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The BalthaVerse

My SYOT universe

Katniss Everdeen of District Twelve was a brave, fierce young woman devoted to one person above all: Her sister, Primrose. When Prim was reaped for the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss Volunteered for her and went into the arena, her district partner being Peeta Mellark, the baker's handsome son.

The two fell in love inside the arena, and tricked the Capitol into letting them both survive by pretending to kill themselves with poisonous nightlock berries. When the Gamemakers saw that they were both going to die and there would be no Victor, they allowed both tributes from Twelve to win, preferring two Victors to none.

The 75th Hunger Games rolled around the following year; a Quarter Quell. For this Quell, only the names of previous Victors would be inside the reaping bowl.

Being the only female Victor from District Twelve, Katniss was forced to enter the arena. Peeta was reaped alongside her, however, Haymitch Abernathy, their old mentor, Volunteered for him, having been drunk at the reaping and not aware of what he was doing.

Little did Katniss know, a rebellion was being planned in District Thirteen, which was said to have been destroyed. The people who had moved to Thirteen planned on taking most of the Victors out of the arena. They succeeded in this and a full-blown war began between the rebels and the Capitol.

The rebels seemed to have been winning, until Katniss Everdeen killed President Snow, and then it really sunk in into the Capitol side's minds that their leader was dead and they would be as well unless they stepped it up.

And they did just that.

The Capitolites and their supporters went ballistic, killing any person they saw who looked as though they might possibly have something to do with the rebellion.

Eventually, the rebels were forced to surrender, and the Capitolites were victorious. The Hunger Games would continue.

President Snow's daughter, Driss Snow, was made the new president of Panem and the Districts were put in their place.

However, Driss Snow was not interested in presidency. All she cared about was the glamour and glitz. She wanted to make it a requirement that from then on every arena for any future Games must contain glitter, the color pink, and many other things that were ridiculous in the eyes of most of the Gamemakers.

Driss's son-in-law, Balthazar Mortis was married to Driss's daughter Melal Mortis (nee Snow) for the pure reason of getting in line for the presidency. Despite the fact that Melal was much too young to be married - she would be of reaping were she from one of the districts - Driss forced her into agreement, because the woman simply could not pass up the opportunity for her daughter to marry a man as handsome and charming as Balthazar once was and she knew that she possibly may never find such a man later on and Balthazar would not be as good-looking once Melal was actually old enough for marriage. Balthazar saw that the Games would be going downhill severely as would Panem. (Not to mention the fact that he greatly desired the presidency for himself.) And so, only three weeks after she became president, he simply took a knife and slit her throat, without even batting an eyelash.

Melal was too far, far, young, and so Balthazar was named the next president. He soon realized that once Melal was old enough, she would take his place as president, being as she was the rightful heir and not he, and so, he murdered her in the exact same way that he did her mother. And, just like Driss, Melal did not see it coming and was too shocked (not to mention unskilled) to even make an effort to fight back.

No one ever found out that he was the one that killed his wife or her mother, and he was going to make sure that no one ever did.

Balthazar Mortis remained President of Panem, and was pleased to find out that most of the Capitol people were naive enough to not even speculate as to the fact that he might have something to do with the deaths of either Driss or Melal, let alone both.

For good measure, and to remind the Districts of all that he could do even to their strongest, he executed all tributes of the 75th Hunger Games, purely because they were tributes in the Games that he believes sparked the rebellion.

Needless to say, Peeta Mellark and Annie Cresta were heartbroken. They had both lost the loves of their lives to the Games, even after Katniss and Finnick already proved strong enough to survive one Hunger Games and sort of almost two. They did not survive Balthazar Mortis's execution, however.

But time went on and as did the Hunger Games.

It was decreed by the president that though the remaining Victors would not be killed along with their fellow Victors who were had been tributes in the 75th Hunger Games, and therefore, in Balthazar's eyes, had much to do with the rebellion, however, these remaining Victors would be permitted to mentor tributes from their districts only if there are less than two Victors of the Games from said district who won in the Mortis-era, post 75th Games.

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