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FANFIC PROGRESS(updated when there is any):

No news at the moment.


An aspiring writer, reaching for the heavens(one step at a time - I felt that was a needed addition).

Now that we have gotten all of the required references out of the way, I can tell you a bit about myself. I'm someone who has been on Fanfiction for only a year and three months(give or take a few, depending on when you're reading this). I've learned many things here, and am eternally grateful for them. I'm not going anywhere from here, sure; but it might be a while before I post another story for others to read..

My first story - "Day of Victory" - was inspired by Gone2GroundEX's, "Time Matters Not", series here on FanFiction, and also by DoublethinkAgain's "The Tales of Tacticians and Princess"(also a series here on FanFiction). I recommend that you go check them both out, as both are good writers that capture your imagination.

The second story I wrote is about Robin struggling with his inner demons. Its name is "Fire Emblem Awakening: Redemption", and I cannot promise you that it ends well(I never do :P). I'll try my best to make it a compelling read, however, and maybe - just maybe - it will have a nice ending for you to enjoy. This story is actually finished, so have fun reading it!

My third story, "Everlasting Bonds: Wings of Despair", is going to become a beast... or would have, if I hadn't stopped writing it half-way through; I needed to take time for my original project, and more than that, EB took too much effort to write well. Yes, it was good(though perhaps not by the common measure), but there was a price involved in keeping it that way. That's why it's on Fanfiction as it is - a half-complete, unfinished tribute to the game that I love.

Truly, this page has gotten shorter, and I haven't bothered to update the summaries of my other stories. But I still think that there's ample information here, for someone who is interested in having a glance at what kind of fanfiction I've written.


PS: Finally, for those of you that like to read the Fire Emblem fanfics I write, here's a song/poem-thingie(yes, a song/poem-thingie). It wasn't a serious project, so please don't treat it as such. I wrote it back in the day when I wasn't all that confident in my writing skills.

Gerome’s song

*first verse*

Hopes and dreams, dashed into pieces,

Wishes and yearnings, given no fulfillment,

Fighting is useless, everything is lost,

For what can I do, when my parents were the cost?

For they tried to resist the fate,

And disappeared when one needed them the most.


Ever present fate, moving forward while shrouding everything,

Ever present fate, moving forward while shrouding each little thing,

It is useless to move to the past, to try and change what happened at last,

When truly, all of this would have happened regardless…

…Do I really have to do this, princess?

*second verse*

Why move through the gate, why tempt the fate,

Tell me Minerva, aren’t we just too late?

Should we really try once more,

even if I already am tired and sore?

…No, you are right,

Then, once more, we fight.

If the fate gets us, then it shall,

But we will tempt it to the very hall,

Where its victims lie.


Ever present fate, moving forward while shrouding everything,

Ever present fate, moving forward while shrouding each little thing,

Maybe it is useless to go back to past, to try and change what happened at last,

When truly, all of this would have happened regardless…

*final verse*

…But I know that if I didn’t do it,

the light of my eyes wouldn’t be anymore lit.

Forced to serve, bound to be what I am not,

Would be I, the child from a loving union.

Now this child of two warriors,

Born to fight, equipped to resist,

A wyvern rider, through and through,

Lifts his wings and flies beyond.


And if resisting fate,

The wyvern rider dies,

He can be sure that the words he told himself,

They were absolutely not lies.


Ever present fate, moving forward while shrouding everything,

Ever present fate, moving forward while shrouding each little thing,

It was my choice to return back to the past, to try and change what happened at last,

When all of this is said and done,

One thing will be cried out loud and declared:

‘The wishes of the child and his parents were the same and one,

And that’s the reason why Gerome died.

For he went to the past to protect the one dearest to him,

And paid the price, filling the chalice of cost to the brim.'

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