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I never planned this. I never even meant to start an account here, but I needed a way of keeping track of all the lovely fanfictions I had started reading. I certainly never planned on starting writing one myself. Oh well, what's done is done. From now on I will have much less spare time if I want to keep updating on a regular basis.

I am an eighteen year old geek (and proud of it! Sort of...) and you can call me Nella. I live in Sweden, which means that english is not my first language and I apologise in advance if I start rambling in swenglish at some point in the future. The fanfic I'm currently working on is set in the 2012 tmnt-verse because, let's face it, I am totally in love with that show (my favorite incarnation of the turtles is still the 2003 series, though, as long as I ignore the Fast Forward season). But I miss some of the old characters that I've come across in the different versions of tmnt, so I decided to introduce them using my little story. You might notice that quite a few of them are female (like Mona Lisa, Angel and Irma) but don't worry, I'm not going to let my fic revolve around the guys falling in love. There will be a teeny bit of romance, but not much. I work hard trying to make the girls into actual characters instead of just love interests or Mary Sues, so please give me a heads-up in case you feel they are going the wrong way. I'm a sucker for good action and conspiracies so I added my favorite villain, Bishop, to the story, but with a twist you hopefully won't see coming.

Pairings I'm definitely going to use:



Pairings I'm thinking of using:

LeoxKarai (I really like them as a pair, but the two of them sharing a sibling bond feels just as enticing. Can't decide what to do...)

I hope anyone has the patience to read it, and any reviews are much appreciated.

Oh, and I made some art for my little fic, feel free to check it out at my blog. It's the four bottom pictures, the others aren't related to TMNT in any way. My blog:

New sketches of Mona Lisa! Here's a link (it's the two bottom pictures):

And even more new sketches! All but the bottom picture, which isn't TMNT related in any way:

Update: I just got an account on DeviantART where all my previous TMNT art is posted, plus some new stuff. Check in and say hi and I'll be happy :D

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