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"We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity." - Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Hi! I'm L.C. I write things sometimes.

Updates - April 24, 2020

Working on the next chapter of Thorns!

Between Thorns


  1. Joey Price - 20, jockey from Likely, Caste 7, power: danger sense - shadeslayerprincess111
  2. Fallon Tybee - 23, former army medic/current pharmacy tech from Baffin, Caste 2, power: foresight - Ruby Casablanca
  3. Logan Wyatt - 23, physical therapist from Atlin, Caste 3, power: umbrakinesis - GingersnapBeat
  4. Leif Wolff - 23, Viking researcher from Sonage, Caste 3, power: fire manipulation - wolfofstark
  5. Gabriel Alba - 22, ranch hand from Midston, Caste 7, power: barrier - Altomi
  6. Shivaay Armstrong - 22, barista from Tammins, Caste 4, power: heat manipulation - XOStarbrightXO
  7. Pascal Somerset - 19, pizza delivery man from Fennley, Caste 4, no power - TheGirlWithTheRainbowTattoo
  8. Charles Donnell - 22, assistant vet from Allens, Caste 3, no power - morethanjustastory
  9. Dijon "Ozzie" Oswald - 23, assistant director/teacher from Angeles, Caste 5, no power - drakel19088
  10. Rowan Dagwood - 23, herbalist from Belcourt, Caste 3, power: toxikinesis - rysaspirit
  11. Alistair Lockwood - 21, vinter from Sota, Caste 2, power: limited nightmare illusions/inducement - IMadeUReadThisI
  12. Creed Rosario - 23, assistant cruise director from Clermont, Caste 4, no power - ShaelynnSophia
  13. Nathaniel Hendricks - 20, butler from Whites, Caste 6, power: invisibility - Canadaorbust

If We Ever See the Sun - Country Reference Info

Illea - King Oliver, Queen Mae, heir: Prince Nolan

France - Queen Annalise (daughter of Queen Camille and King Consort Ahren), younger sisters: Princess Nanette, Princess Helene, Princess Everly

Italy - Queen Natalia, heir: Prince Raphael, Raphael's children: Prince Giodo, Princess Gisella, Prince Giovanni, Princess Geneva

Britannia - Prime Minister Lionsworth

Iberia - King Romero, heir: Prince Sebastian

Swendway - King Hugo and Queen Clara

German Federation - Chancellor Rosamunde

Russia - Tsar Nikolai Dragomirov, Tsarina Regan (nee Illea), heir: Tsarevich Gregor Illea Dragomirov

West New Asia - Queen Ryo

East New Asia - King Tae, others: Princess Yoshiko

Sahara (all of Northern Africa to the edge of the Sahara desert) - Emperor Mosi and Empress Neema, heir: Princess Imani

Central Africa - King Khari

South Africa - King Zane, Queen Amara

South America - these countries use more of a tribal system and instead operate with a group of chiefs rather than a single king or queen; they do not engage in world politics as much as others





Australia - President Waldock - Australia is remarkably isolationist and often does not interact with the other countries

There are also smaller countries in Europe - such as Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland - mostly on the border of Russia. There are also the occasional independent tribe in Africa - such as the Zulu, Oromo, and Maasai - that are independent of monarchical rule.

Selected for IWESTS (visit the pinterest [lccarraway] for faceclaims, inspo, and fun things)

  1. Raina Illéa - Likely, 19, ballerina & poet from wolfofstark
  2. Guinevere Montesquieu - Midston, 20, special effects for a ghost tour from morethanjustastory
  3. Margo Katsaros - Kent, 21, magazine editor-in-chief from rysaspirit
  4. Cheryl Amerson - Clermont, 18, high school student & blogger from XOStarbrightXO
  5. Kylee Rodriguez - Whites, 18, medical student from Graceful Petals
  6. Haven Arita - Allens, 19, heiress & inventor from ThatGuy222
  7. Rhiannon Thatcher - Belcourt, 21, secretary & waitress from Altomi
  8. Calliope Gauge - Angeles, 22, engineer from collaborative authors
  9. Persephone Chang - Denbeigh, 18, model from Silvertrue
  10. Isadora Alistair - Dakota, 20, heiress from Ruby Casablanca
  11. Jay Haskins - Tammins, 21, k-9 police officer from GingersnapBeat
  12. Ernesta Effingham - Sumner, 21, first lieutenant in the air force from thesparklingjewel
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  17. Eira Eliasson - Paloma, 19, film student from Stitches 2.5
  18. January Greenwood - 18 from UltimateMaxmericaShipper
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Between Thorns reviews
Lydia Schreave was always daring and carefree. But when her reckless thirst for adventure has terrible consequences on her older sister, Lydia is filled with guilt and regret. Yet the country believes Lydia to be their crown princess now, and they want a king for their future queen. Although Lydia agrees, she has no plan to rule. Instead, she's going to save her sister. SYOC
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