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May 31st 2010

So I've finally decided to finish what I started. It's been five years since I updated PS and a little more than that since CV. I've spent the last three years in internet limbo, gone through two broken laptops in the past four and been generally busy with real life. I have moved six times in the past four years and dropped out out of school twice. On top of that, I haven't had much time for anime or manga of any kind in the past few years as I've been too busy working and partying. Seriously, all my time in the past year ha been dived amongst work, friends and sleep. I lived with one of my best friends for the past year in an apartment with no internet connection and within walking distance of many many bars.

While it has been uber amounts of fun, my life has recently taken a turn for the more sedate, and I have had little to do for the past few months. And of course I got right back into anime and manga. Right now I am really into Code Geass. However, before I start any new fictions, I have put myself on a couse to at least attempt to finish both PS and CV. I might not post any new Inuyasha fanfiction, as it's not really where my head is at anymore, but I will definitely try to finish Plain Sight, simply because of all the wonderful reviews people left me. However, it is fairly lengthy story and might not be done for awhile. Also, my writing style has changed quite a bit and I fear that I am not nearly as funny as I use to be, but I'll try :)


Plain Sight- Chapter 5 is now up and I gotta admit, I'm really starting to get back into the story. Things will probably start heating up soon

Crooked Veracity - On hold for now. I can't find my notes for this story, honestly and might have to scrap it all together. I only remember a little of what I wanted to do with it because the story was never as fully defined as PS was. I'll likely have to figure out a new direction, or really might just scrap it. Sorry to anyone that likes the story

Tangled Webs - I often wonder if anyone remembers this story. I posted it, changed the title, took it down, reposted it, and then took it down again. However, I recently ran across the story, still posted on along with PS. Unfortunately the profile is now defunct and I have no access to the original posting. I have however, decided to finish the story, just under a new profile, but only on You'll find the story here

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Plain Sight reviews
AU A damsel in distress that only needs saving from herself and a prince knight that couldn't care less. Oh yeah, this should be fun. Standard pairings Chapter 5 UP
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