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Me? My name is Knell, while that not seem very important, it will later when you don't know what to call me. I came to after putting it off for several years because of boredom and a need to start fresh.

So far I've discovered not many people like to use Skype, which saddens me greatly, after all, that's where the best roleplays occur. {At least, not many from what I've seen.}

I'm an avid Touhou fan, an otaku even. I have a plushie and I will soon have more. I first came across Touhou a few years back, while I was browsing Vocaloid songs, thinking it was Vocaloid, I dismissed it, until I learned the song was by a band known only as IOSYS. After looking it up, I fell in love with the lore.

To this date, I've never played a single official Touhou game, besides 12.3 and 13.5. I'm just not a fan of Bullet Hells, but I am a fan of Touhou itself. To this end I've learned everything that is possible to learn, maybe that's an overstatement, you can never learn enough about Touhou, it is forever evolving.

I've read many doujins, official manga and I've seen the fan-anime. Come on ZUN, let a real anime be made, I'll love you forever.{Even though I already do.}

Other things I like include Gintama, One Piece{To an extreme degree} and pretty much any game, as I'm also a big gamer.

I dislike Horror{I'm a huge pussy} and I don't like tragedy{Although people say I write those scenes really well.} I'm really good at writing comedy scenes and I love me some Hentai if it's done right{I.E: Not on Porn Logic. Looking at you, Boku No Pico.} So now you've pretty much got a picture of who I am, oh yeah, I have a short temper, so don't push me, mwah.

Still reading? Well, you've got a long attention span, in any case, if you've made it this far, congratulations, you've made it to the end bit that has all my contact information! You get a cookie. If you however have skipped here, I will haunt your eternal soul, better yet, I'll get Yuyuko to do it!

Contact me -

Skype: lordxanxus
Youtube: LordXanxus
Deviantart: RyutoKun
Tumblr: {Totally same bio as there}

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