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I've thought about this for a while and...

I'm leaving this site.


--People - Seriously, this is fucked up. Please don't do this to me! I love you all but don't come to me and ask for a request! I don't do those! I write what i want! Unless i give you the option, then yes it's okay! Just because one person has a lot of reviews and is really popular, don't add me or them to your MSN and then not talk to them!!!! I have a problem saying no, so i have this big buddy list and almost half of them aren't even my buddies! I don't even know most of them! If you wanna talk, email me first!

--Thieves - Personally, i hate them. Steal your work, take all the credit and fame. I like my stories, they come from my head and my heart, don't steal my thoughts and ideas!!! There was one exception, but some one already blew it up for all of us. Now, there is none. Thieves have absolutely no respect for anyone else less likely themselves, don't be one of those people! Write your own stuff!

--Flamers - Thank you for all your support. But, you really don't need to bitch me out just because i wrote something you didn't like! I get emails saying "STOP WRITING! YOUR STORIES SUCK!" Um, can you tell me why? There is no possible way that i can satisfy everyone, the only exception is me. If it's something you don't like, then deal with it and don't review. I try my best to give you something to read about, don't give me this bullshit.

--Helpful Words - Yeah, i know my work isn't perfect. There are a lot of flaws in my writing, and there is a lot of confusion. If you have a comment on my writing, please make it clear! Saying "this was confusing" isn't gonna help me. i know i've reviewed and said that, but that wasn't until i realized how frustrating it is when someone says that. What was confusing! Can you tell me?!?! There is a line between contructive critisism and being a know-it-all-bitch. I'M NOT SYAORAN NO HIME OR EKAI UNGSON! I don't write the way they do so don't compare me to them! I love their works, but i'm not going to go by what they type. I'm going on what is in my head! That's what makes my stories mine!

--Favs and Alerts - This is always confusing to me! I have people put me on their favs lists or author alerts lists and last time i checked, they didn't even review any of my fics!!!! It doesn't take long to review! It's the least you can do to a person who takes the time to type and post the fics you read!!! There are no excuses! account or not! Quit being selfish and lazy!

--Email - I did put a notice in my bio, i did tell you guys in my fics. You should know better! If i don't know you then don't send me an email! No junk please! I get spam, chain letters, misc emails, forwards, ads, i don't need this! If it's a question about my fic, then please review and ask! I get enough junk flooding my inbox! Unless it's really important, then there is no excuse! I will block you, i have done it numerous times before!

--Reviews - People review fics that are my WORST of the group and never review the ones that i work really hard on! Mainly, because of the couple it's about and not the skill level and content. Meaning, they only review and fav the ones that have the couple/person they like in it!!!! A lot of my stories that are terrible have the most reviews!!! When i actually put some thought into a story and post it, there are practically no reviews for it!!! Why? Because it doesn't have S+S or E+T in it!!! I've written a few stories that i really like and then when i post it, i get this review or email saying "that was great! it's perfect, i love it! Can you write another like this but S+S?", my thoughts, if it's so "perfect" and you love it, then the couple/person it's about shouldn't really matter right? I read/review mostly E+T and M+T fics because it gives me an idea of what to write for that person/couple, but i'm not gonna fav it just because i like the couple and they kissed at the end! If the story has a good plot, nice characterization, and keeps me glued to the screen, then yes i will fav it. That's the only reason why you should right?

Seriously, it's most people in this site that discourage me from posting. Saying "I'm gonna report you!" really does make me worry! I don't wanna get kicked off just because someone doesn't like me personally! Not any one of you has helped me improve my writing, in fact, the only person that's helped me improve is myself. Not to sound selfish. Don't think that i'm the selfish bitch and i'm only doing this to make you all feel bad. It was a hard decision for me also. If you don't understand what i mean then you seriously need to be smacked in the face with a chainsaw.

I've taken down all my fics, removed my email, and author alerts. Don't bother emailing me to read my stories because i've already deleted most of them off my computer. (If you want to yell at me for this then you can find me on Animeu (/forums/index.php?referrerid=2535) -_-;; My username is "mei-chan".) This wasn't caused by any specfic person, its just all me. Sorry for those who really enjoyed my stories. But, taking so much time off my life to do something for you and get shit like's just not worth it. I've lost all interest in this site. But, i still have passion to write, the only person who will get to ever read those stories is myself. I don't regret coming to this site, i've met some really wonderful people and i will always remember them when I'm writing...

Thank you.


Please read Ciuline Ihmenjo's stories. -^.^- He's the god of all Meiling/Touya fics.

Also, please read Chuujitsu's fics. I think that she'd like that too. XD

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Updated again on: 8/3/04 because i had more things to complain about. XD

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