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Hey guys. I got inspired to write fanfiction after reading my friends fanfictions. I love them to pieces and they got me hooked on anime, which I love them for but it does become a total distraction from homework. I sure do get a lot since I'm in uni. I'm obsessed with Fairy Tail and Dragon ball Z since they are totally amazing. I'm also a real tomboy but that's just who I am.

Some of my story ideas:

The mystery sister

Vegeta has a younger sister that no one ever knew about, except for his parents. It follows her adventures where she meets everyone and forgets why she ended up on Earth momentarily. It will start in the Dragon ball series and continue from there.

Playing God

Gohan is half devil and half Saiyan, goes to highschool and finds love. He must hide his secret from his school friends and when the truth is revealed all hell breaks loose.

Will start after 3 weeks and Counting.

Missing Pieces

Goku and his twin, Belinda, are happy children who have forgotten their past. Years go by and Belinda begins to remember fragments of her past. When a man she thought to be dead shows up, how will the twins react?

Sounds a little crappy but it should be good... I hope

High School Never Ends

Fairy Tail X Dragon Ball Z. The characters face all sorts of high school drama, love and there will be a few battles in the mix. Mostly for comedic value.

Light and Ice

Nanami has never know her real parents and was raised by a dragon for as long as she can remember. She becomes lost when her only parent disappears. However she is not alone. Before her only company leaves, she meets a young boy who is has a similar story to her. They travel alongside one another, but as they grow older could love blossom between them?

I wonder when I will get around to writing all of these.

Here are some of my favourite Dragon ball z abridged quotes

Ghost of nappa: i think your rage broke vegeta

Vegeta: shut up ghost of nappa!!!

Krillen: are you okay?

Vegeta: im not crazy. you're crazy. especially you nappa!!!

gon: eh

Krillin: who are you talking t-

Vegeta: Dragonball...hand...now...please.

Krillin: um...i dont have it

Vegeta: *eye turns red* no

Krillin: what?

Vegeta: no...


Vegeta: noo... what what the... where am i? why are you here? where's nappa?

Krillin: you killed him didn't you?

Vegeta: yes i killed him. he's dead. forever.

Guru: I shall henceforth be known as super kami

Nail: Yes super kami

Guru: No wait. Super kami guru

Nail: Can I just call you guru for short

Guru: Super kami guru allows this

Trunks: You're probably wondering why I brought you here

Krillin: Snacks

Yamcha: To kill us

Vegeta: To kill snacks

Dr. Brief: Goku what have you done? You've blasted yourself into space and you...you...where did you get that muffin?

Goku: Muffin Button.

Dr. Brief: but i never installed a muffin button.

Goku: then where did i get this muffin?

Dr. Brief: Goku whatever you do don't mess with the gravity controls. it goes up to 100 times normal gravity.

Goku: so what you're saying is if i turn up the gravity i can get stronger!

Dr. Brief: No! what im saying is it will crush your bones. you may never be able to walk again. the-

Goku: Bored now. Gotta train. *silence* I like his mustache.

Krillin: Goku it was horrible. we landed here and there were these strong guys and then there were even more strong guys, then our ship blew up and then there were even strong-

Goku: bored now. reading your mind

Krillin: Wait. What?

Goku: haha that thing was a guy.

Krillin: Goku did u just read my mind?

Goku: Ya huh.

Krillin: But how could you-

Goku: Muffin button.

Krillin: what?

Goku: huh?

Raditz - 'aha, attacking an opponent roughly 4 times your strength in a one on one battle, a cunning strategy. no, no no not cunning, whats the opposite of that.'

Piccolo - 'retarded'

Raditz - 'Thats it thank you. Now disregarding the namekian I...'

Goku - 'ah ah, yoshi'

Piccolo - 'I'm not a goddamn yoshi!'

Goku - 'But you said you were'

Piccolo - 'It's called sarcasm'

Goku - 'What's that taste like'

Piccolo - 'Damn it goku!'

Gohan: So what exactly does that make you Mr. Piccolo? You survive mostly on water-does that make you a slug, or a plant?...

Piccolo(growling): Gohan-not now

Gohan: And do you also conduct photosynthesis, or do you...

Piccolo and Nappa: NEEEEEERD!

Gohan: Wait. What?

Piccolo: Okay-what the hell was that?

Goku: I don't know-but let's try it again..from behind!

get smacked by Raditz again*

Piccolo: We really shouldn't be announcing our attack strategy

Goku: Rush him!

Piccolo: Damn it Goku!

Nappa: ooooh! A frisbee vegeta

Vegeta: Nappa-no! It's a trick!

Nappa: But Vegeta!...Tricks are for kids...

Vegeta:...You know what Nappa-on 2nd thoughts catch it-catch it with your teeth

Nappa: Yay! Like a doggie. Ow wow ow. Oh no my face! My precious modelling career...

Vegeta: Nappa-what are you doing?

Nappa: It's his turn Vegeta. I have to wait for him

Vegeta: ugggh u-ugh *has a nosebleed*

Nappa: You okay vegeta?

Vegeta: Yes, ju-just an aneurysm out of sheer stupidity

Nappa: Wow-didn't think you were that stupid Vegeta


-Fast talk-

Vegeta: So what are you doin here?

Gohan: Oh you know just.. flyin around

Vegeta: Flyin around?

Gohan: Flyin around

Vegeta: Thwartin my plans?

Gohan: Thwartin your plans?

Vegeta: Are you?

Gohan: No

Vegeta: Good cause that would be bad.

Gohan: How bad?

Vegeta: I'd have to kill you

Gohan: That's bad..

Vegeta: Indeed, funny lookin watch you got there

Gohan: Yes it tells time.. and nothing else..

Vegeta: Well yeah thats what a watch does... dumb-ass...

Gohan: So... can i help you?

Vegeta: No... but maybe i can help you *rubs face*

Gohan: Uh... i need an adult

Vegeta: I am an adult *kicks*

By the way i only hit you because i have pent up aggression against your father... take that

Goku: hey piccolo mind if i ask you something?

Piccolo: what is it?

Goku: you're not human either right?

Piccolo: Yeah..

Goku: and your dad spit you out as an egg right?

Piccolo: what about it?

Goku: Are..Are you a Yoshi?

Piccolo: Yes Goku im a green F@cking Dinasaur

Goku: can..can i ride you?


Ghost Nappa: Vegeeeeeeeeta Vegeeeeeeeeetaa


Ghost Nappa: I'm Haunting you!


And many many more. I hope you guys enjoy my stories.

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Dead Planet by 19lilwiccawolf93 reviews
They believed they were the only five Saiyans left, the last of their race. But everything changed when Gohan went to high school and met a certain raven haired fighter. A/N I do not own DBZ or any of it's character's, just my own character's and the plot.
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