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Mara Jade’s Origin Time Line for In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

0 RNO (years after the Rise of the New Order) (19 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin))

· Supreme Chancellor Palpatine declares himself Emperor, and organizes the Galactic Republic into a Galactic Empire

5 RNO (14 BBY)

· Mara Jade is born on the planet of Kuat to a wealthy upper-class politically important family who discovered her Force abilities at a young age.

· They attempted to mask her abilities from the Empire by hiding her in their manor, secluded from all existence for the first three years of her life.

8 RNO (11 BBY)

· On a visit to the Kuat system, Palpatine senses Mara’s presence and tracks her down to her family’s manor.

· Palpatine invites himself into the home where he dines with Mara’s family who is confused on why he abruptly showed up to their home.

· He manages to find Mara locked in her room.

· Knowing her potential, Palpatine uses the Force to completely wipe the memory of Mara from her parent’s minds and vice versa for Mara.

13 RNO (6 BBY)

· Palpatine has been training Mara for the past five years in the art of the Dark Side and having the best military minds in the Empire teach her military tactics and the art of espionage and assassination. Including Colonel Yularen of the ISB, Governor/Grand Moff Tarkin, and Grand Admiral Nial Declann.

· At the same time, she was receiving combat training from Darth Vader’s Inquisitors and other military trainers from Mandalorians to Imperial Naval Special Forces.

14-15 RNO (5-4 BBY)

· Palpatine takes Mara to the ancient Sith academy on Morriban, ancient home world of the Sith.

· Palpatine has Mara build her first lightsaber on the Sith world.

· Mara successfully constructs a silver hilted, violet bladed weapon.

· In the same year Mara becomes one of Darth Vader’s Inquisitors, at the Emperor’s order. Vader never approves of her place as one of his elite Force sensitive agents.

· The flares of several Rebel uprisings become to be an interesting proving ground for Inquisitor Jade, who shows her strength with several victories she had where she unrooted several Rebel cells across the outer rim.

· That same year the Grand Inquisitor is Killed in Action by the ex-Jedi Padawan Caleb Dume, now going by the name Kanan Jarrus.

16 RNO (3 BBY)

· Palpatine names Mara Jade Grand Inquisitor, mainly to put a closer eye on Darth Vader after his failure to kill Ahsoka Tano, Ezra Bridger, and Kanan Jarrus.

· Vader and Mara clash on everything from battle tactics to how to train the other Inquisitors.

19 RNO (0 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin))

· The Death Star is destroyed along with key Imperial personnel in the Yavin system and Palpatine deploys Mara to eliminate and track down the new Rebel base.

20 RNO (1 ABY)

· Mara discovers a temporary Rebel base in the Agamar System and has the 3rd Fleet chase them off world.

21 RNO (2 ABY)

· Mara continues her search for the Rebels after they escaped from Agamar and Yavin and finds information that the Rebels are hiding somewhere on the Corallin Trade Route.

22 RNO (3 ABY)

· The battle of Hoth chases the Rebellion off world and the battle kills hundreds of Rebel terrorists.

· Mara Jade is tasked to find Anakin Skywalker’s son

· Six months later Mara Jade is summoned from her mission to track down Skywalker’s son back to the Imperial Palace on Coruscant for a special mission for Palpatine.

· Mara is deployed to the Chimera II at the Maw Installation to execute Emperor Palpatine’s mission.

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