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for future reference, please DON'T e-mail me at [email protected]! see, i share an e-mail account at yahoo with my l'il sis, chickie - you'll probably know her as ravenflying, and so i ONLY answer non robotics e-mails at [email protected] *grin* yes, i am a robo babe, or a bot nerd, or whatever, but i build robots - big 'uns... you should check out our website @ - it's VERY cool... anyhoo, 'bout me:

i'm an inu and ranma fan... gorgeous guys + horrible manners + superb fighting skills = happy me! i love math... (just smile and nod...)

gender: female, never been confused about it in my life (i'm heterosexual too...)
country: USA - proud of it more often than not...
hair: blond (curses)
eyes: blue (double curses)
birth day: sept. 29th, 1986
age: the above date suggests that i've existed for approx 17 years, not counting conception
colors i look best in: blue, black, red, avacado green (mom goes for the pastel pink, yellow, purpley sort of stuff...)
fav colors: i like a lot of colors so don't got no faves... however, there are certain colors i could do without...
colors i could do without: barf, olive green (avacado green = GOOD, olive green = BAD!), oily gray, nasty yellows, angry red, hot pink, woosy pinks, fusia, solid stretches of purple...
fav foods: cheese, grapes, coconut, onions, bananas, curry, pot thai - oh, fine... ben & jerry's ice cream and super fudgy brownies.
fav drinks: orange juice, orange soda, hard lemonade, screw drivers (oj and vodka), margaritas
fav music: madonna, red hot chile peppers, music from catz, les miserables, phantom of the opera, john williams, thais perkins, clare mcbride (go clare!), mozart, some vivaldi, melodic techno, simon and garfunkle, the billy's, moulin rouge soundtrack... there's lots more, i'm sure...

my fave characters (most fave is #1):
1. miroku - face it, he's witty and handsome and askin' for it. what more could you possibly want?
2. sango and ukyo kinda remind me of each other - come on, parallel between giant spatula/giant boomerang anyone? (go kick-ass fems)
3. naraku - best villian i've run across in a while. nobody wonders if naraku has a nice side...
4. ranma - funny, pretends to have the intelligence of an ameoba, foot-in-mouth disease, awesome fighter, nasty past, loves the heroine but has imagined obligations towards at least three other girls (probably more...).
5. inuyasha - funny, pretends to have the intelligence of an ameoba, foot-in-mouth disease, awesome fighter, nasty past, loves the heroine but has imagined obligations towards a dead girl... (anybody sensing similarities?)
6. kagome - smart, cute, confident, a little too maiden-in-distress-ish at times
7. kikyo - now she's one hell of a complex character... but i prefer kagome
8. akane - wow. i was having self confidence issues just from empathizing with the poor girl.
9. mousse - awww. he's so cute and deranged!

characters i dislike (in no particular order)
shippo - cute, fuzzy, and comic relief. who needs that when there's inuyasha?
tsubasa - what the hell?
shampoo - sluts... urgh!
sessomaru - cold, heartless, got somethin' up his you-know-what but somehow not supposed to be throuroughly evil? help?
kouga/ryoga - might as well group these two. they pretty much play the same role in rumiko's mangas (though one's over confident and the other's severly depressed).
kunos - palm tree on head? black rose petals? wooden sword and skirt? sure, tatewaki was funny at first but they're all kinda gettin' old now...

characters i could care less about:
konatsu - never met him.
herb... uh...
and everybody else i forgot to mention...

that's all the irrelavent info i can think of right now... feel free to e-mail me, 'cuz i do like mail...

rachel the uberfoo - [email protected]

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