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Ello luv =)

My name's boring, so I shan't bother with it here. Now, I don't think you can really summarize a person in a matter of a few sentences. I mean, you can know somebody for years, and then, Poof!, you find out something new about them, that you never would have expected to be true! All the same, lemme have a go at this...
I genuinely love people. I really do. There are hundreds of thousands of people who will ask you, "Oh what's wrong?", if you're crying, and act like they're all interested. Then when you tell them, either won't listen, or won't care. I'm not one of them. I really do care. I'm beyond sensitive, and your story is probably going to make me cry too. Then we'll hug and go for ice-cream or something like that. Then there are the people who are interested when you're upset, but never when you're happy. I'm not one of those either. I'll scream, hug you, and again, we'll go for ice-cream. Ben & Jerry's will be getting a lot of business...
Another thing, I have a big huge mouth. I love to talk. I think it's because I have so many ideas roaming around in my head, and they all wanna get out. Problem is, I can't move my mouth fast enough to let them out, and the world can't listen long enough to get them all in. Despite that, I actually like to listen. =)
I'm persistant as hell. I really am. Especially when I want to be heard, or talked to, and you won't do it. Oh yes, and when it involves trips to New York City.

What I like: singing, ice-cream, my nonni, smiling, laughing, sappy movies, the 80's, music, English accents, long telephone conversations, having my hair played with, wearing those really long twirly skirts, Halloween, out-of-the-ordinary names, reading a really good book, dancing like an idiot, skat, learning new languages, taking pictures, Hexic, hugs, the way Kerry smells after the weekend, Science class in May, scrapbooking, having TV marathons with my sister, pretty handwriting, eccentric people, sweet songs, watching people play instruments, my siter's guitar instructor, teachers that care, snow at Christmas, the ocean, Wildwood summers, getting an extra day to study for a test, my sketchbook, trying to write harmonies, those chocolate chip cookies my mother used to make when I was little, using old-fashioned type-writers...

What I cannot stand: liars, swearing, shorts, people talking on the phone when they have company, people who don't realize how much words matter, getting my braces tightened, when I accidentally cut off people's heads in photos, being yelled out, cutting things, the sound of ripping paper, the sound of gum-chewing, reality TV in general, fake people, failing quiz de verbes, using up all the eraser on the back of my pencils, finishing books and having nothing left to look forward to reading, horror movies, dummies - the puppets, I mean - , the "&" symbol, slush, losing at Solitaire to Ryan, the 'double-standard', conformists - and just because you're not a 'prep' doesn't mean you're not a conformist, sweetheart - .

My Fics:

"My NotSoPerfect Life" - I'm never gonna finish it. I lost interest over2 years agoand I'm sorry to anyone who liked's quite bad anyway...

"Conquering Freddy" - I finished it months ago and I'm not going to make a sequel, even though somebody's asked about 3 times...and I don't like it anyway...

"A Very, Very Good Thing" - One-shot, enough said.

"Sometimes, Different is Good" - One-shot, enough said.

"The School of Rock Playhouse" - work-in-progress...I update it whenever I get the chance and/or whenever I get a sudden pang of inspiration. =P

"You're Impossible!" - Like I said, one-shot, nothing else to say...except I wanna do more HP stuff. =)

"Her Father's Daughter" - Working on it! 3rd chapter 1/2-way done!

"30 Kisses" - An entry for, working on it!

Disclaimer: I already put a disclaimer in all my fics (I think), but just in case, I'll put one here, to make things even clearer. I don't own anything in my stories. No songs, no characters, no books, no shows, no movies, no nothing! If I post lyrics, they aren't mine either, unless I tell you otherwise.
Ok, so there you have it. Tons of useless facts about someone you haven't even met. I hope you enjoyed them. ;)

If you want to e-mail me, send the e-mails to: littlecrazychick@hotmail.comOne thing though, if you do e-mail me, please make the subject be something like: Hi it's your pen-name from, otherwise I'm gonna delete it and think it's junk-mail or a virus.

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I got these from: Zeppelin Girl

Recent studies show that 92 percent of teenagers have moved on to rap. If you're part of the 8 percent that stayed with rock, put this in your profile. (GO SEE WE WILL ROCK YOU. 3)

I got his from: EastCoastRyder

Now, to end things off, I'll leave you with a quote I read from animeobsessed3191's bio:

"Girls are like apples. The best ones are at the top of the trees. Boys don't want to reach for the good ones because they are the hardest to reach, and boys are afraid of falling and getting hurt. So instead they pick up the apples on the ground, which aren't as good, but are easier to get. So the lonely apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality they are amazing"

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