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Hey, info 'bout me! Well, if you care about it, anyway. I won't hold it against you.

Name: Jack (Obviously)

Gender: Male (Quite obvious, honestly.)

How I'd describe myself: Just your everyday 17-year-old, and an occasionally vulgar Joe Schmoe with a secret hobby of working on fanfics, or just writing to get my mind off something or burn time. Honestly, I know I'm not the best out there, but I know I'm not the worst. So yeah, if you want to stick around, I won't say don't, but I'll say you could be reading better fics. Unless, you think mine are really good.

How I'd describe my fics: They're whatever pops up on my mind, and they're kinda lacking in the description department. Slightly justified as, if you reading my fics, I tend to use locations from the source, so I feel no need to write how something looks if it's already been described by word or visually (in the case of games and possibly anime). Again, not the best, but not the worst out there.

I have a FictionPress account, if you're interested in original works I'll have in the future. Here's the link:

Okay, so you might be wondering "I want to become part of the FanFiction community, but I don't know if I have what I need to make the stories." I'm just going to tell you this: as long as you have a place to type your story and a computer, iPad, or even a working Wii U Gamepad (I just tested the Gamepad, you need to switch it into Desktop View/Mode/Whatever by selecting that option (being Desktop/Tablet View or whatever) at the bottom of the page) with an Internet connection, you can post your own FanFics.

How do I work on my FanFics?

Typically, I will write them using my iPad or the family laptop computer using my personal Google account to keep my progress. If worst comes to worst (neither can be found or accessed), I use my (slow) family desktop (ONLY WHEN NOBODY IS AROUND). Once done a chapter, I create a document of it on this site and edit from the laptop or Wii U Gamepad. Once done editing, I look over it one last time before uploading it.


Sayonara (Pokemon B/W): Retelling of the final scene.

Magala's Tale (Monster Hunter series): Just me writing (Typing, since it's on a computer? Hmm...) about the Magala creature. Mostly false, believe what you want. Hell, if you think my writing is better than the official background, be my guest and believe it. It's Monster Hunter, and if you pronounce Lagiacrus as la-guy-uh-crus or la-gee-uh-crus, it doesn't matter, they are both right because we don't know the official pronunciation, and even if the official name is known (Tigrex, for example. Officially pronounced tig-rex), we don't have to comply (I say tie-grex. Completely optional to comply to the rules, people).

Double-Edged Sword (Monster Hunter series (more specifically, MH4/MH4U)): I feel the story description tells you enough. Eventually, as more chapters come out, I'll put something here. (UPDATE (5-13-16): Yes, this is still going on! I just have to co-ordinate this with stories from a few other authors, so this'll be updated whenever it does. I apologize, but that is where it stands now.)

Update Section

Place where I just give you beautiful bastards (Or bitches, I don't discriminate gender here. That goes for all inbetween as well, you are welcome here) who read this some things going on in my life, whether it's a on-the-fly vacation, ideas of a new story, or maybe me asking for help.

7/28/15- I'm trying my hand at another Pokémon story. Because I want to actually have one I really like and hope you really like, I want a bit of help from any other FanFic writers/account owners (the rest are exempt, unless you have something and make an account just to tell me). I'm writing a story where a trainer embarks on their journey. Not suprising, but all you really need to know is that I feel inconfident writing Pokémon battle scenes, so I want a recommendation of a COMPLETED story with well-written battle scenes for a bit of inspiration and a good idea of what a good battle scene would be. PM me any ideas, and I'll take a look when not busy with work and if I actually do something else other than YouTube on the lazy, do-nothing days. I'll also post the first chapter soon if you need more context, but for now, thank you in advance, and I'll see you all soon with the first chapter... Once I think of a good title. All I have it labeled as is "Working Title (PKMN)," so title first, then posting the first chapter.

11/1/15- Still seems like I'm on hiatus, doesn't it? Sorry everyone, let me explain.

So, yes, I have been working on the stories. There are days where I make tons of progress, some where little is made, and some where no progress happens, or even things end up cut out, but I am writing, that much I guarantee. Now, why nothing has happened here.

First, school. Yes, I participate in nearly nothing at all, but I still have work to do in school. Namely, September brought about the Summer Reading stuff, not to mention "I hate my teacher," so that's why nearly nothing happened. Second, we have October. Let me tell you why "October."

In October, my Psychology teacher had us write our "Psychology Personality Project," a massive paper about yourself over 14 or so sections like "Who am I?," "Where do I come from?," things like that. She assigned it on October 3rd, it was due the 22nd, and mine ended out to be 29 pages long. I hate talking about myself, but I had no problem typing it other than starting it. With that done, I can- Nope, now my English teacher finds it hilarious to assign an essay on the book I barely read or cared for (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Yeah, I see it's importance, but I couldn't care for it.) right after, which we had only a week to type. So now I have to scour a book for things that the author did which counteracted with the assumptions of 1820-1850's white Americans, so that's why I haven't been around as of late.

Now, with that explained, I also have to say that I have made two stories (which have not been posted) and removed one that was posted. Why I removed the one, I don't feel like I've the skill to complete that yet. The other two pertain of a Fire Emblem story and a different Pokémon story. They'll be up when I feel like they're ready and remember to post them, I promise. So, with that said, thanks so much for sticking with me in this dead period of mine! I'll see you soon, that much I promise.

5/13/16- Where to begin...

How about saying I'm sorry? That sounds like a good place to start... So, yeah, sorry for not updating in like... 11 MONTHS! Way to fucking go, Jack, you suck at updating!

Sorry for the self-deprecation, just needed to say it. Now, let me actually explain...

I wanted to update over my winter break, but something came up and then I visited my family and, long story short, I couldn't. I then wanted to update by my birthday, but, again, something came up, so I couldn't. I then resolved to update during my spring break, but- Y'KNOW, I'LL JUST SAY THAT, WHENEVER I PLANNED TO DO IT, SOMETHING HAPPENED AND I COULDN'T?

Yes, I have been working on stories, I just haven't updated... Again, sorry, but this is why I never plan until it's like a spur-of-the-moment thing: it always seems to get ignored for something I don't have control over (Visiting family is included. They live, at minimum, 2 hours away from me, so my mom makes it a point to drag us out with her to visit 9/10 times). Like this update section entry: it's been six months since I last let you all know my whereabouts, and I've the time to do it, so I'm putting this here.

Now, the big question: When am I officially coming back? Honestly... I'll be back whenever. I won't be like, "Oh, I'm here! Let me just update every once in awhile to say I'm here...", but more like "I've got some time, let's update some," especially with lifeguarding season coming. It'll mean I update in sporadic bursts, but it's better than a near year of nothing. Again, way to go, Jack, you shouldn't be proud...

Overall, I'm alive, I've been working, but I've been too lazy to update outside those planned days (which ultimately get subverted). I'm still here, I'm aware of things (somewhat), and I'll be here when I can. Okay? Good.

Now, if you excuse me, I need to go buy myself a new 3DS system. Old one broke its R Button just yesterday, someone got an (accidental) face full of shovel in school today, and it's raining. This week's just been total fun for me...

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