always said to be extremely rare and Fawkes only gave up two feathers, where does Ollivander get his supplies? Why aren't dueling witches and wizards constantly getting their wands tangled?

5. Movie Harry's patronus. In the movie, Harry said that his patronus was powered by the thought of his parents but he has never known them. This implies that the patronus is powered by a happy thought or feeling, not a memory like in the book. It's almost like Harry, instead of using a happy memory to counteract a bad one, accepts the pain of the bad thoughts and make the patronus work anyway.

6. Why did Christopher Columbus do so well in the first two Harry Potter films, following the books almost exactly, then screw up directing 'The Lightning Thief' later?

7. How come Fred and George never saw Peter Pettigrew on the map? Shouldn't they have wondered why some guy named Peter was constantly following Ron around? At the very least, the map should have said 'Wormtail,' thus sending both twins going into a frenzy trying to meet one of the creators of the map. For that matter, how come they never wondered why Harry, Ron and Hermione spent so much time in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom a year earlier?

8. I'm not complaining about this but I have noticed that while there is Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Molly, Ginny, and even Sirius bashing, there is no Luna bashing. I love Luna even more than I love Harry and I don't want to see her bashed but I'm just commenting on it. The world would probably implode if someone tried to bash Luna anyway.

9. Renesemee. Did I spell that right? Bella's and Edward's daughter in any case. What I don't get is how she was conceived. According to biology (which is the class that Bella and Edward first met by the way) in order for certain male organs to...rise to the occasion...for baby making, a heartbeat is needed. The flow of blood is required to put his tab A into her slot B. As a vampire (sparkly or otherwise) Edward is technically dead with no heartbeat at all. Ironic that that one bit on his body should remain...soft...forever, thus preventing the baby making process all together. Seems that Meyer forgot that bit. Or maybe she was going with super vampire bits, either one.

10. Harry's paternal grandparents. Okay, so J.K. has never revealed James's parents names, but everything I've seen points to Dorea and Charlus Potter, even if J.K. won't admit it. She doubts it's them but everything makes sense that it is them. According to the Harry Potter Lexicon, Dorea was born 1920 and died in 1977. J.K. did reveal that James's parents were on the older side and he was treated like a special little gift, which would explain his arrogance early on. If Dorea was his mother, than she would have been 40 when he was born, which does fit in with having him on the late side. She and probably Charlus died in 1977, probably due to a Death Eater attack, which would have left James an orphan for his seventh year, which would account for him growing up and being more responsible for his last year at Hogwarts. All I am saying is that there are too many coincidences for them to NOT be his parents. Just admit it Rowling.

11. Okay, this is hilarious! Everyone knows that Ron hates all things Slytherin. Thinks that they are all going to be evil, be Death Eaters, and try to take over the world. Which is ridiculous since how could a fourth of magical Britain be evil? I did some checking on the Potter Lexicon and the Black family tree and found that a Septimus Weasley married at Cedrella Black. According to the dates, it is widely believed that they are Arthur's parents, and since every Black with the exception of Sirius has been a Slytherin, that implies that Ron's own grandmother was a Slytherin! Of course, not every Slytherin has turned out evil. Andromeda was a Slytherin and she married a Muggle-born, Regulas died in his attempt to destroy a horcrux, and even Dorea Black who married Charlus Potter was a Slytherin. Face it Ron, not all Slytherins are evil.

12. (Takes in a deep breath and continues). Alright, I just want someone to explain this to me and I'll be okay. What is the deal with Sasuke? Just why does anyone like him. At all. Ever. The 'Last Loyal Uchiha' is a pain in every part of the body I can think of, is an emo brooder, has a weakness for power, drives himself to try to kill his much more likable older brother Itachi, and has hair in the shape of a duck's butt. He insults Naruto all the time, calls him names, never recognizes that the blond can be skilled as well, has a sense of self-titlement because of who his clan is, and never acknowledges the pink haired paper weight's...ahem, I mean, Sakura's, obsession on him. If he's not going to go out with her, then why not just say so instead of leading her on like he does? Just crush her spirit and move on already. Not to mention that Sasuke tries to kill Naruto not just once in the history of the show, just to unlock some power! What kind of friend does that? Naruto should have just given up on him and tried to kill him, not try to bring him back, even into Shippuden.

13. I really want this answered but it probably won't for reveal years at this rate. How are the older three Keyblade wielders going to be important for Kingdom Hearts 3? First, from what I can figure, Ventus' chamber can only be unlocked by Aqua using her Keyblade herself so she has to be saved before him. Since Axel/Lea can still use the powers of darkness, even as a human again, he can probably get into the Realm of Darkness to save her (which serves as some fuel to them getting together but I digress). Dream Drop Distance showed that Riku and Sora can now wake someone from a comatose state so Sora can give Ventus his heart back now. Terra is…complicated and the one I truly want to know about. As far as I know, his Keyblade and armor are in the Keyblade Graveyard and is some sort of lingering sentiment now that Xahanort took Terra's body. How are they going to get Terra back in his armor? It would be awesome if they just they had to beat up his armor or something but I bet it will be more complicated than that.

Things that tick me off when I'm reading a story:

1. Hermione bashing. Hermione is the second sweetest and second most innocent girl in the series (the first being Luna) and has always stood by Harry. Why would she go out of her way to side with Dumbledore instead of him? Why would she betray her first real friendship for her love of books? Ron bashing I can understand as he is jealous and has left Harry twice when things got rough but Hermione refuses to leave Harry alone, even in the harshest of circumstances. I love Hermione. Please don't hate her.

2. Moony being spelled Mooney. The movies messed that up! It's M-O-O-N-Y! There is no E in the nickname!

3. Annabeth being a brunette. She's blonde in the books, she should be blonde in the movies. Just saying.

4. Too much mushy mushy goo goo scenes/ too much angst. A little angst or romance is fine, but come on Meyer, Twilight is almost nothing but sappy romance and Bella failing at angst. Why is she so depressed when the whole school somehow loves her on her first day at Forks?

5. Those reading stories where they read the book but nothing changes for the readers. The point of the whole thing should be for the characters to go back and read about their old adventures while changing certain beliefs and looking at things in different ways. I can see Percy and Annabeth staying together if they read their books but Harry should realize that something is off when he finds himself strangely attracted to Ginny out of nowhere if he's reading Half Blood Prince. Hermione would also notice her strange behavior during that book as well since when does it take a whole school year to find out about Ellien Prince? And helping Ron get onto the Quidditch team by using a confundus charm on McClaggen? That is so out of character that I wonder what J.K. was thinking. Hermione would see something weird if she read HBP.

6. Excessive detail to violence. I don't know about whoever is reading this but I don't like to read about extended torture scenes with a great deal of detail. If the main character is being attacked, please skip at least some of the gory details.

7. Okay, there is no way I would ever accept this at all but I see it WAY too often. It is biologically impossible, completely stupid, and could never happen outside the mind of a delusional fangirl. Male pregnancy. Guys hate the very notion, girls seem to think it's possible, the whole thing is idiotic and I refuse to click on a story that even hints at it. I don't care what kind of sick, twisted magic in Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Eragon, or any other fandom you can come up with, IT CAN'T HAPPEN! The male race do not have wombs, they have no eggs to fertilize to become babies, THE VERY CONCEPT IS RIDICULOUS! Is it possible for two girls to have a child? Yes if one wants to go with magic, then it is possible, but the children would always be female as women have no Y chromosome to pass along. The idea of a woman getting pregnant by another woman and having a boy is impossible as well. WHY DON'T AUTHORS GET THAT!

8. I was just wondering this and wanted to put this down. Is the Unova region in Pokemon useless? What I mean is, that region doesn't really have anything going for it Pokemon wise. Hoenn has Kyogre and Groudon, the Pokemon that created the continents and the oceans. Sinnoh has Dialga, Palkia, Giritina, Arceus and others that created time, space, an alternate universe and the creator of the universe. Even Kalos has Xerneas and Yevatle (I think I spelled that wrong but I don't care) who are the Pokemon of life and death. What does Unova have? Zekrom is the Pokemon who love those that want to change the world to their ideal, I think, while Reshiram is the Pokemon of those that seek truth in the world. That's…kind of stupid after Sinnoh, to be honest. We go from time, space and the ultimate creator of the Pokemon universe, to this. What the heck?

Things I would change if I controlled Pokemon.

1. HAVE ASH AGE ARCEUS DAMN IT! What is with Ash constantly being a ten year old? How could he have gone through so many adventures through Kanto, the Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Kanto again, Sinnoh, Unova, and now Kalos and still be ten! It even said in one of the episodes that it took Ash a year to travel Kanto the first time to get the badges, and HE'S STILL TEN! I agree with Iris "Such a little kid."

2. Have Ash actually win something meaningful. In all the years Pokemon has been on the air, Ash has only won two things worth mentioning. The Orange Island cup, and beating the Kanto battle frontier. THAT'S IT! How many leagues has he won? Zero. How many champions and elite four members has he faced and won against? None. What has he really accomplished in all the years of being a trainer? NOTHING!

3. Actually get Ash a girlfriend. How many girls have fallen for Ash over the years? Seems like a lot, to be honest. We all know that Misty had a crush on him when they were traveling together, May liked Drew for some reason despite the fact that he's probably gay, Dawn's a naive little twit that I never really liked, Iris is a wild child that only has two dragons despite wanting to be a dragon master, and Serena has had a crush on Ash ever since they met when they were younger. That's not to mention Annabel from the Battle Frontier, that one girl at the Johto league, whatever her name was, and how many other girls Ash has run into over the years. What was the deal with Bayleaf anyway? Did she like Ash too because that's actually really weird. I still have no idea who kissed Ash on the cheek at the end of the fifth Pokemon movie. Was that Bianca or was that Laitas disguised as Bianca? She didn't say anything and Ash did try to save Latios so it might have been either one. I like the idea of Cynthia with him but she's like, Brock's age so it would be more weird than romantic but still. Not to mention that the Sinnoh champion can't decide on anything quickly unless it's in a Pokemon battle. Watch the episodes with her out of battle, it takes her like ten minutes if not longer to choose an ice-cream flavor! Personally, I'm rooting for Serena as she seems like the best candidate and she's traveling with Ash now but then again, ASH IS TEN YEARS OLD STILL!

4. Force Ash and Pikachu to keep their experience between regions. This gets to me EVERY ARCEUS DAMN TIME! Okay, we have Pikachu, who has taken on multiple hard opponents and who personally took down a Regice single handedly against Brandon. Pikachu has also dealt with Dragonites, legendaries and who knows what else. Then, Ash gets to Unova and get's challenged by that brat Trip who has just started with a level five Snivy or something. Pikachu, who has won against Legendaries and should be level 100 plus at least…LOSES! Something about Zekrom draining Pikachu of its electricity or something shouldn't matter! There's Quick Attack, Iron Tail and other moves! Did Pikachu need electric attacks to beat that Cubone back in Season One? NO! Oh, that's not it either! In Kalos against Viola, it's Pikachu against a Surskit, a bug and water type. Pikachu…loses again! What is wrong with these people? Why does Pikachu suddenly go back to level one every time Ash goes to a new region? Why doesn't Ash use cool moves like Pikachu's electric counter shield he came up with back in Sinnoh now? Ash goes back to being an idiot just about EVERY STINKING TIME! When Ash got to Hoenn, he personally taught May everything she needed to know to be a trainer, and he did the same with Dawn. Then Ash got to Unova and the next thing we know, he's making stupid mistakes a rookie would do! Challenging a female Snivy with the move attract and using male Pokemon against her is asking for trouble. Then he was surprised to find that his Pidove or something was female and thus immune to attract from Snivy. SHOULDN'T THAT HAVE BEEN SOMETHING HE SHOULD HAVE NOTICED RIGHT AWAY! The gender of his own Pokemon is kind of important, don't you think?

5. Okay, what kind of power is hinted at Ash having, but never actually using? Aura. Ash has met at least one aura user in Riley back in Sinnoh and found he can use it. Has he done anything with it? Of course not. It's not like he could hopefully catch a Pokemon who could use it. What's that? There's Lucario that can use it and he could just catch one? That's actually smart, so of course Ash can't do that. Ash even met Sir Aaron's Lucario in that movie with Mew and found that his aura is almost exactly the same as the greatest aura master's who ever lived, in Kanto anyway. That kind of implies that Ash is related distantly to Sir Aaron but again, we don't even know who Ash's father is so of course we won't find out anything about distant relations like that.

6. Speaking of who Ash's father is, shouldn't we have figured it out by now? We're on what, season fourteen? Fifteen? and we still have no clue who his father is. Personally, I'm going with Giovanni myself as that would be AWESOME! The leader of Team Rocket being the dad of the main character? Wonder what Jessie, James and Meowth would say about that! "Delia never told you about your father." "She told me enough, she told me he was a great trainer before he vanished without a trace." "No, Ash, I…am your father." "NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!"

7. Okay, I really don't have too much of a problem with Ash's Pokemon choices, but he probably should take the time to actually get certain Pokemon instead of just catching those that are nearby at the time. How awesome would it be if we see Ash using various Pokemon like Tyranitar, Espeon, Aggron, Lucario, Garchomp and other huge and scary Pokemon? Well, Espeon isn't that scary but still, they're my favorite Eeveelution so far and they kick butt.

8. I would have Ash actually catch at least one legendary. How many legendaries has Ash run into by now? Oh yeah, he's seen them all except for Raikou. Well, good for that giant electric saber-toothed tiger for being a unique snowflake and not wanting to run into him like every other legendary. I get that legendaries have to maintain the natural order of nature or something but I would like to see him with at least one of the lesser ones. It doesn't have to be a Mew, Dialga or anything but I would love for him to use a Shaymin at least. Yeah, I'm that desperate for him to have a legendary I used Shaymin. Latias seemed to like him from the movie, he's the only human Mewtwo trusts, he's apparently the chosen one that stopped the legendary birds from fighting and he helped Lugia a few times, he saw a Ho-Oh in the very first episode of season one and he saved Arceus's life. Shouldn't that count for something? Apparently not as he's still a loser.

9. (Taking a deep breath and continuing) Okay, is anyone other than me sick and tired of not hearing Pokemon talk? Just saying their names over and over is getting more and more irritating for me and I'm ready to tear my eyes out if they keep going like that. That's why I like the movies, most of the legendaries actually talk! Even that Lucario talked, and we saw a talking Slowking in the second movie. We need more of that and fast. If I was Ash and I just saved Arceus's life in that movie with him, I would ask for at least the power to understand Pokemon just so I wouldn't have to play charades every time they want to tell me something. Arceus is the creator of the Pokemon world and the god of all Pokemon, if anyone could give Ash that power, it's him. Of course, Ash got squat after saving his life so I'm going with the god of all Pokemon and the creator of the Pokemon universe as just lazy and unappreciative. Jerk.

10. Last one, I promise, at least for now as I might think of something later. I want Ash to have a real rival. Gary was good for a start as he was a little snot but he gave up being a trainer for a job as a researcher so he's out. Trip was more irritating than anything else but he wasn't that bad. But my favorite rival for him, and who will always be the best rival, was Paul. Gary was more annoying 'in your face' and his cheerleaders were embarrassing. Trip was insulting but not to the extent Paul is. Paul is powerful, has an abusive personality, and is the opposite to Ash in just about every way possible. Ash uses positive reinforcement in training and Paul uses negative reinforcement. Paul's training is much harsher than Ash's and he doesn't stand around and hold his Pokemon's hand if they don't get something right away, using pain as a motivator. Paul isn't evil or anything, he's just extremely strict, has a no nonsense attitude, and puts everything he has into every battle, seeing Ash as an idiot and a mediocre trainer, which he is to be honest. In their six-on-six battle, Paul went all out, using everything he had learned of Ash to destroy him. If Ash had used all of his Pokemon instead of just the ones he caught in Sinnoh up to that point, treating it as a serious battle instead of just a fun match with his happy-go-lucky attitude, he might have stood a better chance. Paul ripped into him and wiped out all of Ash's Pokemon while only losing a few of his own, insulting Ash as he left. Ash did learn his lesson, for like two episodes before he went back to where he was before, once again not learning anything.

Teams and evil Organizations in Pokemon from most dangerous and evil to least dangerous.

1. Team Galactic- What can I say, Cyrus want's to destroy the universe with the use of Dialga and Palkia and create his own perfect universe. Watch the show, he actually succeeds and jumps through the portal, but it collapses right after and he probably died if the universe didn't have oxygen or something else he might need. Besides that though, destroying the universe by capturing several legendaries and essentially torturing them until they do what they want is evil, no question about that.

2. Team Flare- How are they evil? Oh, they want to use an ancient doomsday device, powered by a legendary, and then wipe out life all over Kalos. I can't remember if they wanted to wipe out all life or just the Pokemon or whatever but that is evil. Draining the energy of a legendary just to power a doomsday device? That's diabolical, no doubt.

3. Cipher- In the Orre region, Cipher planned on turning regular Pokemon into what they call 'Shadow Pokemon.' These are Pokemon that are evil by having the doors to their hearts artificially closed so they become mindless battle machines, willing to attack Pokemon and humans with a hate filled rage. Cipher managed to get not only the Johto trio, Suicune, Entei and Raikou, but also a Lugia. Turning legendaries evil until they want to destroy the world cannot end well at all.

3.5. Team Plasma?- I…honestly have never played Black and White or their sequels so I have no idea how evil these guys are, actually. N seems like a loser pretty boy that wants trainers to release their Pokemon from their Pokeball prisons. Ghetsus on the other hand (did I spell that right?) actually seems evil from what I've heard about him and wants to do something evil. I have no clue but I think he wanted to take over the world or something, deceiving N in the process. Correct me if I'm wrong, please, but the guy sounds bad.

4. Team Rocket- I'm going with both the games and the anime on this one. In the games, Team Rocket is bad, but has never really struck me as evil to the extent of the others. Yes, they kill Cubone's mother and take over Lavender Tower, yes they take over Silph Co in Saffron and Giovanni tries to take the Master Ball for himself. Then we find out he's the Viridian City gym leader but he disbands Team Rocket right after. Three years later, Team Rocket is still going and cut off Slowpoke tails and sells them in Azelea Town, mess with the Magikarp in the Lake of Rage and create a red Gyarados, and then take over the Goldenrod City radio tower to get in contact with Giovanni. But again, while bad, none of that really speaks to me as truly diabolical to the level as the others above. In the anime, Team Rocket has really only done one thing that's truly evil and that was when they created Mewtwo with the DNA of Mew. Other than that…what have they done on a large scale to take over the world? Giovanni is still around so they are apparently still doing something other than some small things when Ash was still traveling through Johto, they've mostly done squat. Yes, that Masked Maruder guy did catch Celebi in the fourth movie and use its power to create a giant plant monster and Annie and Oakley did catch Latios in the city of Altomare in the fifth movie but again, what have they done since then?

5. Team Snagg'em- Stupid name, to be honest. The only reason these guys aren't higher is that Wes from Pokemon Collesium (Dang I can never spell that right) blew up their base before the game even started. Their plan was that they built two snag devices that could steal Pokemon from other trainers, a large one that Wes blew up, and a small one that he stole that he can wear on his body. Any Pokeball he throws is converted into a Snagball that can steal a Pokemon from its owner and Wes was the best in the business before he turned traitor and blew everything to kingdom come with his Espeon and Umbreon. While somewhat bad, these guys are completely overshadowed by Cipher so it's no surprise when both teams merge in the end to try to stop Wes. Not like it does but you get the point.

6. Team Aqua/Team Magma- These guys are…stupid. There's no other way of saying it. I'm lumping them both together just because they are that stupid. Their plans are idiotic in the extreme and while Team Aqua is slightly worse, neither of their plans work in the grand scheme of things. Team Aqua wants to expand the sea with the power of Kyogre. Well, good for them, I guess. Just one question. Where are we and even they supposed to live after that? Do they expect everyone to live in houseboats or something? Expanding the sea is a terrible idea as that would drown everything actually living on land. Team Magma is slightly better as they want the power of Groudon to expand the land. Okay, that works…kind of. Great, new islands I guess for people to live on. That would limit the habitats for water Pokemon so that's bad I guess but mostly these guys are just there to fight against Team Aqua. The only really bad thing about these two is that they don't care who they hurt while they're fighting their little turf war throughout Hoenn but hey, "When you're a jet, you're a jet all the way!"

Yeah, I totally just compared Team Aqua and Magma with the Sharks and the Jets from West Side Story. Sue me.

Worlds that I want in Kingdom Hearts 3

1. Frozen (naturally, but it will probably be in the one after or in some other spinoff, to be honest).

2. Star Wars

3. Marvel (That would be so awesome! The Avengers or something world would be cool).

4. Wreck-It Ralph (Can't throw in Mario or Sonic but they could focus on Ralph or Sugar Rush in general).

5. Tangled (Already confirmed).

6. Muppets (it could happen).

7. The Incredibles (Pixar for the win!).

8. Pocahontas

9. Lady and the Tramp

10. Pete's Dragon

11. Dumbo/Bambi (What? Sad movies but it could happen).

12. Epic Mickey (Or throw in Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in general. I'll be happy either way).

13. Bedknobs and Broomsticks (probably would have to focus on the animated parts, to be honest).

14. Ducktales/Darkwing Duck (they can't make a world based on a show instead of a movie?).

15. Treasure Planet (What? They did Lilo and Stitch…sort of).

THROW IN OSWALD, SQUARE ENIX! For those who don't know (shame on you) Walt Disney created Oswald Rabbit before Mickey when he worked for Universal Studios back in the 1920's. Universal refused to give Walt more money to make cartoons and took Oswald from him, forcing him to leave the company and create his own, Ub iWork's and he created Mickey to replace Oswald. Disney got Oswald back in 2006 and other than making the fairly unpopular game of Epic Mickey in 2010 with Oswald as a main character, they have ignored Oswald for the most part. What I want to see is Kingdom Hearts 3 with Oswald as a kind of anti-Mickey, being a Keyblade master himself and convinced by Pete and Maleficent that Mickey is the bad guy. They get into various fights before Oswald finally realizes that Mickey is his brother and the good guy while he was tricked. They then work together to stop the new Organization/Maleficent with the help of Sora. That would be so awesome!

It also makes sense as Oswald is actually pretty popular in Japan, more so than Mickey in some places, so Square Enix should at least know something about him.


1. Okay, so I have an idea for a story that I don't personally want to write myself. My sister actually came up with the idea but she's trying to get her book published and I'm working on my own stories. Here it is:


1. Main characters are Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, and Daphne Greengrass.

2. Harry is a Gryffindor, Hermione in Ravenclaw, Neville in Hufflepuff, Daphne in Slytherin.

3. During the troll incident in first year, Harry works together with the other two to save Hermione and ditches Ron as a bad friend. Must stand up to Ron and stop being his friend but might get back together in future books. (Up to you)

4. All four characters must remain part of their own little clique for the entirety of their Hogwarts years.

5. Go through all seven years with the Hogwarts quartet, not the Gryffindor trio.


1. Harry/Daphne and Neville/Hermione

2. All four are the heirs of their houses and can control Hogwarts, having more power than Dumbledore. Daphne being from an elder line of Slytherin than the Gaunts.


1. Dumbledore can be as good or as bad as you want.

2. Ginny and/or Ron can be bashed.

3. Draco can be with Astoria but he has to be redeemed at some point for that work.

Author must have fun with this!

2. This one I came up with on my own without my sister's help, mostly because she isn't a fan of Naruto like I am. Yeah, I'm moving to Naruto instead of Harry Potter for this challenge. See, I watched multiple episodes of the original series and noticed that even though the Kyuubi has helped Naruto a lot, they never really get along at all. True, he is a large demon fox and Naruto is his jailer but I think there is a lot of untapped potential there. I want them to at least come to a business arrangement instead of them hating each other at least. So, here's the challenge.


1. When Naruto (or Naruko if you want) is young, like six or seven, the villagers go too far in their beatings and the Kyuubi is forced to bring the kid into his (her) mindscape to heal him. In the seal, it is revealed that the fox demon is actually the mental equivalent of a teenager. I've seen fics where she's been an adult and I think her being a spoiled teen instead would be hilarious. And yes, Kurama has to be female.

2. Naruto is either forcibly turned into a female kitsune against his will or he agrees to it. Same if going with Naruko. Able to hide the fox tails and ears without a henge.

3. Kurama acts like a bratty mentor for the new Naruko. Willing to teach her through the seal (via telepathy) but doesn't like it, at least at first.

4. Sasuke MUST be bashed. He's an annoying emo-brooder that is WAY too single-minded and his hair looks like a duck's butt. Up to the challenger to decide how much hate there will be.

5. Naruko must be powerful by the time of the Chunin exams but not over powerful. Enough to give most Chunins and some Jonins a run for their money but not Kage level by then.

6. Kurama is NOT evil. She was sleeping in her den when Madara was stupid enough to summon her during his fight and put her in a Genjutsu. When the battle was over she tried to escape when she was sealed in Uzumaki Mito before she could. She was put under it again when she was ripped out of the seal on that October 10 night.


1. I would like to see Naruko with a fox summoning contract and able to summon Kurarma and several other kitsune. Kurama should be able to look like a normal large fox outside of the seal at a fraction of her power.

2. Look me in the eyes and tell me Haku isn't female. With Haku's voice and appearance, she's either a teen girl or the girliest boy in history.

3. NARUKO/HINATA! PLEASE! I love Hinata and she's one of my favorite characters EVER! She's so adorable and she truly deserves either Naruto or Naruko.

4. Hiruzen Sarutobi can learn about Naruko being a kitsune but he has to be accepting. I hate those few fics bashing him since he really does try to help Naruto in cannon.

5. Blast Sakura with either the Elements of Harmony and send her to the moon for a thousand years or a beam of anti-fangirlness to get over Sasuke. Either way, it will be the only way she'll be useful and not a pink haired paperweight.


1. Have Kurama tell Naruko about her parents early, or at least the name of one of them. Makes sense, she lived inside of Kushina for years and she probably saw Minato through her genjutsu fueled rage.

2. Additional training from Jiraiya as he's a lazy pervert that never bothered to check on his godkid.

3. Give Naruko at least a partial fire element. Wind is good and cannon but she could have gotten fire from Kurama. Scorch release is totally up the challenger.

4. Harem is optional and that's all I'm going to say on that end.

5. I NEED HUMOR! MAKE IT FUNNY PLEASE! Totally optional but if you want...

6. Just do the dang challenge, this is troublesome. If you didn't get that reference then you are not the right person to do the challenge.

3. Here's one I JUST thought of and had to write it down. It's loose enough for anyone to run with it and turn it into whatever you want, so here goes. It's the second task, Dobby DIDN'T tell Harry to 'save his weezy' so when Harry is underwater to save his hostage, he is forced to choose between Ron, Hermione, Cho and Gabrielle. Harry, in a fit of shock, saves the one 'he would truly miss' meaning Hermione and not Ron, who abandoned him earlier that year. Harry did forgive him after the second task, but never truly trusted him afterward, thinking he might do it again. Harry saved Hermione as she was the one who had never doubted him, had always been there for him, and trusted him entirely.


1. Must be Harry/Hermione either during or right after the second task.

2. There must be a falling out between Harry and Ron when Ron gets angry at not being saved by Harry. Whether they become friends again is up to to you. Percy can also yell at Harry for not saving his brother but that's optional.

3. Harry and Hermione must stay together throughout their Hogwarts years.


1. A big blow out between Hermione and Ginny when the brunette gets Harry while Ginny doesn't (do with Ginny what you will).

2. Dumbledore can be as good or bad as you like, either supportive or evil.

3. Harry can save Gabrielle as well but he MUST save Hermione from the lake.

4. Krum is in the same camp as Dumbledore, either happy for Hermione or jealous and bitter, either one.


1. Soul bond? I know, cliche, but it works.

2. Ron and Ginny chase after them with love potions, but fail after the wrong targets came after them (ex. Draco chasing Ron or Tralawney pursuing Ginny).

3. Creature inheritance? Either Harry or Hermione works.

4. Multiple girls is possible, I suppose, but Hermione must be the 'alpha' female in the relationship. Fleur could work if Harry saves her sister in the lake but she must respect Hermione's position. Must be believable if done.

4. Okay, so by now I'm sure that quite a few people have heard that Emma Watson is playing Belle in the Disney live action remake of Beauty and the Beast. What I want are tons of combinations of Harry Potter and that Disney movie. Parodies of the Harry Potter characters taking the places of the Disney characters, cross overs between the two, constant references, anything you can think of! You can have Hermione take the place of Belle for a Kingdom Hearts story for all I care, but I want to see tons of this!


1. A parody with Hermione as Belle, CAPS LOCK RAGE MODE HARRY as the Beast/Prince, Trawlaney as Mrs. Potts (Or Molly could work too), Draco/Ron as Gaston/Lefou (either one would work, really), maybe Dumbledore as Maurice, Sirius and Remus as Lumiere and Cogsworth, etc.

2. Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast take place in the same world and Hermione is actually a relative of Belle. They meet all the time and Hermione asks Harry for help when her…cousin? Aunt? Whatever, is captured. Both work together with Belle to not only stop Voldemort but also Gaston/Enchantress.

3. Bellatrix was actually the crazy enchantress that cursed Prince Adam and they need to kill her in order to break the spell in addition to true love.

4. Maleficent tries to capture Belle to open the Door to Darkness but accidentally gets Hermione, forcing Harry and Sora to work together to save her (I don't know where that one came from).

5. There is another magical school that participates in the Tri-Wizard Tournament full of Disney characters and among them are Belle and Adam (Let it go, let it go! Can't turn it back anymore! Let it go, let it go! Turn away and slam the door!(um…sorry)).

6. Draco is a descendent of Prince Adam and the curse reawakens with him. He has to turn into an actual human being for the spell to break. (Cannot be with Hermione to break the spell!) In case you don't know, I LOATHE Draco and want to drown the little sh*

7. A one-shot where the house elves sing 'Be Our Guest' to Hermione. Dobby can be Lumiere.

8. Draco curses Harry after the battle of the Department of Mysteries that turns him into a Beast. Hermione has to earn his true love to break the spell (that could also kill Voldemort too in a very convenient plot twist).

9. Non-magical High School AU? I don't know. I guess Harry and Adam could be jocks while Hermione and Belle are best friends/sisters/cousins.

10. Belle and Adam come with the Beauxbatons students for the tournament in Fourth year.

I might think of others but if anyone could come up with any others, go ahead. I NEED TO READ THIS!

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