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Author has written 6 stories for Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, and Cowboy Bebop.

Thanks for everything, my beloved readers!


If you are interested in some original writings, here is my FictionPress account...Lady Sakaki.



I started a new InuYasha fanfic because a friend of mine wanted me to write!

It's just an informal writing, so I'm not taking it all too seriously as far as making it look "professional" is concerned. It's just for fun.

Oh hi!

I really can't say what animes I'll write about since ideas just pop in my head. Yay! At times I may take a while to update since my original stories in Fictionpress take priority over these. I am an English major and a Creative Writing minor. I work as a Writing Tutor at my university, and after all that I've noticed how much my stories SUCK! Haha. I'll probably fix them later. Pretty much all of these stories here are from my middle school/high school career for the exception of The Demonic Afterlife.

What makes me happeh:

analyzing literature
any type of creative writing! :D
writing in general
random doodling
more chocolate
video games
World of Warcraft For the Horde!
comic books
nerdy-ness in general
my firefighter boyfriend le heart
weekend nights with my friends
my glasses
reviews ;P

Sharing is Caring! So I share with you these little quotes...

"Diamonds are magic...this is why women wear them on their fingers, as a sign of womanhood. Men have strength...but no true magic. That is why men fall in love with women but women do not fall in love with men: they just love being loved."
-Miss Ferenczi from Charles Baxter's "Gryphon"

"Loneliness is like ice. After you've been lonely long enough you don't even realize that you're cold, but you are."
-Mrs. Popper from Larry McMurtry's The Last Picture Show

"She exhales vanilla lace.
I barely dreamt her yesterday.
Read the lines in the mirror through the lipstick trace
Por siempre"
-AFI music lyric "Love like Winter"

"Got it memorized?"
-Axel from Kingdom Hearts

Thanks for wasting a bit of your time getting to know me. Even if it was just a little.


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The Shikon jewel has returned inside Kagome's body. She keeps its apperance a secret and chooses to stay in the modern world to protect her friends. Two years later, an expert on Feudal Japan artifacts appears to her, asking about the Shikon no Tama. He is mysterious yet very familiar, making Kagome wonder if the demons she once knew from long ago ever really died...
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