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Author has written 3 stories for Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru/裏切りは僕の名前を知っている, Toradora!, and Fairy Tail.

Ohayoo, reader-chan! haha, somehow i doubt that anyone will ever actually read this apart from people I know really well in school but this bio is fun to write ergo i will write it. So what, I'm wasting my precious revision time writing this up, like I care... just be warned, I have constant mood swings so a lot of this will either be me complaining about food or complaining about people...

Oh, and im new to writing fanfiction so I will be very grateful for people to take the time to read my fanfictions and leave reviews or PM me :) and dont be afraid to leave constructive criticism! :)

Also, I'd like to start beta reading so if you needed one just pm me

Favorite colour: varies depending on what mood i am in...

-BLACK: emo-ish mood, probably upset about something...

-RED: peed off about something


-BLUE: calm :)

-ORANGE: excited *boing*

-GREEN: jealous

-PURPLE: exhausted

notice how there's no studious mood because i do not study...

I'm a cross between purple and red. Blame school. although i am orange for my birthday because i am going to the con with my friends.

Favorite food: hmmm... again, probably depends what mood i'm in... salty or sweet but currently i seem to have an addiction to tea and coffee and sweets... oh and i can't forget mints, i get through loads of them each day. oh and I can't forget HAMBURGER CHAN!

right now i love the macdonald's smoothies :D :D omnomnom

when im in a bad mood i eat... and eat... and eat... and eat... next day i tell myself to stop being so fat and stop eating... then i go and get some sweets... and eat... and eat... and eat some more... and the best thing about life is that IV JUST DISCOVERED THAT THERE IS A SWEET SHOP DOWN THE ROAD O.o

Favorite animal: changes from time to time but currently it's ebi's (ask ebi-sensei) also, if swinubs existed in real life it would be a swinub. OMG I WANT A SWINUB!! ooooh, and a unicorn! UNICORNS WOOH. OOOH AND I NARWHAL!


but unfortunately i can not own a salamander so instead I have a prawn familiar which comes close enough...

Personality: The average hormonal teenager who has incredible mood swings ranging from crying one second to bouncing around waving my arms like... I duck on ecstasy... Also a socially awkward snail.


Also, i am weirdly emotional about everything, depending on my mood... i tend to cry a lot and when im angry i like to break pencils

Favourite anime/mangas: Fairy tail, SAO, Pokemon, Uraboku, Kaichou wa maid sama, free iwatobi swim club, skip beat, soul eater, clannad, toradora, Itazura na kiss, Kuroshitsuji etc...

Yay. I hear fairy tail is returning soon.



they still shouldnt have...

spoiler alert*

killed ultear

Favourite books/series: Anything by John Green (he is a genius), Pride and Prejudice, Percy Jackson series and the heroes of Olympus obviously. I have an awful lot of books to read at the moment so I don't know that many...

Favourite pairings: Sebaciel, Jerza, LukaxYuki, HotsumaxShusei, Asunaxkirito, usuixmisaki, harukaxmakoto

Favourite characters: FOUR... Jellal, USUI TAKUMI (*fangirls*), luka (uraboku), laxus, Erza Scarlet :3 kana, mirajanem ultear, meredy, gajeel, misaki ayuzawa, asuna, kirito, makoto (free), sebastian, grell

Anime moments that made me cry:

- When lissana returned (fairy tail)

-When makarov holds off acnologia and tells everyone to run and save themselves (fairy tail)

-leaving ceremony at the end of tour of heaven (fairy tail)

-mystogan's leaving ceremony (fairy tail)

-When laxus starts crying after seeing everyone do the guild sign (fairy tail)

-When Juvia sacrifices (kind of) herself and says "I just want to be accepted as a member of fairy tail" (fairy tail)

-When Jellal gets taken away at the end of oracion seis arc and natsu and people start fighting for him (fairy tail)

-When Jellal remember's erza's last name and erza is crying about her past (fairy tail)

-When wendy's guild vanishes (fairy tail)

-Fuko dissapearing (clannad)

-Nagisa dying (calnnad)

-Ushio: "Sanae-san says I can only cry in the bathroom and in daddy's arms" and she starts crying in tomoya's arms (clannad)

-Tomoya, on the train with ushio remembering nagisa (clannad)

-Ushio dying :'( (clannad)

-All the cute moments in toradora and kaichou wa maid sama :'3

-When Mikage dies (07 ghost)

Favourite artists/songs: oh lord, this list could go on for years... again, it depends on my mood...

-Angry: Linkin park, bring me the horizon, asking alexandria, motionless in white, pierce the veil

-Depressed: linkin park, fairy tail sad songs, SAO sad songs, ciel character song, nee (hiiro no kakera), paper kites, daughter

-Happy: I'm alive by becca (kuroshitsuji ending), fairy tail upbeat songs, some songs from musicals eg for good from wicked (which i'm singing with mei-chan :D)

-Calm: Bastille, Imagine dragons

I also LOVE valshe so so much, she is an amazing singer...

I also love two steps from hell. I guess they can be my excited mood? Or when i need some inspiration :P

But iv been listening to asking alexandria quite a lot lately cuz I get angry.

Favorite weather: rain, wind, thunder, tornados, hurricanes, i hate snow though because it makes me cold. i also hate the sun. Aren't i a cheery person?

Therefore I am enjoy the english weather enormously at this present moment in time as there is a plentiful supply of rain.

Favorite game: can't believe i'm saying this, but currently, QWOP -.- I love pokemon as well :D however, I have just recently discovered chibi maker... lets just say i spend a lot more time on it then i should, you could probably call it an addiction ;) ooh nowadays i am addicted to GIRP and my new room 3 (blame my friends at school :P)


Favorite subjects: Chemistry, ancient greek, latin (yes, i'm a nerd)

Hobbies: drawing manga, writing songs, writing fanfiction, eating, sleeping playing violin etc...

Favorite emoticons: -.- O.o :P :D

Things that annoy me: yes yes, call me a hypocrite, but certain grammar rules like people who cant get your and you're the right way round (*cough*ebi-sensei*cough*) also, how this wretched computer keeps correcting my spellings into american spellings. grrrr. puff. AND NOT BEING ABLE TO EAT ICECREAM

and a few CERTAIN PEOPLE in my class... let me list them for you...

fish, because she chomps and drools AND SMELLS LIKE... *insert worst possible smell you can think of and mix it with fish and period*

elm because she's a... well...*insert rudest word you could possibly think of*


and the sun.

and stuck up people...

Favorite quotes:

-Friend: And the best part is when all the giant squishy's start coming in

-Bocchan: If we plot a graph of bossom growth to slutiness you would find that it would be directionally proportional, look, Adelaide would be here in slutiness but her boob size would be negative numbers

Me: whaaaaat, so her boobs cave inwards

-Ebi-sensei to bocchan: can you hold my soup whilst i pack my bag?

Ebi-sensei five minutes later: can i hold my soup whilst you pack my bag? (she's so kawaiiiiii)

-Bocchan: Ohayoooo hamburger chan!

Me: stop saying that, it's not morning anymore... and no one here is a hamburger...

-Bocchan: can we play the dissonant game?

friend: no bsecause i cba... and they *indicates people behind us who are singing* are making a pretty good job out of it already

-Ebi-sensei: steven hawkin uses force to pull you into the black hole...

-friend: im getting increasingly paranoid that i look unattractive when I drink *does a drinking pose in front of mirror*

-Me: OMG, he just copied me by saying facepalm :O

Ebi Sensei: Why dont you say willy slap then?

-Ebi Sensei: I let one rip (in hammal voice)

-Friend: Dat Glute

-Aiko chan: IM LORD OF THE RINGS (this is holding a vagina ring thing...)

-Ebi sensei: I'm telling you, a zombie apocalypse is possible

-friend: well yeah, if everyone starts taking LSD

-Ebi sensei: *silence* I LOVE FOUR *GLOMP*

-(via text) Me: HIIIII

Meiko chan: Im assuming this is *insert my name if you know me ;)?

-Me: No it's the creepy paedo hiding under your bed

Current mood: annoyed.

Currently craving: all food.

Current song i have in my head: the tibetian monk drone harmonicy thing

Currently annoyed at: life...

Currently watching: everything, seriously, I have a ridiculous amount to watch and read as well...

Currently writing: My Jerza fanfic, except for I have writers block and school whiches proving to be a problem.

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