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Author has written 5 stories for Ultima, and Mass Effect.

Name: Benjamin "Scorp" Stanton
Location: Indiana, USA
Twitter: ScorpSt

Note: If this site is ever so borked again that I can't post, I've taken to mirroring my FanFics on Deviant Art. I also now have an RSS feed for Mass Effect 2.5.

About Me:

I always wanted to write, but I figured I was just bad at it. Turned out all I was bad at was the writing process. Once I write something, I tend not to make more than minor changes and that upsets teachers for some reason. My initial attempt at Fan Fiction (see the Ultima story below) failed horribly, but after getting the inspiration to work on a novel, I decided that writing a fanfic would be a good way to build up to that. Now, suddenly, I have two fanfics that I'm writing. Weird.

About the Fics:

Currently running:

Mass Effect 2.5 - It's listed as "Mass Effect 2 and a half" below because for some reason punctuation won't show up in titles, and I wasn't about to list it at "Mass Effect 25". Anyway, this is basically the story of what my FemShep is doing in the space between finishing the Suicide Mission and the start of Mass Effect 3. I've divided it into "Episodes" for some reason that made sense when I did it, and now that I have, I kind of like the format. Mainly, I'm working on Dialogue and character development while I'm writing this so expect to see a lot of both. Episodes are spaced with short stories I call "Flashbacks" that flesh out Leanna's backstory. Will update when I can.
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The Edge of Time - I had an idea floating around in my head for a while about what Leanna Shepard would be doing after the Reapers were defeated. This story is set after Mass Effect 3 (even though it hasn't come out yet and we don't know the full story) and makes a number of assumptions for about the games ending. Hopefully these will turn out to be true. Don't expect too many additional chapters though until I manage to finish Mass Effect 2.5.
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Short Stories:

Innocence Lost - After losing my computer, I couldn't bring myself to continue writing Mass Effect 2.5 for the week. Instead, I wrote this short story that focuses on a hard time is Leanna Shepard's life. It's a bit dark and a little graphic. It also might require you to re-read it or at least look at a few scenes in a different light after reading the end. It has very little dialogue and instead relies on actions a memories to carry on the story. It's a single short story so don't expect any more updates on it, though I may put up a few more short background stories about Leanna later. UPDATE: A slightly less explicit version was integrated into the Mass Effect 2.5 storyline.
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Mass Effect: Extinction - After I finished playing "The Arrival", I was inspired to start this piece of Fan Fiction. It's basically my own personal Mass Effect 3. I'm not sure how accurate it's going to be to the finished game, but I'm putting it together based on things that are leaking out of BioWare, speculation I'm hearing on the forums, and my own Ideas. It stars a version of my FemShep from ME2.5 that made some different choices in ME2 (and possibly the first one, I haven't fully decided on that). For this one, I'm trying to approach it more like a Novel, so I'm working on having longer chapters that advance the plot. UPDATE: Discontinued the story as it's getting way too similar to the actual storyline of Mass Effect 3. It's a little creepy.
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Ultima: Legend of the Avatar - Nothing to see here, move along. And if you ask why I don't just delete it, it's because I'm an idea hoarder. I can't bear to throw away a perfectly good idea if there's the slightest chance I might come back to it. Blame it on my ADD.

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