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HI!!! my name is candy and im a total anime fan!! i love inuyasha hes soooo cool, and hot!!!! i love his ears!! anyway, im trying to get some stuff done with some storys inuyasha of course!anywayz im 13 years old and evey one calls me candy, freak, mandy, or shortie so i guess u can call me those tooo! i have black hair that i just cut into a realli cute boys style ^^ mi teacher thought i was a boy until i spoke ahha!! anyway,and im shorter that most girls but thats ok with me, LIKE A HANG OUT WITH GIRLS ANYWAY. some anime that i love are: inuyasha, yu yu hakusho, ghost in the shell: stand alone complex, kizanna, and love hina, and and... chobits, and ranma 1/2,case closed isnt bad... lupin the 3rd is hilarious...vash from trigun is adorable!!... the hack.sign series isnt bad, i have one of the games... and some other ones that im too stupid to remember... i forget its name but its a anime, hee hee. im an idiot, who cant remember her own name, yay!!!!! anyways here's my info.

age: 13 bwuahaha!!!! nya haha !!! ^^

height: 5'4 hahaha!!! im taller bwuahaha!!!! ^^* im weird

AIM: if you guys have any questions or suggestions IM me at... FoxFire72155!! okie thanks and buh bye!!!!

marital status: i luv my bf lance!!!! hes like sooo hott!! and adorable!!and watch me list everything thats awesome about him...

:why i luv lance holiday:

1. hes sweet

2. he makes me feel all fuzzy inside ^^

3. he cares about me and i care about him

4.hes a skater!! cant help miself haha skaters are hot!!

5. hes realli realli blonde haha thass sooo cute ^^

6. hes fun to talk to!

7. i like pie! ((brother: wtf!? thats not a reason!!!))

8. hes friggin adorable people!!!

9. he makes me laugh ^^

10: hes there when i need him ((sometimes))

:the end:

hair color: black

fav quotes:

1. " BAM! tree branch. BAM! street light. BAM! helicopter. BAM!airplane. AHHH! some-other-kid-with-super-powers." fairly odd parents.

2. "i am nobody and nobody is perfect, therefore, i am perfect."- me

3. "im stupid im stupid im stupid im stupid im stupid im stupid! *stands on head*" - nikki

4. "im so stupid that i dont know how to open a door, i just bang it till it opens." - nikki

5."even though i only knew cindy for 8 seconds, i will always remember her!!! 'watch this, hows cindy?' who's cindy?" - fairly odd parents

6. Heart attacks, god's revenge for eating all his little animal friends.- me

7. "oh yeah speaking of food we had none so i ate that goldfish you keep in your room." " you ATE WINKY!!?!"- from some fanfic!

8. im gunna make a daisy!! *BOOOOMM* an exploding daisy!!! - fairly odd parents

eyes: brown, hazel, whatever there dark is all i no

heritage thingy: hispanic

i love too: skate, swim( i love the water) run, read, listen to music, go online, talk to my friends, draw, watch anime over and over and over and over and over and over...give marital advice, and and and... damn i no i hate love what do i love?... sugar!!... lance!!!!!!... inuyasha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

music: yellowcard, simple plan, new found glory, blink182, jimmy eat world, the used, linkin park, uhmmmm...a couple of others that i dont bother to list. yeah im a total punk girl, haha not really i just like the music ^^. i dont wear a lot of black so dont call me a poser, *sniff* my daddie wont let my buy from hot topic because he thinks i look like a rat in the clothes ^^ wait a minute... im not dirty!!

family: i have both of my parents and there not divorced yet, i have two brothers ones half and hes older one's my brother brother and hes little, i have a baby sister named natalie and shes gunna be3 monthesin like a week. (( i hate my family))

popularity status: i'm accepted in the popular group i guess haha i dun realli care if im popular or not, imma punk and i have 9 codes on my record all or most of my best buds are boys (a few exceptions) and imma tomboy al the way i am i teachez worst mightmare students too, i am like annoying or whatever teehee.. ive been working on it for years ^^but its true! i once filled a sock with beads and like whapped all the boys! it was so much fun!!! now i whack them with my backpack!!that works too...

where i live: other then rooted in to my computer? in nj. but i might move to florida to be with my beloved lance.. yeah right mi dad loves it down there and i hate it,i always end up like a friggin bronze statue from all the sun, i just bake and bake and bake and bake and never burn!!! its so annoying.

ok now im dedicading this section to when im sugar high and get delusional. watch!!

ok, follow my messages for the adventures of kiana(my twin cousin) and mandy(the sugar high me) as we do stupid stuff!!!
chapter 1
kiana- YAY!!! now me must torture it until it cooks this pizza!!
mandy- yes!! *kicks it repeatedly*
kiana- damn it talk!!!!
microwave- *starts to cook pizza*
m&k- O.o
mandy- now what?
kiana-uh... i think that we wait unti lthe sugar wears off.

chapter 2

mandy & kiana: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! *jump at it* *missss*
*falls flat on faces*
m &k: ow... that was fun!! less do it again less do it again!!!wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

chapter 4... i mean 3.

mandy: im bored!!!
kiana: what do u feel like doing?
mandy: uhmmmmmm...uhhhh...mmmm...uhmmmm...ummhhh...nnnnnn...*falls asleep* *mumble* *mumble* monkey's got my money...
kiana: 0.o uh...

chapter 5

mandy: i painted a picture of you!!!!
kiana: dude reallliiii!?!?!!!!?!!
mandy: yep!!!! *brings in a piece of paper with a three legged pink bunny on it* see!?!?!!
kiana: o.0 is that a three legged pink bunny!?!?!
mandy: no!!! its you!!!!
kiana: bunny!!! I WANT!!!!! hissss!!!!
mandy: wahhhhhhh!!!!! *runs off*
kiana: *chases like maniac* ME WANT!!!!!
mandy: WTF?!!?!!

chapter 6:

mandy: look snow!!!! look a sled!!! look a HILL!!
kiana: hmmm... i wonder if that means anything?
mandy: i dunno... oh well! lets go make a snow man!!!!
kiana: but were not smart enought to make a big one! we always get distracted and leave a snowman without a head and then we spazz out when we come back and think that someone killed our snowman!
mandy: * pout* fine!!! a mini-snowman!!! I'LL MAKE THE BUTT!!!
-- an hour later--
mandy: there hes done! mwuahahaaa!!! i'ma name him charlie ^^
kiana: CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
--run off somewhere to have more sugar!!!--
--come back to charlie--
mandy: (((O.O))) holy crap CHARLIE!!!!!
kiana: NOOOo!! how could they do this to him!!
mandy: those evil...people!!
--charlie has been reduced to a little yellow pile of snow.--

kitten-eared-kit ^^. meow.

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