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Hello fellow readers and writers!

As you can see, I've only recently registered a new account. Though, I have a previous one which I shared with my cousin and she mostly uses it anyway. I haven't gotten into tagging most of my favorite stories yet but I'm an all-around reader. Gen, drama, horror, adventure, romance, humor, slash, etc. I always appreciate a good read or comment about a story.

Anyway, I'm still a bit wary about slash though. Only because some writers make one of the characters in the pairing so feminine (like long hair, soft build, etc.) that it kind of removes the idea of it being slash. It's slash because it's about two males in love or in a relationship. Not necessarily always because one could already pass for a female character. I don't want to judge but that's just my opinion. And there's also the Mpreg, not really into those unless they are very well written. There's just something about that idea that makes me a bit cautious since I have guy friends and I don't really fancy them carrying babies in their non-existent uterus.

I like Gen mostly, though. Even dosing it with a bit of romance, there's always something captivating about a story that focuses on character building and development and how it stems into an original plot that is a bit farther from canon, but it easily mixes with it when needed and not too farfetched. Romance, as I have written for my first story, will also focus on character building and also, humor for some lighthearted background. But I wanted it to have some kind of plot that didn't focus solely on romance. Because as much as I love a romantic story, it just gets old because angst and drama will eventually be involved so I'm tweaking it to have adventure and if I get my plot right, some action.

And as you've already guessed, I also like reading Harry Potter stories (but I also like reading Naruto, Fairy Tail, Bleach, KHR, Prince of Tennis, some Twilight, or even crossovers with X-men, Batman etc.). As I've already read from someone's profile, I detest having to read child abuse or rape. It's because I have a cousins younger than me and I'm also a female whose species are prone to the latter. I don't really know how people can stomach writing those because it's not funny or even appropriate (especially since there are readers and writers in fandom who are still thirteen and younger). And worse, most write it off as some character easily moves on from it, not saying that the victims should drown in self-pity, but those are cases that are very sensitive, humiliating to the victims, and extremely traumatising (I have encountered people who suffered from those so I know). Neglect and being malnourished is one thing but child abuse and torture is another thing. Yes, I call it torture especially in cases of Harry Potter and Naruto stories because only monsters could beat a child to the edge of death, enjoy it, and feel no remorse no matter how they hated a child. It's just sick and maddening. And rape, if you're going to write something about it then at least be realistic where you put some details on how a character coped and recovered. Because rape is stepping over someone's boundary and practically ripping apart their dignity and self-worth. It's the reason why victims of these have a hard time coping with interacting with people because they become extremely self-conscious, inferior to others, and extremely insecure about their selves.

I'm sorry if I happen to offend other people with what I have written but I do believe in it because I don't find it fascinating to read about cases like those.

On a lighter note, I don't undestand myself when I detest leading female characters so much. For example, I don't like Rukia for Ichigo (no offense to IchiRuki fans) just because I don't. I don't understand it! I'd rather have Orihime. It happens with other stories! Like in Harry Potter, I'd rather have Hermione for Harry than with Ginny (again, no offense to H/G fans because I also think Ginny is awesome, especially with that Bat-Bogey hexes, a certainly strong character) but I just don't like her for Harry.

I dislike some bashing. Especially from how they are good people from canon and generally make them into their opposites. I know it's part of the plot or it's alright since it is fiction but I feel sorry for the main character then. Like in Harry Potter for example, again (I really love it), bashing the Weasleys and even Hermione! They have their faults and flaws but their hearts are in the right places. And for someone who grew up without affection or real companionship in Harry's case, betrayal will run deeper than what people lightly assume. He might even develop an anti-social tendency if you look at it realistically because those people are ones he trusted and learned to love completely. It's like stripping him of everything because money doesn't necessarily mean anything for his character. Or in other cases where they are already bashed without even forming some kind of connection, it kinds of make me wary because I like them as they are in canon. It's like creating your own dark wizards. But it's fiction so writers can write how they see fit for their plot so I'll just stay out of their way in order to avoid conflict.

Then there's the good main character going evil. Either for revenge or he found his calling in the dark side. I only read those that are reasonable, justifiable, and realistic. For example, in revenge, like in Naruto where some writers worsen the village's action against him and bashing some characters, it already seemed unrealistic to me because there's the bashing. Give it some real proof like how good intentions paved their way in hell, like they were only looking out for him but it backfired in a different way. That I can see. But bashing seems just... I dunno. Sigh, I'm sorry for people whom I offended once again.

I don't necessarily dislike OC's but I believe that they should only be a tool and moving a story, not really a main character. But if I do read about them as a main character, I want them believable. Sure, there are Marysues but if they make it realistic enough, I read and tolerate them and in some other cases, come to like them. There are some characters where experience molds them into what they are so for OC's if they can verify their traits and attributes, I don't really mind them.

Anyway, I already finished my rant, for there's no other word for it, and thank you for visiting my profile.

If there are any grievances or things you would like to address to me, please feel free to send me a message and I'll try to respond to whatever it is and hopefully, not take offense.

L. P.

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