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Author has written 6 stories for CSI, and CSI: New York.

My name is Nicole. I'm nineteen years old and enjoy nothing more than a cigarette and aimless, late night driving while talking in circles about psychology, people and life. I have been known to drive the four hours from my home to Seattle when I can't sleep and fortunately my best friend is as insane as me at times and always accompanies me. You can catch me at a Shari's quite often drinking horrible coffee, or on Marine Drive beside the runways at Portland International Airport, watching the planes take off. And no matter the weather or temperature, her and I always have time for one dance on the top of my car to some ridiculous song we normally would never be caught dead listening to.

I disappear and reappear at random times on this site. Mind you I never disappear mid-story, every readers biggest pet peeve I'm sure, and I always finish what I start (eventually). A true fan always comes back for more, even after years of being gone. You can't help but coming back for more of your favorite character angst. I've written about three or four times as many stories as I have posted, many of which I have taken up and down off of this site based on how good or bad they are. The ones I have up now are the best I have written. My favorite piece of grammar is the comma, which you can tell from my stories (or even just from my profile) and I'm addicted, to say the least.

So enough about me, on with the stories.

Stand Alone Stories: CSI

Catching Fireflies: A cute little story about Greg and his little brother, Jacob, and a thing they call "hemofilliup". Complete

Decaying Fantasies: Nick/Greg; their perfect world is destroyed when Greg discovers that he has come out of remission from his childhood cancer and now the two men battle for Greg's health, their relationship, and Nick's sanity. Complete

Shades: Grissom said to never take a case personally. And Greg would just nod. Maybe he should have listened. Complete

– –

The Mistakes Series

Affliction: Sara/Greg; a twisted romance story of sorts in an almost Sara-dysfunctional way . Greg has a horrible accident at a crime scene that leaves him clinging to life as Sara continues to live on and deal with the repercussions of her actions and decisions, and another mistake all together. Complete

Fleeting Moments: (Takes place two and a half years after Affliction) Greg finally begins to heal from the accident after almost three years and Sara goes on a self-induced guilt trip as she tries to figure out what is best for Greg, herself, and Alicia. But is what Sara originally wanted out of life what she wants now? Work in Progress

Stand Alone Stories: CSI: NY

Broken: Danny/Lindsay; all they need is a moment to figure out just how broken everything is, including themselves. Complete

Author's Notes: March 1st, 2008

– I am in the works of writing the nine chapter sequel to Decaying Fantasies that I'm really excited about. I have three solid chapters done so far, with another three being written simultaneously (I write at a speed that can keep up with my muse). I don't plan on posting this until I have the story completed but it will hopefully be posted before the summer. A writer can hope...

Fleeting Moments is currently on hiatus. My muse has taken an extended vacation it appears. I'm having problems even starting the next chapter and choosing what I want to happen in the story. I promise I will finish this story, just not right now

I believe for now, that is all I have to say.

Much love.

"We love to know we are not alone."
- C.S. Lewis

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