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Welcome To My Profile

Little about myself:

Age: 0ver 9000

Name: A*R Believe it or not, my real name descend from Saber's Legend.

I'm Asian. English is my 3rd language which is why I still make grammatical mistakes whenever I write. I'm doing my best to improve by myself which is why I will not have a BETA reader!

Top Anime:

Fate Stay Night (This one will always have a special place in my heart!)

Dragon ball Z (First Anime)


Fairy Tail


I have a lot of other anime that I love but I will not mention them or it will take forever.

I like to:


-draw( I'm pretty good at it)

-write short stories for comics

-watch anime (once in a while)

-play games (sometimes)

What I dislike:

-evil people

-do nothing

Anyways, I have a lot more things that I like and dislike but I'm not going to mention all of them.

As for reading fanfiction, what I like about fanfiction are:

-Good plot

-Enjoyable and long story

-Character's development

What I dislike in Fanfiction are:

- God like character, what I mean is a Character that always win no matter what and always beat their opponents without much of an effort.

-Short Chapters, one thing that I dislike. If it's too short you can't really understand what's go000oooiiiing on. I think that 3k is enough for a chapter.

-Wait for a chapter from a good story to be upload.

-Author's ditching their viewers without a Note.

-Asspull with no explanation behind it.

Besides that I like Pretty much every stories :D

My favorite males Characters:(no specific rank, tho goku is my best)








-Araragi Koyomi

And a lot more...

My favorite females characters: (no specific rank unless mentionned)

-Saber/Arturia (Fate Stay Night) 1st Ever!! My Waifu! My Laifu!! ~~~~ She's the meaning of Love itself

-Akame (Akame Ga Kill) 6th Not as Badass as Akua Shuzen but she's gettting there!

Sayla (Fairy Tail) Sweet, yet so Evil.

-Kurumi Tokisaki (Date a Live) 4th She's such a well written character.

-Akua Shuzen (RosarioVampire) 2nd She's a Real true badass!

-Inner Moka Akashiya (RosarioVampire) Badass

-Mirajane Strauss (Fairy Tail) She's Pretty Hot

-Urumi Kanzaki (Great Teacher Onizuka) 3rd

-Chelia Blendy (Fairy Tail) Cute and strong.

-Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail) 5th My first crush out of all Fairy Tail female character.

And a lot more...

Story currently working on:

-Forgotten Myth (Currently working on it) I Will Update Once a Week or Once Every Two weeks. Once a month the worst case ever -_-

Character's Appearances in my stories:

Sayla's attire in Forgotten Myth (Part 1) -

Credits goes to IIIIIIIIII

Please Take a Look at his Amazing work. (Author retired)

While I am Gone, I do not leave anyone without my General Advice:

The Golden Rules of Writing: (This is just general advice that I would extend to anyone who wants to start a story and wants it to be popular)

1) NEVER start writing another story until you've finished the one you're currently on. This is bar none the most important rule for anyauthor on this site to follow; period.

-Exception: It is fine to toy around with idea and concepts, but don't put anything on paper(figuratively)

2) Whenever you come up with an idea for a story, do NOT immediately start writing. Think out all the major plot points--come up with the beginning and end alongside a few key events at the bare minimum. This helps to eliminate writer's block to a degree, and it's less restrictive in the sense that you can alwaysadd stuff in as you go and change things up a little. It basically gives you sort of a road map to follow. You know where your going, but you can also take a few detours.

3) Spend a minimum of ONE HOUR a day writing. If you've followed the first two steps to a degree, then you shouldn't have any problems knowing what it is you should be writing. One hour isn't all that much to put into it, and if you're on fire, then you can just keep going. If you're bad at typing, then this is a MUST because typing skills in general are something that just about every person needs. If you write for one hour a day, you will eventually find yourself typing faster so that you will be able to keep up with longer chapters of your story on a weekly basis.

-Note: If you have issues motivating yourself to do it in the first place, then here's some advice. Watch a personally-favorite scene from the anime or whatever your story is based off of. Get yourself pumped up and excited about your own ideas. Visualize the scenes you want to put on paper(figuratively) that probably got you excited to write in the first place and just go with it.

4) ALWAYS alert your readers as to when the next update will be--if at all possible. Leave an A/N(Author's Note) at the end of every chapter and let them know when you think the chapter will be out.

5) KEEP to the date that you promised the next chapter would be out. If you underestimated the amount of time, then that's a shortcoming and you will need to adjust, which you eventually will.

-Note: A weekly update is typically what you should go for if you want your story to be constantly on the front page of the updates section as this will give it more exposure and also alert people to the fact that your story is being CONSISTENTLY updated. This is absolutely huge and for obvious reasons.

-Note: My preference is for a chapter to be at least a length of 5000 words, minimum. Pacing is up to the discretion of an author, but this is the standard that I've met basically every time I've ever had to write a chapter. If you suck at typing, that's fine. You can just write stuff out beforehand and wait to publish the story until you feel your skills are sufficient to keep up the pace. Not everyone is a hero on the keyboard right off the bat, and I realize this--even if I was ;P

6) NEVER over-allow a review to change your perception of how you view your own work. Yes, your grammar will probably suck at the start, but you'll pick it up--everyone typically does. Don't second guess yourself if you get one bad review. Have confidence; that's basically what I'm saying.

7) Last, but certainly not lease, HAVE FUN. I'm well aware of how stupid that sounds, but it's very important. If you find yourself not enjoying the writing process for some reason or another, just remember that the whole point is to gain some enjoyment and pass on some entertainment to other people. That's the entirepoint of this website. You're not setting out to create a literary masterpiece, so don't sweat criticism or deadlines or anything like that as if you are. Never stress over stuff that relates to this website, because it'd be stupid if you did.

Interesting Article

Credit goes to Kyoka Suigetsu

A very well known author in Naruto CrossOver department! I invite y'all to take a look at his story!

Types of Kisses to use in stories.

The Forehead Kiss - The forehead kiss usually means that you are just friends. Depending on how it is planted, it can also be used as a means of showing deep affection to a loved one. Most people use it as a starter kiss when they meet someone new, to express that they like them.

The Eskimo Kiss - It is commonly used by children and parents as an indication of affection. It involves rubbing your nose against your loved nose back and forth. This type of kiss has its origin from the Eskimo, hence the name Eskimo kiss.

The French Kiss - The French is considered most popular romantic kiss. A kiss is named ‘French kiss’ when a person’s tongue touches another person’s tongue. This is why it is also known as tongue kissing. This type of kiss is very easy to execute but it may take years to master.

The Single-Lip Kiss - This type of kiss involves gently sucking another person’s lip. To give your partner a single-lip kiss, you have to take any one of their lips sandwiched between yours and suck gently. If done in the correct manner, this kiss can send a strong romantic signal to you partner.

The Hand Kiss - It is given by gently grasping someone’s hand by the fingers and kissing the back side. The hand kiss demonstrates respect, adoration and kindness.

The Earlobe Kiss - It involves taking someone’s earlobe between the lips and tugging gently upwards or downwards. This kiss can be made more intense by gently rubbing the tongue in a circular motion on the earlobe.

The Butterfly Kiss - This type of kiss involves getting close to someone so that your eyelashes touch. Just before kissing the lips, blink very fast so that eyelashes flatter very fast just like the butterfly wings. This type of kiss is usually done for fun.

The Upside-Down Kiss - This type of kiss originates from the Spiderman movie. it is a romantic kiss It is also known as the spiderman kiss. It involves kissing a person whose head is upside-down from yours. This way your bottom lip kisses their top lip and vice versa.

Lingering Lip Kiss - This is a closed mouth kiss that lasts for more than 20 seconds. The tongue is not involved in this kiss. Lingering lip kisses involve the lips only. This kiss serves as an indication of deep love.

The Cheek Kiss - This is a closed mouth kiss on someone’s cheeks. This kiss can be used to flirt, to pass a friendly greeting or to say goodbye to someone you love.

The Peck - The peck is a short tight lipped kiss on the lips or cheeks. It is used as an expression of friendship. A peck can also spark romance between two people. If you don’t get over it, just make him/her your lover.

Secret Message Kiss - This is basically a French kiss with a ‘secret message’. It involves spelling out a message to your partner in the in the middle of a French kiss. This kiss is useful if you want to pass a romantic message to your partner.

The Lizard Kiss - This kiss involves sticking your tongue in and out of your partner’s mouth. It is done in quick strokes. The lizard kiss is usually practiced just for fun.

The Air Kiss - The air kiss is used as a form of greeting to friends and family. It is done by resting your cheeks on or near someone’s cheeks and then producing a kissing sound.

The Angel Kiss - This kiss involves kissing someone gently on the eyelids or on a spot near the eyes using the lips. This type of kiss indicates deep affection and is mostly used when saying goodbye to someone or when waking up a loved one.

The Biting Kiss - This is an open mouthed kiss that incorporates the tongue just like the French kiss. The only difference between this kiss and the French kiss is the fact that the teeth are also put into use. The teeth gently grab your partners tongue as you kiss.

The Neck Kiss - As the name suggests, neck kissing involves kissing someone’s neck. Most people love doing it after French kissing for a while. You have to learn to keep the saliva ‘light’ to execute this type of kiss perfectly. Use only your lips and do not suck hard to prevent you mouth from producing much saliva.

The Vampire Kiss - It is done for fun. This is a deep kiss on your partner’s neck. It also involves light biting and sucking. Some people might find this kiss not sexy, therefore it is important to find out whether your partner likes it or not.

The Jawline Kiss - It is done by people who are used to each other. You should never try this kiss on someone you just met. A jawline kiss is a firm kiss on the lower side of the jaw where the neck meets the jaw. It is usually fun to kiss someone’s jawline after having some intense French kissing.

The Teaser Kiss - This kiss begins from the forehead, to the lips and then down to the arms and hands. On reaching the hands, the sequence is reversed from the hands then up to the lips and forehead. This kiss can be quite useful if you want to turn on your partner and make them want more.


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