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My age is a secret. I'm a n00b writer in high school.

Here's a list of the various sections of my profile:

1: Stuff about me, as well as my favorite quotes.

2: My Pokemon Y friend code. And my Pokemon top 3's!

2.5: Tips on how to make an interesting/good team for your OC in a Pokemon fic.

3: My self-made PS3 theme links.

4: A list of tips for fellow writers. Please read!

5: A list of random facts about yours truly.

6: My strengths and weaknesses as a writer.

Also, here's my DeviantArt: http:///


Favorite Book Series: Redwall, Silverwing, Warriors (cats)

Favorite Anime: Digimon (all), Dragonball (all), Yugioh (all)

Favorite Anime/Manga Genre: Romantic - Comedy (I find harems funny)

Favorite Game Series: Disgaea, Sly Cooper, Legend of Spyro, Rune Factory, Pokemon, Fossil Fighters, Kingdom Hearts (just stop changing gameplay!)

Favorite Movie Series: Godzilla (all), Rebirth of Mothra, Gamera Trilogy

Favorite Movies: Godzilla (1954), Godzilla: Final Wars (2004), The Mist (2007), MLP: EQG: Rainbow Rocks (2014), Prince of Egypt (1998), Jurassic World (2015)

Favorite Card Game: Yugioh, favorite card: Fiend's Reflection #2. I love it for some reason.

Favorite Web-series/comic: There She Is, Twokinds (don't judge me), Slightly Damned

Favorite U.S. President: Lyndon B. Johnson

Best Gift I ever Received: I'm tempted to say my life, but I'm gonna have to go with my laptop instead. I love you laptop!

In short, I like fiction books about animals, giant monster movies, romantic comedy anime/manga, and cartoons.

Favorite Quotes:

“A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest.”

- C.S. Lewis

“You're dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.”

- Walt Disney

"When business executives are making the artistic decisions and don't understand animation, things can go awry."

- Don Bluth

"I cannot believe Godzila is the last member of its species. But if we continue to conduct nuclear tests, another Godzilla may appear somewhere in the world again."

- Kyohei Yamane, Gojira


- Godzilla

“I laugh because I must not cry, that is all, that is all. ”

- Abraham Lincoln


To those who want to trade/battle me on Pokemon X and Y, my 3DS name is RGGod (It should show up as Leo), and my friend code is 1693-0959-9746. If you want to be registered, PM me.

Now, newly introduced, here's my Pokemon top three's!

Top 3 favorite Pokemon of each type (in order of 3, 2, and 1, no repeats), in order of my favorite types to my least favorite types (which doesn't reflect on how much I love each Pokemon, just their types) Do note this was made near the end of my Okam Journeys story:

1-Flying: Tornadus-T, Noibat/Noivern, and Zapdos.

2-Bug: Genesect, Shuckle, and Vespiquen.

3-Ice: Walrein, Avalugg, and Kyurem (all of them)

4-Fairy: Klefki, Mawile, and Diancie.

5-Dark: Sharpedo, Yveltel, and Hoopa-Unbound.

6-Electric: Heliolisk/Ampharos (tie), Luxray, and Eelektross.

7-Grass: Victreebel, Breloom, and Virizion.

8-Rock: Gigalith/Rampardos (tie), Tyrantrum, and Tyranitar

9-Fire: Arcanine, Volcanion, and Typhlosion.

10-Ground: Torterra, Groudon, and Krookodile.

11-Fighting: Blaziken, Hitmonlee/Hitmontop (tie), and Infernape.

12-Ghost: Shedninja/Jellicent (tie), Sableye, and Trevenant.

13-Water: Clawitzer/Lapras (tie), Mantine/Swanna (tie), and Swampert/Keldeo (tie).

14-Normal: Tauros/Dunsparce (tie), Smeargle, and Arceus.

15-Steel: Magnezone, Cobalion/Registeel (tie), Steelix/Bisharp (tie).

16-Dragon: Flygon/Dragalge (tie), Goodra, and Haxorus.

17-Psychic: Girafarig/Xatu, Gothitelle, and Deoxys-A.

18-Poison: Venusaur, Tentacruel/Drapion (tie), and Nidoking.

Now - top 10 first stage evolutions (10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1):

Magby, Nidoran, Timburr/Ducklett, Wynaut, Deino/Bagon, Zubat, Skorupi/Pawniard, Shinx, Phantump, Noibat

Next, let's go for Megas! Top five megas (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)!

Megas: Manectric/Scizor (tie), Lopunny/Sceptile (tie), Altaria, Tyranitar/Steelix (tie), and Diancie/Mawile (tie for #1)!

Top 3 least favorite megas (3, 2, 1).

Blaziken (I prefer the original design), Metagross (if only because it's the greatest threat to my team right now), and Salamence (too busted, it's brief stint in OU almost made me give up competitive battling because every other person was using the exact same Megamance team. Where is it now? S-rank in Ubers, the tier of legends.)

Top 3 least favorite Pokemon.

3: Lucario - simple dislike. About a quarter way into my Okam Journeys fic, I finally realized how overused this thing is. EVERYONE uses it. I admit, I think it has a good design, but it isn't great enough to deserve all the use it gets, especially considering it's in a third of all OC Pokemon fics, and prevents a good chunk of the seven hundred something other Pokemon from being used. I kinda have a similar attitude toward Lucario as I do the movie Frozen. I admit, it's good, but I really don't think it warrants this much merchandising. I liked Tangled more than Frozen, but I found both good, but now Frozen is EVERYWHERE nowadays, and people constantly shove it in my face with ads and toys and merchandise (like a boardgame). Frozen, while great, doesn't deserve THIS much attention. Neither does Lucario, in my opinion.)

2: Magmortar - dislike. I like Magby and Magmar, but I don't like Magmortar. I find it's design off-putting and underwhelming.



How to Make an Interesting/Good Team for Your OC in a Pokemon Fic (written near the end of my first fic, Okam Journeys, and at the beginning of my PMD story, Climate Catastrophe)

  1. Avoid cliched Pokemon. Or, at the very least, don't let them populate your main characters team. Discounting the standard starters, some Pokemon that have been used so much that they've become cliche are: Lucario, Zoroark, and Gardevoir. Lucario has starred in over 900 fics already, and that's more than 4 times the number of fics Blaziken has starred in, as determined by the site's character filter. He's even overused outside of aura guardian stories. Speaking of, to those who are writing stories where the main character has the power of aura and needs a Pokemon that can use aura, it would be really f*cking original if you used a Pokemon OTHER than Lucario. If you say that that's impossible, no, no it isn't. Lucario isn't the only Pokemon capable of using aura, as seen with it's 'signature move', Aura Sphere. Aura Sphere can also be learned by, and hence, aura can also be used by: Togekiss, Mienshao, Raikou, Clawitzer, and the Squirtle line (yes, when it has a Clawitzer as a father, Squirtle's can use aura just like Lucarios). Basically, what I'm saying is that you can USE these kinds of mons, just don't be like everyone else and make them your absolute first pick, that's why they're cliched and overused).
  2. Avoid bad teams. 'Bad teams' would be teams like one with all physical attackers, all fragile speedsters, monotype, ect. Unless your character has a themed team, avoid these kinds of teams. Also, ALWAYS avoid 'this is cool, I must use it' teams, which would be like Charizard, Sceptile, Greninja, Garchomp, Lucario, Salamance, or Lucario, Zoroark, Blaziken, Gardevoir, Lopunny, Some Eeveelution. A friend of mine really complains about the later in those M-rated stories he likes to read. If you're doing a PMD story, then avoid Riolu, who's starred in almost as many stories as Gardevoir. Riolu and Eevee/Vulpix in particular has been done to death already, and you won't be making any noteworthy contributions by adding more to the pile.
  3. Try using some lesser used or unknown Pokemon, those will be interesting and refreshing. Examples of such Pokemon would be: Lumineon, Heatmor, Maractus, Electrode, ect..
  4. Additionally, a naturally weaker Pokemon can be interesting to have. One of those Pokemon who don't get competitive play for a reason. Examples would be: Plusle, Delibird, or Masquerain. You don't have to worry about stats or typing that much in a story, so you can even have something like Aurorus.
  5. Muy importante: if you're doing a story where the Pokemon are full on characters, and have their own personalities and everything, DON'T LET YOUR CHARACTERS HAVE MORE THAN SIX POKEMON. Trust me. It'll be a chore to manage having to rotate the characters, especially if your audience is split on which characters they like the best. If your Pokemon aren't characters, then you can have as many as you want, but try to keep the population small, say like 30, unless you want to go for a literal 'catch 'em all' story.
  6. Some tech Pokemon never hurt. Y'know, the Pokemon who are versatile in what they can do, and can serve a variety of purposes. So, let me give an example I wrote in a chapter of my Okam story: "One I can't recommend enough is Noivern. Damn, Noivern. This mon has a GREAT movepool: Dark Pulse, Hurricane, Draco Meteor, Water Pulse, Flamethrower, Boomburst, Solar Beam, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, DAMN! Seriously, it's movepool can be tailored to suit anything your MC needs. Plus it's a speedster, being faster than F*CKING GRENINJA (as of ORAS, Noivern is, out of the current 721 mons, the 26th fastest, only being outsped by EIGHT normal mons while the rest of the ones who outspeed it are speedy legendaries and megas) and it can fly! DAYUM! In stories, Noivern is a VERY versatile mon, able to serve a variety of purposes. Plus, if your character obtains it as a Noibat, you can have a plot where they're upset at their weakness and inability to keep up with their team. Trust me, this is a believable plotline for a Noibat. Seriously, Noibat evolves at level 48, and, as Noibat, it has the LOWEST base stat total of all Dragon-types, at 245. To those wondering, that's less than Goomy, who has a BST of 300, same as the other base forms of the Pseudo-Legendaries (Tyranitar, Goodra, Salamence, Metagross, Dragonite, Garchomp, and Hydreigon, as of now). Yeah, despite Goomy's dex entry stating that it is the weakest of all Dragon-types, Noibat, a Dragon-type introduced in the exact same games as Goomy, is, in fact, weaker. But if you don't want to have it caught as a Noibat, you can have them catch a Noivern instead. But be warned, due to that movepool and its blazing speed, your character is GOING to have trouble catching it. Well, they should. If they caught it with ease, there better be a good reason for it. Otherwise that's kinda Mary Sue-ish."
  7. Adding on to the wide movepools thing, don't be shy of using moves that, competitively or statistically speaking, would be pointless to have on them. The example I'll be using will be Flame Wheel, a Physical Fire-type move, on Quilava/Typhlosion. Normally, this would be stupid, as both mons are Special Attacking sweepers. However, in a story, Flame Wheel can be an interesting utility move, giving the Quilava/Typhlosion a mode of transport that's far faster than normal movement, allowing for interesting strategies and combos. Similarly, other moves can be used for their utility, like Camoflauge, which is a very niche move in the games, only working for very specific and convoluted strategies. In a story, however, it can do exactly what it means: let a mon blend into their surroundings. On the opposite end of the spectrum, however, are the HM moves. Unless you want your story to be AS ACCURATE TO THE GAMES AS POSSIBLE, avoid them (also avoid EVs, IVs, natures, ect...). Realistically, or at least by common sense, a mon that can fly shouldn't need to know Fly to fly. There are exceptions to this, them being, primarily, Surf and Waterfall, as they can be useful moves for their utility (summoning a giant wave or upercutting the foe inside a pillar of water). Some HM moves can have use, like Defog, but really only for the beginning.
  8. Also for movesets, be warned that there are some moves that just don't... work... in a story or on a particular Pokemon. For an example of the former, you try writing about a Miltank using Milk Drink to heal itself without it sounding weird, freaky, or NSFW. For an example of the latter, Iron Head is a good Steel-type move to use in a story, but not on Bisharp, considering it has a sharp blade on its head, so reserve Iron Head for murderous Bisharp, for good ones or otherwise nonviolent ones, give them Metal Claw, it's a lot weaker, but that can be ignored in-story.
  9. It is not Mary Sue-ish to have at least one shiny, semi-legendary, and/or pseudo legendary. The MC in my story has a semi-legend and a shiny pseudo-legend. I am currently shipping them. :)
  10. If you like doing romance, Pokemon are so varied in their appearance and body shapes that you can do pretty much any kind of pairing. It's minor, but I have an elderly Dragonite and Whimsicott pairing in my story.
  11. Using these tips, let me provide a sample team: Meganium, Pangoro, Manaphy, Gengar, Swellow, and Emolga. For a PMD story: Aipom, Goomy, and/or Pidove.


I also made a Digimon Ps3 theme, it can be downloaded here: h t t p : / / w w w . ps3-themes . com / comics-anime / digimon . h t m l and a godzilla theme here: h t t p : / / w w w . ps3-themes . com / movies-tv / godzilla-king-kong-gamera-oh-my . h t m l


I may be a n00b writer named RGGod, but I have a very logical mind. So here's a list of tips for fellow writers that I came up with (with a lot of help from a critic friend of mine who prefers not to be mentioned):

After thought: Looking back, this list was a little harsh and strict. Maybe try interpreting it a little looser than it is presented as.

1: Always stick to the rules of the franchise you're writing about. If you're writing for more than one (crossover) try to find a common ground between the 2 universes. If you do deviate from the canonically established rules, you better be sure to provide a decent explanation for it, or you could wind up pissing off a lot of true blue fans of the franchise.

2: If you're writing romance, be sure to write it well and realistically. If you're going to ship characters, be sure you be careful about who you ship them with. Shipping established characters with OC's is a big no-no (essentially a sure fire way to enrage fans of the series) , especially if they're already a part of an official couple in canon. I guess it might be alright to ship a character without a romantic relationship in canon with an OC, but make sure their personality would make them seeking a relationship to begin with seem plausible. Also, try not to go with the whole, 'love at first sight' thing unless you're playing it for comedy, or the character falling in love is a yandere (obsessive stalker). To be frank, love at first sight is nothing more than falling in love with the other person's looks (great lesson to teach kids, huh, Disney?) without knowing the other's personality. True love is not falling in love with a person's looks, but the person themself.

3: BE SURE TO KEEP THE CHARACTERS IN-CHARACTER! This is a big one. Canonical characters have established personalities. As a writer, you need to make sure those characters retain their personalities. If you are going to change the character's personality, then you'll need to do it through a long period of character development so that it seems like a realistic change. This is probably the hardest tip to follow on the list, and it's also why I don't use (or, at the very least, avoid using like plague) established characters in my stories in opt of an entire fan-made world/universe/region. Now, there are acceptable exceptions to this rule, such as time-skip, after the end, or after-some-other-major-life-changing-event stories.

4: Be sure to use good grammar and spelling. Without this, even if you have the best plot and characters in the universe, no one will be able to take your story seriously. A good idea is to follow Santa Claus's example and check your chapters twice for errors before you post them. Also, reading it aloud first is a good way to check the chapter, that way you're hearing what it really says and how it really sounds, as opposed to when you read it in your head, where you hear how you want it to sound like.

5: BE DESCRIPTIVE! I cannot stress the importance of this enough. If something (such as an action scene) is not descriptive, it can become dull, giving the reader only a vague mental image of what's going on. By being descriptive, you'll paint a vivid picture in your reader's mind that'll stimulate their imagination! This also applies to describing characters. Even if it's just a single sentence (although a paragraph would be the most ideal), you need to describe your characters so that your readers will know what they look like instead of having a black, faceless nobody with an anonymous sign plastered across their face as their mental image of your characters. The more important a character is, the longer her or his description should be. Also, if a character that has been absent for awhile makes a reappearance, s/he should be given a rewritten description (Hopefully with several new or changed details) so that your readers can be refreshed on what the character looks like (or you could be a meanie and not describe them, forcing your readers to go back to the chapter that character first appeared in to find out what that character looked like). Oh, by the way, just because the character is well known is no excuse/reason not to describe them. That's just being lazy.

6: Be varied with your characters' personalities. They can be cliche, stereotyped, original, or unique, but give them a personality. Make them interesting! An interesting and timeless thing to do is have two characters with entirely different personalities (you can go further with this, such as their morals or allegiance) and show how they would react to one another. This can become a great foil. These foils can be comic or serious (which is usually when they're on different sides of the morality scale). Key points of a foil include the two characters having many obvious similarities that usually only take a single scrutinizing to observe, yet glaringly obvious differences. Think like this: two men had their parents killed as children; they both become vigilante superheroes as adults, like batman; they fight to rid the world of evil, which is their similarity; but here comes the key difference that makes their foil interesting: their ethics; one avoids killing the crooks at all costs, while the other would massacre them all the first chance he got. Then, have these two characters interact and discuss their ethics and philosophies during a fight, and... BOOM! You have yourself a well-made foil! Of course, it can be more complicated or simple than this, but this is just an example, and- Oh dear, I think I've prattled on long enough on this subject.

7: Don't make your characters perfect. Perfection is, in a word, boring. Characters need flaws. To make them perfect is to get rid of any feeling your audience has of relating to them. What really draws people to characters is not just their personality, but their flaws (or quirks), trials, and struggles. We all have flaws, and having a character with similar flaws gives us someone to relate to. With trials and struggles, I think this is obvious. Watching a character power through every single enemy their foe can throw at them once in a while is, on it's own, undeniably awesome, but, if overdone (IE, all the time) it transcends from the realm of cool to the kingdom of boring! If the character can do everything so effortlessly, so perfectly, they become a Mary Sue, a perfect character, and not perfect in a good way. Perfection is, and I quote, "unrealistic and dull". The true spice of every battle and trial (be they physical like a fight or journey, mental like a test or debate, or emotional like dealing with a friend's death or crippling injury) is the struggle to overcome it. Sure, you can have your character utterly decimate their opponents every once in a while (this is especially badass when it's against a previously unbeatable foe, or one that had previously defeated the character in a similarly effortless manner) but, for the most part (say, 97% of the time) they need to face some (or a lot of) difficulty at accomplishing the plot-relevant tasks before them. Note: winning every battle near effortlessly is not the only sign of a perfect character/Mary Sue. Other signs/symptoms include, but are not limited to: scoring with almost every character of the opposite gender, being loved by everyone to the point that people believe s/he could do no wrong, having extremely lucky or unrealistic things happen to them extremely often, ect., ect...

8: Be careful of how many major characters you put in your stories, or you could wind up with Loads and Loads of Characters. Which is a trope that refers to having a great multitude of characters in your stories. It takes a real professional to handle that many characters (and their multitude of varying personalities) at once, so I'd suggest avoiding putting too many characters in the main character role.

9: Be varied with your words. Don't just say "x said this" each and every time. Mix it up a bit. Like, "x stated", "x screamed", "x exclaimed", or "x roared". As a matter of fact, just try to avoid using 'said' all together. This tip is rather simple to understand and implement, so I don't know if I should really put it on here, but I'm doing it anyway.

10: Be wary of how many stories you work on at once. It's advisable for beginners to work on only one at a time. You can work on more if you so wish, but it may become a hassle keeping track of them all.

11: Plot twists, we love'em. They've caused some of the greatest moments in fictional history. But, to be a good plot twist, it has to be played correctly. Let's divide plot twists into two groups: comedic and dramatic. Comedic plot twists are usually random and hilarious (if played right), often coming out of nowhere. Examples of comedic plot twists can be the reveal of a character having an unexpected sexuality (i.e., the homoerotic-sounding Zarbon having a GIRLfriend in DBZ abridged), that the all-powerful master everyone's been speaking of is a retired wimp, or that a seemingly minor, unrelated gag near the beginning of an episode is actually the solution to said episode's problem. Do note that the last one is becoming cliched. In stark contrast, dramatic plot twists can be dark and serious. Need an example? "Luke, I am your father!" Like comedic plot twists, they should be unexpected, but, unlike their comedic variant, they shouldn't wholly come out of nowhere, lest it seem like an asspull (TV Tropes, look it up.) For a dramatic plot twist to work well, it needs a sprinkling of foreshadowing here and there to make it a believable possibility. This makes it so the first time they reach the plot twist, they are suitably shocked, but when they reread (or rewatch) they'll find themselves thinking: why didn't I see that before?! Foreshadowing should never be blatant for a plot twist, only for comedic gags and brick jokes (again, TVTropes), it should be subtle, sprinkled throughout a story or show in a way that makes it easy to miss at first glance.

12: Unless you're doing a bio, or just introducing a very minor one-off character, don't tell us what their personality is like, or have other characters or the character themself tell us. A good author should be able to show us a character's personality by how they act and respond to other characters.

If you want some more help, check out this site called TV Tropes. It's really useful for coming up with ideas and learning about things you should avoid in your stories. It's helped me out a lot in my writing, and I highly recommend it.

Do note: this is not the absolute standard ruleset that everyone needs to follow. I made this list to help out other novice writers. You can work around or disregard these tips if you want, but whether or not it works for you is up to chance. For example, with enough skill or style, an author can easily disobey these tips and still make it work! But, if you feel like these tips suit your beliefs or skills as a writer, then by all means, follow them to your hearts content.

Thanks for reading. If you found these tips by me, user RGGod, useful or interesting, please copy and paste them (including this, give me credit) onto your profile for others to read.


Now, I present you with several weird facts about myself that no one really needs to know, feel free to PM me a WTF?

Everyone in my immediate family pronounces 'wash' as 'warsh', even me.

I dislike first-person stories. You know, the ones that say 'I' instead of 'he' or 'she'. I don't know why, I just dislike them. This is not to say that they're bad, but I just honestly prefer third-person stories.

I have a bad habit of confusing John Cena with Freddie Krueger.

I despise broccoli, but unlike most people, I actually have a reason for doing so: I've only had broccoli 3 times in my life, each time I choked on it, and someone was forced to do the Heimlich Maneuver on me. I nearly died. I'm not kidding.

I like my drinks really cold, no matter the season, so I put ice in them (unless they're hot chocolate or the like). This applies to almost everything I drink, like milk and kool aide. Is that weird?

I'm the ONLY one in my house who knows how to shut the f*cking bathroom door.

My dad was sent to jail when I was 4; we lived on a farm then.

My family is lower middle class, so naturally we have bugs in our house. I'm okay with roaches, they don't bother me much, but the sight of ants sends me into a genocidal rage. If only they'd let me use duck-tape to kill them all.

I'm a straight A honor student. Been one for my entire high school career and I plan on staying one.

My catchphrases include 'oi' and 'sheesh' while my mom's is 'because', in answer to any question. That's why I ask so many questions, because my mom never answered mine as a kid. Freudian Excuse!

I can never spell 'necessary'. I just used spell check to spell it right there. To be honest, a lot of those 'c' and 's' words trip me up.

I have a thing for leather jackets.

I repeatedly chant "Oi, oi, oi!" when running up stairs or when I get worked up. This stems from a bet I had where I made it my catchphrase for a week. On a side note, they paid me ten dollars in advance, so I guess it was worth it.

I believe adultery should be a capital crime.

I sometimes pretend to be a villain-sue to relieve stress or rage.


My strengths and weaknesses as a writer.


I feel my greatest strength is character design. I'm good at giving each of my characters distinctive (yet slightly similar) personalities. My descriptions, while not my best, at least fall somewhere above average. Don't know if this counts, but I update quickly, usually posting between 1 and 3 chapters every weekends, depending on my mood. I do go back and do corrections, being a Grammar Nazi and all.


I could do better on plot structuring, especially when it comes to the handling of sub-plots. My stories tend to be a bit unbalanced, some favoring character focus more then plot development, while others favor plot focus over the characters.
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