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I'm new to this place so I still need to learn. I love reading online. My life is just too boring to talk about. But I do write my own stories, as well. But, here's some things about me.

Real name: Sophia Ann. What my friends call me: Dark Snow. I don't know why... Sophia means Beloved One, I searched the meaning. Ann means Wisdom, also searched the meaning.

Age: 12. I watch too much cartoons!

Fave movie: Disney's Frozen

Fave cartoon: Detentionaire on TeleToon

Fave TV-Show: The Haunted Hathaways on Nick

Fave ice-cream: Cookies n' Cream

Fave soda: Sprite

Fave songs: Don't run away-Tyler James Williams ft. IM5

Steal your heart-Ross Lynch (Austin and Ally)

PDA-Backstreet Boys

Welcome to My Masquerade-Robosoul ft. Cid Fox

I do believe in Christmas-Santa Paws

Hobbies: Using my computer, listening to songs, First Communion, drawing, singing, hangin' with my friends, making some crossover stories, and has a Deviant account.

If you have Facebook, please add me!

Facebook name: Jacksana Crystals

And if you're joining DeviantART, here's my profile name: Caney652. I only have Grojband stuff.

I also know that in my story, One wish, Big adventure, that I have some Ocs and real life people in there. So here's their short bios.

My characters

1) Sophia Ann Smith (formally Sophia Ann Paracale "Pa-Ra-Ca-Le as in Letter")

Nickname(s): Sophia, Sophie, Midnight Light (by her sisters), and Sophiann

Age: 12

Eye color: Dark brown

Hair color: Dark brown, mistaken as midnight black

Hair Style: In an old-fashion pony-tail with a black hair-tie

Everyday clothes: A neon pink blouse, a dark blue skirt, and size 3 black boots.

Swimwear: A dark brown tank top, a strapless bra, and dark blue shorts.

Formal wear: A sparkling off-shoulder purple dress with a black belt, same color long-sleeves, and black 1-inch high-tops.

Bio: Sophia Ann is actually me, except better. She's a Filipino-American, even though I'm full Filipino that can't speak the native language and has to use Google Translate. Any who, Sophia Ann is a half-nice/half-evil. Sophia can a completely different person when get on her Dark Side and will use extreme measures from punching and kicking to stabbing and killing (which rarely happens). She helps her friends and loves seeing drama, misery and conflict by other people. Sophia also loves couples and is a bit of a match-maker. She also has a talent of singing and sketching/drawing.

2) Glorialin Smith (formally Glorialin Celis)

Nickname(s): Glory, Glor, or Gloria

Age: 12

Eye color: Dark brown

Hair color: Dark brown

Hair Style: Straight with bangs

Everyday clothes: A purple shirt under a white hoodie-jacket (unzipped), light blue jeans and brown size 4 boots

Swimwear: A simple dark blue one-piece with a strapless bra

Formal wear: A cute black dress with a pink flowery design and blue flats

Bio: Glorialin is Sophia's first real best friend before Sophia made her wish. Glory and Sophia did had some ups and downs in fifth grade but still stay together until sixth grade when she moved to Guam. Glor is a loving, caring, and concerned girl who has a talent for singing and drawing like Sophia Ann. She can be a bit chatty and turns Sophia into a third-wheel, but Sophia is used to it. Gloria and Celina is not really that well known to each other.

3) Celina Smith (formally Celina Chan)

Nickname(s): None

Age: 11

Eye color: Dark brown

Hair color: Dark brown

Hair style: Straight and wears a head-band under her bangs

Everyday clothes: A black and white T-shirt, white jeans, and black and white lace shoes

Swimwear: A simple dark blue one-piece

Formal wear: A white dress with vine-like sleeves

Bio: Celina is the youngest of the Smith sisters. She has a talent of sketching/drawing, but she can't sing. Before Sophia made her wish, people thought she and Sophie were already sisters, judging by their names, personality, some hobbies, appearance, and the fact that they're both Filipino. Celina is just like Sophia, just minus singing, Sophia's Dark Side, and match-making.

4) Victorialynn Romolor

Nickname(s): Vicky and Victoria

Age: 12

Eye color: Dark brown

Hair color: Dark brown

Hair style: Wavy and in an old fashion pony-tail

Everyday clothes: Light blue T-shirt, black pants and black flip-flops

Swimwear: A black one-piece

Formal wear: A dark blue dress that looks 5% worn out

Bio: Victorialynn is a Chamorro, along with Neildino. She and Neildino always fight mostly for no reason. Vicky is kind girl if Neildino is not around. The only time they stop fighting is when they Volleyball.

5) Neildino Romolor (formally Neildino Taisikan)

Age: 12

Eye color: Dark brown

Hair color: Dark brown

Hair style: An army-like hair cut

Everyday clothes: A dark blue shirt, black pants, and black and white shoes with noticeable gray socks

Swimwear: A white undershirt and dark blue swim trunks

Formal wear: A normal black tux

Bio: Neildino is pretty fun to be with. Just don't go between him and volleyball. For the rest, go to Victorialynn's Bio.

6) Mariel Kaye Espiritu

Nickname(s): Marie and Kaye

Age: 10

Eye color: Dark brown

Hair color: Dark brown

Hair style: Wavy and in an old fashion pony tail

Everyday clothes: A plain white, dark blue soccer shorts, and black soccer shoes

Swimwear: A white non-see through shirt and black shorts

Formal wear: Hates parties

Bio: Kaye can be a bit mean most of the time. Before Sophia made her wish, Mariel likes hurting, teasing, and bosses her around. Kaye has a thing for playing and ditching with her friends. She mostly uses Sophia touchscreen cellphone without permission. So, Sophia wished Kaye to be more nicer and a bit weaker.

7) Shana Flynn Garcia-Shapiro

Nickname(s): Shawty and Princess(2nd Dimension)

Age: 10

Eye color: Phineas' shade of blue

Hair color: Bright red

Hair style: Bangs covers half of her left eye, lower back length, curls up 2x on both sides; high pony-tail in 2nd Dimension

Everyday clothes: A pink off-white t-shirt, dark blue skirt, and blue shoes with noticeable socks

Swimwear: A pink one-piece and hair tied to a low ponytail

Formal wear: A beautiful light blue off-shoulder that sparkles and hair in a high ponytail with a sparkling tiara piece

Bio: Shana is Phineas and Isabella's future daughter. She has Phineas's personality and Isabella's patience. Sophia was the one to name her because Shawty's real name means 'beautiful'. Shana is Jackson's step cousin/best friend/secret crush. Since Shawty has Phineas' persona, she can be oblivious to Jackson's hints. Other than that, she is always fun to be around with. It can a bit low at times, but Sophia takes care of that.

8) Jackson Fletcher-Smith

Nickname(s): Jack

Age: 11

Eye color: Blue; left eye changes color by emotions

Hair color: Black with a jagged green line going across

Hair style: Bangs covers half of the right eye, a bit spiky on the top, has small two curls just above the neck

Everyday clothes: A black T-shirt, dark blue shorts, and white sneakers with gray socks

Swimwear: Black swim trucks

Formal wear: A black tux with a crimson red ruffle tie

Bio: Jackson has Sophia Ann's persona mixed with a Fletcher. Therefore, Jackson can be a bit evil at times. Jackson's name means 'God has been gracious'. His name is a bit ironic since he has a Dark Side. The only people who can calm him down is Shana and Sophia. Jackson has a crush on Shawty but is scared of rejection. Sophia is helping him, but since Jack has his mother's personality, he blushes when Shana touches him, shutters when talking and refuses to look straight in the eyes. Other than that, Jackson is a friend Shawty can't live without.

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