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Sorry guys, but I've had a really busy past few months and haven't had much time to write. I've had the next chapter done for a few days now, but for whatever reason, fanfiction won't let me upload it. I've tried doing it a bunch of different ways, but I just can't get anything to work.

I don't want to leave you guys hanging, so on the bottom of my profile, I'm going to post my storyboard of what happens during the final five of the Games. Scroll down to read it.

And I'd like to give a huge, huge thank you to everyone still sticking with this story and not getting too upset when I take forever to update. You guys are the best! :-)

Hello, fellow fanfictioners! My name's Andrea (ANN-dree-yuh) a.k.a. The TributesWhoLived34. Welcome to my profile!

Just a little about me: I'm a seventeen-year-old girl, and I love the Hunger Games, Harry Potter, (and plenty more books- those are just my top two), and I play a ton of sports. I'm very busy, so I apologize if I don't update my stories too often. Thanks! :-)

Some of my favorite quotes by very interesting people in my life:

"Diving by zero is like trying to travel up the Amazon River without a motor or a paddle. It can't be done! And if someone thinks that it can be done, then something's not firing right in their brain!"

~My extremely enthusiastic algebra teacher

"I'm horrible at math."

~My less enthusiastic geometry teacher

"Omnivores, Omnivores- do whatever the omnivores do. Spin a web or climb a tree. That's what omnivores do."

~My brother as he ate broccoli

"I like Jessica Lawrence. She's a really good actress."

~My mom before I gave her a half hour lecture on the importance of names

"Is my head hollow?"

~My seven-year-old sister before learning that it might be

"I'm a big pizza lover. We'll be eating a lot of pizza this year."

~My basketball coach who brings us donuts every Saturday

"Oh look, it's a virgin pencil."

~My history teacher as he held up an unsharpened pencil

"My wife's making me take all my math textbooks out of the kitchen cabinets- cause apparently they're for dishes and stuff."

~My previously mentioned, enthusiastic algebra teacher

Here's a short summary of all my stories (if you're going to read them, I'd recommend doing so in this order):

The Thirty-Fourth Hunger Games: Athena Margelli is entered into the Hunger Games at age fifteen; against her will of course. This was my first fanfic, so it's only about 5000 words, and it's told from Athena's point of view. And yes, since she's the first character I ever made, Athena is obviously a Mary Sue. (Note: I've considered deleting this story thousands of times, but I've decided to keep it up as a reminder on how much my writing has improved since creating this account. :-) Status: Complete

The 250th Hunger Games: The 10th Quarter Quell: During this Quarter Quell, contestants are reaped from a pool of previous 2nd place tributes, meaning reincarnation. The capitol scientists bring previous 2nd place tributes back to life to fight in the Hunger Games once again. This was my second fanfic, and it's told from the points of view of all of the tributes. Status: Complete

The 134th Hunger Games: This game brings along no special twist, but the action is high in this unique arena. Instead of taking place outdoors, this arena is inside a special building. This was my third fanfic, and it's told from the points of view of all the tributes. Status: Complete

The 125th Hunger Games (The 5th Quarter Quell):Yay! Another Quarter Quell! In this one, whenever a tribute dies, they are changed, by capitol scientists, into a zombie. Their brainwashed, dead, mind has one mission: destroy the tribute who killed them. This is my fourth fanfic, and it's told from the points of view of all the tributes. Status: Complete

The 126th Hunger Games: This was my first SYOT. Ever. So prepare yourself for Mary Sues. But seriously read it, because I like the direction it ended up going in. It's also a sequel to the 125th Hunger Games. Status: Complete

The 127th Hunger Games: This is story number three in my Hunger Games series. It's a SYOT, and I'm starting to get attached to some of the tributes, so killing them off may be hard. Haha just kidding, I can't wait for the cannons to sound. Status: In progress (Day Four)

127th Hunger Games Tribute List:


Jade Platinum (GalacticFairydust)

Lumiere Rutherford (Annabeth-TheTributeThatLived)


Mileena Nero (Annabeth-TheTributeThatLived)

Tyroarias Striker (Jms2)


Valerie Plasma (GalacticFairydust)

Jazper Hart (ezmonee6)


Bebe Cora (The Girl With the Knives)

Micah Islan (emimawi)


Claire Bureau (DobbyTheFreeElf)

Jerry Porch (ezmonee6)


Lexi Honda (DobbyTheFreeElf)

Cole Fyre (Ripple237)


Cleo Amorite (fifidear)

Kairen Parker (WizardDemigodGladerGatekeeper)


Kiyata Merrow (rougeofminds)

Lindroz Delt (DashSputnik)


Circe Fog (AaronIris34)

Logan Clark (DobbyTheFreeElf)


Muna Taylor (KittyMae98)

Sable Maren (AaronIris34)


Jasmine Kingston (Annabeth-TheTributeThatLived)

Spud Wyllows (AaronIris34)


Mindi Hostler (jayman1919)

Trenton Stewart (thebearstew)

Day Seven: Remaining Tributes: Jade, Valerie, Micah, Cleo, Muna, Sable

Micah and Sable go tribute hunting, leaving Jade behind to guard the camp. The Gamemakers send an earthquake into the arena that causes the outer edges of the arena to fall into an abyss. Cleo is depressed from Lumiere's death, but she manages to escape the earthquake. Valerie isn't as lucky- she tries to run away but falls into the abyss and dies. Feast announcement: it will be held under the Ferris Wheel at sundown. Muna visits Jade at the Career camp before Micah and Sable return. She offers to team up with Jade to take down Micah and Sable at the feast. Jade says she needs to think about it, but she'll let Muna know at the feast. Everyone decides to go to the feast except Cleo, so the Gamemaker send a fire to her edge of the woods. She narrowly escapes with a large burn across her arm. At the feast, Muna arrives early and hides behind a wall. As soon as the sun sets, the gong sounds and the feast begins. Sable, Micah, and Jade stroll up to the feast table, laden with food and weapons, without any opposition. They sit down and begin wolfing down the capitol cuisine. Muna realizes that she has a perfect shot at Micah's head. She throws a knife and hits him in the back. Sable immediately picks up his bowstaff and chases after Muna. Jade, conflicted about whether she should kill Micah, walks over to him and pulls the knife out of his back. She stares at the bloody knife in her hand and decides she needs to kill Micah if she wants to win. She sends her spear into his back so that it runs through his heart, killing him. Meanwhile, Sable catches up to Muna and faces a similar conflict. He eventually comes to the same conclusion as Jade and kills his district partner. Sable and Jade separately retire to the edge of the woods, trying to get some rest for what they assume will be the final day.

Day Eight: Remaining Tributes: Jade, Cleo, Sable

The tributes awake to a second earthquake. This time, the Gamemakers allow the entire forest to crumble into the abyss, leaving only the center amusement park portion of the arena. Cleo and Sable emerge within eyesight of each other. Sable rushes at Cleo and kills her. Sable and Jade wander around until they find each other, knowing that it's time for the final battle. They meet and begin to battle. Sable is much stronger than Jade and knocks her down several times. However, Jade is much better trained. After being knocked down for about the fifth time, she rolls under him and stabs him in the leg. Sable falls to the ground, and Jade jumps up and stabs her spear right through his heart. Sable dies, and Jade is crowned as Victor of the 127th Hunger Games.

A million apologies that this couldn't be in chapter form, but I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for everyone who stuck with this story to the end!

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