Devour Thy Flame
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Author has written 6 stories for Beyblade, Rurouni Kenshin, and Inuyasha.

Formally known as Cold-Heritage -- I love my new name, I was getting sick of the old one.

Devour Thy flame: Sometimes I don't recognize me It's like I looking in the mirror For the first time And I don't even want to analyze (I wonder if you've heard) Every mistake that has washed over me What makes you want to cry in the night What makes you lie With out a second thought What keeps you going in life I will never knowBefore all this I knew me But now I am lost And you're the only connection My protection, From ever learning the truth (Will you ever know) I have silent regrets But they can't penetrateOr help me through the painOf what I have done I am a sinner. The cold blooded Prefect soldier Who was never meant for living Only for deathBut when your smiling at me And I think those thoughts They don't make it to me Because your the protection You devour my flame That small flame of pain That tries to consume me.--Written by: Me. Devour thy Flame, Copyrighted 2004. All Rights Reserved.

The poem above goes with my new name, but it has a special meaning...I wonder if anyone can guess it... however, this poem has nothing to do with me, but I am sure some people in life can relate to it -- I think?

||Story status||

About My Fictions: Okay I know I have been starting a lot of new fictions lately, but I promise I will finish them all. I just can't stop my mind from thinking up new ideas...and I can't help myself not to write each and everyone of's annoying.

Important Note: I have school so story production's are kind of slow, but their coming along nicely. I have two new stories coming up in a few days.


No Life Flower: Remade: I am having a bit of trouble with the next chapter...I have at least rewritten it four times, and am still not happy, but hopefully I will stop being picky, and put it up for you all soon.

Chapter 17- 60 complete Chapter 18- 15 complete Chapter 19- 5 complete

Sing for Me: This is a new story, which will be a major change from what I have been writing for the Inuyasha section. It is still very angsty, but will have more insaneness, and funny. It's an AU as well. Suspence/Angst/Drama/Romance. Should be up after I finish No life Flower.


Stains: A collection of Kai based poems. I can't say it's completed because every now and then I will add another poem if I think of one.

Life Denied: On hiatus. On hold. I want to rewrite it, revise it, and once I am done I'll continue it. Sorry to all who were paitently waiting for an update, and have stood by that story.

Chapter 13(aka. 14 due to prologue.)- is 90 complete. Chapter 14(aka. 15 due to prologue)— is 20complete.

Silhouette Above the Flame: I just put up the next chapter. Not sure I am going to continue this story, I am going to write a few more chapters to see if I like it, and want to finish it.

Chapter 3(not including the prologue)- 55 complete

Black Balloon:Just put up chapter one, and I am really liking this story. It is kinda dark because of angst, and violent, but I love it.

Chapter two- 20 Complete

Driven By the Silence: (might change name) A Non-AU 1xR fiction. It's not a mushy romance fiction, there will be romance but not right away. This is going to be a Drama/Suspense/Angst/Romance fiction. It should be up after I finish No Life Flower.

Inane Echoes: This one is an AU story for Gundam Wing. It is of course a 1xR fiction, along with many other pairings. Not a Mushy romance one...more of a Suspense/Drama/Romance. It's going to be freaky. Should be up after I get a couple of my other fictions done, or almost there.


Currently no fiction planned

Hands:My Hands: A poem for Kenshin/Kaoru. Completed.


I removed all my orignial poetry from this website and moved it to fictionpress. If you want to read my poems, go to:

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