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Author has written 7 stories for Holy Musical B@man!, Mario, Harry Potter, Batman, and Frozen.

If you just want to know about my stories, skip... halfway-ish down?

IMPORTANT UPDATE 4/12/14 - ...So I'm still alive. Sorry to everyone who might've been expecting PMs, who have followed/favorited/reviewed stories that I've somehow missed, whose stories I've read and not reviewed recently... There's this thing called time that I am very much lacking right now. Anyway, I promise I'll get better by late summer. I'm still debating taking Flame down...

Anyway, as of today (11:53 PM CT on April 12), I am almost finished with Chapter 10 of Flight. I realized yesterday that I have three weeks to pull my shit together and write 38 more chapters... Yay. So, there are now three possible release dates: May 2 (Natalia's birthday), June 14 (which I'm fairly sure is Flag Day), and July 4 (Independence Day). I'll put a poll up, and if I'm not 2/3 or more done with Flight by the time May rolls around, I'll go with whatever y'all pick. Now for the pros and cons of each:

May 2

Pros: Early release, and release date has meaning pertaining to the main character's life story.

Cons: It may not be fully/mostly completed, so waits between updates may be longer than promised. Also, I'll miss ten days or so early June because of summer camp.

June 14

Pros: Not too delayed of a release date. Story is likely to be mostly completed by this point. Less rushed writing, therefore better quality and quantity.

Cons: Later release than promised. Due to the summer camp in early June, I'll miss the first week of my cryptology course and will have 20ish hours of work the first week instead of 10ish, so I may forget to update once in a while for the first week or so.

July 4

Pros: Story will probably be fully completed by this point. If not, it will be very near completion. Daily updates likely, if not guaranteed due to scheduling errors. Also, more time to flesh out the story and add details.

Cons: Two months later than the promised date. Updates will slow by August due to school restarting. I'll still be taking the e-course at this time.

So, there y'all have it. Please vote in the poll, and PM with me if you have any questions!

Also, if anyone wants to help me transcribe the Mario Warfare episodes, especially the later episodes, it would be greatly appreciated. I don't have a ton of knowledge when it comes to guns, and then there are the painfully fast fight scenes... If anyone wants to help me with the names of moves/types of guns/literally anything pertaining to Mario Warfare, it would be a HUGE help.

Where to start... Well, I'm a teenage girl and clearly utterly obsessed with Harry Potter and Starkid. My name is BATMAaAAAaaAAaAaaAAAaaAaAAAAAaaN!... Erm, uh, Nicole... Sorry about that. My favorite color is anything blue/green and sometimes some kinds of purple. I like dogs. I also like Artemis Fowl, love Batman/Robin to an almost unhealthy extent (hums Teen Titans theme as she watches Son of Batman trailer), love Sherlock with a passion, love Greek mythology, like Les Mis, love love LOVE NCIS and Cold Case, um, and I dance and... stuff. Love Mumford, Kelly Clarkson, Imagine Dragons, and a couple other groups. I HATE One Direction, Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, and almost all popular (for my age group, at least) artists today (AND NO I SWEAR I'M NOT TRYING TO BE HIPSTER REALLY I'M NOT I JUST HATE THEM AND THEIR MUSIC AND THEIR MESSAGES AND UGGHHH... Sorry about that...). My current favorite non-Starkid song is A Rush of Blood to the Head by Coldplay. Favorite Starkid song... Though it tends to change every three seconds, is still Twisted from, well, Twisted. Still. Oh, and I also want to be a published author one day, as in not just on here. Um... I enjoy spending my free time either sleeping, drawing badly, reading, or screaming at my N64 when I lose a game of Mario Party, and, um... Oh yeah! I like pickles! And chocolate! On everything! Except each other... That sounds disgusting. I'm realizing I sound kinda scatterbrained and hyper... I often am, though, so that's fine.

Oh, and totally random interesting fact about me... According to my friends I act like I'm high when I'm completely exhausted. So if you're somehow in my area at three in the morning and you see a teenage girl with light brown hair who seems to be high giggling with a group of friends about Harry Potter, Starkid, Batman, Les Mis, Sherlock Holmes, Disney, or whatever... Yeah that's probably me.

Feel free to add me on Pottermore! I'm PatronusSparks6856, and I'm a Gryffindor. I pride myself in being a Gyffinclaw, though.

My tumblr just so happens to be writing-in-progress-713. Sooooooo... do with that what you will.

Just so y'all know: If you ask me something about a story on tumblr, spoilers may be present unless you specifically ask me not to include any. Also, if it is such a spoiler-heavy bit of material that I don't even want to share it, I'll send a private response instead.

Anyway, if you're ever reading one of my stories and you have a suggestion/request, I'll try to work it in. It won't happen every time, though, as I usually pre-write most of my stories. Also, I WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES write smut of any kind. I probably won't do much sappy romance either, but I'll try to work some sort of romance-ness into fics where it's necessary to the plot.

Oh, and let me set something straight real quick. I will probably never write slash, or at least not in the near future. Not because I'm against same-sex relationships, not at all. It's just that in most of the fandoms I'm a part of, it doesn't really work with the characters. At least, it kind of goes against all the set in stone, this-is-how-Character-X-is-and-that's-not-something-that's-gonna-change kind of things, and it never goes well. Maybe one day I'll write my own stories with some kind of same-sex realtionship, but I don't feel right doing that with other people's characters. So, erm... carry on.

Most of what I write will either be HP, Batman/Teen Titans/Something like that related, or Starkid, though I might eventually try a Hunger Games fic. Dunno yet.

Also, few fics will be actual legitimate romance fics. I can't do that. Almost everything will either have an action-based main story, or, more than likely, romance will just be an interesting, relatively easily ignored sub-plot.

Oh, and yes, I'm a loser and almost always ship canon pairings. The only thing that comes to mind that isn't canon is Neville/Luna. Neville married Hannah Abbot in the books, so TECHNICALLY it isn't totally canon. Starkid got me to sort of like Dramione, too. Or at least hate it less. Other than that, though... Pretty much just canon stuff.

Well, I'm rambling, so I'll stop now. Happy reading, children!

Oh, and here are some stories that I'm writing/plan to write


Flight of the Mockingbird. HMB universe. First fanfic. OC Natalia Jordyn, a dancer living in Gotham, absolutely idolizes Batman and Robin - especially the Boy Wonder - and dreams of being like them. There's a problem, though. She's an orphaned teen, and the caped crusaders have no idea who she is. She is taken in by billionaire Bruce Wayne and instantly starts to fall for his adopted son, Dick Grayson. She learns the identities of the heroes and becomes one herself. Her strength and morals are tested when an old foe returns after a long absence. Dick/Natalia. I've been told they're a cute couple. More action than anything, a spot of romance here and there. [Being hugely rewritten]

Peach's Escape. Mario universe. One-shot. Peach escapes from Bowser's Castle. A nice, lovely little fic in which Peach actually serves a purpose other than getting kidnapped (despite the tone of my typing, I'm actually a fan of the blonde). Long story short, I was bored at 3 AM after playing hours of N64 Mario games. No judging.

Carol of the Snapes: HP universe. Christmas one-shot. Snape makes a bet on a Gryffindor-Slytherin Quidditch match, and he comes to regret it immensely. Based on about five seconds of this year's SNL Christmas episode. Guys... I honestly have no idea why... But yeah... Yeah, I did.

Currently Posting:

Flame: HMB universe. Requested by Lady Legend (if you would like to see the request for whatever reason, it's in the reiviews for FotM). OC Roxanne Arthur has hated Batman since the day he ruined her life, killed her husband a year ago. After the incident she changed her name and started over. She is abducted by a mysterious villain and changes for the worse, becoming the villainess Flame. Meanwhile, Roxanne grows closer with one Bruce Wayne. Bruce/Roxanne. Still categorized as Adventure/Suspense, but more romance-y than FotM. Updates: Whenever I finish writing a chapter. This may be taken down temporarily so I can write more of it, but hopefully not.

Mario Warfare: To help me work through my extreme case of writer's block and also develop my writing skills in general, I've started this little gem. To put it very simply, I am writing a written version of the Mario Warfare saga by the fabulous members of beatdownboogie (on the ever-so-lovely YouTube.com). The story is theirs and theirs alone, I just... felt like writing it, I guess. It's actually a whole lot of fun! Check out their YouTube channel for more information and to watch the episodes. I will warn you, though, it's addicting and as of yet unfinished. Updates: As often as I have time to transcribe the remaining six ten-minute-or-so-long episodes. I'm maybe a quarter of the way through Part 2, and I'll put that up as soon as it's finished and at least a bit edited.

In Progress:

Holy Musical B@man

Due to unbelievable fan reaction (as in three people), I am writing a Cyndi/Sam (a.k.a. my version of Sweedy) fic. Follows the story of college graduate Cyndi Evans as she meets the man of her dreams and watches as he becomes the stuff of nightmares. Unfortunately, this means I have to write romance stuff... Ugh. If anyone has any suggestions for the title, I would love to hear them. That's usually the thing I have the most trouble with... Sad, really. All I've got now is "From Sweet to Sour."

Top Secret: Project X. Details cannot be given in such a compromised situation. Codename Vigilante. *note to self* Do not inform readers of purpose of Project X... yet.

Update: 1/28. J has established contact. Project X going slowly, but approaching 10% completion. Goal time of posting: May 2nd, 2014. If not by then, by Independence Day.

Update: 3/5. Approximately 16% completion. Minor setback as of mid-February. Back to hard work in the third month. Goal time of posting: Remains May 2nd, 2014.

Update: 4/12. Approaching 21% completion. Work has slowed, but continues. Goal time(s) of posting: May 2nd, June 14th, or July 4th.

Hunger Games

I have begun writing a story about the two characters I submitted to starpokemon's 68th Annual Hunger Games SYOT (Now renamed Monica Reeves and Alexander Ranston. Previously Natalia Jane Grayce - don't you dare laugh at me - and Jeffery Dylan Walker - I swear to god I submitted that name BEFORE I put him in the story. Also, this story - not mine, hers - has since been discontinued and will be removed before long... which just makes me want to write this more). Monica, a hard working, smart girl from District Seven meets Alex, a brilliant but slightly crazy boy from District Two when they are both Reaped for the Hunger Games. Currently working on chapter 15. As per usual, the chapters are pretty short. Alex's more so than Monica's. Alternating POVs, so it's Monica's 8th chapter.

Batman Begins/Dark Knight/Dark Knight Rises

I have started writing a totally random story that takes place within the DKR storyline with ties to DK and probably BB. Again it's an OC - again, I like those, seeing as I get to screw around with a character of my own creation AND other people's - and again it's a female. I am a female. I write females better. If you want a general idea of sort of what it's kinda but not really gonna be a little bit like, I suggest you check out Starcrier's fic For Your Entertainment. Even if you don't wanna know where I got my idea for this, you should still read it. It's my favorite fic in that category by FAR. And no, my story isn't going to be a re-skin with a different character. Yes, there's gonna be some kind of relationship with Blake, and yes, there's gonna be SOME kind of relationship and backstory with SOME villain, but it's not Scarecrow and I doubt any romance is gonna make it very far there, due to the nature of both characters. And yes, of-freaking-COURSE the main character's gonna be some kind of vigilante (and yes... yes I already have a name and a theme), and yes there will be some swearing, as per usual. However, I'm gonna be screwing with TDKR's storyline a bit... don't kill me, I need to. I'm just bringing in one character... Just so you know, as of right now this will probably be the next I will post after Flame

Plan to Write (Read as slightly more likely than never ever EVER going to write):

Hunger Games:

Hunger Games SYOT. Dunno what year. Probably pre-revolution.

Huger Games and Team Starkid. Probably HG Starship crossover category. Rebellion failed, D12 girl (17) reaped. Some Starkids (I'm thinking Joe, Joey, Lauren, Jaime, Meredith, Jim, and maybe Dylan) also reaped. Her time in the arena and with Starkids. Perhaps another revolution? You'll have to wait to FIND out!... If it ever happens. (Again, these are hardly even possibilities)

Harry Potter:

Fic called Twenty-Three Years Later. Obviously takes place twenty-three years after the Battle of Hogwarts. Brook Angelo, a friend of the Potters and Weasleys returns to Hogwarts for her fifth year, only to find that trouble is brewing once again. I'm not sure just what, though. Maybe something to do with the Potters' cat...

HP & Co. watch AVPM/S/SY is possible.

Teen Titans

A general continuation of the series, including BB/Terra feels and (surprise surprise) Apprentice elements. I dunno, I just feel like they could have done a much better job. I have a general outline posted, but this will be a long fic and will take some time to complete. The pairings are likely going to be BB/Terra and Robin/Starfire. So, canon pairings, pretty much.

Here's a few book ideas I'm working on - and I'm not telling the (full) summaries until they are PUBLISHED:


-Hero to Villain/At the Very End. I haven't done as much work on the plot on this one yet. Mostly world-building and character development. Lots of playing with themes of prophecy, love from friendship, and people showing their true colors when they're at the very end. I have a general plot laid out, and I know how I want the story to end, but I can't quite decide who I want Ara's main opposing force to be. On the bright side, LOTS OF FRIENDSHIP AND RELATIONSHIP FEELS YAAAY. Hey hey hey! This is, as of now, my main focus story-wise. I am goddamn DETERMINED to get this published, hopefully maybe even before I graduate. Long shot, yes. Impossible, no.

If you want to know about Lissi Ricardo's story, Get Away with Murder, the character possibly named Nouvelle Vie's story, Natalia Grayce's story, Dani Ria's story, Ashley Henson's story, Seven Days of Hell, the story originally set in seventeenth century France that I haven't named, or the culture-free trilogy I'm just gonna refer to as Gray, feel free to PM me about any of them. It's unlikely that Ashley's will ever get written, and I can't guarantee Natalia G.'s will make it far... But I have hope for Dani and Lissi. And I know Nouvelle and the Gray and Get Away with Murder ones are gonna happen. They just are.

So, I'll, um, write more when I come up with more story ideas. This area is HUGELY going to be where I write down ideas... If you like anything, feel free to let me know. If you have suggestions, feel free to let me know. If you have chocolate, feel free to let me know. And then give it to me. Before I kill you for it.


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