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Author has written 6 stories for Titanic, Phantom of the Opera, Patriot, and Final Fantasy XII.

I'm here to answer a few questions you have for me but are too afraid to ask:

Who are you?

I am a simple, easy-going, fun, yet busy multilingual female with an atrociously long name who enjoys reading all types of stories! I have been called an Old-Soul and drastically Old-Fashioned on more than one occasion. I enjoy being outdoors and by/on the ocean when we have pleasant weather. I have been a little calloused in my previous profile so I am here to say, I enjoy reading ALL types of stories. Though, please allow me to be ignorant to mentally choose which ones are my favourite. At least you can give me that...

You sound like you know your history. Are you a history student?

Actually no, not as a major, at least. I'm surprised that I'm not a liberal arts or philosophy student, either. I enjoy history very much. It has been my passion for a very long time. I particularly enjoy military and maritime history.

Then what are you?

I'm a student of Economics and International Relations, minoring in German, history and political science. As evident in my overachieving style, I'm not going to stop going to school until I reach my second DPhil (doctorate PhD degree, in the states). I hope to become an economist one day for the World Bank, the EU, the UN, the British or German (or even Italian, if they want me) government... Whoever gets to me first. My life revolves around my Blackberry Bold (TM). However, I do have an ardent passion for history and literature as well as a soft spot for a good video game, anime, manga, and occasionally, some 70s German disco music!

It seems like you know your literature, too! Are you sure you are not an English major also?

English is meant to be enjoyed, to my idea, and not meant to be studied so closely. Like music, it takes the fun out of it (trust me, I'd studied music before). I am an advent reader, though. I've read most of the classics that Barnes and Noble has in their classics series. I'd read my first Jane Austen book when I was 12. I hope to be an accomplished-published author one day.


Why yes, I am, thank you, thank you very much!

Why are you even writing Fanfics when you are so damn busy?

It's nice to allow your imagination to fly once in a while. Don't you think? Besides, when you are unsatisfied with the ending or the plot, DAMN IT, you just have to write your own!

Why do you write so old-fashioned?

It's my style of writing. It reflects my nature and what I take from my education.

Do you speak the same way you write?

Yes, I speak like how I write, as well as in an accent. I usually end all of my questions with, "May I ask?". But I can talk like a "normal human being", but that's not really fun, now is it?

You sure love the Titanic! Is it because of the movie?

Oh, heaven's no! I watch the movie only for comparing the historical content. And it gives me visuals I can work with in my head. It is difficult to imagine a plot line without it. Okay, I do watch the movie for the officers also. I skip all the parts about Jack and Rose, but sometimes watch them, since they are fun. And there's no way to fast forward when TNT plays it. I've been interested in the Titanic before the movie came out in 1997, so I've been a researcher of the Titanic for a VERY long time. I plan to publish a dissertation I have on the topic.

Ew. Then, that means you are old!

Hey! Don't call me old! I'm not THAT old, I think.

Any tips for budding writers?

Trust yourself and your writing. Seriously, have no fear!!

Ending statements?

I'm a nice person and I don't bite. I enjoy meeting new people! So, come, I'll put the kettle on and let's talk!

It is not hard to believe other people when they tell you to believe in yourself. Yet, it so much harder to actually try to believe in yourself than listening to others telling you to believe in yourself. A wise professor told me once to believe deeply within myself; first impressions are always our worst, even if we try to make it our best; to always stumble as we walk, and finally, sucess will come from our failures.

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