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I'm really bored since no one reviews my stories so i feel there isn't much point in writing them, also it won't let me upload them, so i have nothing to do. So i thought i might revise this and tell you guys a little bit about myself incase you ever wanted to know:

-I'm American, and i'm from Illinois, boring state, it's either super cold or super warm, don't visit us, the only thing we have is Chicago.

-I'm a female, i know it can be hard tofind that out just by reading someone's story.

-I'm a sophomore, whoo hoo...cough not very exciting

-I think boys have cooties, no offense boys, it's just i've had to many friends who put boys above friends and i'm a sophomore. Also, i used to have a best friend who i'm not good friends with anymore because she has a boyfriend that she thinks she's going to marry. Also, the friend i made to replace her, so i could stop being depressed now has a boyfriend and she's starting up the same old stuff...sniffle but don't worry about me, i'm a tough cookie, i can handle it.

-I wish i went to an all-girls boarding school for so many reasons.

-Every tuesday i wear an Air force uniform because i am in ROTC

-I can't spell

-I am a bat man fanatic, i love him so much and i would marry him if he were real

-I have a very hard time making friends with guys, because i have been so anti-boys for such a long time, but don't let that discourage you, i would love to have guy friends

-Kool-aid is fantastic, but i hardly ever make it and i don't know why

-I have both brown eyes and brown hair and i think that's really boring...but i'm starting to think it's different since every one dyes their hair to be something different.

-I love FOBFall Out Boy, if you don't know who they are, you should look them up and listen to their songs, any of them.

-I like brackets better than perenthesis()

-I think Chemistry is probably the hardest subject i have ever taken.

-Swearing is like my second language, i know it's a bad habbit, but i can't help myself.

-If you get to know me, i guarentee you i will make fun of you in front of or behind your back, but i'm only messing around, don't take offense.

-I have a strong dislike for hippocrates since both my best friend and brother are one.

-Though i still love them.

-My sister is my best, most reliable, dependable, friend. I love her more than life, and she knows me better than any other human being alive.

-I love raw green pepers and deep fried cheese sticks, but not together.

-It takes me about half an hour to go to sleep at night weather i sat on my ass all day or i played capture the flag on sand dunes.

-I'm tall, 6'. If you stand next to me, which few people do,i gueruntee you will look up to me and say "wow, your tall" That is, if your shorter than me.

-I love emo guys, i used to think they were freaks and scary until i grew up a little, and it's not because emo is the "in" thing, i just love guys with tight pants.

-Storms, a lot of people are fascinated by them, the other people are afraid of them, i have no opinion. I don't find the large rolling black clouds, almost purple flashes of light dancing behind veiw, and the cold, wet beating sound of rain smacking the glass in front of me either enjoyable or frightening.

-I used to think suffocating or drowning to death was the worst way to go, then i thought about it, and i think freezing to death would have to be the worst thing, because no one likes to be one.

-When i was little i hated shoes, socks, and pants...i mean hated them. When i say little i don't mean 3, every one hated pants whe your were three, i mean like, until i was like nine.

-Yes i believe in god, my faith is faltering and i find my footing to be slippery and unstable, but slowly im working my way back to where i was when i was a nieve kid, but this time i'll actually be beliveing not just following.

-Just for the record, i am straight, and i don't believea human can be bisexual. I just don't see how a human can like both males and females equally.

-I belieeve out of all the things you experiment with as a teenager, the one thing you shouldn't do, is have sex. I will admit, i have done some things i shouldn't be proud of, but i have a friend who is going through pregnancy and she's 16. So just don't do it, please.

-I hate rednecks.

-I love comedy, and if i was funny my dream job would be a comedian, but i'm not funny.

-Motorcycles are rad, i love them and if they were an all weather type of vehichal i would ask my parents to get me a used one for my 16th birthday.

-Red is my favorate color

Well, those are some of my beliefs, and things about me, but i can't think of anything else to say that doesn't sound stupid, or rediculous. So, later!

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