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Hey, everybody. It's me, DScribbleF. I know, I know. Please hold your applause.

Enough joking aside, you're probably reading this sentence right now for one of three reasons:

1. You have read my ONLY story over in the Dragon Quest Series section, and you found it so awesome you wanted to look me up.

2. I have reviewed on your story, and you found me so awesome, you wanted to look me up.

3. You know me in real life, and you find me so awesome, you wanted to look me up.

I'm so humble.

I apologize.

So, now it's time for the actual important information.

I am a college student in the United States. Classes aren't difficult, but they are time-consuming. As a result, I am very busy. Therefore, my writing schedule may be slightly sporadic. I am also very sarcastic and probably a little arrogant and overconfident, but also very caring, and you will probably see this reflected in the characters that I create. And for those wondering, yes, I'm single. Please, don't all jump on me at once.

All (one) of my stories are novelizations of some of (only one) my favorite video games (just the one). For those wondering, my favorite video games are most RPGs made by Nintendo. Of course, there is a good chance that I may take a different approach when writing my stories.

Depending on the story (there's only one), I may or may not replace the original characters with one of my own characters. Here is a list of all of the characters that I have created so far and a description of their personality (Main characteristics are in italics):

  • Michael: Your generic hero. Kind of. He does enjoy helping people and saving the day, but, you know, that's just so much work sometimes. He is very calm, but only because he's always exerting self-control to prevent some snappy, sarcastic remark from leaving his mouth. He's a person who can tolerate almost any annoying thing, but there some things that even he can't handle, like really mean people. Irony is never lost on him. Extremely confident in his own abilities, but don't tell him that - it'll make him even more confident, and that's not always a good thing with Michael.
  • Jessica: A lovely, capable, young woman. If only someone would tell her that. It might help boost her self-confidence. That being said, she's usually aware that she can do whatever task is ahead of her. The rest of the time, however, she quickly collapses into an emotional breakdown. One could say that she's not the most emotionally stable of people. Thankfully, being around supportive people makes her stronger. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. A lovable and generally cheerful person, she's nearly unstoppable when she has both the confidence and the determination to accomplish a goal, and a complete disaster when she doesn't.
  • Allison: A brilliant young woman. Perhaps a little too brilliant for own good, actually. She thinks that she's always right, regardless of the topic. Unfortunately, most people don't feel the same way. Allison often gets into disagreements with even her closest of friends. However, she always acts with the purest of intentions, wanting nothing more than making everyone else as happy as possible, and she thinks that she's smart enough to accomplish just that. She's usually wrong. Both loving and caring, people ultimately find it difficult to dislike Allison as she's always willing to sacrifice everything to help someone else. Still, she can be just a little too overbearing at times.

  • Current story:

  • The Mortal's Guardian: Michael's Story (Dragon Quest IX)
  • Possible Future Stories:

  • The main series Pokemon games. All of them. Eventually. Maybe.
  • Who knows what I'll be writing after the decade it'll take me to write all of the Pokemon stories after finishing Michael's Story.
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