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Name: 2211Nighthawk aka Shannon.

Gender: last time I checked I was female.

Age: Old enough to try some really stupid things and young enough to pull them off.

Origins: Canadian born and bred and currently live in Manitoba. GO JETS!!

Obsessions: Transformers 100 and 10 percent. I love all the movies (except AoE), desperately want to get my grubby hands on the G1 movie, and love the G1 cartoons. Huge fan of the IDW universe, TF Prime has had its moments in giving me some inspiration and want to fill my house with TF action figures.

Hobbies: Transformers... Transformers... did I mention Transformers? Love reading FF, love writing FF and spend hours browsing FF for a juicy fic. Uh, annoying the crap out of my sister and playing with my cat. (Whiskey)

Favorite Autobots (Not in any particular order): Jazz (Movie, G1) Prowl (G1, IDW) Ratchet (Movie, G1, IDW, TFP) Blaster (G1) Sideswipe (Movie, G1) Sunstreaker (G1) Ironhide (G1, IDW) Preceptor (G1, IDW) Wheeljack (G1, TFP) Springer (G1 IDW) Arcee (IDW) Windblade (IDW) Chromia (G1, IDW) Drift (IDW)

Favorite Decepticons (Not in any particular order): Vortex (my twisted version) Arachnid (TFP) Skywarp (G1, IDW) Soundwave (G1, TFP) Ravage (IDW)

I wish to see Aslan shake his mane,

To help destroy Isildur's Bane,

To soar high upon a dragon's back,

To sail the seven seas with Captain Jack,

To take lessons with Professor Dumbledore,

To fight in battles until evil's no more.

All this I wish to do and see,

If I could just escape reality.


The Medical Journals Universe.

As you know, everyone has their own take on their universe. Mine is a bit of an odd combination in that I love the look of the Movie-verse, but have recently re-fallen in love with the G1 cartoons. I’ve also discovered the utterly amazing world of the IDW comics as well as a love for Transformers Prime.

Therefore, unless stated otherwise, the most common style is a heavy movie-verse look with G1/IDW color scheme and minor tweaks. Colors will change as I see fit seeing as paint is paint and it’s easy to change. Because a good chunk of TMJ takes place in a prewar era, there will be some OOCness that will eventually fade out.

City States.

Ok, so I went and designed my own idea of Cybertron just to make my life easier when it comes to describing things. Long and short of it is, there’s 10 city-states, plus a massive chunk of no-man’s land the Rust Sea. Each city-state has a capital of the same name along with various other smaller cities and territories under that state’s rule.

Axiom- One of the smallest city-states, known for its art. Main income is tourism. One of the northernmost states, it shares borders with Tyger Pax, Iacon, Praxus and the Rust Sea.

Small percentage of Elites, mostly middle class artists. Working class is either factory or small mine labor. Most end up leaving to larger city-states for work. Average height is 20- 25 feet tall with lanky, fast frames.

Iacon- Capital of Cybertron and home to the Council and the Prime. Best known for the Hall of Records and its four massive skyscrapers called The Towers that are home to the richest on Cybertron. It is also a mining state as a major mountain range runs through the city-state. Main income is mining and tourism. Northern most state, it shares a border with Axiom, Tyger Pax, Vos, and the Rust Sea.

Elite dominate. Average height between 16-18 feet tall. Elites have slim, tight fitting armor while working class have slightly heavier armor. No distinguishable frame styles. Lots of immigrant working class.

Kaon- Sister city to Kalis. Entertainment hub of Cybertron but lots of illegal business as well. Enforcers are easily bribed and debt slavery is common. Largest mining city-state and the most dangerous because of the massive pit mines. Main income is mining. Southern state, it shares borders with Kalis, Polyhex, Tarn and the Rust Sea.

Working class dominant. Average height is 20-30 feet tall. Slim tight armor for Elite class to huge, heavy armor for the working class.

Kalis- Sister city to Kaon. Trading center of Cybertron. Traders often go to Kaon for the entertainment. Enforcers are often bribed to look the other way and illegal business flourish. Mining state like Kaon and most miners are debt slaves from Kaon. Main income is tourism. Southern state, it shares a border with Kaon, Polyhex, Vos, and the Rust Sea.

Middle class dominate. Trading city so mechs of all sizes and alien species.

Polyhex- Known for its music and illegal street racing with the smaller mechs. Main income is tourism. Southern state, it shares the most border and one of two states that doesn’t share a border with the Rust Sea. It’s surrounded by Praxus, Teraxius Tarn, Kaon, Kalis and Vos.

Even balance of Elite and working class. Average height is 15-25 feet tall. Mechs are often shipped out to other city-states to work.

Praxus- Largest city-state on Cybertron. Best known for the crystal gardens and its impressive skyline of towering buildings and arching freeways. Mining in northern Praxus by the Rust Sea by immigrants from other city-states. Main income is tourism. One of two states locates on the center of the planet, it shares borders with Tyger Pax, Axiom, Teraxius, Polyhex, and Vos. Also has part of the Rust Sea within it’s borders.

Almost casteless. Average height is 14-16 feet tall. Doorwinged frames have light to medium armor.

Tarn- Known for its huge factories that manufacture everything from frames to starships to weapons. Conditions are near slave like with a huge gap between Elite and workers. Main income is manufactured goods. Southern state, shares a border with Kaon, Polyhex, Teraxius and the Rust Sea.

Working class dominant. Average height 15-23 feet tall. Heavy jagged armor for larger mechs, weak thin armor for factory workers and smaller mechs.

Teraxius- Most savage and primate place on Cybertron and barely classified as a city-state. Most of it is located in the Rust Sea and the savage mechs reflect the inhospitable conditions. No official cities but travel in nomadic packs up to 30. Leaders are referred to as Predaking/Queen and fights to the death are common as is cannibalism. Surrounded by Praxus, the Rust Sea, Tarn and Polyhex.

Casteless and lawless. Beast-frames are anywhere from 10-50 feet tall. Altmodes are of various creatures and predators.

Tyger Pax- Violent winds and impassible terrain make Tyger Pax the perfect location for the Temple of Simfur, the resting place of the Allspark. Very few call Tyger Pax home as it is considered a Holy place. Northern state with borders against Iaon, Axiom, Praxus and Vos.

The only mechs are priests charged with guarding the Allspark. Average height of 20 to 30 feet.

Vos- Similar build style to Praxus but in the jagged mountains. Known for science and technology as well as being a huge, military force. Main income tourism and Council founded. Sister state to Praxus and second state to be in the center of Cybertron. Shares borders with Iacon, Tyger Pax, Praxus, Polyhex, Kalis and the Rust Sea.

Almost casteless with the widest range of frame styles. Seekers average 20-30 feet tall and always come in three’s. Wings are mobile and convoy emotions like Praxian doorwings. Shuttle class are 50-70 feet tall and loners. Wings are often built into their frames, are stiff and not nearly as sensitive. Helicopter frames average 20-30 feet tall with blades hanging from shoulder guards or center of back.

My OC's. (Altmode if they were on Earth.)


Normal 0 false false false EN-CA X-NONE X-NONE

Avalon: 19 ft. tall. Gold optics. Bright yellow gold armor. Iacon. Racer (Mazda Furai)

Avalon is Sentinel Prime’s most trusted advisor and right hand mech. As the mech in charge of Cybertron’s mining industry, he deals with the miners on a daily basis and has come to despise them and see them as little better than slaves or drones. Despite being Ratchet’s sire, Avalon has nothing to do with his creation having severed their bond when Ratchet left to continue his studies on his own. Having his creation work with the mechs he despises has turned his hatred into an obsession to make their lives as hard as possible. He is smart and is not above breaking the laws to suit his needs.

Axil: 22 ft. tall. Pink optics. Dark grey. Axiom. Pickup truck. (1970’s El Camino)

Cheerful and always in a good mood, Axil usually gets along with everyone. He can be a little tense around strangers as he is hesitant to get into fights but will defend himself and his friends when it comes down to it. His sire taught him the art of armor-working and he’s master that skill and more. Already smart and naturally curious, he learned to read and write through Ratchet and is now an obsessive learner, always craving another datapad or manual to read.

Azure: 16 ft. tall. Blue optics. Slim but not elite class armor. Iacon. Sleek racer. (Audi R8 Crossover)

Tempted by the supposed freedom of the Outer Rings, she ran into Dusty and found the mech of her spark. Despite the disapproval of everyone but her carrier, she bonded to the mech and never looked back. She would have lost her job because of him but taking extra hours for less pay enabled her to keep her job and help support her family.

Carbon: 35 ft. tall. Red optics. Black with heavy armor. Kaon. Dump truck. (Caterpillar 795f style but smaller)

Sparked in Kaon in the massive pit mines, he got a second chance at life when he was shipped out to Dusty’s gang, then run by Dusty’s sire. The oldest of the gang, he’s haunted by his life in Kaon and is hesitant to befriend anyone for fear of losing them to the mines. Despite his massive size and intimidating presence, Carbon is a calm mech with an uncanny ability to read mechs for who they really are. He is not afraid to get into fights and has terminated mechs in Kaon.

Carmine: 16 ft. tall. Red optics. Scuffed red armor. Polyhex. (1968 Camaro SS)

A feisty singer from the city, moving to the backwater mining town of Staxus was the worst thing Carmine could have expected to happen. Then she caught a glimpse of the shy miner with the pale optics that wouldn’t even look at her. She quickly fell for the shunned mech and despite knowing how dangerous he could be, she knew that he had stolen her spark. After Sterling saved her life, he finally admitted that he loved her as much as she did and Carmine went with him to Iacon as his mate.

Chrome: 20 ft. tall. Green optics. Medium silver-grey with thick armor. Iacon. Heavy pickup truck. (Chevy Avalanche)

The medic of the gang, Chrome is a no nonsense, my-way-or-the-highway type mech. He is not afraid to get into a physical fight over checkups and wield his wrench with deadly accuracy. His sole desire is to keep the gang running for as long as he can, just to spite Avalon. One of the most skilled medics in Iacon, he’s made connections in the Black Market to get the parts needed to keep his gang going but at a cost. More than once, his skills have been needed for less than ethical purposes to pay off a debt to Arachnid.

Copper: 19 ft. tall. Blue optics. Sleek brown armor with gold pinstripes. Iacon. Racer (Lamborghini Veneno)

As the foremech in charge of the southern Iacon mining industry, Copper interacts with Dusty far too often for his liking. He won’t admit it out loud, but Dusty’s gang scares him the most as he knows they hate him enough that only Dusty keeping them under control has kept them from burying him alive. Copper loves his credits and cuts corners every chance he gets, even if it means faulty equipment costs a miner their life.

Driveshaft: 19 ft. tall. Blue optics. Two tone blue with slightly bulkier then average Elite armor. Iacon. SUV (Cadillac Escalade)

Iacon’s most famous medic, Driveshaft makes a fortune repairing the Elite class. Due to his high standing in society, he sees the miners as most Elites do, as a waste of materials. He made it clear that he was willing to train Ratchet alongside his two friends but once he found out that Ratchet was working under Chrome, quickly backed out. He’s made it clear multiple times that working class are not welcome in Iacon, and never will be.

Dusty: 17 ft. tall. Red optics. Faded red. Iacon. Pickup truck. (Chevrolet Scottsdale)

Despite his small size, Dusty’s fierce determination is what earned him the place as gang leader after his sire was terminated by a driller. Having been labeled as bait-metal, he survived more than he ever should and his refusal to give up has earned him the respect and hatred of even Sentinel Prime. He is fiercely protective of his gang and will gladly jump into a fight if it means defending one of his mechs. At the same time, he’s smart enough to know when to stand down and not push the matter.

Focus: 17 ft. tall. Blue almost white optics. Pale green armor. Iacon. SUV (Ford Escape)

Ratchet’s best friend and roommate, Focus is a skittish young mech the miner’s tolerate only because they don’t see him as even remotely close to being a threat. He’s a good medic and a loyal friend despite the danger he sometimes ends up in because of Ratchet. Claiming to be the smarter of the two, he often keeps and optic on Ratchet because he thinks the other medic isn’t careful enough.

Nova: 16 ft. tall. Green optics. Silver with thick pink stripe. Iacon. Racer. (1980 Corvette Stingray)

Graduating in the same class as Ratchet, she is good friends with him and Focus. Mentoring under Driveshaft with her brother Quicklight, she is a fast and stubborn learner. Despite her mentor’s obvious hatred of the miners, she refuses to ever turn one away and still sees them as equals. She is not afraid to stand up for herself and her friends even if it means confronting a furious Sandstorm.

Sandstorm: 20 ft. tall. Red optics. Tan with jagged armor. Tarn. Dune buggy style 4x4 (Think of the manliest, redneck pickup truck complete with moose rack and a 2 foot lift kit and you got Sandy)

A wicked short temper and a serious attitude problem, Sandstorm is a dangerous mech to cross. Having lost his brother due to a lie spread by his gang boss, it takes a lot to get Sandstorm to stop hating someone, let alone trust them enough to ever follow them. Only after a few metacycles of fighting Dusty every step of the way has he come to trust the gang with his life.

Sterling: 25 ft. tall. White optics. Silver with heavy, super dense armor. Polyhex. Semi (Peterbilt brand)

Originally from the Polyhexian-Teraxian border town of Straxis, he has the heavy accent and thrill of a fight to prove it. The subject of an experimental coding procedure, the coding allows him to become hyper aware of his surroundings due to sensors surgically installed into his protoform. They dull his sense of pain while heightening sight, hearing and other senses. The downside is that it takes away his awareness and he has attacked mechs by accidentally mistaking them as a threat. The coding has made him viciously protective of his gang and his mate.

Quicklight: 17 ft. tall. Green optics. Silver with twin blue racing stripes. Iacon. SUV (Cadillac Ciel)

Alongside his sister Nova, Quicklight is mentoring under the brilliant Iacon medic Driveshaft. Unlike his sister though, Quicklight has started listening to his mentor’s opinion about the working class and looks down on Ratchet for his choice in giving up what he believes could have been a great career.

I'll update them as I need to. But so far, that's all the major ones.

Please no touchy, they are my characters but feel free to PM me any questions about them or if you want to use them. They belong to me and only me seeing as I will never own Transformers in general... grr... they will have to suffice. And I am very possessive...rrr


Bait-metal- Insult for working class mechs. Officially anyone that can’t work as hard as they need to. Usually small or weak mechs.

Beast-frame/Beast-Mech- Mechs and femmes with creature altmodes instead of vehicles.

FST- Forced Spark Transfer. Removing a healthy spark from a healthy frame. It is different from a frame upgrade because the spark has no retracted its hold on the current frame in preparation for a new frame. Forcefully removing the spark can kill the spark or cause unmistakable scaring to the inside of the new frame due to the stress of the spark trying to re-establish a connection. MTO frames are often used in FST cases to change the identity of a mech either willingly or by force as the spark’s signature is warped during the forced transfer.

Minibots- no official home state but are found all over the planet except for Vos. A minibot is anyone under 14 feet tall.

MTO- Made To Order frame. Basic frame with minimal to no upgrades. Usually all the working class can afford. Made as needed so usually made with lower quality compared to the custom frames of the Elita.

Outlier- Mechs or femmes with ‘abilities’ that have nothing to do with their class and or frame style. (Soundwave: Telepathy, Windcharger: Magnetic fields)

Predaking/Predaqueen- Beast-frame word for leader.

Royal- Insult used by miners to represent anyone higher in the caste system than them.



Gold- Very rare, found only in Elite class, both creators have to have gold optics for the creation to have them.

Blue- Elite class

White/green- Middle class

Red- Working class

Purple- While mostly considered a fashion statment, more rumors circle about Elite/Working class relaionships.

Yellow- As gold is very hard to copy, yellow is the closest a lot of mechs can buy. Its risky, as if caught they will be thrown in the stocks unless they buy their way out. Most teraxian mechs and femmes have yellow optics.


Middle class can have blue or red, same as Elite or working class can have white/green optics.

- Places like Iacon, Simfur, Cyrstal City, Tyger Pax (what will become Autobot Territory) are Elite dominant so most have blue optics.

- Places like Kaon, Kalis, Straxis, Tarn (Basically what will become Decepticon territory) is working class dominate so most have red optics.

- Praxus, Vos, and Teraxius being so different from the other 'types' of Cybertronians, don't follow the caste systems nearly as much as places like Iacon (one of the worst) and Kaon (the worst) so there isn't nearly as obvious who is who. Optic color is a bit more random with them.

I need to say a HUGE thanks to everyone that has followed/favorited me and my stories, you guys are awesome and I can’t begin to say how much you guys mean to me. Your reviews make my day every time i see that email pop up on my phone.

I want to say a special thanks to Hannaji for introducing me to the horror and complete waste of time that is fanfiction that has promptly consumed my entire body, soul and being.

Also to AutobotGuy710 for keeping me going and letting me run ideas and rants past him.

Child of Jon Snow for reminding me to update and give me ideas for oneshots and chapters.

And probably my biggest inspiration for developing my universe is Need2Scream. Her world is beyond amazing and has inspired me to turn my story into a world that's far from the flat, grey, planet most people know into a living, breathing planet with different beliefs and looks and everything.

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